Chapter 476: My Lord is Returning!

    Chapter 476: My Lord is Returning!

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    Three days later, on the evening of November 5th, when everybody ran out of food, tens of thousands of soldiers of the allied forces and pioneers finally returned to the ground and saw the bright stars above Ice and Snow Wilderness after being trapped for 1 month.

    As they've stayed in the underground for too long, many people had adapted to the dark environment. Zhang Tie especially chose this period for them to return to the ground because If they came out in the daytime, many of them would be blinded at the sight of the dazzling sunlight; but there should be no problem if they came back in the evening.

    After breathing the fresh air above Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie finally became relaxed after being nervous for about a month. It was like a dream for him to bring so many people back alive. Even though Zhang Tie was not a narcissist but he also had mixed feelings at this moment.

    "I made it, my brothers!" Zhang Tie muttered with inner feelings as he was fully moved.

    When the first wisp of night wind blew over, Zhang Tie's eye corners turned a bit wet. It was because of pleasure, excitement and a bit pride. Even if he had disguised as the God, he successfully brought most of the figures out. For Zhang Tie, it was the most meaningful thing that he had done ever since he was born. "If dad and mom knew this, they would be proud of me for sure..."

    It was uneasy, precisely, it was impossible for anyone else except him.

    Even in the three days of travel back onto the ground, it was still not smooth as the contradiction between the tens of thousands of warriors of the huge bear tribe and those who were trapped inside had broken out since the beginning.

    The contradiction between the two parties was caused by the 7 stone vats. Although they were valueless vats in Zhang Tie's eyes, they led to the conflict between those warriors of the huge bear tribe and those being trapped underground.

    Although they were common in Zhang Tie's eyes, the huge vats were much more valuable than gold in other's eyes. Because they witnessed the God's will, they possessed special meanings as sacred objects.

    The warriors of the huge bear tribe wanted to take away the huge vats; however, those pious followers of Zhang Tie stood out as they didn't allow the warriors of the huge bear tribe to move them. For the belonging right of the stone vats, they even drew out their weapons, making the atmosphere very tense.

    For those warriors of the huge bear tribe, all the honors created by their Lord should return with their Lord. By contrast, for those people who had been fobbed off by Zhang Tie in the underground for almost one month, nobody could take away the redemption gifted by Peter.

    Not until then did Zhang Tie fully understand what Donder said, "The thing which has been confirmed by the public is the fact!"

    When the public thought the stone vats were unusual, the stone vats were unusual.

    In human history, this thing being related to God's will and belief always had unmeasurable, great values. Numerous legends, wars and plots were caused by these special things. Numerous powers were created or vanished because of them.

    The cup that Jesus used at the last supper became a sacred cup. It was said that the sacred cup could make people eternal!

    The wooden cross which Jesus was nailed on became the sacred object of the Christianity. It was workshipped by numerous followers as the true cross.

    A common centurion stabbed that common lance into Jesus's body. Being sprayed with Jesus' fresh blood, it became the famous lance of Longinus. Finally, this lance became the God's object and was used by the Roman empire to show off his power and meritorious deeds.

    A common cup, a wooden cross and an iron lance became the most sacred objects because they were related to someone. Whether an object was sacred or valuable was not determined by its own value but what it had experienced and people it had met.

    What Zhang Tie manifested was undoubtedly the most sacred in eyes of these people. Similarly, the above three special objects being related to God's wills could not be measured by money at all.

    The cup that Jesus used became a sacred object, the toilet bowl that an emperor once used became a cultural relic. Then what the object that the God used would become?

    Everybody knew it. Also because of this, when Zhang Tie decided to leave the underground space, the value of those sacred objects became outstanding at once.

    At this moment, of course Zhang Tie would not disappoint his pious followers. Therefore, Zhang Tie ordered his followers to carry out the 7 huge stone vats.

    The warriors of the huge bear tribe followed Zhang Tie's order immediately. However, everyone fixed their eyes on the sacred kettle which O'Laura was holding tightly.

