Chapter 472: The Gods Manifestation (II)

    Chapter 472: The God's Manifestation (II)

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    Earlier than O'Laura, Waajid and Roslav, thousands of soldiers residing in the camp of the allied forces rushed out of their camp under the leadership of the military officials and arrived at the small building where Zhang Tie was sitting on.

    After seeing the 200-m high bloody and fiery curtain behind Zhang Tie from such a short distance, thousands of soldiers became quiet. Like a deity walking out of the blood and fire, Zhang Tie flew off the small building. After landing on the ground by feet, he walked towards the wounded soldiers camp which was not far from the small building.

    Those soldiers didn't know what was happening to Zhang Tie at all. They didn't know what was that suffocating bloody and fiery curtain behind Zhang Tie. They were just awestruck about the unknown, powerful and sacred power. Besides, they also felt a bit afraid. After a glance at Zhang Tie's bloody and fiery curtain, everybody's face turned pale, not to mention to draw closer to it.

    The burning fresh blood in the bloody and fiery curtain fell down the sky like thousands of burning bloody shooting stars. In the dark underground, the 200-m high curtain and the constantly burning fresh blood brightened up the area within almost 1 km from Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie just walked towards the wounded soldiers camp silently. Seeing him walking towards them, all the thousands of soldiers hurriedly gave a way to him.

    Waajid and Roslav also came here with the team of soldiers of the huge bear tribe. At this moment, even if there was no glow of the bloody and fiery curtain, the faces of Waajid and Roslav along with the team of soldiers behind them had already turned red because of excitement.

    At this moment, the exciting aria of Pontiff Sarlin started to sound in the mind of all the soldiers of the huge bear tribe.

    "My Lord, the Lord who's destined to conquer all the oceans in the world. You come from afar by sea. Under your foot, the surging waves are as plain as bright road..."

    "My Lord, the creator of things who opened his immortal undertakings. You come from east and south. At this moment, you're on the ocean and in the sky..."

    "The most powerful weapon of our Lord is that javelin in his hand. With the terrifying lightning-bolt like power, it could destroy all the enemies on our road ahead..."

    "My Lord's look is his own, yet could not be identified by others..."

    "When my Lord attends the battle, he will erect his great banner to summon all of his soldiers. All the soldiers following him could see that for sure..."

    "He's the supreme one among all the gods; he ruled all the gods. He will bring the brilliance to the secular world from the heaven. He will return the original honor to each person, man or less, regardless of races!"

    Javelin, banner, holiness. At the sight of this, all the soldiers from the huge bear tribe felt that their blood started to burn.

    "That's right, that's right; that's him for sure; that's him for sure..."

    Waajid and Roslav exclaimed inside. Although they had faintly expected for that before arriving here. When they really saw what was happening in front of them, both Waajid and Roslav felt their heart pounding. Their blood rushed to their heads at the same time, making them a bit dizzy. They really wanted to scream so as to present their excitement. However, at the sight of this scene, they could not even utter a single word.

    Although some contents was confusing in pontiff Sarlin's prophecy, Waajid and Roslav had already ascertained that Zhang Tie was that Lord.

    All the soldiers of the huge bear tribe heavily panted with their nostrils. Widely opening their eyes, they were standing aside like the other soldiers of the allied forces. Meanwhile, they fixed their magma-like scorching eyes on Zhang Tie. Being afraid of illusion, they didn't even dare to blink their eyes.

    Their fathers, grandpas, grandpa's grandpas had been waiting for the arrival of this day for hundreds of years in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    O'Laura also arrived. Her grim metal mask looked red under the brilliance of the bloody and fiery curtain, making it especially weird. With her eyes on Zhang Tie, she didn't believe that this man was that rascal whom he knew.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's face looked solemn, which became holiness under the reflection of the unyielding bloody and fiery curtain.

    O'Laura wanted to say something; however, she swallowed her words back in front of the shocking scene.



