Chapter 467: Fruits

    Chapter 467: Fruits

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    Since meeting O'Laura, Zhang Tie had not entered Castle of Black Iron for over 20 days. The moment he entered, Zhang Tie caught sight of the fruits over the small tree. Immediately, Zhang Tie felt happy inside.

    Three iron-body fruits.

    Nine huge wolf seven-strength fruits

    Four leakless fruits, three of which had been ripe.

    Zhang Tie knew that his real fighting strength would increase sharply for sure after eating the 16 fruits. Gazing at those fruits, Zhang Tie started to drool.

    Besides, there were a lot of trouble-reappearance fruits over the small tree, most of which were obtained by hunting huge wolves and some other living beings. After eating these trouble-reappearance fruits, Zhang Tie could have more trouble-reappearance situations and living beings to choose, which indicated a higher soft power.

    Beside the altar under the small tree, Heller watched Zhang Tie circling around the small tree with pounding heart.

    "Fruit of Redemption--appreciation from sandscale fish" was still hanging over there. As the redemptive effect of a single living being could be accumulated, which, after reaching a certain degree, would show up. Zhang Tie checked it and found that his cold-resistance and water flow-sensitiveness could be further increased by 107% with this redemption fruit. After eating it, undoubtedly, Zhang Tie's ability and response in water could increase remarkably.

    There was indeed a new fruit.

    The new fruit was familiar. It reminded Zhang Tie of the redemption fruit--appreciation from earthworms. But this fruit looked like two earthworms twisted with each other. It was like a golden fried dough twist.

    With his eyes on it, Zhang Tie stretched out his hand and touched it.

    Fruit of advancement--medium recovery body! As it's not ripe yet. You can not eat it.

    --The energy of this fruit comes from the appreciation of the released earthworms. It's the extension of the fruit of redemption.

    --In the early stage of its growth, this fruit could bring a good luck to Castle Lord. (grey[1])

    --You have to release 160000000 earthworms so as to update your preliminary recovery body to medium recovery body.

    --The progress of the medium recovery body is :2158069/160000000.

    This instantly reminded Zhang Tie of Hanna. He knew that Hanna's family had started to fulfill their promise by setting free earthworms in the nearby villages. There was a time when Zhang Tie thought that Hanna's family had already forgotten about this or didn't care about this thing at all. It was really out of his imagination that they still remembered it. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt pretty good.

    Although it required them to set free 160 million earthworms so as to update preliminary recovery body to medium recovery body but Hanna's family had only released over 2 million earthworms by now, which was still far away from the ultimate target. However, Zhang Tie had been very satisfied with this. As it was a long-term plan, as long as Hanna's family stuck to that appointment, they would make the fruit ripe sooner or later.

    What made Zhang Tie truly amazed was that this fruit could bring him good luck in the early stage of its growth. It was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that even his luck could be improved by this fruit.

    The color of that line of words turned grey, which indicated that it had already passed its early stage of growth.

    After realizing that the pile of immortal stones that he excavated several days ago might be influenced by this fruit, Zhang Tie's face turned strange.

    "Is...this real, Heller?"

    Seeing Heller standing aside, Zhang Tie didn't even know how to ask.

    "It's real. One of the side effects of this fruit in its early stage of growth is to bring good luck to you. Actually, this is a benefit from releasing living beings!"

    "By setting free living beings I can be lucky?" Zhang Tie goggled.

    "Castle Lord, you should know that in the far ancient times, setting free living beings was actually the full contents and core of the secret knowledge cultivation of some powerful and mysterious sects. Its function even became deified in some people's eyes!"

    Zhang Tie was shocked by Heller's words, "It's treated as the full contents and core of the secret knowledge cultivation of the entire sect. That's too powerful!"

    "You mean even commoners could become lucky by setting free a lot of animals?"

    "Of course!"


