Chapter 480: The Contents of the Letter

    Chapter 480: The Contents of the Letter

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    "The third holy war between humans and demons will be far more miserable than that of the former two holy wars. I know you must want to know about the result of the third holy war and whether humans win the war or not. I can only tell you that, in the long course of history, I've seen too many variations of the future. None of them is fixed. The power of the demons and humans involved in this holy war has gone beyond that which I could predict."

    "To a certain degree, I'm a spectator on the riverside of history. In other words, I'm just an ant on a huge tree. Compared to the ants walking on the ground, I can see farther than them, because I'm in a three-dimensional world and they are in a two-dimensional world!"

    "However some humans and demons are like birds that can fly into the air from the top of a tree. Just as ants on the ground cannot imagine the world in the eyes of an ant on the tree, the ant on the tree also cannot imagine the world in the eyes of the birds. Neither can they predict where the birds are headed for, because birds are in an even more complex world of time and space!"

    "You're that bird. Perhaps you can grow into an eagle. When you read this letter, you'll still be climbing on the ground, not having any concept of the sky. However, you will finally grow into a bird. Because you have a great power that is much more powerful than that of many other birds, even if you are on the ground, I still cannot clearly see your road ahead."

    "Don't worry, I could not see too many of your secrets. I could only identify your two faces and your names in different situations, as your secrets are covered by a great power. There are so many unknowns and awesome things in the universe. Sometimes we have to admit that we're small and ignorant. It's your great power that reminds me of my own smallness and ignorance."

    "Therefore, compared to your curiosity, I care more about the fate of the Slavs in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Because I'm also a part of the Slavs, all of my friends and relatives and those who love me are continuing their bloodlines and finding other ways to live."

    "If I were a commoner and could only be responsible for my own fate, I would choose to accept everything as arranged by fate. However, when I climb up the tree and see the fate of those Slavs on the ground, I start to feel a heavy burden on me. I want to do something for these people who share the same bloodline as me. When I see a flood in front of their path, I want to lead them to a relatively safer place!"

    "Of course, this is not enough. When the third holy war arrives, no place is going to be safe in this world. Not even in remote places, where it's far away from the Eastern Continent. Therefore, I left my prophecy to them and let them wait for your arrival in the most pious manner!"

    "Please forgive me for my selfishness as an old Slav. I'm sorry for signing this contract with you without your consent. However, I have to do this. Because in the future that I see all the hundreds of millions of Slavs wail and die, which makes me sleepless, sorrowful and despaired. Only a great power, which I cannot touch and see, could prevent this from happening. Only by being influenced and covered by that power can the destinies of all the Slavs in the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness be changed!"

    "You have that power!"

    "I know that you will come to Ice and Snow Wilderness sooner or later."

    "Therefore, I leave the prophecy and choose an unknown road for all the Slavs. Compared to the cruelty that I could see, an unknown road is my best reward and the last hope for Slavs to survive on!"

    "When you read this letter, the Slavs in Ice and Snow Wilderness will have already split up into different tribes. After hundreds of years, although the Slavs in Ice and Snow Wilderness still respect me, more and more Slavs will have started to put their own demands and interests in front of my prophecy. Whereas, no matter what, the warriors of huge bear tribe and the priests in the hieron will follow my orders and carry forward my spirit until you arrive."

    "The entire Ice and Snow Wilderness is my gift to you. Since you've opened that box, all the warriors of huge bear tribe and all the priests in the hieron will firmly believe in you, follow you, advocate for you and be loyal to you. They will be your greatest assistance and help you ascend to the throne, even the altar!"

    "Promise me that you won't abandon the Slavs who will be loyal to you forever from today. Do not leave huge bear tribe. Please keep them hopeful. I beg this of you. If you have to leave Ice and Snow Wilderness one day, please keep more Slavs alive and sustain this human race. I know you have the ability to create such a wonder, as I've seen it!"

    "Your promise would comfort me most!"

    "--July 21, 617th year of Black Iron Calendar"

    After reading this letter, Zhang Tie blanked out on the chair. He was completely confused by this letter. Although Zhang Tie knew that the great power mentioned in the letter was Castle of Black Iron and that small tree, he really didn't know what else in him could awe Elzida.

    'Elzida actually choose Castle of Black Iron, not me. If not for Castle of Black Iron, I know that I would still be a teenager struggling for food and survival in Blackhot City, or a trivial person in the Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace. If not for Castle of Black Iron, I wouldn't be qualified to have Elzida' trust at all.'

    Zhang Tie knew the reason clearly, although it hurt his self-esteem.

    Gradually, Zhang Tie felt his hands getting slightly hot. He found the letter was burning itself. Therefore, Zhang Tie hurriedly threw it onto the ground. The piece of parchment then gradually became ashes.

    It seemed that Elzida had already treated the paper with some special method. The moment it was exposed to the air or was touched for a few minutes, it would burn itself. Therefore, besides Zhang Tie, nobody would know of the contents in the letter any more.

    'I've suddenly become the ruler of a tribe.' Zhang Tie still felt like he was in a dream.

    The smallest population of a bear tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness was above ten million. As the most powerful bear tribe, huge bear tribe had more than ten million people for sure.

    'Am I able to take responsibility for the fate of more than ten million people?"

    When this question appeared in Zhang Tie's mind, Zhang Tie instantly felt great stress, and even great fear. However, Zhang Tie slowly recovered his composure.

    'Now that I know the worst case scenario is the elimination of all the Slavs, no matter how I try it can't be worse than that. Therefore, I don't have to worry about that.'

    Zhang Tie felt more relaxed now. He became spirited and intelligent once again...

    But at that moment, Zhang Tie was yet to understand that being relaxed was the most difficult state to be in for him. Once he became relaxed, it meant that he'd become confident about being the ruler of huge bear tribe, and he started to loosen the reins on his rich imagination.

    After eliminating his doubt, Zhang Tie started to imagine the various benefits of having a huge tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness. His eyes gleamed.

    Zhang Tie then called in the three elders.

    The moment they entered, they caught sight of the ashes on the ground and felt Zhang Tie's calmness as he sat on the main seat of the clan elders.

    "Elzida left a letter to me in the box. He explained that prophecy to me. After I read it, it burned itself!" Zhang Tie smiled after seeing them glancing at the ashes.

    'The great prophet Elzida left a letter to this man and explained the prophecy to him?' The three elders became slightly stunned. After that, they became relieved as they let out a sigh.

    "How many supplies has huge bear tribe brought here?" Zhang Tie asked Toles.

    "The supplies are enough for a three month fight outside!" Toles didn't know why Zhang Tie had asked that. He just answered it honestly.

    "I have some followers outside. Distribute one month's worth of supplies to them and tell them I've already become the clan elder of huge bear tribe. If they want to follow me, they can join huge bear tribe. Make each of them carry at least one two-hundred kilogram bloody-grain granite piece to huge bear tribe from the grey valley and wait for me outside!"
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