Chapter 477: Doubts!

    Chapter 477: Doubts!

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    Zhang Tie and some white-beard seniors stared at each other for about 2 minutes in the spacious main tent. None of them spoke a word.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt being an eccentric item as those seniors eyes made Zhang Tie feel being naked like how mercury penetrated in the marrow.

    A couple of minutes ago, Zhang Tie's heart pounded heavily as he was shocked by what he saw. However, he had already recovered his composure now. Additionally, after leading his men out of there, Zhang Tie felt having completed his mission. He didn't need to disguise as the God anymore. He could be himself once again. Therefore, he was relaxed all over.

    After over 1 month, 5 more leakless fruits had become ripe on the small tree. Zhang Tie could advance to LV 8 at any time. Plus the 9 huge wolf seven-strength fruits which had not been eaten, Zhang Tie felt that his target in Ice and Snow Wilderness had almost been reached. At this moment, he thought he could directly change his look and leave.

    Thinking of this, Zhang Tie recovered his composure. In the past three days, he realized that the prophecy of the pontiff Elzida of Ice and Snow Wilderness indeed existed. Many people knew about it. According to the prophecy of Elzida, a great Lord would appear, who would rule all the tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness and establish a country. After that, he would lead all the Slavs towards a great rejuvenation. Although the prophecy was true, Zhang Tie would never believe that he was that Lord in the Prophecy which had been spread for hundreds of years.

    This was too ridiculous, just like someone suddenly foisted a lottery in his hand on the street and could not wait to tell him that he hit 5 million gold coins. That must be a plot.

    Staring at these seniors, Zhang Tie slowly sorted out his thoughts. "These seniors must have realized my value after knowing that I manifested the God's will in the underground space. Therefore they want to push me to the throne of the king of their own tribe. After that, they could threaten me to rule the other tribes and make me their puppet."

    This was also feasible for Zhang Tie. "Like doing a business, as long as it was advantageous to both sides, and these seniors could afford me, I don't mind being a puppet."

    Zhang Tie admitted that the huge bear tribe was very rich. His ambition was also stimulated by those strong warriors. Zhang Tie realized that he could use the relationship between him and the most powerful tribe here.

    Zhang Tie thought that he had found the truth; therefore, he slowly revealed a sneer. Arms crossed, Zhang Tie directly leaned against the back of the chair. Meanwhile he put his feet on the table arrogantly.

    Zhang Tie imagined that if he had a cigar in his hand while O'Laura and Sabrina were standing behind him in a hot low-chest butt-tightening skirt, and one of them was peeling off a grape for him while another one was pinching his shoulders. That would be perfect! At least he would not be beaten by these seniors on Qi field. Pitifully, besides him and these seniors, nobody else was involved.

    These old guys were damn fathers. Therefore, it wouldn't work by disguising as a damn father anymore. Neither would Zhang Tie like to disguise anymore.

    "Honestly, what do you want me to do? What is your condition? As we're all smart, don't waste time any more. As I've been moved by that scene for a couple of seconds, I can coordinate with you to put on a play. It's okay even to be your puppet as long as you can afford my demands. Additionally, there's one point that I have to tell you--I have my principle; if you want to cooperate with me, don't expect me to do those evil things together with you!"

    Except for senior Sarlin, the eyebrows of the other two seniors on Sarlin's sides jumped as they turned around and stared at Sarlin.

    Zhang Tie's ruthlessness didn't let senior Sarlin frown, instead, he revealed a wisp of satisfactory smile.

    "We want you to be the clan elder and leader of the huge bear tribe, and we cannot give you any conditions!" senior Sarlin said with a slight smile.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie was enraged. He instantly sat up straight and patted on the table, causing a "bang!" in the tent. He glared at these seniors, "No way. You want me to follow your order without payment. What a nice plan!"

    "Not because we cannot satisfy your demands. As all of our things belong to the huge bear tribe. After becoming the clan elder and leader of the huge bear tribe, you will have the entire tribe. You have the right to dispose anything, including all the materials and warriors. We cannot trade with you using your belongings!"

    Zhang Tie was dumbfounded as he had never imagined that pontiff Sarlin would answer him in this way.

    "You mean the entire tribe belongs to me?"


    "I can casually dispose the properties of the tribe, even use up all the savings of the tribe?"

    "Yes, as long as you will, you can dispose all the wealth of the tribe. If you're happy, you can even throw all the gold coins of the tribe into the ocean!" Pontiff Sarlin replied as calmly as before.

    "Can all the warriors of the tribe follow my order?"

    "Yes, it's their mission and honor to implement your will!"

    "Even let them die?"

    "If you want them to die, death would be the paramount honor for them. Each warrior in Ice and Snow Wilderness would like to die for their Lord!"

    Zhang Tie revealed a sneer, "Fine, I agree to be your clan elder. I deliver an order right now. All the warriors prepare well for attacking the Eschyle City!"

    After a deep glance at Zhang Tie, Pontiff Sarlin directly turned around and told another elder on his side calmly, "Toles, go summon all the military officials!"

    After taking a deep breath, the elder stood up at once. Without saying anything, he strode outside the tent.

    "As the only city in Ice and Snow Wilderness founded by the iron bear tribe. This city represents the iron bear tribe. We, the huge bear tribe has sophisticated relations with all the other bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness. If the huge bear tribe wants to fight another bear tribe, nobody could deliver such an order, except you. Therefore, we will summon all the military officials outside. You will deliver the order to them by yourself!" Pontiff Sarlin explained it to Zhang Tie calmly.

    Hearing this explanation, Zhang Tie put back his feet from the table. He sat straight and stared at pontiff Sarlin's face with narrowed eyes, wanting to see whether this old guy is telling a lie or not.

    Pontiff Sarlin also stared at Zhang Tie calmly. They just stared at each other silently like the tranquil nightscene.

    "He's a liar, this old guy must be lying to me." Zhang Tie muttered inside, "He thinks that I will stop Toles if he said this. After that, I will believe in their next lies. Humph, humph, no way. I will see how the play goes on."

    Zhang Tie thought those old guys were cheating him with a lot of reasons. Being slightly unexpected, Pontiff Sarlin directly order Toles to summon those military officials outside. Although such a trick could frighten average people, it didn't work in front of Zhang Tie.

    Toles directly strode out of the main tent without any hesitation. Even when he reached at the entrance of the tent, he didn't glance at Peter at all.

    Only after over 10 seconds, the fevered drums sounded outside the tent.

    "All the military officials will arrive soon. Please take the main seat, clan elder!" Pontiff Sarlin stood up as he made a gesture to invite Zhang Tie. The main seat was about 1 m in width while the main table was covered with a snoe such a good thing fall on me? That's impossible! But if the old guys lied to me, it's unnecessary for them to do this. That would be a great loss. Liars would never do that."

    When Zhang Tie doubted about that, all the military officials of huge bear tribe entered in armors while raising their heads, weapons over their waists...
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