Chapter 478: The Key Box

    Chapter 478: The Key Box

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    The huge bear tribe dispatched 100,000 people southwards. All of them were elite xiphodon cavalries. This population was equal to that of an elite corps. Zhang Tie knew that most of the tribes and forces in Ice and Snow Wilderness could not resist such a great power except for the bear tribes.

    Over 20 military officials were qualified to enter the main tent, which included Aukin whom Zhang Tie picked up in the relics two days ago.

    Aukin was a battalion commander, who ruled an armed force which guarded the sacred place of the huge bear tribe on Mount Elzida. The name of the armed force was "bear-killing camp". All the fighters of bear-killing camp were above LV 6. Across the Ice and Snow Wilderness, no tribe was able to establish a bear-killing camp of ten thousands of people except for the huge bear tribe.

    The bear-killing camp was the main force that huge bear tribe dispatched to welcome Zhang Tie back in the deep underground space. They also witnessed the last manifestation of God's will in the underground. Although coming from bear-killing camp and were both LV 10 strong fighters, Roslav and Waajid were just Qi leaders. Therefore, they were not qualified to attend such a high-level conference.

    The military establishments of the tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness were different than that Zhang Tie had touched. The minimal military unit in the tribes was wu(), who led 4 soldiers; 2 wus formed 1 shi(); 5 shis formed a team; 2 teams included 100 soldiers, the head of which was centurion; 500 soldiers formed 1 qi(); 2 qis included 1000 soldiers, the head of which was chiliarch; 3000 soldiers formed a feng(); 10000 soldiers formed a battalion; 3 battalions formed a regiment; 10,0000 soldiers formed an army.

    Briefly, the military ranks in the troops of the tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness were as follows: wu leader, shi leader, team leader, centurion; qi leader, chiliarch, feng leader, battalion commander, regimental commander and army commander. There was no army group of hundreds of thousands of soldiers in Ice and Snow Wilderness at all. Only the clan elder of the tribe was qualified to manage so many soldiers, if possible.

    Such military establishments were closely related to the ranks of the tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Tribes were divided into rat tribe, eagle tribe, wolf tribe, leopard tribe, fox tribe and bear tribe. For example, a grey eagle tribe only had about 1000 regular soldiers. The rank of the head of a grey eagle tribe was equivalent to feng leader in Ice and Snow Wilderness, which was only a bit higher than chiliarch. O'Laura was a chiliarch in Ice and Snow Wilderness on the premise that she could completely take over the power of grey eagle tribe.

    Ice and Snow Wilderness was also strictly hierarchical. Although being not as abnormal as Norman Empire, hierarchical barriers could also be seen everywhere here.

    Take this moment as an example. The first batch of people who were qualified to enter the main tent were battalion commanders, whose personal power was at least fighting master or great fighting master. The moment they poured in, their powerful Qi field made Zhang Tie stressed, especially those leaders ahead of them. Although their Qi were not as powerful as that of knights that Zhang Tie had met but they could also cause a strong stress. If not being much more powerful than common LV 7 fighters and his great spiritual energy, Zhang Tie could not even sit firmly under the gaze and stress of so many people.

    Sitting straight on the broad hide chair, Zhang Tie put his hands on his knees while glancing at those leaders one after another.

    Previously, these leaders were told that Zhang Tie had some considerations about returning to the huge bear tribe and needed to negotiate with two elders and pontiff Sarlin. However, after entering the main tent, these leaders found that Zhang Tie had already sat on the main seat of the ruler of the tribe. Therefore, they all thought that Zhang Tie already admitted his new status as they all revealed an ecstatic and exciting expression.

    After entering the tent, all the leaders showed their respect to Zhang Tie by raising their right hands and punching on their left chest armors.

    "Clan elder!" over 20 people shouted in gruff voice in unison. This voice not only resonated in the tent, but also drifted outside of the tent. After that, Zhang Tie heard constant yells from soldiers outside the tent. Remarkably, after hearing "clan elder!", those soldiers outside the tent knew Zhang Tie's stance; therefore, they started to cheer up.

    Hearing the exciting and pleasant expressions on the faces of these leaders and the words "clan elder!", which arose louder yells, Zhang Tie knew that it could never be an illusion or trap made by Pontiff Sarlin; instead, it indicated that these leaders and soldiers accepted this prophecy, namely Zhang Tie himself.

    "In this case, if someone would still use me to order the other lords, they would have trouble for sure."

    "Clan elder has military order to deliver!" Toles stood up and said with no facial expression.

    Soon after Toles' words, all the 20-odd military officials changed their faces. Chest raising, they all stared at Zhang Tie with gleaming eyes.

    Zhang Tie glanced at Pontiff Sarlin, who still looked calm.

    At this moment, numerous thoughts flashed across Zhang Tie's mind. Finally, all the thoughts converged into an icy and calm decision,

    "Set out for Eschyle City tomorrow!"

    Zhang Tie stared at those military officials in front of him. After hearing this order, some of them were surprised, some were confused while some were so excited that they even quivered all over with gleaming eyes. Zhang Tie knew that his decision was a bit ludicrous; therefore, he could understood why some were surprised or confused; however, he could not understand why some were excited.

