Chapter 463: The Most Valuable Thing

    Chapter 463: The Most Valuable Thing

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    Undoubtedly, life itself was one of the most valuable things. That was why immortal stones were so expensive.

    After being processed by an alchemist, the value of immortal stones would increase by 2 times. Although Zhang Tie's emeralds had not been processed by alchemists, they were still valuable. According to the authentication of the powerhouses from Golden Roc Bank, those emeralds were worth 1.64 million gold coins.

    Although Golden Roc Bank sincerely expected to purchase these immortal stones, Zhang Tie didn't want to sell them.

    For others, immortal stones were just gold coins; however, for Zhang Tie, those immortal stones had another meaning.

    After the other powerhouses of Golden Roc Bank arrived here from above ground, Zhang Tie talked with one of them.


    "Of course, immortal stones could not help people become immortal. However, they could increase one's life span. Actually, people strive for cultivation by lighting their own surging points was also to increase their life span. The average life span of commoners was about 90 years; however, if one could reach LV 9, he could increase his life span to 120 years as his physical potential was released. The higher one's level was, the longer would he or she live!"

    "What about the life span of a knight?"

    "Generally, a knight could live longer than 400 years!"

    "400 years?" Zhang Tie was full of amazement.

    "Of course, besides knights who could live even longer, the whole set of top-class immortal stones processed by alchemist masters in the Eastern Continent could also extend their life span to 200 more years. A knight with a whole set of top-class immortal stones could live longer. As your immortal stones had been cut into smaller pieces in different levels, their values were sharply discounted; otherwise, they were worth a higher price!"

    "Is the whole set of top-class immortal stones effective to commoners?"

    "Of course, that's why the immortal stones are so expensive!"

    "How much is one set of that thing?"

    "Top-class immortal stones are rarely seen even in the Eastern Continent. They could barely be seen in the market. After collecting raw materials, big clans would entrust alchemist masters to process them. You cannot buy them even if you're rich!"

    "Can people be really immortal?"

    "In the Chinese legends, in the ancient times, humans could easily live longer than 10,000 years old. Dying at the age of 800 or 900 years would always be taken as an abnormal death at a young age. Human body is the most precious jewelry in this world!"


    After signing a series of documents on entrustment service with Golden Roc Bank and promising to them that Golden Roc Bank had the priority to purchase these jewelries on equal conditions if he wanted to sell them, Zhang Tie saw them off with those immortal stones.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's heart raced because of that talk.

    Not until then did Zhang Tie know that one could increase his or her life span after reaching a high level. Additionally, with a whole set of top-class immortal stones from an alchemist master, one's life span could increase by 200 years. Zhang Tie was really shocked by the two pieces of information. Previously, he knew that one could grow healthier and live longer through cultivation while immortal stones could extend one's life span. However, he didn't know the details. Now he knew.

    Zhang Tie knew that cannon fodder-class small figures who were educated to beat screws in the city like himself were born with limited knowledge structure and recognition in the world. Even though he had stayed in Hidden Dragon Island for a year, his limited vision was slightly made up; instead of being essentially changed. After the talk with that powerhouse from Golden Roc Bank, he reconfirmed about this point.

    For some people, they could not touch such secret knowledge until they had reached a certain age, when they would extremely broaden their vision and mode of thinking. For Zhang Tie himself, unless he had the chance to touch them, he was isolated from a lot of information in this world.

    Zhang Tie didn't sell those immortal stones immediately because he recalled his master Zhao Yuan. After the talk, Zhang Tie imagined about his parents' increasingly wrinkled faces. In a split second, a whim boiled up in Zhang Tie's mind. "No matter what, I have to let my dad and mom enjoy the benefits of immortal stones. I will help them to live longer. Because of various reasons, my dad and mom didn't have much knowledge on cultivation; therefore, they could not live long. This was also my biggest regret. If I could mend up this regret, I wouldn't care about the amount of money and immortal stones."

    Zhang Tie experienced the power of alchemist once again. Therefore, he grew more ambitious about becoming an alchemist.

    "Of course, if I want to help my dad and mom live longer, I have to achieve my first dream--to grow stronger." Zhang Tie finally understood why so many people were striving for higher levels at any cost. Because in addition to greater power, they could also gain longer longevity. They might live 5-6 times longer than commoners.

    Zhang Tie had never imagined that he could live for hundreds of years. At this moment, a whim flashed across his mind.

    "Perhaps, I could also live 400-500 years old." Zhang Tie told himself as his heart started to pound. He could feel that a gate was pushed open in his mind which presented a splendid world which he had never imagined. Now Zhang Tie started to realize the significance of the hard course on cultivation and polishing surging points.

    "Cultivation, cultivation, cultivation!"

    Zhang Tie immediately acted like a machine being installed with a motor. He grew more desirable for cultivation.


