Chapter 466: An Unexpected Thing

    Chapter 466: An Unexpected Thing

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    Only after one night, when Zhang Tie woke up early the next morning and walked out of his tent, he was amazed with what he saw.

    Standing beside his tent, Zhang Tie looked at the distance. Under his dark vision, he immediately found too many people on the relics over there. After shifting his dark vision into normal vision, Zhang Tie found that those fluorite lamps over the waists of those pioneers were like flooding fireflies in the summer wild.

    After been here for a few days, Zhang Tie had an estimation about the overall population of the pioneers and the other people in the relics. There were about 10,000 people in total in this area, over 3000 of which were vanguards dispatched by the allied forces. However, there were over 20,000 densely moving light spots in front of him.

    "How come all of a sudden there are so many people?" a question flashed across Zhang Tie's mind.

    However, Zhang Tie's mentality could never be matched by those common youths anymore. Although he felt strange but after glancing at those light spots in the distance, Zhang Tie slightly sighed and left the camp. He started to cleanse up himself at a water source being not far from the camp.

    In the underground, of course, water became especially important. Although one could take a month's dried rations down here but one could hardly bring a month's water down here.

    The water was dropping from the top of a relics rock cave which was hundreds of meters in height like it was raining. They finally formed a small pond on the ground which covered about 3-5 square meters.

    After checking the water quality of this pond and found it was nontoxic, the vanguards of the allied forces occupied this water source first, which could barely afford the daily use of about 3000 people of the vanguards of the allied forces.

    When cleansing himself, Zhang Tie suddenly came up with a problem, "If so many people suddenly appear in this relics area, water shortage would be a big problem. Although there are some other similar water sources in the surroundings, they are remarkably not sufficient for so many people. The rest people could only seek for other water sources in farther places..."

    Zhang Tie remembered that there was a subterranean stream with abundant water on the way here. However, it was over 40 km away. "It seems that many people need to go to the distance to drink water."

    After considering it for a second, Zhang Tie realized that it was not a problem. For these pioneers who dreamed for wealth, it was just a 4-5 hour travel. If not want to die out of thirst, they could spend a couple of days in seeking for the water.

    After cleansing up himself, Zhang Tie returned to the camp and found Sam and Gerri were very flurried.

    "What's up?"

    "A great number of pioneers arrived here last night!" Sam said.

    "I know, I've seen them this morning!"

    "Do you know why they are here?"


    "Gerri and I have inquired about it just now. They are all here for GSC!" Gerri said with an unimaginable look.

    "Super relics?" Zhang Tie was stunned. "Shouldn't it only be known to a few people? How come it suddenly became such a popular information? Even common pioneers have known about it. Additionally, so many people swarmed in over night."

    "How did they know that?"

    "It's said that a team of pioneers carried a great amount of jewelries and valuables out of the entrance on the 3rd day since we came down here, which aroused a huge shock instantly. They declared that they had discovered the GSC in the underground. Hearing that, all the pioneers boiled up and swarmed in. It was said that some teams of pioneers even obtained the accurate map of the super relics from here."

    "Just because of this?"

    "Sure. At the sight of those wholly new jewelries, many people's eyes turned red. Because only the GSC being covered with the energy of the fragments of the star of god could prevent all the lifeless substances from being deteriorated. Except for this reason, any objects being excavated from this relics would not remain unchanged after 800-900 years!" Gerri confirmed.

    Zhang Tie's heart raced as he didn't know what to say. Although one person could maintain his sense but over 10,000 people could barely be sensible at the same time. For those pioneers, as long as they saw someone taking jewelries out of the underground super relics, they would be driven mad for sure. As long as one of them couldn't stand to come down, all the others would followed in at once. This was determined by the feature of this group of people.

    Even those pioneers couldn't stand to pour in, wouldn't the greater part of the allied forces above the ground know about the reason? As the allied forces could at least obtain half of the jewelries from the pioneers, they would know it for sure.

    Not knowing why, the moment he thought about how they poured in the underground for the super relics, Zhang Tie felt bored.

    Gerri and Sam became both disappointed and excited. They were disappointed because their secret about super relics was exposed to the public. They were excited because they would feel much safer if they could follow so many pioneers over there.

    Zhang Tie didn't discourage them; instead, after talking with them for a short while, he left.

    Zhang Tie wanted to inquire O'Laura about the situation of the allied forces first. Unexpectedly, O'Laura had already left with her female cavalries and Nurdo in the early morning. Therefore, Zhang Tie went for Sabrina.

    Only after one night, Sabrina's injured female guardians had been much better. At the sight of Zhang Tie, Sabrina and her female guardians became much more enthusiastic than before.

    "It's good to see you. I was going to find you!" Sabrina revealed a smile before Zhang Tie opened his mouth, "I've never imagined that the all-purpose medicament was so effective. Only after one night, Zora's subordinates had almost been cured, leaving no scars at all!"

