Chapter 464: A Hidden Force

    Chapter 464: A Hidden Force

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    After thinking for a while, Sam and Gerri did not feel enthusiastic about exploring the super relics the last few days.

    Poor guys were always the most struggling. However, Sam and Gerri were not poor anymore. Because Zhang Tie had promised to gift two biggest and best jade chips to them. Although they felt shameful about that, they finally accepted Zhang Tie's "reward" under his passionate request.

    According to the authentication of Golden Roc Bank, the two pieces of immortal stones were worth more than 40,000 gold coins. Therefore, they sold them to Golden Roc Bank at once. At this moment, with gold checks which were worth over 40,000 gold coins, which was out of their imagination, Sam and Gerri started to hesitate.

    These two days, when they wandered with Zhang Tie, they also saw those dead pioneers. Being stimulated by that, they woke up as they realized the potential dangers hidden in this relics.

    Sam and Gerri knew their real fighting strength. As they were lower than LV 6, if not had come down together with Zhang Tie, even if they discovered the immortal stones, they would not be able to take the immortal stones out. If they were found having a huge amount of money, any douchebag among the pioneers could eat them up, not to mention any powerhouses. Such things were too common among pioneers.

    However, they had already gained more than their expectancy. Therefore, they hesitated.

    Even if they discovered the super relics and found the well-preserved vaults in the super relics, were they able to carry one ton of golds out of the cave? Of course not. However, at this moment, they were already carrying gold checks which were worth more than 40,000 gold coins, which would be heavier than one ton of golds, if being placed in front of them.

    Actually, they already made a fortune. As long as they didn't want to live too luxuriously, they could live a dignified life in any place of Blackson Human Corridor. Wasn't it what many pioneers strive for their whole lives?

    However, if Sam and Gerri insisted on exploring the super relics, they might have encountered potential dangers and had their lives threatened. If so, they might not get any chance to spend the 40,000 gold coins. The most anguished thing was not being able to spend all the money that one had made.

    If they returned now, they would miss the chance to excavate the super relics. For pioneers, this was like how a lady killer missed a big beauty and how a fierce, hunter beast missed a grand dinner.

    Sam and Gerri struggled between possible anguishes and regret. They didn't want to give it up; however, when pinching the hard gold checks which were sewed in corners of garments, they hesitated once again.

    Only after glancing at their looks, Zhang Tie had already known what they were thinking about as he heavily patted on their shoulders.

    "We are friends. Therefore, I respect your decisions. If you stick to your former decision, I will try my best to protect you!" Zhang Tie didn't promise to keep them safe. He knew his real fighting strength. Even if he could easily kill a LV 10 powerhouse, he still did not dare to be arrogant. After witnessing his master's power and how star and moon sword sage killed that huge deep-sea monster, Zhang Tie knew that he was just a trivial figure for sure. How dared he ensure others' safety in a spot where even knights and sword sages would attend.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Sam and Gerri made their decision at once. After working with each other for such a long time, they had already known the other's decision only after a glance.

    "The achievement has already been out of our imaginations. We were also negotiating about this a couple of days ago, yet we didn't make any decision by then. Now, after hearing your words, we make our final decision!"

    "Oh? You've made your decision?"

    "Actually, we've got another idea!" Gerri replied with a shameful look.

    "Go ahead!" Zhang Tie asked with an interested look.

    "If you plan to explore the super relics alone, Sam and I will give up going there in case of bringing you troubles and setting ourselves in dangers. However, if the allied forces followed you there, Sam and I will also go there along with them. As to the information about the super relics, its yours now, you can dispose it at your will!"

    "He...he...you two guys are really..." Zhang Tie waved his head with a smile. He had not imagined that Sam and Gerri had such a plan, "he...he...they are really cunning. They directly handed over the disposal right of that information to me. If I lead the allied forces over there, they would stay with so many people. As a result, they would be safe. However, if I prepare to act alone, they would leave right away."

    "Peter, what's your plan?" seeing Zhang Tie being not angry, Sam asked.

    Zhang Tie touched his chin as O'Laura's and Sabrina's faces flashed across his mind, "I want to take a look over there first, if there's indeed a super relics over there, I will consider the next plan!"

    Actually, Zhang Tie didn't feel that he had the obligation to the entire allied forces. Even if there was truly a super relics, Zhang Tie only intended to benefit O'Laura who always wanted to take over the Grey Eagle Tribe and Sabrina who always wanted to dominate her fate. He didn't think that he had to benefit others. Additionally, Zhang Tie was very anxious to enter Castle of Black Iron at this moment. What Heller told him three days ago had almost driven him crazy. If not check inside, he could not even sleep well.

    After exchanging glances with each other, Sam and Gerri nodded.

    "Let's go back to the camp then!"


    When Zhang Tie, Sam and Gerri returned to the camp, they saw that most people were already back.

    The camp had been enlarged after three days. Almost all the vanguards of the allied forces were gathering inside.

    The moment Zhang Tie returned to the camp, he found something abnormal as a great number of people were gathering in a narrow area. It seemed that they were looking at something.

    Those people were standing at the roadside; therefore, Zhang Tie took a look over there by the way.

    Seeing Zhang Tie walking over there, many people gave a way to him.

    It was 20 corpses in the middle of the onlookers. They were laid in a row tidily. Under the green lamp light, those pale faces looked more gloomy.

    These days, after sensing the hidden force in the relics, the camp had already delivered an order--all those who went for exploring the relics had to set off in terms of teams. A team was composed of 20 people. Therefore, the corpses lying on the ground implied that nobody of this team survived.

    Those onlookers looked extremely furious.

    "It must be the pioneers!"

    "Summon our men, we will kill all the disgusting mice!"

    "Yes, revenge, we want a revenge..."

    Although some started to roar but some special figures among the vanguards were not idiots.

    "Shut up!" hearing a roar from a head of the wild bear tribe, all the onlookers became silent as they fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie.

    "This is really an unfair world. How could someone go out and bring back a huge amount of wealth while someone else lost their lives?" At this moment, the same thought flashed across many people's minds.

    With a solemn look, Zhang Tie checked those corpses one after another carefully. Sometimes he squatted as his look grew gloomier.

    All the wounds were on their necks. They were as tidy and smooth as red lines drawn by a red pen. The weapon might be a very sharp and fast sword.

    "Where did you find these corpses?"

    "In a mountain cave in the east of the relics. This team was dispatched over there to check the terrain. However, they didn't come back in time. Therefore we sent men to to look for them but found their corpses in the cave!" A familiar head answered.

    "You can contact with your higher authority with your remote sensing crystal, right?"

    After being silent for a while, that person nodded.

    "You can not manage this thing. If you want to revenge, you'd better contact with your higher authority. They will assign powerhouses down here!" Zhang Tie said in a low voice.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the onlookers slightly changed their looks, "Mr. Peter, do...do you also think so?"

    "The killer is a sword master. He killed them all with only one movement. Look, they've not even drawn their weapons out of their sabers even by one inch until death. You can not manage such a powerful enemy!" Zhang Tie waved his head.

    "Even you..."

    Zhang Tie glanced at him who swallowed his words back at once...

    If the team of 20 people walked in a pitch-dark mountain cave, the length of the team would surpass 10 m. Zhang Tie knew that he could not manage so many people in such a short period.

    Not knowing why, Zhang Tie suddenly recalled Sabrina.

    "Did Sabrina come back?"

    "No, we've dispatched people to find her!"

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie instantly changed his look as a bad premonition flashed across his mind.
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