Chapter 462: Qiyun

    Chapter 462: Qiyun

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    Before they realized what happened, with a long roar from afar, a shadow had already arrived here like a lightning bolt.

    He moved so fast. With a glittering battle Qi, he had already appeared in Zhang Tie's camp from miles away after a short while along with an air-breaking sound.

    "What's up? Who sent the cloud-penetrating bolt?"

    Closely after the boom was heard beside where they stood, a person fell down the ground like a shell, raising a lot of dust.

    Zhang Tie admired him inside. Although he knew that there were powerhouses in the team of Golden Roc Bank for sure but he had not seen them before. Now, Zhang Tie found that the powerhouse was much sharper than that he imagined. At least this person's moving speed had already surpassed 100 m/s, which was much greater than that of Zhang Tie's. Even if he added himself with a rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie could not move so fast.

    It was a 40-odd Chinese bald man who looked strong. When he asked the question, he fixed his eyes onto that person who sent the cloud-penetrating bolt, causing a great stress to that person.

    "I received a entrustment service here..."

    Hearing this, the bald man changed his face as he wanted to lose his temper...

    "Someone found over 1000 pieces of emeralds!"

    The moment the bald man heard the next words, he instantly relieved his fury; instead, he revealed a weird look as he asked repetitively, "Over 1000 pieces?"

    "Yes, over 1000 pieces!" As he had not seen the items, he was afraid that Zhang Tie's number 1674 was not precise, therefore, he said a conservative number.

    This number was indeed conservative!

    Along the eyes of the speaker, the Chinese bald man moved his eyes on Zhang Tie, Sam and Gerri.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie looked around and found that the looks of the others remained confused, except for Sabrina. What happened just now left them no time to think at all. Soon after Zhang Tie arrived here and threw that item to the staff of Golden Roc Bank did that person send a cloud-penetrating bolt. Closely after that, the bald man arrived.

    As Zhang Tie could speak Hebrew, his words were understandable. However, the two men from Golden Roc Bank spoke Chinese. Therefore, all the others became flurried. They only knew that Zhang Tie discovered 1674 pieces of something from outside. As to what Zhang Tie had discovered, everybody else was confused.

    Nurdo's eye corners were cramping. With his eyes on Zhang Tie's luggage, he didn't know how come they had such a big harvest only in a few hours. It seemed that all these items were valuable; otherwise, those people in Golden Roc Bank would not pay special attention to this.

    "F*ck, has he discovered so many high-level crystals only after such a short period? What a lucky bastard!"

    At this moment, many people in the camp had gathered here. They all gazed at Zhang Tie's luggage. Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he turned around and told Sam and Gerri, "Put down our achievements; show them to the public; by the way, we will count them here."

    Gerri and Sam hesitated a little. As there were so many people here, they were a bit worried about the safety of these jewelries. However, seeing Zhang Tie putting down his luggage, Sam and Gerri did that too. They paved their clothes on the ground and opened the objects one package after another.

    As they also found some relatively well-preserved black flannels in the counters, they wrapped all the objects with that soft material in case of losses in transportation. As to smaller items such as finger rings and ear rings, they packed over 100 pieces of them together. As to bigger items such as bracelets and jade chips, they packed them separately.

    They also brought the three special metal vases. As to many jewelries and small objects, they wrapped them and directly put them in the vases.

    Watching those objects being opened one package after another, all the onlookers stretched out their necks and became stunned. Compared with so many objects, the three vases became dwarfed. Everybody fixed their eyes on those green stones, large or small.

    "Ah, so many jewelries!" exclamations sounded one after another.

    "Peter became rich. Did they find them in the relics?"

    "Sure, they went inside empty-handed. Of course, they found them in the relics!"

    "What are they, emeralds or green crystals? They look valuable..."

    "They look more like turquoise..."

    "Turquoise are not that bright!"

    "Those must be olivines!"

    The onlookers started to discuss. Most of them had not seen these emeralds at all. Therefore, they could easily mix these objects with those they had ever known or heard about.

    Only Nurdo and a few people slowly changed their faces at the sight of those objects.

