Chapter 470: My Brothers

    Chapter 470: My Brothers

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    At this moment, Zhang Tie held O'Laura's hand tightly as he stared at her with a solemn look, "I won't let you die here!"

    O'Laura just revealed a smile as she purely took Zhang Tie's words as a comfort, "I know that but if not because of me, you might not be here. It's my fault!"

    "Don't be silly. I chose to come down here. It's nothing to do with anybody else!"

    "Although you're a bit bad, you're cute sometimes!" O'Laura looked at the distance, "Can I lean on your shoulder?"

    Zhang Tie nodded. O'Laura then leaned her head on Zhang Tie's shoulder in a tender way.

    They looked at the distance silently.

    "Do you know what I was thinking about when I knew that I was going to die here in one month?"

    O'Laura whispered in Zhang Tie's ear like how lovers usually did. However, the contents was very cruel.

    "What are you thinking about?"

    "I started to feel afraid of death. I realized the value of life for the first time. After that, I realized that I was very stupid. Actually, the problem in the grey eagle tribe was very simple, but I made it complicated. You're right. If only I can suppress Ollier, Juventus and their supporters and let them pledge allegiance to me by chopping off the heads of those who don't agree with me."

    It was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination that O'Laura's mentality could change so much at this moment. But it was not bad, at least for the grey eagle tribe. Zhang Tie was sure that as long as senior Merkel agreed to chop off one or two heads, the rest would succumb to her for sure. As O'Laura was not brave enough to be that cruel previously, those people didn't follow her orders.

    Now, O'Laura became really mature.

    Distress made people mature.

    Remembering about Gangula's crazy eyes and his sharp decisions, Zhang Tie's heart raced suddenly. He then asked O'Laura, "Gangula is not going to just wait for death. What's his plan?"

    Hearing this question, O'Laura's face turned pale instantly. She waved her head firmly and said decisively, "I bet you don't want to know that crazy dog's plan. I prefer to die than living like how he arranged!"

    Zhang Tie closed his eyes. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes, "Did he plan to kill people? He planned to kill all the pioneers and collect all their dried rations in 3 days. Meanwhile, he planned to consume some soldiers of the allied forces through fighting pioneers. As a result, the remained supplies would be available to the survivors for a longer time. At least, the allied forces would not lack water supply in a short period."

    O'Laura nodded in a solemn way. Although Zhang Tie had not attended the conference of the management of the allied forces, he could speculate the contents. Therefore, O'Laura became more admirable about Zhang Tie.

    "That's it! Gangula even planned to carry out hierarchical allotment system and isolation system for sick and wounded people. Once soldiers of the allied forces were injured or affected with diseases, they would soon die because of insufficient supply and treatment!"

    O'Laura's voice sounded very sorrowful, "Gangula thought that nobody else knew about his next plan. But actually, everybody knew that after exterminating those pioneers and eliminating those sick and wounded people of the allied forces, Gangula would definitely abandon or sweep all the other small and medium-sized tribes except for the wild bear tribe so as to gain enough supplies and allow the rest people to live longer. Right because of this reason, the conference finally ended with a turmoil. All the other tribes could only join hands with each other so as to negotiate with Gangula!"

    Through O'Laura, Zhang Tie knew what happened in the conference. At this critical moment, the small and medium-sized tribes of the allied forces didn't yield much; instead, they proposed to dispatch their own soldiers to fight according to the overall proportion of each tribe in the allied forces, to share supplies fairly and take over two water sources from the wild bear tribe. However, all these proposals were vetoed by Gangula.

    If it was in the outside, those small and medium-sized tribes would never dare to propose such requests to Gangula at all. However, at this critical moment, they had to oppose. Although the wild bear tribe was powerful in fighting strength, as long as the wild bear tribe fought the other small and medium-sized tribes, they would force them to stand on side of the pioneers. If so, even the wild bear tribe and Gangula could not stand it.

    Zhang Tie realized that the allied forces had started to split from inside. In order to survive, each person was making their full efforts.

    "Setton is coming. I'm afraid he's here for me. I have to go now!"

    Setton walked towards this building as he raised his face towards them. He had just converged with O'Laura with the soldiers of the grey eagle tribe. It was really out of his imagination that they were in dilemma right away. Zhang Tie found Setton was a bit solemn and sad.

