Chapter 465: A Business

    Chapter 465: A Business

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    Zhang Tie had searched for Sabrina's cavalry for several hours; yet, he didn't find them. However, as Zhang Tie didn't see any miserable scene which he concerned most, he gradually recovered his composure.

    As the old Chinese saying went, "the more concerned you were, the more chaotic it would be." After calming down, Zhang Tie returned to his camp.

    There was still a repressive atmosphere in the camp. By then, almost everybody else had returned. They all knew what happened. Nobody had imagined that a vanguard of 20 people could be killed in this way. Therefore, many people felt uncomfortable while roars could be heard everywhere in the camp.

    Zhang Tie didn't think that he should shoulder any responsibility towards the allied forces. Therefore, he was not infuriated and much painful for what happened today. In Zhang Tie's eyes, the downfallen vanguard was nothing different than those dead pioneers. All this just reminded him of the hidden force in the underground world.

    "Did Sabrina's cavalry come back yet?" Zhang Tie asked a person.

    "Yes, they did!"

    The moment he heard this news, Zhang Tie instantly paced up towards the tents area of Sabrina and her female cavalries.

    At the sight of Sabrina in her purple leather armor, Zhang Tie finally took a sigh of relief. Although Sabrina was fine, over 10 cavalries were injured. Thankfully, they were not heavily injured. Sabrina was binding up wounds for her cavalries.

    "What's up?"

    "We met some barbarous pioneers. They bullied us. Therefore, we fought them!" Sabrina stood up and walked towards Zhang Tie.

    "What about those pioneers?"

    "We killed them!" gazing at Zhang Tie's face, Sabrina suddenly burst out laughing and became very enchanting. She moved closer and drew circles on Zhang Tie's chest slightly, "I was told that you hurriedly went to search for me after you saw the dead vanguards."

    Sabrina was wearing a verdant bracelet made of immortal stone, which was gifted by Zhang Tie.

    When Zhang Tie found her just now, he didn't felt anything special; however, after being mentioned by Sabrina, facing her smile, Zhang Tie felt slightly embarrassed at once like being caught by the teacher when he was dating a girl in the campus, "Erm...I was indeed a bit worried about you. Thank god, you're safe!"

    "You're not entirely shameless!" Sabrina was very satisfied with Zhang Tie's answer as she glanced at Zhang Tie with an enchanting look.

    Zhang Tie knew that no matter how the love affairs between him and this woman started or how many jokes and flirtation were aroused, even taking advantage of each other, he truly started to fall in love with this "lousy girl". At least, he indeed could not treat her as same as the other members of the allied forces when he knew that she might be in danger. He could not just wait there for the possible worse news with a calm mentality.

    By then, the two people who were the most intimate to Zhang Tie in Ice and Snow Wilderness were two women. Realizing this, Zhang Tie asked himself inside, "Am I really that lascivious?"

    "Young lady, our vulnerary is not enough. Can we borrow some from the camp of the wild bear tribe?" Zora, one of Sabrina's trusted subordinate walked towards her in a low voice.

    As the head of the female cavalries, Sabrina who always showed herself as a dissolute image in front of others, had not imagined that they could encounter such a great danger, either. Therefore, it was possible that they would lack vulnerary. Before coming down, few people of the allied forces could predict that an entire vanguard of the allied forces would be killed. Because women were always scrupulous, Sabrina and her cavalries took some vulnerary and bandages; however, Zhang Tie knew that some female teams took nothing else except for some dried rations and necessary weapons.

    "How much do we need?"

    "Not too much! About two persons' demand!"

    "No need, try this!" after saying this, Zhang Tie took out two vials of all-purpose medicament from his medicament container and gave it to Zora.

    The moment he took them out, the green and golden solution and the brilliant individual symbol of manjusaka on the vials instantly attracted the attention of all the female cavalries.