    Being stimulated by those immortal stones, in the next two days, the 200-odd guys in Zhang Tie's team kept cleaning up that short building where Zhang Tie discovered the immortal stones.

    As was imagined, those pioneers who expected to discover some valuables here were chased away ruthlessly. At the beginning, many pioneers were inimical; however, after knowing that these people were in the same team with Peter, they all left and did not dare to bother.

    After two days, the short building was cleaned up. Those guys really discovered a lot of valuables over there, dozens of pieces which were well-preserved and a few broken immortal stones and jewelries. They were worth 70,000-80,000 gold coins in total.

    As a result, the morale of the team became spirited. This was a worthy travel for them. They could hardly make so much money above the ground.

    In the two days, Zhang Tie also wandered with Sam and Gerri on this relics and in the neighborhood. Apparently, they were seeking for another chance to discover wealth; actually, they were just familiar with the surrounding environment and terrain so as to seek for the real super relics.

    Zhang Tie's good luck seemed being used up. Although he also tried to excavate something, he didn't find anything valuable at all, except for some scrap metal.

    Sam and Gerri found the place where they picked up the weird ham package before the Catastrophe. In these two days, they just passed by this place for one time. It was a deep and serene cave which extended to the distance. They didn't know where did it lead to. In case of arousing others' attention, they didn't go deep in it.

    In the same period, Zhang Tie found many strange forces and unidentified individuals. They had long entered the underground world before the allied forces blocked the relics valley. Additionally, their fighting strength were above common pioneers and most of the fighters of the allied forces for sure.

    Zhang Tie knew that not everybody in this world knew themselves well and could curb their greed about the pieces of star of god, except for powerhouses like star and moon sword sage. Somebody would always have a try with a fluky mind. Perhaps, the news of super relics had been spread through special channels. Therefore, besides the allied forces and Golden Roc Bank, the others had also known about this message.

    In the two days, Zhang Tie had seen many corpses of pioneers and unidentified individuals who looked very miserable. Remarkably, their personal belongings had been taken away. At the sight of them, many people who came down here for a try would feel icy.

    The situation in the underground world was much more sophisticated than that Zhang Tie had imagined. Even the vanguards of Zhang Tie's team had not imagined that. Facing the potential dangers, the separate vanguards of the allied forces gradually gathered together in these days. The cake of wealth being exposed in front of them was much larger than that they had imagined.


    On the same evening when Zhang Tie discovered those immortal stones, Zhang Tie stood on the top of a 30-storey building which only had half of its steel and cement framework left. Looking down at those fluorite lamplights, Zhang Tie looked calm. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

    In the underground world, they judged time in consistent with the time above ground. Besides the weak light of a few fluorite materials and heat sources in the darkness, daytime and night could not be distinguished here. Therefore, one's biological clock could be easily disturbed.

    "Thankfully, these dogskin plasters stopped following us!" Standing on Zhang Tie's side, Sam said furiously.

    "No matter what, these guys are not silly. As this building has been searched by so many pioneers; nothing valuable could be discovered in it at all. If they continued to follow us up, they would find nothing else except for blush!" compared to Sam, Gerri looked a bit calm, "Have you found that the number of these dogskin plasters has decreased a lot after achieving nothing in two days?"

    "It's true. Much fewer compared to yesterday!" Sam nodded.

    Hearing their talk, Zhang Tie revealed with a smile. "Being similar to those gamblers who like to follow up those lucky gamblers, ever since the news that I made a fortune after discovering those immortal stones spread among the vanguards of the allied forces, Sam, Gerri and I had been followed up by a lot of people."

    "In this couple of days, as long as I paid special attention to a certain place or moved my hands or stayed a bit longer somewhere, I would instantly be surrounded by some guys who started to excavate near me."

    After achieving nothing for consecutive three days, Zhang Tie knew that those guys' endurance might have ran up. Zhang Tie was that lucky gambler. However, after achieving nothing for three days, he had been not attractive to those guys who followed him. Therefore, this was a good symbol for Zhang Tie.

    As those who followed him were just average warriors of the allied forces who expected to make a fortune, Zhang Tie was not disgusted about them. However, after being gazed by them constantly, Zhang Tie didn't even have a chance to eat fruits in Castle of Black Iron. Therefore, he grew pretty depressed about that.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie could only let so many fruits hang over the small tree in Castle of Black Iron.

    "For some reason, I feel that the process of seeking for the super relics would be very risky!" after considering it carefully, Zhang Tie told Gerri and Sam, "As you've already seen it these days, the situation in the underground world is very dangerous, besides the pioneers and allied forces, there are many unidentified forces and individuals. Some of them have died for some reasons. I hope you two think twice before deciding whether to seek for the super relics or not..."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's suggestion, Sam and Gerri hesitated...
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