Chapter 481: The Power in Hand

    Chapter 481: The Power in Hand

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    The manifestation of God's will was really shocking. So, from then on, more and more people started to follow him.

    In this age, the so called 'follower' was a special title, which was more special than the retinue and bodyguard. A retinue and bodyguard could be employed by money. The employees had to follow the master's orders completely within the scope of their duties. Nevertheless, followers were spontaneous. The relationship between them and the one whom they followed was very sophisticated. Sometimes, this relationship was both casual and flexible as the followers could leave at any time. Nobody forced them to do anything. Sometimes, this relationship became very sacred.

    In Hebrew, the relationship between followers and the one being followed evoked many connotations. The simplest relationship between them was like that between fans and their idol. An intermediate relationship could be like that of team leaders and team members. And the strongest relationship between them was close to the strict relationship between masters and apprentices. The followers that suited the third relationship were gathered by the same belief.

    Usually, the relationship between followers and the one being followed could change freely between the above three relationships, and the three types of relationships often coexisted within one group of followers. However, followers who gathered from the same belief were rarely seen as they could almost sacrifice themselves for their belief.

    Zhang Tie's followers fitted the last type. Because of this, Zhang Tie's words had a great amount of influence over these followers.

    On the second day, before the sun rose and the Faerie Dragon star in the eastern sky had disappeared, over ten thousand of Zhang Tie's followers outside the camp of huge bear tribe had already gone.

    Zhang Tie stood outside the camp in a set of thin clothes and stared at the place where the followers had been last night. Meanwhile, he tightly pursed his lips with perseverance.

    Before daybreak the breeze was still a bit cold. Additionally, Zhang Tie's clothes and the hair on his forehead were messy. At this moment, he looked more like a casual neighboring teenager. After getting up he looked in the mirror and found a ring of fine hair around his lips, making him look more mature.

    Although it wasn't daybreak yet, the military camp over the Ice and Snow Wilderness had already woken up. They were preparing for the coming war. 100,000 tents were pitched close to each other and went on for miles like steel chains across the ground. It was like a terrifying war machine.

    A vanguard of 3000 soldiers rushed out from the farthest camp under the gaze of Zhang Tie. Even though they were far away, Zhang Tie could still sense the slight earthquake caused by them.

    This was the strongest maneuvering power in Ice and Snow Wilderness!

    'This is also my power!'

    Until now Zhang Tie still felt like it was an illusion, even when he saw the first batch of cavalrymen leaving the camp like a tide.

    In the Ice and Snow Wilderness very few tribes could establish 100,000 elite cavalrymen, which indicated the real fighting strength and strong background of the huge bear tribe.

    'Can I really hold this power?' Zhang Tie asked himself as he looked at the vanguards gradually disappearing in the distance and the continuous military camp below. Zhang Tie's eyes gradually became penetrating while a flame was jumping in his heart...

    At this moment, Roslav and Waajid came to him.

    These two people had stayed by his side for a long time and they had witnessed how he'd manifested the "God's will" many times underground. They were most loyal to Zhang Tie and worshipped him with a blind and crazy trust. Therefore, Zhang Tie let them be the leaders of the bear-killing camp.

    Zhang Tie remembered when he was chased underground like a dog by a LV 10 strong fighter and he'd almost lost his life. By comparison, he now had two LV 10 strong fighters as his own bodyguards. How amazing it was!

    This was Zhang Tie's first order for adjusting personnel positions and his first time executing the power of clan elder since promising to be the clan elder of huge bear tribe. Roslav and Waajid were naturally dispatched to Zhang Tie's side. This order also made Roslav and Waajid thrilled.

    In Zhang Tie's opinion, as the clan elder he should enjoy the right to make personnel decisions, as well as having the right to control resources and military. At least he felt good being the clan elder yesterday. Zhang Tie had tried these three rights yesterday and found that all of them were effective.

    "My Lord, your clothes and armor are ready!"

    Being addressed this way for the first time in reality, Zhang Tie was filled with mixed emotions. He had not imagined that his narcissistic illusion in Castle of Black Iron two years ago could be a reality.

    Roslav and Waajid brought over the new costume for Zhang Tie. Now that Zhang Tie had become the clan elder of huge bear tribe, his clothes as a pioneer and the warrior's clothes prepared by Sabrina didn't suit him anymore. In Ice and Snow Wilderness, as the clan elder of bear tribe, he had to wear a special costume so as to manifest his authority and position.

    Slavs worshipped the colors red, black and yellow. It was said that the powerful Slav Empire's national flag had had the three colors before the Catastrophe. From then on, the costumes of the most honorable people in Ice and Snow Wilderness had been made with the three colors.

    Red pants the color of brilliant velvet, delicate black edging with golden decorative patterns, a shirt with lining and a high rising collar on a high-necked knight's coat which could cover the back of the head...