    O'Laura slightly kissed Zhang Tie's cheek. After that, she put on her mask before flying away from the roof of the building and leaving with Setton.

    Seeing O'Laura off, Zhang Tie remained still. At this moment, Zhang Tie became very vacant, which might be involved with the life or death of himself or tens of thousands of people here.

    After 17 years of life experience, Zhang Tie had never been so perplexed before.

    Whether he would just wait until the last moment with only a few people whom he was concerned about or stand out bravely and lead these people out of this trap facing a great risk...

    Zhang Tie didn't know what to do!

    He then asked Heller.

    "Castle Lord, Castle of Black Iron could provide water for tens of thousands of people. The fleshes inside could also be available to them for over 3 months. Such an important decision could only be made by Castle Lord out of sincerity. I will support you no matter what decision you make!"

    Heller's answer made Zhang Tie more confused. Zhang Tie didn't know what was deep in his mind.

    "Why don't I know what is deep in my mind?"

    "How come?"

    Zhang Tie just considered about that question while sitting on the top of the ruined building. He gradually forgot himself...


    In this state, Zhang Tie completely forgot about the existence of time. Not knowing how long had passed, one day or two days, Zhang Tie felt many people walking under the building and heard noises drifting from afar. O'Laura came to his side once again. After staring at him for a short while, she told him a message in a sad and ironical tone.

    "Gangula has already reached a secret agreement with all the other heads of small and medium-sized tribes. As long as the heads of the other tribes support him, he could ensure that some major figures in each tribe would survive to the end. According to Gangula's plan, about 200-300 people of the allied forces could survive for more than 3 months until the tunnel is broken through from outside!"

    Hearing this news, Zhang Tie felt his back, which was lashed in Heavens Cold City, burning.

    There was one sentence that could be used to describe Gangula's plan--Smaller figures had to die first so as to survive big figures. Therefore, all the big figures agreed.

    "Tomorrow, the allied forces would start the massacre until the last pioneer is killed! In order to safeguard the soldiers of the grey eagle tribe, I will attend the battle with my soldiers at the risk of our lives!"

    After saying this, O'Laura left.

    Zhang Tie felt a heartache.

    "Is that my heart?"

    Zhang Tie became confused...


    O'Laura left. After a while, Sabrina and two of her guardians arrived in front of this building.

    "Young lady. What's wrong with Peter? I was told that since he had known that everybody would be trapped here, Peter had been scared too much and kept hiding here like an idiot!"

    "Sh*t up!"

    Zhang Tie heard the footsteps of Sabrina and her guardians. Although they were still below the building, their whisper had drifted to Zhang Tie's ears.

    Not knowing why, Zhang Tie realized that his auditory sense became much sharper than before.

    After coming to the front of Zhang Tie, Sabrina squatted and slightly touched the sluggish face of Zhang Tie who was staring at the distance without moving his eyes. She then let out a sigh and said in a tender voice, "My little man. You don't have to worry about that. We can still keep touch with outside. The relief of the wild bear tribe and the other tribes would arrive in a few days. We only need to wait for 3 months here. I'm sure they will get us out of here. As long as I can get out of here, I will take you out for sure!"

    After saying this, Sabrina slightly kissed Zhang Tie's lips. She then left while her guardians left some water and food to him.

    Smelling the food on his side, Zhang Tie realized that he was a bit hungry. Without reaching out his hand to take those food, he just sent an order in his mind; instantly, the sweat solution of all-purpose medicament appeared in Zhang Tie's mouth. Zhang Tie swallowed it right away.


    Not knowing how long had passed, Sam and Gerri appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

    "Peter, Sam and I are here to say goodbye to you. After a discussion, we've made the final decision. At this moment, we should go back to the team of pioneers. No matter what, nobody could leave out of here or stick to the day until the tunnel was broken through. If we have to die, Sam and I prefer to die as pioneers, which would be more respectful!" Gerri said.

    "We are told that the pioneers have been gathered by some individual powerhouses. Yesterday, the action of the allied forces have not gained any effects; instead, two water sources of ours were grabbed away by the allied forces. Each party suffered a loss. O'Laura had promised to send us to the safe place. No matter what, you're our friend forever!" Sam said.