    Zhang Tie thought that some military officials would definitely inquire about the reason; at least, Pontiff Sarlin should inquire about it. However, nobody asked. After showing their respect to Zhang Tie by punching their chests once again, all the military officials of the huge bear tribe left the main tent.

    Zhang Tie and three elders were left alone in the main tent. After delivering that order casually, Zhang Tie noticed that the other two elders looked stiff.

    After half a minute, Zhang Tie heard a distant and rich mort outside the tent. In only a couple of seconds, the yells of soldiers ceased.

    "That's the sleep mort. As we're going to fight tomorrow, our soldiers have to sleep and rest as soon as possible so that they could keep their energy for the battle!" Pontiff Sarlin explained.

    "What if I was kidding?" Zhang Tie smiled which almost caused a heart attack to good-hearted people.

    "I've told you that the entire huge bear tribe belongs to you. You have the right to make fun!"

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter's, "If you have some trump card, just show it; you will have time to regret. The longer you wait, the higher the cost of regret would be!"

    "I indeed have one item for you. Gouras, take out the item left by great Pontiff Elzida!"


    Two minutes later, an aged odd-looking, heavy bronze metal box was placed in front of Zhang Tie. The elder called Gouras put it onto the table in front of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie found it was a strange key box. Seven metal gears were put at the opening of the box. Each metal gear was respectively marked with traditional Chinese characters ", , ,, , , , , , ", which means "0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9".

    The three gears on the most left side represented the very year of black iron calendar. The two gears in the middle indicated the very month while the rest two gears meant the very day.

    "What's this?"

    "Great Pontiff Elzida left that prophecy together with this box. He expressed to leave this box to the one in the prophecy. Only the very person could open this box. The code of this box is that person's birthday of black iron calendar."

    "You mean your great Pontiff Elzida left this box to me?" Zhang Tie asked with an unbelievable look. Zhang Tie's feeling was like how those crazy followers witnessed his manifestation of God's will.

    "Right. This key box is specially designed. It only allowed us to try three times. If you mistook the codes for three times, the device inside the metal box would destroy this box together with the item inside. Because of this reason, none of pontiffs in the history of the huge bear tribe dared to open this box. In fact, nobody touched this box at all!" Pontiff Sarlin explained in a solemn manner.

    "What's inside?"

    "No one knows!"

    After hearing this answer, Zhang Tie doubted, "Are these three elders finding excuse for themselves. If I mistook the code for three times, they would have an excuse to declare that I'm not that very person in the prophecy. After that, they could kick me away. Otherwise, this box should be opened by any code. However, something dangerous could be hidden inside..."

    "What a naive trick..."

    With a smile, Zhang Tie pulled over the box and casually rotated the seven gears. He input a date which was different from his birthday before pressing down the metal handle of the box. Although with a click, the box didn't move. However, the seven gears started to rotate rapidly and finally returned to "0".

    Zhang Tie input another wrong date on purpose. With another click, the box still didn't move while the seven gears returned to "0" again.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie found Pontiff Sarlin changed his face while Gouras and Toles became tense.

    Zhang Tie shrugged with a shameless smile, "Hehe, don't worry, I input the wrong dates on purpose. I just wanted to see whether this box could be opened by wrong dates. The fact is you are not lying to me!"

    After hearing this faint statement, Gouras and Toles instantly glared at Zhang Tie.

    Almost in a split second, Zhang Tie felt being pressed by two mountains. He was almost forced to kneel down.

    "Knights, f*ck" Zhang Tie swore inside. Although the two old guys' Qi field and stress was not as frightening as that of the elder of Huaiyuan Palace, they were undoubtedly very overwhelming.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that the two old guys were knights. He gritted his teeth while sweat flew off his forehead...

    "One more time, the correct one is enough!!" Pontiff Sarlin's voice sounded while the two huge mountains instantly disappeared.

    After forcefully swallowing his saliva, Zhang Tie mopped the sweat on his forehead. Even though he could not read people's heart, from the expression in the eyes of Gouras and Toles, Zhang Tie had already known what they were thinking about--how come such a r*scal and b*stard manifested the God's will underground? How come he is the Lord of huge bear tribe?

    Under the glare of Gouras and Toles, Zhang Tie adjusted the gears for the third time. This time, he input his own birthday--8730326, namely March 26th, 873th year of Black Iron Calendar.

    After inputting this date, Zhang Tie gritted his teeth as he pressed down the metal handle...

    This time, the seven metal gears didn't rotate any more.

    After rustles and slightly jarring frictions between the machine and metal, the metal key box slightly opened like a blossom...

    The furious expression in the eyes of Gouras and Toles finally disappeared; instead, they watched the metal box opening one layer after another like blossoming in complicated looks. After bowing towards Zhang Tie, Gouras, Toles and Pontiff Sarlin left the main tent before the box fully opened.

    As the item in the box was left to the very person by Pontiff Elzida, according to the will of the great prophet, only the one who opened it could see it.

    The moment Zhang Tie caught sight of that item in the box, he was stunned...
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