    In Ice and Snow Wilderness, variety of medicament were the rarest. As a barren land, Ice and Snow Wilderness lagged behind in all aspects. Its information and traffic were relatively isolated. Few pharmacists would like to develop here. The pharmacists of various tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness were remarkably dwarfed by those in continents from both population and ability. As a result, even the most common medicament could only be used by the high-ranking government officials of each tribe. As for most commoners and average warriors, they might not be able to use medicament even once in their whole lives. Therefore, at the sight of the two vials of medicament, all the female cavalries looked amazed.

    But Sabrina was the most amazed one.

    "All-purpose medicament?" Sabrina recognized it right away at the sight of the unique symbol on the vials.

    Zhang Tie glanced at her with an amazing look, "You know that?"

    "Manager Xu Tao of Golden Roc Bank officially introduced such medicament to us several days ago. You were also there that day. But you left ahead of us. Therefore, you didn't attend the promotion after..." Sabrina explained as she also took out an all-purpose medicament from his medicament container. After putting it together with Zhang Tie's two vials of medicament, she found they were completely the same, "Manager Xu Tao said this medicament was very popular in the outside. The price of each vial was around 30 gold coins. Compared to other kinds of medicament, although it was not very expensive, it could not be bought in the market at all. Even Golden Roc Bank could only obtain a small batch of such kind of medicament. They gifted me one. But how do you have them too?"

    Staring at Sabrina's gleaming eyes, Zhang Tie remembered that he truly heard manager Xu Tao boosting some "marvelous medicament" when he left the fury wind-level airship of Golden Roc Bank. However, as he wanted to see O'Laura at that moment, he just left first. He had not imagined that Golden Roc Bank was boosting his all-purpose medicament.

    Of course, Zhang Tie could not tell her that he was the producer of all-purpose medicament as it was nothing different than finding himself troubles. After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie had got the answer. Even Zhang Tie didn't feel like lying to her but he had to be a bit flexible at this moment.

    "Do you know Armes, the mercenary empire? I have some influential friends in the Thor Mercenary Regiment. They got a batch of all-purpose medicament when they went to Jinyun City a few days ago. I got some from them!"

    "Wuh!" Sabrina didn't doubt Zhang Tie.

    Hearing the medicament being so precious, even Sabrina only had one, Zora instantly hesitated as she looked at the two vials of medicament in her hand.

    "Young lady, this..."

    "It's fine. Take them along with mine. I owe him. I was told that by using this kind of medicament, one would not have scars!" Sabrina generously gave her all-purpose medicament to Zora too.

    All the female cavalries were watching Zhang Tie and Sabrina with grateful looks. Through this thing, Zhang Tie felt the intelligence of Sabrina. Although two vials of all-purpose medicament were nothing to Zhang Tie, hearing Sabrina's words, the female cavalries became more grateful and loyal to Sabrina.

    "You don't mind it?" Sabrina whispered.

    Zhang Tie smiled as he patted Sabrina's butts, "It's a bit chaotic in the underground recently. Many people and other forces were involved. They might not care about your status in the wild bear tribe. Therefore, you'd better not run around. If you're free, go back to the ground. It would be safer over there!"

    "Not everybody could discover a pile of immortal stones for free like you. Even if you were wanted, you could still be bailed out by Bluesea Castle Business Group. Who else could be as lucky as you? Even I have to observe others' eyes before making any decision in the wild bear tribe. All the expenditure of my female cavalries was earned by myself. If not the belongings left by my mom, I could never be so free!"

    "Actually, it is very easy to make money. You don't have to risk your life here!" Zhang Tie told her.

    "What's your plan?"

    "Your words reminded me just now. If the all-purpose medicament is so precious in Ice and Snow Wilderness, you can sell all-purpose medicament here!" Zhang Tie straighten out his mind, "I have some relationship with my friends in Thor Mercenary Regiment. I can help you inquire about it. If only I can bring you a batch of all-purpose medicament each year!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Sabrina's eyes brightened up immediately, "Are you sure?"

    "Of course!"

    "But I was told that it was hard to get all-purpose medicament. I'm afraid that even Thor Mercenary Regiment could not get too many of them!"

    "If Thor Mercenary Regiment could get them, it means that the channel of distribution is not completely closed. As long as we can find the sellers and the manufacturers, we will get the all-purpose medicament!"