    Everybody could only hear the rustles of Zhang Tie's moving steps on the ground.

    Zhang Tie walked into the wounded soldiers camp calmly. After a glance at those wounded sounders who were shocked too much and could not even utter a word, Zhang Tie walked to the side of the flume under the quiet gazes of thousands of people and slightly took up that empty tin kettle.

    Zhang Tie's movement was very weird. Nobody knew what he was going to do.

    As he took up that kettle, Zhang Tie took a deep breath. He knew that as long as he started this, he would have no way to regret. He had to stand whatever happened next.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie glanced at those wounded soldiers. All those who could sit up had already sat up. Many wounded soldiers were gazing at him with widely opened eyes and mouth as they panted heavily. Many wounded soldiers were only 17-18 years old, who were at Zhang Tie's age like his brothers...

    Zhang Tie finally opened his mouth.

    His words were loud, slow and muffling. However, they spread over each inch of this wounded soldiers camp.

    Everybody could hear it.

    "Those who believe in me will be saved!"

    After saying the first sentence, Zhang Tie lifted the kettle and bottomed it up; however, there was still not water inside...

    Everybody watched him silently...

    Hearing Zhang Tie's first sentence, Maxim instantly felt mouth parching and tongue scorching. He almost fell down the ground while his heart was palpitating heavily...

    "Those who follow me, even if you walk in the desert, you will get sweet spring water from above stones..."

    Soon after the second sentence, limpid water flew out of the empty tin kettle and entered the flume of the wounded soldiers camp...

    Hearing the sound of water flow, thousands of people froze. Widely opening their eyes, they could not believe what they saw in front of their eyes just now...

    Perhaps, there was water in the kettle; any average powerhouse could prevent it from flowing out--such a whim flashed across many people's minds. How, those who thought about this instantly quivered as the water flew out of the kettle constantly. Its amount had been several times more than that of the kettle.

    Waajid and Roslav were quivering...

    So was O'Laura...

    Under the silent gaze of thousands of people, the water flowing out of the tin kettle had already filled the huge plume.

    It was not a kettle any more; instead, it was an endless fountain.

    Under the gaze of everybody else, an arm-injured soldier struggled to the side of the plume and scooped water from the plume with a military canteen in his left hand. After that, he raised his head and drank it...

    Crystal water-drops dropped onto the ground from his beard...

    "It...it's real...this is...this is...mysterious manifestation. We're saved!"

    The soldier knelt down in front of Zhang Tie in the most pious way...

    It's God's manifestation. Only God could create such a marvel under the gaze of everybody else...

    All the wounded soldiers who could barely move knelt down in front of Zhang Tie with tears all over their faces. They knew that they were saved. They don't have to wait for death and struggle in the hopeless dark anymore...

    Yes, it's God. They were saved by the God's incarnation!

    "God's manifestation...God's manifestation..."

    Someone exclaimed with high spirit outside the wounded soldiers camp.

    At this moment, without any doubt or hesitation, Waajid's and Roslav's eyes turned red and as they knelt down piously, followed by the team of soldiers behind them. Seeing the members of the huge bear tribe kneeling down, all the thousands of people outside the wounded soldiers camp also knelt down piously with high spirits.

    Many people witnessed the God's manifestation. Even some of them without faith also knelt down piously...

    Those who could not sit up in the wounded soldiers camp also struggled to sit up at this moment...

    Zhang Tie walked over there with holy words, "All the darkness is because of lack of light. All the guilt is because of lack of mercy. You're suffering from pains and fears because you're separated from me. If you want to have your traumas cured, you have to open your forbidden soul to me..."

    Zhang Tie came to the front of those heavily wounded soldiers who could not sit up. After slightly touching their chests, he turned around and walked out of the wounded soldiers camp. Unexpectedly, when he walked out of the wounded soldiers camp, those wounded soldiers who could not move had already been able to pick themselves up from the ground...
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