    Soon after putting on the clothes came the armor. Zhang Tie was custom fitted with a set of black titanium alloy chained armor. A roaring bear head was on the chest portion of the armor.

    After putting the black armor on him, Roslav and Waajid buckled a golden woolen cloak onto Zhang Tie's shoulders.

    Zhang Tie was relatively handsome within Ice and Snow Wilderness. After putting on this set of armor, he instantly became dignified, noble and brilliant. Even Roslav, Waajid and the other guards' eyes glittered with an admiring look. Thankfully, after one month of experience as a d*mn father underground, he had already become immune to such gazes and expressions. Otherwise, he would have felt conceited.

    "My Lord, nobody fits this costume better than you in Ice and Snow Wilderness!" Roslav said sincerely.

    "I wonder, do elders of other bear tribes wear this?"

    "They pretty much look like this when they are going to lead their troops. If not, they could take off their armor and put on one Slav grand duke robe!"

    Zhang Tie nodded. This suit of armor was truly nice, from its color, pattern, and protective uses to its degree of comfort. Additionally, it matched Zhang Tie's dark tearer gloves very well. If he wore them and joined the battle, nobody would think that they were not part of the matching set.

    "Let's go!" After dressing up Zhang Tie walked out of his tent closely followed by Roslav, Waajid and a team of guards.

    "Which weapon do you want, my Lord?" Waajid asked.

    "The battle hammer that I used in the death game!" Zhang Tie replied. He knew that his biggest advantage at this moment was his great strength, which fit the craziest weapon.

    "That's the bear-killing hammer of wild bear tribe. The battle hammer of huge bear tribe is Thor's hammer, which fits the most powerful and fierce in the tribe. It's even 118 kilograms heavier than bear-killing hammer!"

    "No problem. Go fetch me the Thor's hammer!" Zhang Tie nodded. After death game, he lit another two surging points and further released his potential. Even with over 100 kilograms more to carry, he would not feel that it was heavy at all.

    Waajid nodded as he inclined his head and whispered to one of his guards. After that, the guard left with three people.


    At this time, the army of huge bear tribe had built a temporary drill ground in the wild.

    5000 strong cavalrymen were riding on their xiphodons with long spears and waiting for the arrival of Zhang Tie silently.

    The 5000 cavalrymen occupied an area equivalent to that of over 20,000 average cavalrymen. They were divided into five tidy square formations and were standing straight quietly. Occasionally, the breathing sound of the xiphodons could be heard from under the metal protective armor of their heads, like working the bellows. The xiphodons exhaled hot air through the pores on the protective armor of the nose like furnace steamers. The white steam in the icy air felt pretty powerful.

    These were the most powerful xiphodon cavalrymen in Ice and Snow Wilderness-the "King's Knights Regiment" from huge bear tribe. If the 100,000 cavalrymen of huge bear tribe were the most powerful manoeuvring power in Ice and Snow Wilderness, the 5000 xiphodon cavalries were the most powerful living tanks among the 100,000 cavalries.

    At the sight of the 5000 xiphodon cavalrymen, all the high-ranking government officials and heads of the allied forces who were invited to pay a visit to the military drill, including Gangula, changed their expressions when they recalled the legend about the King's Knights Regiment...

    Salem almost passed out at the sight of the 5000 xiphodons. Grey eagle tribe was not even qualified to have one xiphodon. The wild bear tribe, which was closest to grey eagle tribe, only had hundreds of xiphodons.


    With the expectant public outside, Zhang Tie appeared in his new uniform on the other side of the drill ground with Sarlin, Toles and Gouras.

    Zhang Tie looked completely different to his previous downtrodden appearance. His costume, which could only be worn by around ten people in Ice and Snow Wilderness, was more persuasive than anything else.

    "This team is called King's Knights Regiment because it was established for you, the king. This team will preserve and follow the doctrines and regulations of the great prophet like knights and wait for your arrival..." Elder Sarlin explained the background of this team to Zhang Tie as they walked forward.

    Listening calmly, Zhang Tie felt his heart pounding inside.

    "In the last hundreds of years, positions like regimental commander and clan elder of huge bear tribe were always vacant. All the affairs in the tribe were managed by the seniors. Previously, this knights regiment could only be matched with three deputy regimental commanders at most. In accordance with the great prophet's advice, after you arrived and opened the key box, you were to be the regimental commander of this knights regiment. Except for you, nobody else is qualified to command this troop from today onwards. This armed force is under your direct affiliation. They are waiting for your review. Here's your time..."

    When they entered the drill camp and drew close to those xiphodons, the three seniors all stopped.

    In front of Zhang Tie was hundreds of meters of long, plain road and rows of xiphodon cavalrymen on his left hand side.

    After taking a deep breath, under the gaze of the public, Zhang Tie carried his terrifying battle hammer and passed by the formation with firm and steady steps, while inclining his head towards those strong cavalrymen and xiphodons.

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