    "Because all the animals have their spirits. Materially, the energy of appreciation formed by setting free animals is a powerful bliss, which could increase the frequency and energy level of one's soul and awareness and cause resonance and attraction between human and beautiful things. Benefited by this, you could make many correct and positive decisions. Actually, this had been clarified in the mysterious and profound eastern Chinese cultures, such as the old Chinese saying, "Luck brings wisdom!"

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie found that it was real. When he excavated the small building, he became pretty clear-minded. Even in the urban ruins, he could faintly identify that the location of the short building was the "waistband fengshui". Being driven by this whim, he attempted and truly made a fortune.

    After the secret was exposed, Zhang Tie deepened his understanding about the effect of setting free animals. Zhang Tie asked Heller another question, "Whether would I become lucky for a period after the appearance of each new fruit of advancement?"

    "Yes. Your good luck would have different duration due to the different levels and functions of fruits of advancement. This fruit of advancement brought you about 17 days of good luck. You would have 25 days of good luck when the fruit of advancement could finally help you advance to senior recovery body from medium recovery body. As to other fruits of advancement, you would have different duration of good luck, which ranged from 3-5 days to even a month!" Heller stared at Zhang Tie with a solemn look, "As long as Castle Lord sticks to set free an increasing number of animals, I believe that Castle Lord would be in such a special situation for a few days in each year."

    Touching his nose, Zhang Tie felt a bit strange. "Women would be in that unrivaled situation for a few days in each month. Will I enter such a special situation for a few days in each year? Damn it! That's weird!"

    Zhang Tie then watched the small tree swaying its body, causing rustles. Meanwhile, he rubbed his hands in an excited way. The problem facing him was so many fruits to eat.

    It would take him at least 1 week to completely digest the nine huge wolf seven-strength fruits. However, given the situation here, he did not have enough time to eat up all the fruits. He had to leave out of here together with O'Laura and Sabrina as soon as possible. If he stayed here for a longer time, it would more troublesome.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie fixed his eyes on the three ripe leakless fruits. After thinking for a short while, he picked off one of them. After that, he sat under the small tree with crossed legs and put that leakless fruit in his mouth.

    Having not eaten leakless fruit for a long time, the moment he broke it, the familiar sweet taste instantly slid into his esophagus. The effect of leakless fruit spread in Zhang Tie's chest at once...

    After several hours, the 18th surging point on Zhang Tie's spine turned deep blue.

    Zhang Tie stood up and moved his limbs for a while. He then picked off another leakless fruit.


    The fire dragon formed by the energy of leakless fruit boomed the purple surging point into pieces. After numerous purple light spots disappeared, a bright sparkle gradually appeared in the darkness and finally became a raging flame...

    After lighting the 18th surging point, Zhang Tie felt relaxed all over while some burdens were relieved. At the same time, the energy in his muscles and bones, Qi and blood also increased. His fighting strength grew higher like the mercury being heated in thermometer.

    This feeling was very great.

    The remained energy of the 2nd leakless fruit charged towards the 19th surging point on Zhang Tie's spine. Before the exhaustion of this energy, the 19th surging point on Zhang Tie's spine had already turned orange.

    Zhang Tie then picked himself up and moved his limbs once again. Meanwhile, he revealed a big smile. After that, he picked off the 3rd leakless fruit...

    After eating the 3rd leakless fruit, the 19th surging point on his spine finally became blue.

    Closely after the three leakless fruits, Zhang Tie ate a fruit of redemption which could improve his cold-resistance and water flow-sensitiveness. After the fruit of redemption, Zhang Tie ate an iron-body fruit.

    Now, it took Zhang Tie more efforts to obtain a new iron-body fruit. It was a surprise for him to gain three iron-body fruits because of the bone-exploding needles.

    After eating the latest iron-body fruit, Zhang Tie seemingly heard the sound of crashing metals and stones from his bones all over.

    After eating five fruits, Zhang Tie's fighting strength increased sharply. He then exited Castle of Black Iron at once.

    When Zhang Tie reappeared in the remote place of that dark cave, only after walking a few steps, he felt that the ground was shaking sharply while a boom drifted from the underground world...
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