Chapter 479: A Letter from Great Prophet

    Chapter 479: A Letter from Great Prophet

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    The three elders of huge bear tribe waited outside the tent...

    At this moment, the camp of 100,000 soldiers was like a sleeping monster. However, it was still boisterous in the relics canyon which was a bit farther away. The huge bonfire rose high and reflected the sky, while tens of thousands of people were singing and dancing around the bonfires to celebrate their rebirth.

    Seven huge stone vats were standing in the middle of those people. At this moment, the vats had become their sacred objects with numerous people praying around them. More and more people were crowding around the vats. They wanted to touch the sacred objects that had witnessed God's will.

    Another group of people were sitting on the edge of the camp of the huge bear tribe. They didn't go to sleep after hearing the sleep mort, unlike the soldiers of huge bear tribe. Neither did they celebrate like the people in the relics canyon. They were just sitting outside of the cordon of the camp silently, watching the main tent from over there.

    They had followed Peter here when Peter was welcomed by the soldiers of huge bear tribe. Nobody had asked them to come. After being stopped by the soldiers of huge bear tribe, they just sat silently like sculptures outside the camp, with legs crossed and eyes fixed in the direction where Peter had disappeared.

    The group of people included soldiers from other tribes, pioneers and other various people. They would never have gathered together in the past. However, they converged now like water. Although it was silent, a great, invisible power was gradually surging.

    The three elders slowly moved their eyes from the relics canyon to this group of people. They gazed at those people for a long time.

    "I feel a great power, which is even more powerful and stable than that of dare-to-die corps!" Toles sighed, "If something happened to the person in the tent, these people would launch an attack towards the camp immediately. Even though they cannot defeat the 100,000 elite soldiers of our tribe, they would still attack us at any cost. None of them would retreat until the last one's blood had ran dry. If we had to clean up such a group of people, even though we outnumber them and our individual troops' fighting strength is higher than that of theirs, we would have to pay at least the same price as them!"

    "This is the power of belief. That person is God in their eyes!" Pontiff Sarlin said.

    "Honestly, numerous people have already witnessed that man's manifestation of the God's will. I still find it hard to believe that he turned a common tin kettle into an inexhaustible sweet spring!" Elder Gouras shook his head, "If it were true, I should have taken a look down there myself!"

    "Are you sure that you won't act like those people after seeing it?" Elder Toles pointed at the batch of people who were still waiting there silently.

    "I don't know. Perhaps I will see through the trick. Perhaps, I might also be trapped. In this world, even the most mysterious alchemy follows its own natural rules which can never be overridden. Even 3-in-1 strength, the most powerful legendary strength, comes from the accumulation, improvement and enlightenment of knights after long-term cultivation. But this completely violates natural rules. Unbelievable!" Elder Gouras said in a solemn manner.

    "With rules we can achieve great power, but we should also show awe and humility towards unknowns. We should know that we're trivial!" Pontiff Sarlin said while his eyes were as profound as the stars all over the sky. "Since ancient times, nothing could be more eternal and greater than these stars. I have a premonition that what we see today might have an unimaginable influence in the future. Perhaps, in future, when people talk about what happened today, the trivial person in our eyes now will seem brilliant. However, we will be his humble subordinates..."

    After hearing Elder Sarlin's words, Gouras and Toles drew in a cold breath at the same time. Gouras and Toles both knew what this premonition from Elder Sarlin indicated, as he could understand the rules of time and space. As if they seemingly understood something, they then threw their eyes once again towards those who were celebrating around the bonfires in the relics canyon with their hands touching the vats, and that group of people who were sitting silently outside the military camp.

    After thinking for a short while, Elder Toles asked Sarlin, "Are we really attacking Eschyle City tomorrow? If we fight the iron bear tribe, the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness will topple over. Additionally, a big problem would arise. Although our tribe is powerful, we're not able to unify the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness using force."

    "Are we smarter than our great prophet Pontiff?" Elder Sarlin asked.

    Gouras and Toles both shook their heads.

    "Can we see farther than our great prophet?" Sarlin continued.

    Gouras and Toles shook their heads once again.

    "Do you think that our great prophet betrayed Slavs?"

    Gouras and Toles shook their heads forcefully. They would never doubt the great prophet's affection and responsibility towards Slavs. If not for the great prophet Elzida, all the Slavs would have been reduced to dust and demon's food in history.

    "If so, let's believe in and follow the decision of our great prophet, who's more intelligent and more concerned about the fate of the Slavs!" Elder Sarlin set the tone, "If that person from the prophecy of our great prophet does what is within our expectations, he would be nothing different than us. If so, how do you expect him to do what we cannot do?"

    "Pontiff Sarlin, before he opened the box were you also unsure about whether he was the right person?" Gouras asked.

    "As the maze being interwoven with time and space is too mysterious, what I see and confirm are not always definitely true. For the lives and futures of the 100,000 soldiers of huge bear tribe, I have to stay modest and sensible. But at this time, I feel we have no reason to doubt at all."

    "What on earth is in the box?" Elder Toles finally asked.

    "Honestly, I don't know. The great prophet didn't want us to see it, so how could anyone know?" Pontiff Sarlin said in a sad mood.


    When the three elders were pondering about the item in the box, Zhang Tie became stunned about the item inside the box.

    Inside the box was no top secret item, no magic weapon, not even some valuable jewelry. It was only a piece of paper. That's right, it was a tidy piece of parchment on a black piece of flannelette with words on it. It seemed to be a letter.

    After gazing at it for a short while, Zhang Tie picked up that piece of parchment, spread it and started to read the words on it. Although the piece of parchment had changed in color, its words were still very clear.

    After glancing at just the first line of words, Zhang Tie almost sprung up. It was written tidily in Chinese. But what made Zhang Tie amazed was not that the great prophet could write beautiful Chinese characters, but the contents of that first line.

    --Hello, Zhang Tie. Perhaps, I should call you Peter Hamplester. I'm Elzida.

    After reading the first line, it was like Zhang Tie had been struck by a lightning bolt. In a split second, he felt goosebumps all over him as his face changed.

    The key box might be a very delicate trick. However, this letter was definitely not a trick. Because even Zhang Tie's parents and his friends in Hidden Dragon Island didn't know about his whereabouts, not to mention that he had changed his appearance. Therefore, this letter was real. It had really been written by Elzida, the great prophet.

    After being confused for about two minutes, Zhang Tie recovered his composure. He then continued to read the letter, full of awe.

    --Don't be amazed about how I know you. When you are able to see through time and space, you will also know what will happen in the future, like me.

    --Don't admire me as my road is very difficult and lonely, which doesn't fit you. When you read this letter humans won't need spectators, like me, who can see through time and space. What they'll need are brave warriors, who can embark on a blood-filled pathway with sabers and swords for the survival of the human race!
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