    As each stone vat weighed tons, it was very difficult to carry them out. In the course of transportation, all the warriors exerted their full efforts. As long as they could touch the vats, they would feel honorable.

    One day before they arrived at the ground, when they rested in the evening, Zhang Tie manifested the God's will for the last time in the underground space by filling the 7 vats.

    This time, ten thousands of warriors dispatched by the huge bear tribe to rescue them also witnessed the God's will...along with many rescuers from other tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness...and tens of thousands of people dispatched by Golden Roc Bank from Eschyle City...

    The total population exceeded 100,000.

    Zhang Tie accomplished this rite in the most attractive place of the underground space. At the sight of the God's will for the first time, many people became so thrilled, especially the warriors of the huge bear tribe, all of them knelt down.

    "Here's our Lord, here's our Lord..."

    Each warrior of the huge bear tribe shouted loudly inside. After waiting for hundreds of years, they finally welcomed their Lord. Who else was more qualified to be their Lord than a man who could manifest the God's will. The entire huge bear tribe would be honorable about this person! This Lord was gifted by the God.

    "We will leave out of here tomorrow. Therefore, this is the last manifestation of God's will..." Zhang Tie's voice resonated clearly in the huge karst cave as he glanced at those silent people with a solemn look at a high risk of being seen through.

    Everyone became silent and shocked. Zhang Tie was satisfied with this effect very much. He found that was the difference between the big figures and humble ones. When big figures made the decisions, they didn't have to explain anything; especially at his position, nobody dared to doubt him.

    However, Zhang Tie still made an explanation to them, which also became pretty sacred.

    "If one's belief has to be induced by God's will and wonders, one must have entered the wrong way and misunderstood the truth and the meaning of being sacred!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's explanation, everyone felt relieved. They then regarded Zhang Tie with more reverence and felt lucky. Especially those who survived the relics, the bitterness and despair that they had experienced in the relics was really trivial than what they had obtained and witnessed.

    Of course, the so-called God's will was precious and shocking because of rarity.

    In the next 2 hours, Zhang Tie preached once again. He kept talking until he finished the rest of the "Immortal Book". Finally he drew a full stop to his status as a damn father.

    Those who listened to the contents of the "Immortal Book" dropped tears one after another. They felt like they had heard the immortal truth and saw the true light.

    The moment Zhang Tie's preach ended, numerous people had swarmed forward. Zhang Tie then dipped the water in the vats using his fingers and flicked it over those people with a faint smile, which also indicated that he was bidding a farewell to the one-month period as a damn father...

    Over one night, Zhang Tie's deeds and words in the relics had been spread to everyone.

    Under the gaze of everyone, he let pure water flow out of the sacred kettle...

    He even healed many slightly and heavily wounded people by just putting his hand on the chest of the patient or wounded people. Each one who was cured by Zhang Tie on the battle field could witness that...

    His blessing was also priceless. Under the baptism and blessing of Peter, Roslav and Waajid even completed their LV 2 sublimation...

    And that sacred totem, like the new-born sun, the bloody and fiery curtain which could brighten the dark...

    He even spread the immortal light and truth to everyone...

    Finally, he led tens of thousands of people out of the dilemma and granted everybody with a new life...

    When others spread his meritorious deeds, over one night, Zhang Tie also became completely relaxed like having relieved his heavy burden.

    The three-days travel felt like a triumphant return.

    Zhang Tie finally led everybody out of there.

    Under the starlight all over the sky, Zhang Tie faced a borderless, silent jungle of square formations composed of blades and spears which stood as firm as stones. The gloomy armors reflected the pale blue moonlight.

    Some seniors with white beards were standing in front of the formations. The one in the middle of them was especially eye-catching as he was wearing a snowwhite sacrificial robe while the faint light over him was slighting expanding and shrinking. Standing there, he felt like breathing the starlight over the sky.

    With a sound "boom", the whole earth quaked while the borderless steel and iron jungle knelt down with one knee before roaring.

    "My Lord is returning!"


    "My Lord is returning!"


    "My Lord is returning!"

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