Chapter 468: The Cage Was Closed

    Chapter 468: The Cage Was Closed

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    Along with the earthquake, dust and stones started to fall down from the top of the gloomy cave. Zhang Tie instantly turned to the fluorite lamp by opening its shade and ran out of the cave.

    It was a huge underground space outside the cave which included the entire relics. The earthquake waves also reached outside there, making many people flurried.

    "Is that an earthquake?" Zhang Tie became confused. Meanwhile, he had a bad premonition about the earthquake and the boom.

    Zhang Tie immediately ran towards the camp of the allied forces.

    Only after running for less than 20 km, another earthquake and boom happened. This time, Zhang Tie was sure that it was not a real earthquake, because its direction was different from the former one. The former one seemingly came from the underground; whereas, this time, it was definitely closer. It seemed to be coming from a place in the underground tunnel leading to the relics.

    This was a faintly familiar sound to Zhang Tie.

    After reflection in the relatively closed underground space, the boom could be heard across the entire relics.

    When the 2nd boom arrived, Zhang Tie's face changed as he slightly changed his running direction. He didn't run towards the camp anymore; instead, he rushed towards the tunnel where it originated.

    "Ah, what's up?"

    "I heard two booms!"

    "One was over there!"

    On the way, Zhang Tie encountered some pioneers who were flurried and vacant. Some smart guys also ran towards the origin of the second boom.

    At this moment, without using his rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie's running speed had surpassed 80 km/h, which was much faster than that of a wild wolf. As a result, the fluorite lamp over his waist became a flying green ray in the darkness.

    With a wind, those pioneers had seen Zhang Tie rushing ahead of them, leaving behind a gradually disappearing green light ray.

    At such a speed, Zhang Tie soon rushed out of the relics and entered an underground tunnel.

    After entering the tunnel for a few kilometers, Zhang Tie caught sight of the pile of scattered stones and conical stalactites which fell down from the top of the tunnel. After going deeper for a few more kilometers, Zhang Tie saw injured people in the tunnel.

    A poor pioneer's leg was pressed by a huge stone. Lying on the roadside, he was wailing. Zhang Tie stopped and forcefully pushed the 1-ton stone aside.

    The poor pioneer was at his 30s or 40s. His injured leg had been badly mutilated, which might have been crippled. When the huge stone was pushed away, he screeched loudly once again.

    "What happened..." Zhang Tie put a hand on his shoulder and asked him loudly.

    "Thanks...I don't know what happened. After...after a loud sound, I panicked. Then, the stone rolled down here and hit me..."

    Only after saying only few words, the pioneer felt exhausted. Having not figured out the reason, Zhang Tie further rushed ahead.

    The deeper he entered, the more scattered stones and wounded people Zhang Tie saw. At least dozens of people were killed by those huge stones.

    Zhang Tie stopped at a place which was only dozens of meters in width. According to his memory, this place was like the waist of a gourd.

    The tunnel ahead disappeared, precisely, completely collapsed. What was in front of Zhang Tie was a 50-60 m high slope which was composed of huge stones, which were as large as house or millstone.

    Zhang Tie felt icy in heart.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie figured out what happened and why he felt the second boom was familiar, "the tunnel accessing to the relics has been destroyed by bomb."

    "It's an alchemist's bomb, a powerful alchemist's bomb!"

    After the mice entered the cage, someone closed the cage using an alchemist's bomb.

    "But what about the first louder sound from a farther distance?"

    Gazing at the collapsed underground tunnel, something chaotic flashed across his mind.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard a sound from behind. He turned around and saw Roslav and Waajid rushing towards him at a speed which was faster than that of his.

    At the sight of the scene in front of them, Roslav and Waajid changed their faces completely while standing on Zhang Tie's side.

    "What's up?" Roslav, who was as strong as a huge bear opened his mouth first.

    Although he didn't say Zhang Tie, remarkably, he was asking Zhang Tie who was the only one standing here.

    "I don't know. I came here soon after the boom. It seems that it was destroyed by a powerful alchemist's bomb!"

    Roslav and Waajid exchanged glances with each other with great amazement. Although they came from the most powerful tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness, they had not seen an alchemist's bomb. They heard about it before; however, they had never imagined that they could encounter one. An alchemist's bomb was rarely seen in other places, not to mention in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    "Peter, how do you know it's caused by an alchemist's bomb?" Waajid, who was slightly well-balanced in figure, asked.

    "Because I've seen the power of an alchemist's bomb before. Given that boom and its destructive power, I really cannot think of a second possibility!" Zhang Tie answered in a low voice.

    Watching the collapsed tunnel, Roslav and Waajid also became silent. They were analyzing how worse the current situation was.

    "Ah? How can that be...f*ck!"

    A flurried sound drifted from behind. It was from Gangula.

    Gangula, who looked blue, hurriedly led a lot of people here who was familiar to Zhang Tie. At the sight of this, all their faces froze, including that of Gangula.

    "Now that Gangula was here, the greater part of the allied forces might have been attracted here by the illusory super relics." Zhang Tie sighed inside.

    "Childe Gangula!" Zhang Tie turned around and greeted him.

    "Ah, Peter, you're also here. What happened?"

    Realizing that Gangula was still confused, Zhang Tie repeated what he told Roslav and Waajid. After that, watching the newcomers, Zhang Tie stood aside silently.

    The moment they heard the "alchemist's bomb", those guys behind Gangula drew cold breath. Staring at the collapsed tunnel, they became despaired.

    "Is this a plot? How come this tunnel was exploded the moment we arrived here?"

    "Ah, sh*t, Can we go back?"

    Some smart guys behind Gangula had guessed something. Hearing this question, many more people's faces turned pale.

    Zhang Tie gazed at Gangula silently. Zhang Tie wanted to see how Gangula would manage it, as the leader of the allied forces.

    Gangula didn't say anything. Panting heavily, he glared at the collapsed tunnel ahead. His face turned blue first, then slowly turned snoposure although his eyes looked more furious.

    "Sh*t up!" after Gangula's roar, all the others following him here became quiet.

    "Filking, take you men and occupy all the drinkable water sources near the ruins. If the pioneers dare to stop you, kill them all! Attention! Prevent them from destroying and polluting the water sources." an icy order was delivered.

    Receiving this order, a subordinate behind Gangula moved one step forward as he punched onto his own chest armor. Soon after that, he turned around and left.

    "Luca, take a team of elites and figure out the first boom!"

    Another person left rapidly.

    "Jyoba, find the prospecting team of Golden Roc Bank."

    Another person left.

    After delivering three orders consecutively, Gangula gazed at those heads of each tribe as he uttered a colder voice, "From now on, besides keeping three day's supplies for the soldiers, all the tribes should submit the rest rations. The allied forces will be responsible for distributing rations!"

    Hearing Gangula's last order, those other heads of tribes started to discuss.

    "Who doesn't agree?" Gangula glared at them all with his bloody eyes. Hearing this, Gangula's subordinates put their hands on the sword handles.

    The turmoil quieted down at once. Nobody dared to disagree with him.

    Hearing Gangula's crazy orders in such a short period, Zhang Tie finally understood why this guy's nickname was "mad dog"...

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