    "Where's O'Laura? You petite lover seems to be needing money very much!" Sabrina rolled her beautiful eyes before asking him.

    "How large do you think the market of all-purpose medicament in Ice and Snow Wilderness is?"

    "If all-purpose medicament is really as good as described by manager Xu Tao, its demand will exceed with its supply for sure. No matter how many there are, as long as its price is not too high, they will be bought away!" Sabrina replied after considering it for a short while.

    "That's it. If so, you and O'Laura will be responsible for this business. I'm sure each one of you can earn 100,000 to 200,000 gold coins a year!" Zhang Tie said confidently.

    "If I can make 30,000 to 50,000 gold coins, I would have been satisfied, not to mention 100,000 to 200,000 gold coins. But I'm afraid that your petite lover won't agree!" Sabrina smiled.

    "Don't worry about that. I will persuade her! If you've made the decision, you'd better go back in a couple of days!"

    "What about you?"

    "I might stay for a few more days here!"

    "Well, after today's event, my cavalries and I indeed need to take a rest for a couple of days here!"


    Zhang Tie then left Sabrina and walked towards the tents area of the grey eagle tribe. On the way, he felt that his opinion was very marvelous. Sabrina was tricky but was good at making friends while O'Laura was powerful and ambitious. They complemented with each other on personalities and abilities. It was pretty suitable for them to work together as the agent of all-purpose medicament in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    As O'Laura had a strong self-respect and decisiveness, if he directly gave her gold coins, she might not accept it; however, if he introduced her with a business, Zhang Tie believed that she probably would not refuse it.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, being different than Sabrina's enthusiasm, O'Laura only gave him a cold harrumph before turning around and leaving.

    Seeing O'Laura walking towards outside, Zhang Tie hurriedly caught up with her. When they came to a quiet corner outside the camp, Zhang Tie directly grabbed O'Laura's hand.

    O'Laura forcefully shook her hand; yet she failed to shake off Zhang Tie's hand; plus Zhang Tie's grinning look, O'Laura could not lose her temper anymore.

    "Let go off my hand, you rascal..."

    "Are you angry? Tell me who stirred up with you. I will give him a lesson for you!" Zhang Tie pretended to be furious as he rolled up his sleeves.

    "Don't pretend anymore. Didn't you head for that bitch just now? Why did you come for me?"

    Zhang Tie became stunned for a short while. He had not imagined that O'Laura was jealous about Sabrina. Revealing a smile, Zhang Tie tightly hugged O'Laura. As they had touched each other very closely, O'Laura was not that counteractive to Zhang Tie; instead, she just pushed him twice symbolically.

    Zhang Tie then stretched out his hand to pick off O'Laura's mask. O'Laura just resisted him by inclining her head slightly. Zhang Tie finally picked off her mask.

    That was a perfect and icy face. Each time Zhang Tie saw her face, he would appreciate it for quite a while. The tender skin, the rising nose, the watery pupils and the stubborn mouth were all like delicate artworks.

    Under the shining eyes of Zhang Tie, plus Zhang Tie's weird hands which gradually slid onto her butts, O'Laura's face slightly blushed. She looked pretty like a petite girl, which made Zhang Tie feel dizzy.

    No matter how great was O'Laura's fighting strength was, at least, Zhang Tie knew that she was nothing different than those petite girls who fell in love with someone for the first time. Each girl of Rose Association might know men much better than her.

    In the past two decades, O'Laura actually locked her in a narrow circle. She didn't have any chance to move freely. Being different from Sabrina, who always wanted to escape from the iron cage of the wild bear tribe, O'Laura always wanted to drill into the iron cage of the grey bear tribe.

    Seeing O'Laura's slightly shy look, Zhang Tie started to sympathize her. As his heart changed, his aggressive, shining eyes also turned mild. Under Zhang Tie's warm gazes, O'Laura's stiff body softened at once.

    "Are you jealous?"

    O'Laura tilted her head, ignoring him.