    After witnessing the unusual effect of all-purpose medicament, Sabrina became more excited about the suggestion that Zhang Tie posed yesterday. However, she was not going to talk about that with Zhang Tie right now.

    "I'm told that Gangula, my younger brother is going to be here..."

    "GSC!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    "You also know that?" Sabrina became a bit surprised.

    "I learned about it just now. I came to you here for this thing!" Zhang Tie said solemnly, "I want you leave out of here as soon as possible!"


    "I don't know why. But I feel very bad about this thing. I will leave out of here as soon as possible. If you want to leave, I can escort you away!"

    For Zhang Tie, the value of super relics would decline along with its widening exposure. No matter what were inside the super relics, if over ten thousands of people poured in at the same time, even if there were 10,000 tons of golds in the super relics, each one could share at most 1 ton, which was equal to 40,000 gold coins.

    This emergency completely disrupted Zhang Tie's plan. As the value of the super relics declined, Zhang Tie became increasingly more uncomfortable. Therefore, Zhang Tie decided to let Sabrina go back first so as to get rid of this swirl.

    Sabrina's smile disappeared as she stared at Zhang Tie seriously. As a smart woman, she understood about Zhang Tie's meaning.

    "You mean there might be a problem with this super relics?"

    "There's no evidence about the existence of that super relics until now!" Zhang Tie lowered his voice as he stared at Sabrina with his gleaming eyes. It was already very strange for so many people to know about this piece of news since the first batch of vanguards of the allied forces came down!"

    "However, it's said that they have obtained a great batch of wholly new jewelries from the underground. Where else could they obtain so many new objects besides the super relics?"

    "What if those wholly new jewelries were brought down silently by someone else?" Zhang Tie asked when he recalled the "evidence" of the ham package which was presented to him by Gerri and Sam silently. He was just shocked at that moment but he had not thought more about it. Now, Zhang Tie realized that someone might set a trap over here by fabricating an "evidence". As super relics was not a new term, as long as they were able to carry some objects or fragments of the former super relics over there, nobody could identify them.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Sabrina finally changed his face, "You mean it's a plot?"

    "I don't know. I only feel that this thing has been out of my expectation and has become valueless!"

    "Gangula is coming. I will tell him about this and ask him to take care of himself. Then, we will leave tomorrow, how about that?"

    "Fine!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    "Do you know that you're fascinating now?" Sabrina said with a tender voice.

    "Fascinating?" Zhang Tie scratched his head.

    "Yes, a real man, a real leader, who doesn't follow the mass at the critical moment and has his own decision. Such a man is very fascinating!"

    Zhang Tie blushed.


    Only after a day, the atmosphere across the camp had been utterly different than that of yesterday. Even many soldiers in the camp had already known the "existence" of the super relics. Additionally, the arrival of the greater part of the allied forces increased the morale of many soldiers in the camp.

    To revenge for the loss of that vanguard or to make a fortune in the super relics, each of the two motives could make most of the commoners spirited and hopeful towards future.

    According to those exaggerating words, that super relics became an open treasury to the public. In the treasury, all the valuable objects were displayed in the stores on both sides of the streets, where everyone could make a fortune.

    Based on such an exaggerating description, that super relics became as charming as a naked beauty who was lying on bed and waiting for a lot of men to sleep with her.

    Only after walking around the camp had Zhang Tie gotten some versions of maps from those pioneers.

    Compared to others' ecstasy, Zhang Tie grew gloomier. For some reason, watching at the constant light spots at the entrance of the relics in the distance, Zhang Tie only thought about those mice being induced into the cage by the aroma of cheese and fleshes.

    The only thing that made Zhang Tie comfortable today was that nobody followed him up.

    After having no achievements for consecutive three days, Zhang Tie's halos had gradually faded away. Additionally, the news of the existence of the super relics was exposed. Therefore, all the guys who dreamed to make a fortune behind him finally lost their interests.

    Even though his status as a wanted circular had been revoked before he entered this relics, Zhang Tie felt free just now.

    After circling around the camp, Zhang Tie was sure that nobody was following him. Therefore, he ran away in the distance...

    After half an hour, Zhang Tie had been over 40 km away from the camp and arrived in a wild underground cave at the border of the relics. Zhang Tie put down the cover of his fluorite lamp to die out the lamp. He then made some twists and finally arrived at a secret place. After taking a deep breath, he entered the Castle of Black Iron.

    "Welcome back, Castle Lord..."

    Heller's familiar voice sounded once again. Having not heard his voice for so long time, Zhang Tie felt warm at once.

    After staying too long in the underground. When he entered Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie narrowed his eyes. After being adapted to the brightness in Castle of Black Iron for a few seconds, he nodded towards Heller before striding towards the small tree...
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