Chapter 474: Continue to Play as the God

    Chapter 474: Continue to Play as the God

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    As everyone had prepared one-month dried rations before entering the underground world to search for the super relics. Therefore, they didn't lack food now. However, they lacked clean water in the relics.

    The moment the water problem was solved, all the soldiers and pioneers started to work on breaking through the tunnel under the leadership of Zhang Tie.

    Over 60,000 people worked in shifts around the clock. Everyone could burst out huge energy and endless potential under the aspiration and guidance of powerful spiritual energy. Therefore, they worked faster and faster, which made Zhang Tie amazed.

    By now, Zhang Tie had become the real spiritual leader and pillar of these people. Wherever he was, he could always see people bowing towards him.

    Among the soldiers of the allied forces and those pioneers, many of them would throw themselves down at Zhang Tie's feet or kneel down the ground and stare at Zhang Tie with burning eyes the moment they saw him. After Zhang Tie passed by them, they would kiss Zhang Tie's footsteps in the most pious and humble gesture. It seemed that all the places that Zhang Tie passed by became sacred.

    In such an atmosphere, more and more pious followers gathered around Zhang Tie, such as Roslav and Waajid. All the soldiers of huge bear tribe voluntarily became Zhang Tie's guardians. Roslav and Waajid would always follow Zhang Tie wherever he went.

    O'Laura, Setton and the soldiers of the grey eagle tribe also closely followed Zhang Tie...

    Sabrina and her female cavalries also joined in...

    More and more people started to draw closer to Zhang Tie...

    Although being tired to play as the God, Zhang Tie could only act like the God so as to lead all of them out of here with full morale and confidence by joining hands with each other.

    What Zhang Tie needed to do everyday was to keep smiling and manifesting the God's will under their expectation...

    The average-looking tin kettle had become a sacred object in everyone's eyes.

    When it was not used, the tin kettle was put on a stone platform in an exclusive tent while being covered with a thick yellow cloth. Commoners could barely see that. The tent was guarded by soldiers around the clock. Besides Zhang Tie and O'Laura, nobody was qualified to touch it.

    Zhang Tie handed the tin kettle to O'Laura. Each time Zhang Tie wanted to manifest the God's will, O'Laura would held that kettle and stood aside Zhang Tie in a solemn way. Because of this, O'Laura won a new name in a couple of days--Goddess Kettle!

    Many people were staying with Zhang Tie, such as military craftsmen or those who had various expertise among the pioneers. Zhang Tie ordered some of them to make 7 huge stone vats using the huge stones which collapsed and blocked the tunnel and put them at the entrance of the tunnel so as to provide water for people.

    Each of the 7 huge stone vats was higher than 1 m and wider than 2 m. Each of their volume was about 3 cubic meters. Therefore, the total volume of the 7 water vats was over 20 cubic meters.

    Most of the soldiers and pioneers were above LV 3. Their physical potential had been developed to a certain degree. Each of them only needed about 150 ml water to survive a day; even though they had to do a lot of labor works a day, they only needed at most 300 ml water a day.

    Now, over 40,000 people lacked drinking water in the underground space. These people required about 12 tons of water a day. After filling the 7 huge vats, Zhang Tie made up the shortage at once.

    The most important thing that Zhang Tie would do everyday was to manifest the God's will by filling those huge vats with that kettle.

    It was the most solemn and sacred moment for Zhang Tie to manifest the God's will each day, under the breathless gaze of tens of thousands of people, Zhang Tie took over that sacred kettle from O'Laura's hands. After that, the crystal water started to pour out of the kettle and filled the huge vats in a few minutes.

    After the Catastrophe, human beliefs spread in an explosive way. At this moment, even the world views of those who had no beliefs or those atheists collapsed at once, not to mention those who believed in the existence of God.

    Besides the God's will, people could never figure out how so much water flew out of an average kettle constantly. In the eyes of those who had beliefs, even a water drop appeared in the eye of a sculpture would be taken as the tear of the God, which was pretty sacred, not to mention this scene.

    Those who were responsible for guarding these huge vats and distributing water to those people who queued up here everyday were Sabrina and her female cavalries. Because of this, Sabrina even won a new name--Goddess Water!

    Whenever Zhang Tie manifested the God's will in the public, his image would grow taller and more sacred.

    On the 7th day, when Zhang Tie filled the 7 vats with that kettle, under the gaze of everyone, a wrinkled pioneer with pale hair walked out of the crowd in heavy footsteps. He knelt down in front of Zhang Tie. After that, he raised his face which was covered with tears and stared at Zhang Tie. Meanwhile, he raised his hands and prayed.

    "The most divine person in the world. You've undoubtedly manifested the God's will in front of us and showed us the greatness and mercy of the God. We've been appreciating you so much. Please show us the immortal truth with your mercy and wisdom so that we, the lost lambs, could return to the kingdom of the God, and see light in the dark and hope in the pain and return to the God's territory in case of being depressed!"