    Zhang Tie smiled, "Have you seen the wounds of the 20 people?"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's question, O'Laura turned around, "Yes, it's a powerhouse, a sword powerhouse. At least a 5-star strong fighter or a fighting master above 1 star!"

    "Do you have a chance to beat him?"

    "No chance. But I can barely escape!" O'Laura put it straightforward, "What about you?"

    "No chance in close fight. But I might beat him with javelin; otherwise, I can escape!"

    O'Laura thought for a short while before looking at Zhang Tie, "You'd better go back, this is not the right place for you to stay!"

    Zhang Tie thought for a second before hugging O'Laura tightly, "This is what I want to tell you!"

    "This is a chance!" O'Laura waved her head stubbornly.

    "Do you mean the super relics?"

    O'Laura was shocked, "You know that?"

    "Yes, I know. Those dead vanguards might be dispatched to search for the super relics by the allied forces. I'd be really stupid if I didn't know about the plan of the allied forces until now!" Zhang Tie smiled.

    "That's why I have to seize the chance!" O'Laura glanced at Zhang Tie, "I know what you want to say. But, I would not take your money!"

    Hearing O'Laura's words, Zhang Tie were forced to swallow his words back. He could only change his expression, "There are many ways to make money. I know you need money very much at the present. But you can make money faster by doing business than seeking for chance here!"

    "Business, what business?" hearing that Zhang Tie was going to introduce a business to her, O'Laura became interested in it at once.

    "A business of the all-purpose medicament!"

    Zhang Tie repeated what he had told Sabrina to O'Laura.

    "You want me to go back now?" knowing Zhang Tie's intention, O'Laura's voice also became tender.

    "Yes, the faster, the better!"

    "What about you?"

    "I want to stay here for a few more days. But it won't take me too long!"

    "What about that slut? Have you made the same promise to her?" O'Laura gazed at Zhang Tie without a wink.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that O'Laura could respond so fast.

    "Yes, I made the same promise to her!" Zhang Tie answered after thinking for a short while. As this thing could never be buried, he put it straightforward, "Actually, she's not like how you imagine!"

    O'Laura became silent. This made Zhang Tie worry about that she was going to lose her temper once again by refusing his good willingness.

    After a few seconds, O'Laura finally let out a long sigh, "Fine, I agree!"

    Hearing her reply, Zhang Tie was even happier than finding a pile of emeralds, "Do you agree?"

    "Of course. Why would I give my share to that slut? Humph...humph...that woman cannot wait for me to disagree. I will not satisfy her! If she can do that, I can do it too." O'Laura looked like a disobedient kid at this moment.

    With a smile, Zhang Tie found O'Laura's angry look was especially charming; therefore, soon after O'Laura finished her words had Zhang Tie kissed her lips...

    After ten minutes, Zhang Tie almost exploded as his face blushed like pomegranate. Panting heavily, O'Laura instantly pushed Zhang Tie away while forcing apart Zhang Tie's weird hands from her plumpy breasts.

    "Which one do you prefer, me or that slut?"

    At the critical moment, Zhang Tie became puzzled once again. After struggling for two seconds, Zhang Tie spoke frankly.

    "I like both!"

    Hearing this answer, O'Laura pushed Zhang Tie away once again. After putting on her mask, she directly walked towards the camp..

    Seeing O'Laura's back and remembering the ecstasy, Zhang Tie lowered his head with a bitter smile. After that, he put his right hand into the trousers pocket and returned to the camp too.


    The atmosphere in the camp was very weird today. Nobody was interested in why O'Laura and Zhang Tie came back to the camp one after another.

    The moment O'Laura came back to the camp, she had been noticed to attend a meeting. As Zhang Tie was an outsider, he was certainly not qualified to attend the official meetings in the allied forces. He didn't care about that either. Therefore, he just drilled into his own tent and started to cultivate quietly.

    No matter what, as long as O'Laura and Sabrina returned to the ground, he would not worry about what could happen in the underground.

    Now that it was not as relaxed as journey and was full of unpredictable dangers in the underground, it'd better be managed by men.

    Whereas, Zhang Tie didn't know that many things were out of his control!
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