Chapter 456: Conquer OLaura

    Chapter 456: Conquer O'Laura

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    When Zhang Tie walked towards them, the talk had already arisen the attention of many people. The moment they heard about that amount of 500,000 gold coins, the lobby instantly became quiet while numerous eyes focused on the purse. It was 500,000 gold coins! The entire grey eagle tribe could at most gain 100,000 gold coins in a year.

    Even Gangula's body quivered. Although he could afford it but he had to take a few days to collect so much money.

    Setton stared at O'Laura with a slightly thrilled look. With this amount of money, O'Laura could instantly establish a team and gradually take back the ruling power of the grey eagle tribe...

    Salem looked at O'Laura with a fearful look, then he moved his eyes on the purse with a greedy look. He understood what did the 500,000 gold coins mean to O'Laura and his father.

    Nurdo was also watching O'Laura from afar with a slightly anxious look, "With 500,000 gold coins, she could do a lot of things in Ice and Snow Wilderness." He looked at O'Laura, then Zhang Tie, then O'Laura again with glittering eyes. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

    Some people gazed at Zhang Tie. Although it was not Zhang Tie who gave the money to O'Laura, it was more shocking while giving the money to her by someone else. Someone would like to pay that for Zhang Tie, made Zhang Tie more mysterious.

    Zhang Tie peered at O'Laura. He could sense that O'Laura was a bit colder than before although she didn't say anything.

    He knew that O'Laura needed money very much.

    "Now that the wanted circular has been revoked, Peter is innocent. But I won't take this money..." O'Laura muffled from behind the mask, "From now on, Peter Hamplester is free. He's not my captive and personal property anymore. The grey eagle tribe will return everything that belongs to him!"

    After saying that, O'Laura turned around and left, leaving no chance for others to say anything.

    Paulson opened his mouth as he had never imagined that O'Laura would not take the gold notes.

    Only Zhang Tie seemingly understood something at the sight of O'Laura's stubborn back. Zhang Tie had mixed moods at once.


    "Mr. Peter. According to our investigation, demon snake island dispatched Dawson, a round-table fighter to hunt you. Did you encounter him? Based on our analysis, the two bounty hunters probably be killed by Dawson. The bloody spot suited to Dawson's killing method very much. All the wounds on the two bounty hunters were lethal and were in consistent with the wounds caused by the weapons adopted by Dawson. Therefore Dawson is wanted by the police station in Eschyle City!"

    Andrew explained to Zhang Tie politely. Additionally, he intended to restore the relationship between Zhang Tie and Eschyle City and obtain some useful intelligence from Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie glanced over and found O'Laura had already disappeared in the lobby only after a couple of minutes.

    "Dawson did come after me in the Grey Hill; however, I've already killed him. I'm afraid that he's already became the feces of iron-teeth hyenas. You can revoke his wanted circular too. I have his dark tore gloves!" Zhang Tie briefed, "I'm sorry, supervisor general Andrew, I have something to manage, excuse me..."

    Under Andrew's slight amazement, Zhang Tie patted Sabrina's hand before nodding to Paulson. Without saying anything, he directly walked towards Setton.

    "Where's O'Laura?" Zhang Tie asked Setton.

    "She left the things here to me. She said she wanted rest. I'm afraid that she's already returned to the camp!" Setton looked sophisticated. Looking at Zhang Tie, he wanted to say something, yet finally didn't say it.

    Zhang Tie immediately turned around and left the lobby...

    When Zhang Tie left the lobby, he heard manager Xu Tao's voice, "May I have your attention please. Now, I'm going to introduce you a marvelous medicament that you've all heard of but not have seen. Actually, since the age before the Catastrophe, in the human history of over 6000 years, this medicament appears for the first time. Compared to many expensive medicament, its price might not be high; yet it is absolutely qualified to be called rare and precious. This medicament is the bliss for all. We will not sell them today; instead, as Golden Roc Bank obtained a batch of them through special channel, we will gift a vial of this marvelous medicament to each guest..."

    However, Zhang Tie had already left the airship before Xu Tao finished his words...