    With air-breaking sounds, powerhouses from Golden Roc Bank arrived here constantly with more and more onlookers. What Zhang Tie had not imagined was that Roslav and Waajid also led the fighters of the huge bear tribe towards here.

    Not knowing whether it was an illusion or not, Zhang Tie felt that Roslav and Waajid seemingly let out a sigh at the sight of him. After realizing that they were gazed by Zhang Tie, the two guys walked to the side of Sabrina like nothing had happened.

    It was not strange to meet people from the huge bear tribe at all. But the huge bear tribe seemed to be too active. Therefore, Zhang Tie paid more attention to them.

    Keeping silent, Zhang Tie just stood aside, watching those staff from Golden Roc Bank authenticating the values of those emeralds.

    After checking over those objects on the ground carefully, a 30-odd man from Golden Roc Bank stood up as he nodded towards a 50-odd man while trying his best to relieve his excitement.

    The 50-odd man was the head of this team of Golden Roc Bank. The bald man was his subordinate.

    "Mr. Peter. I'm Zhu Zhen, the head of the expedition of Golden Roc Bank. I want to reconfirm it, are you sure that you want to entrust Golden Roc Bank to keep these immortal stones for you?"

    Because he was talking with Zhang Tie, the 50-odd man didn't use Chinese anymore; instead, he spoke Hebrew. Hearing this question, all the onlookers who were discussing about these stones shut up at once. Everybody felt their necks being grabbed by hands. The spot became so quiet that even a needle falling down the ground could be heard.

    Zhang Tie nodded with a smile, "Yup, I truly want to entrust these objects to Golden Roc Bank. I know your bank could provide such a service. But I don't know whether you can accept them here or I have to bring these objects to Eschyle City!"

    "If it's a common business, you truly need to entrust a person to manage it in our branch in Eschyle City; but it's special now, we can directly assign our ground crew here to receive this batch of immortal stones!"

    "Fine, no problem!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's promise, Zhu Zhen directly nodded towards a Chinese youth who was carrying a medium-sized box. The Chinese youth took out a clock-sized crystal remote sensing communication device from the box and started to communicate with their ground crew in the public.

    Zhang Tie watched how did the Chinese youth manipulate the crystal remote sensing communication with an interested look, "When will your crew arrive here?"

    "Our airship is still outside there. As long as they receive our message, the powerhouses of Golden Roc Bank will arrive here in 5 hours!" Zhu Zhen replied firmly.

    Zhang Tie believed in his words. Zhang Tie knew that real powerhouses' moving speeds were very terrifying. Although it took them several days to be here, it only took real powerhouses a few hours. If not go down here with 200-300 people, Zhang Tie was also confident that he could arrive here from above ground in a few hours.

    "Fine, you can keep them now!" after saying this, Zhang Tie threw a glance at Sam and Gerri. Then, the went in their own tents to put on clothes.

    The moment the three people left did Zhu Zhen make a gesture. Seeing this, the other members of the expedition of Golden Roc Bank headed by the bald man walked towards him. After that, the 6 people surrounded the piles of jewelries.

    Not until then did those onlookers become boisterous like a bowl of water being sprayed in the boiling water in a pot.

    "Immortal stones? Are these objects immortal stones?"

    "Peter found immortal stones?

    The entire camp boiled up.

    Nurdo drew a cold breath. Even if he was always calm, at the sight of the solemn looks of the team of Golden Roc Bank, he was also driven crazy! His heart raced while his eyes turned red. However, in front of those people from Golden Roc Bank, Nurdo would never dare to rob those jewelries away.

    After forcefully swallowing his saliva, Nurdo asked Zhu Zhen and the others, "May I...know the value of these immortal stones?"

    Although many people had heard about immortal stones, few of them knew its price.

    "Although these immortal stones have different qualities, they were not bad generally. If Mr. Peter entrusts our bank to preserve these for him, I think our bank would pay him more than 1.4 million gold coins!" Zhu Zhen answered seriously before letting out a sigh, "I've not imagined that Mr. Peter is so lucky. I was told that he had just been here for a few hours!"