    Sam and Gerri then left when Zhang Tie was moved once again.

    They reminded Zhang Tie of his former friends in the wild wolf valley. Like those small figures in wild valley, Sam and Gerri were both born in average or poor families, who had no reliance at all. Each step he moved forward, he had to ooze sweat, bleed or drop tears. They were young, sincere and happy. Of course, they also had courage.

    A series of pictures reappeared in Zhang Tie's mind.


    In the deep and twisting underground tunnel, he was forging ahead quietly with a group of people while holding torches. That was a plot about Great Bless Skill. It was nothing but a joke. However, each one behind him were determined to create a new world.


    Zhang Tie drew out of his dagger and cut open his own hand, followed by all the others. They sprayed the fresh blood into the stone pit.


    "This is the blood of brothers. Before the completion of the sacred Great Bless Skill, how can you dry up?"

    "Ah, no..."

    "Use mine, use my blood..."

    "What the hell..."


    Those who walk in the dark. Your faces are covered with dust; you totter while your hands are tainted with filth. You walk in the dark, dirty land; however the brilliance and flame in your heart could never die out, which instead would finally become torches in the dark and brighten the road for your brothers so that they can clearly see the difficulties and obstacles on the road. Those who take the torches, your torches are the best bless to this world. It is a bless of light which will brighten the road towards the ultimate sacred door. Hearing this, all the teenagers ahead of the team dropped off their tears.


    Silly Potter, who had been the torch-holder, looked sacred, "I'd like to sacrifice for all of you!"


    Hallan Wood jumped out of the team, "I'd like to sacrifice myself!"

    Jack Jones jumped out, "I'd like to sacrifice myself!"

    Dili Gandhi also jumped out, "I'd like to sacrifice myself!"

    Francis Franca, the son of an average gardener jumped out, "I'd like to sacrifice myself!"


    Zhang Tie almost forgot the frivolous things and jokes that he had made. Until this moment, Zhang Tie realized that all the details that he had experienced with his brothers were deeply imprinted in his bones and soul, including mixing fresh blood with each other, their voices and expressions, which could never be erased or forgotten at all.

    Zhang Tie dropped off his tears naturally.

    "My brothers, who'd like to cut open their palms by daggers, walk in the dark with torches and topple over this world with me, are you all ready?"

    "I'm sorry, I almost have made you disappointed."


    After a long time, the enshrouding bloody brilliance of iron-blood battle Qi gradually appeared on Zhang Tie, which shot up to the sky like bloody waves and banners flying against the wind.

    Standing on the top of the building, Zhang Tie looked in the distance, "Those brave guys, you sacrifice yourself to your brothers. How virtuous you are! This is the purest love...your names will be carved on the sacred arch door forever. If you can treat your brothers as yourself, you have already reached the supreme level. Although time will end, oceans will dry, high mountains will fall but your names will never fade away. Sacrifice is eternal. Finally, all of us will gather in the sacred eternal territory. Each of fulfillment that you have made for your brothers will come back for you. Your brothers will not abandon you and let you wander alone. You know that brilliance is right in your body. All the opportunities that you've created will be together with you like how you stay with the almighty god."

    Soon after the voice in his mind, the rising huge centipede battle-Qi totem was torn into pieces in the fierce, rolling battle-Qi banner by his powerful spirit and superb willingness. Another thing started to swim in Zhang Tie's chest, which included trust, fearlessness, decisiveness, piety, grief, small figures' unyielding yells, teenagers' surging fresh blood and the lofty self sublimation for the brothers to sacrifice themselves.

    Because of the sublimation, everything became lofty.

    Being unable to sustain Zhang Tie's superb willingness, the huge centipede battle-Qi totem was finally shattered...

    Among the pieces of the battle-Qi totem, a light spot started to brighten up in Zhang Tie's chest like a torch in the dark...

    A wholly new, rare totem slowly rose from Zhang Tie's back and shot into the sky. Fresh blood drops sprayed all over the sky endlessly like a curtain in the sky. It was more like a doomsday flame which was descended by gods so as to judge everything like that in myths and legends. With a glance, everybody's heart pounded...

    A sacred totem--Bloody and Fiery Curtain appeared in front of public for the first time.

    In the distance, the soldiers of the allied forces were fighting pioneers along with ground-breaking roars...

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