    After exiting the airship, Zhang Tie directly ran towards the camp of grey eagle tribe. After a short while, he had already arrived there.

    "Is O'Laura back?" Zhang Tie asked a sentry.

    The sentry nodded. Zhang Tie then entered the camp and directly walked towards O'Laura's tent.

    "You cannot go inside!" Two female servants standing outside O'Laura's tent instantly stopped Zhang Tie. Without saying anything, Zhang Tie slightly blocked them away before striding inside.

    "You..." a female servant changed her face and wanted to stop Zhang Tie while another female servant instantly stopped her by pulling her arm, and waved her head, "Let him in..." the female servant became perplexed at once before exchanging glances with the other female servant. She seemingly understood something. Therefore, she recovered her original gesture.

    After passing by two curtains, Zhang Tie finally walked into O'Laura's boudoir.

    The moment Zhang Tie entered, he had been noticed by O'Laura. O'Laura turned around in front of a cabinet with an item in hand.

    "You cannot wait to get your freedom back?" O'Laura sneered while raising her face, "Although I'm a woman, I will never eat my words. I will return all your personal belongings to you. Here's the antidote of the bone-exploding needles in your body. Take it away together with the other items on the table!"

    After saying that, O'Laura dropped a small vial of antidote onto a desk. Zhang Tie found his double-carps sword, dark tore gloves and finger ring of eagles' eye were also lying there.

    He didn't ask O'Laura why she had the antidote of the bone-exploding needles. Neither did he stare at the items over the table anymore. Instead, he just looked into O'Laura's eyes and asked another question, "Why don't you take the 500,000 gold coins?"

    "Does it have anything to do with you? You're free now. You can continue to screw around with that shameless woman. Nobody would stop you anymore. You can also live well in the wild bear tribe based on your ability. Oh, and that enchanting fox..." O'Laura's words were full of sarcasm and irony.

    Zhang Tie pretended to have not heard it; he continued to force ahead and asked, "Why don't you take the 500,000 gold coins?'

    "Mind your own business. Who are you? You're not qualified to care about me." O'Laura's breasts slightly rose and fell. It seemed that she was becoming thrilled.

    "Why not take the 500,000 gold coins?" Zhang Tie continued while drawing closer to her.

    "Take you items and roll out of here!" O'Laura roared.

    "Because you like me. No matter how much that man paid, you would not take it. Because you don't want to replace your beloved man for anyone's compensation and gratitude. You won't trade your beloved man, right?" Zhang Tie asked as he moved closer to O'Laura. Gradually, he could touch her if he stretched out his arm.

    Like being struck by lightning bolt, she started to quiver.

    "Do you know how I know about your thoughts? Because if it was me, I would not trade my beloved woman for any items either!" Saying this, Zhang Tie had already pulled O'Laura's hand.

    Having been staying with O'Laura for so long time, it was Zhang Tie's first time to hold her hand.

    O'Laura's hand was cold. Although the back of her hand felt very delicate, her palm felt a bit crude. Zhang Tie knew that it was because she always cultivated fighting skills. Even O'Laura was talented but she still needed to practice hard.

    "Let me go..." after quivering for a few seconds like being struck by lightning bolt, O'Laura intended to draw her hand back; however, Zhang Tie's strength was so great that she could not escape at all; therefore, O'Laura directly punched towards Zhang Tie.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not like to be struck by her. Along the direction of O'Laura's strength, he directly pulled O'Laura closer to him, making her lose her balance.

    When Zhang Tie was going to hold her two hands, at the same time he found that O'Laura had kicked towards his forehead with one foot. As a LV 10 strong fighter, O'Laura's close fighting skills were also very sharp. If Zhang Tie was struck by O'Laura's kick, Zhang Tie was sure that his face would probably have been destroyed.

    "F*ck, do you want to murder your man?" Zhang Tie teased her as he instantly dodged away.

    "B*stard!" the moment she landed, O'Laura had already rushed towards Zhang Tie again like a crazy leopardess...