    Hearing this, some clever guys hurriedly ran towards the tent of Zhang Tie; the rest ones exchanged glances with each other as they could see amazement and admiration from the opponents' eyes, "Damn it. How come that guy be so lucky?"

    Zhang Tie's good luck really made others jealous.


    The moment he came out of his tent, Zhang Tie had seen a subordinate of O'Laura who was cringing outside his tent with a chrysanthemum-like smile.

    "Mr. Peter, Can...can you..." face blushed, the man asked with a shameful look while rubbing his hands.

    Only after glancing at this guy, Zhang Tie had already known what he wanted. Therefore, Zhang Tie briefly told him about the location where he found those jewelries. The moment the man received Zhang Tie's reply, he had turned around and ran away without even thanking Zhang Tie. After running a few steps forward, he realized his rudeness; the moment he turned around and wanted to say something to Zhang Tie, he found Zhang Tie was smiling at him while waving his hand.

    "It's okay. Hurry up, it depends on your luck!"

    Zhang Tie didn't put on shelves in front of them. As the short building was collapsed, Zhang Tie didn't clean up there. Therefore, it was uncertain whether they could find some other valuables over there or not.

    In a wink, over 200 members of Zhang Tie's camp ran over there with green eyes, except for the female army led by O'Laura, Nurdo and Sabrina.

    The power of a good model was unrivaled.

    Only after a few minutes, when Zhang Tie came back, he found O'Laura, Nurdo and Sabrina were already chatting with those staff of Golden Roc Bank. At the sight of Zhang Tie, they all fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie.

    Perhaps someone among them also wanted to take a look in the place where Zhang Tie discovered these emeralds; however, given their status, they felt shameful to follow Zhang Tie's action.

    "What are you talking about?" seeing their weird looks, Zhang Tie asked casually.

    "We're talking about your amazing good luck!" Zhu Zhen smiled with a curious look, "We've participated in the excavation of many relics; however it's our first time to see someone like Mr. Peter to reap so much only after arriving here for a few hours!"

    Zhang Tie shrugged and kept silent.

    "Actually when someone's luck reaches the upper limit, we Chinese will not call it luck anymore!"

    "What do you call it?" Nurdo asked.

    "Qiyun!" Zhu Zhen called it in Chinese pinyin. There's no corresponding word with this in Hebrew. The moment they heard about this strange new term, everybody else looked different, "Mr. Peter really has a great qiyun!"

    "What is qiyun? Can you explain it?" out of everybody's imagination, Roslav, a representative of the huge bear tribe asked while biting his tongue.

    "In your words, qiyun means that a person is favored by God and could do great things!"

    Hearing Zhu Zhen's words, the two powerhouses from the huge bear tribe exchanged glances with each other and kept silent.

    Even Zhang Tie realized that his luck was pretty good these days. Although he had also suffered some dangers and setbacks, he could finally survive them. Remarkably, no matter what problems he encountered these days, he could always easily manage them, such as wanted circular and the bone-exploding needles...this formed a sharp contrast with Zhang Tie's experience in the previous 16 years. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt this sharp difference especially.

    Especially the wanted circular, before he managed it, someone else had already revoked it for him. Even if he was captured at the risk of being chopped off his head, he could also survive that easily. Additionally, he was just trying to excavate the short building several hours ago; it was really out of his imagination that he could find so many immortal stones. "I've never been so lucky before, did something special happen to me?"

    Zhang Tie instantly remembered the small tree. Besides providing him with fruits, the small tree also changed his mode of thinking. It told Zhang Tie that nothing in this word came without a reason. An object definitely existed or appeared due to some reason or logic.

    Zhang Tie asked Heller in his mind at once.

    "Heller, are you there? I also feel that my luck is pretty good these days. It's quite different from before. Do you know the reason? Is it related to the small tree..."

    Only after a couple of seconds, Heller's voice had already reappeared in Zhang Tie's mind.

    "Precisely, it's only related to yourself. The Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree is breeding a new fruit recently. In the course of its generation, your luck is pretty good. As long as you see that fruit, you will know why."

    Zhang Tie became stunned, "What? A new fruit? But I've done nothing special these days..."

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