    This was absolutely an accident. Zhang Tie had never predicted it before. Zhang Tie realized that it might be because his performance was too successful these days, everyone was enjoying it, including himself. Everyone believed in the God's manifestation.

    Zhang Tie looked at that senior pioneer in a calm look. Given the wrinkles and tears on the senior's face, Zhang Tie knew that he did it voluntarily. Perhaps, seniors would become more desirable about belief.

    "Of course the truth needed to be preached in the public. However, I'm not qualified to be a preacher at all. I could only fabricate some words; if you really request me to talk a lot of nonsense, I'm afraid that I would fall down the altar at once." At this moment, Zhang Tie became very anxious inside. If not being gazed by so many people, Zhang Tie really wanted to kneel down in front of that old man and beg loudly, "Grandpa, forgive me please. I'm only an average guy who graduated from the Seventh National Middle School in Blackhot City. Are you going to make me embarrassed? Even though if you want to make me embarrassed, you should do that after we leave out of here. This is not the right moment..."

    Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva. When he prepared to cheat the senior, more and more people knelt down...

    "Please reveal the truth to us..."


    "Please reveal the truth to us..."

    Even Roslav and Waajid knelt down in front of him with one knee and gazed at Zhang Tie with desiring eyes. Zhang Tie became dumbfounded immediately.

    Certainly, Zhang Tie's dumbfounded look also indicated that he was meditating in a solemn way in others eyes.

    "Just do that! Castle Lord, this is an opportunity!" Heller's voice sounded in Zhang Tie's mind.

    "Ah, but what to say? I'm afraid that my trick would be exposed in 10 minutes!"

    "Don't worry about that. Castle Lord only needs to read the words!"

    "Read what?"

    The moment Zhang Tie asked, he felt his head becoming slightly swollen while many pieces of message flew out of the marvelous arch door. They seemed coming from a complete book.

    "What's this?"

    "This is the "Immortal Book" which has long disappeared in the long course of human history. Tens of millions of years ago, this book preserved the most powerful and prosperous worldwide religion. It is the sacred code carried forward by all the followers of that religion!"

    Zhang Tie became slightly shocked. He didn't ask why Heller had this book. At this moment, his mind had been filled with the expression of the most powerful and prosperous worldwide religion, "Is it okay for me to expose the contents of this book to the public?"

    "No problem. In the age when this book became popular, people didn't pursue the power of fighting strength, but the sublimation of souls and the fulfillment of the spiritual world. This is completely different than the pursuit in this age. In this age, fighting strength is the pursuit. However, the contents of this book just cater to people's pursuit for spiritual truth."

    After hearing this explanation, Zhang Tie became reassured, "It's okay as long as they don't threaten my life or do bad things with the contents. But why is Heller so passionate this time?"

    After thinking about this question for a couple of seconds, Zhang Tie decided to solve the current dilemma first...

    The contents of the "Immortal Book" flew across Zhang Tie's mind while the solemn expression reappeared on Zhang Tie's face.

    "Do you know what is truth?"

    Zhang Tie's question shocked everyone else. "What is truth?" nobody had thought about this question before...

    However, Zhang Tie didn't need their answers at all; instead, he started his preach...

    "Truth is not classified by size, difficulty or immortality. All the truths contain the same meaning--perfect love!"

    After hearing this explanation, everyone was stunned once again.

    "Truth itself is not the key. The key lies in its source, which is the original point of all lights and sacred things. The value of truth is immeasurable..."

    "Truth is the manifestation of love. The real truth lies in the love. All those originate from love is truth; whereas, all the sacred things and miracles that you see are the most real expressions of truth..."

    "Each one is entitled to have holiness; whereas, before having the holiness, one has to purify himself or herself; otherwise, the holiness would hide itself..."

    "All the truth imply lives. The connection between truth and life is redemption. It's redemption when rich people helps poor ones, when powerful ones protects weaker ones, when those on the riverside pulls out the ones who were almost drown and when smart guys teaches silly ones to identify righteousness..."

    After hearing Zhang Tie's sincere words, the tens of thousands of people became quiet once again...


    Maxim had been too thrilled that he started quivering all over because of a sacred sense of mission. He noted down each of Zhang Tie's words by quivering hands...


    From today on, Zhang Tie had one more job--to preach after implementing the God's will every day!

    After Zhang Tie's preach, the working efficiency increased again. What made Zhang Tie amazed was that even Gangula had rolled up his sleeves and moved stones on the third day since his preach.

    Additionally, Zhang Tie found a side effect after the preach, namely nobody dared to see his eyes, including Sabrina, O'Laura and Setton; instead, they all lowered their eyes piously.


    Although being blocked by the huge stones, they could still contact with the outside by remote sensing crystal.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness was boiling when he was trapped here.

    On October 8th, ten thousands of xiphodon cavalries of the huge bear tribe flashed across the Costari Plain in the central part of the Ice and Snow Wilderness and headed towards south...causing an earthquake in the Ice and Snow Wilderness...
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