    Hearing the fighting sound from inside the tent, the two female servants looked weird. They became hesitated whether they would go inside or not. Right then, Setton was rushing back in a flurried manner. At the sight of Setton, the two female servants on O'Laura's side felt like seeing their savior.

    "Has Peter come back?"

    "Soon after Peter entered, the fight started..."

    Setton raised his hand to stopped the two female servants. He stood outside the door and listened to the inside for a short while. After that, a smile flashed by Setton's face. At the sight of those soldiers who looked at this tent, Setton started to swear them with a serious look, "B*stards, mind your own business. Go carry your rations. As something important proceeds inside the main tent, from now on everybody has to stay 20 m away from the main tent!"

    After saying that, Setton just stood outside the main tent while gazing at those soldiers. All the soldiers shrugged and dared not to glance at the main tent anymore.


    O'Laura didn't run her battle Qi. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't wear his dark tore gloves either. After fighting several minutes, Zhang Tie finally conquered O'Laura, although being struck by O'Laura for some times.

    However, this time, Zhang Tie's gesture was much warmer. Zhang Tie completely pressed O'Laura onto her bed, making her lose her moving ability.

    Zhang Tie pressed O'Laura's hands by one hand while twisted her legs with his legs. They just glared at each other.

    "B*stard, let me go!" O'Laura swore in a low voice.

    Zhang Tie didn't speak; instead, he reached his another hand towards O'Laura's face.

    Realizing Zhang Tie's intention, O'Laura struggled more. However, it was in vain, except for some meaningless physical frictions.

    Zhang Tie finally put his hand onto O'Laura's mask.

    "If you dare to take off my mask, I will kill you..." O'Laura exclaimed.

    Zhang Tie's hand remained still like a piece of iron. He only hesitated for less than 0.5 second about O'Laura's threat. After that, he picked off the mask.

    Zhang Tie saw a 20-odd woman's face which was as icy as frost and as enchanting as rose.

    The moment her mask was picked off, O'Laura recovered composure. She didn't oppose anymore.

    Zhang Tie's face was about 3 cm away from the delicate face.

    "Are you afraid of being killed?" O'Laura uttered an icy voice from her alluring lips.

    "Your voice sounds better without the mask!" with a smile, Zhang Tie stared at O'Laura's face, "If I'm not brave enough to see the look of my beloved woman, am I qualified to be a man then?"


    Before O'Laura replied, Zhang Tie had already pressed his lips onto that of O'Laura and started to kiss her forcefully...

    O'Laura's body started to be stiff, struggling and quivering; finally it became as hot as fire and as soft as water...


    Over 10 minutes later, O'Laura, who had recovered her moving ability, instantly reverted the positions with Zhang Tie. Panting, blushing, they closely stared at each other.

    After glaring at Zhang Tie for over 10 seconds, O'Laura suddenly lowered her body and kissed onto Zhang Tie's lips. At the same time, she instantly dug open Zhang Tie's lips with that flexible tongue and drilled into Zhang Tie's mouth with it...

    O'Laura's kiss almost engulfed Zhang Tie.

    Several minutes later, Zhang Tie felt being breathless by O'Laura...

    Like a ice-covered volcano, O'Laura's eruption was really groundbreaking.

    "Can I take a breath?" Zhang Tie spent a great effort to escape from O'Laura's lips. Inclining his head, Zhang Tie started to pant heavily. "Such a woman's eruption is too terrifying."

    Although O'Laura panted through her nostrils, she kept her lips over Zhang Tie's body. She moved them downwards from Zhang Tie's lips to his chin, neck and finally, she pulled open Zhang Tie's coat and exposed Zhang Tie's firm chest.

    When Zhang Tie's heart raced and he thought that O'Laura could bring him an unprecedented stimulation like those girls in Rose Association, O'Laura directly bit on Zhang Tie's left chest, which was closest to Zhang Tie's heart and pierced Zhang Tie's skin.

    That was indeed stimulative!

    Zhang Tie uttered a groundbreaking, miserable wail!


    Frowning his forehead, Setton couldn't understood why it was Zhang Tie who uttered the miserable cry. "How can he feel more pain than O'Laura? That's not reasonable..."
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