Chapter 483: Returning to Grey Eagle Tribe

    Chapter 483: Returning to Grey Eagle Tribe

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    After leaving the relics canyon and crossing the river of Fitjar Estuary, the army of huge bear tribe had travelled over 500 kilometers before dusk. When they arrived at an expanse of wilderness over 30 kilometers away from the grey eagle tribe, they finally rested there.

    It was really a rapid speed for an army of 100,000 soldiers to travel over 500 kilometers in a day across the Wilderness.

    Zhang Tie didn't stay in the camp of the army. Instead, he led a group of xiphodon cavalrymen towards grey eagle tribe together with O'Laura and the cavalries from grey eagle tribe.

    Over one month ago, O'Laura had brought out 400 cavalries, 200 of which belonged to her while the other 200 belonged to Salem. However, more than 60 people had left the team, five of which were killed in the battle underground while the rest became Zhang Tie's followers and had voluntarily left grey eagle tribe and O'Laura and moved towards grey hill...

    This time, many soldiers of the eastern tribes who joined the allied forces action became Zhang Tie's followers. They gave everything that they had and chose an utterly different path. Almost one in six people from each tribe became Zhang Tie's followers.

    Except for those who didn't return to grey eagle tribe, the remaining 330 or so odd cavalries had nothing to do with Salem. After all they'd experienced, if the soldiers of grey eagle tribe still wanted to stay with Salem and his dad, they would be especially stupid.

    Before she left the tribe, O'Laura, Ollier and Juventus' forces were in equilibrium in grey eagle tribe. However, the balance had been destroyed at this moment.

    Because of Zhang Tie's words, 'You're my mate, you don't have to kneel down in front of me', everyone simply knew that O'Laura was Zhang Tie's woman. Additionally, Zhang Tie was the legendary clan elder of huge bear tribe. Naturally, O'Laura would become the woman of a clan elder. Within Ice and Snow Wilderness, such a woman was destined to be a duchess. If O'Laura was to have a child with Zhang Tie, the kid would be qualified as a 'childe'.

    Compared to O'Laura's great status, the two elders of grey eagle tribe were only like wealthy countryside landlords.

    How could two countryside landlords match the duchess of a head of a bear tribe?

    Additionally, O'Laura's reputation as Goddess Vat was definitely more influential than that of Ollier and Juventus in the tribes in the east of Ice and Snow Wilderness. They were not on the same level.

    Therefore, in this case, the most active one today was not the army of huge bear tribe, not Zhang Tie, not O'Laura, but Salem. While the army and the soldiers of grey eagle tribe took a rest, Salem kept galloping on his horse and rushed back to the base of grey eagle tribe.

    As a small tribe, grey eagle tribe had no expensive long-distance communicating device. In order to let his father prepare as early as possible and survive Ollier family, Salem had to explain the current situation clearly to his dad before O'Laura and Zhang Tie returned.

    As Ollier had wanted to kill Zhang Tie when Zhang Tie entered grey eagle tribe, Zhang Tie could easily sweep the whole Ollier clan, not to mention the conflict between Ollier and O'Laura.

    How intriguing it was! Nobody would have imagined that an Eschyle City wanted murder from over one month ago could become the clan elder of huge bear tribe and the very one in the prophecy of Elzida the great prophet. Salem felt that the whole Ollier clan was played by the God.

    Compared to Salem's anxious emotions, the other soldiers of grey eagle tribe, including Setton, felt like they'd won a battle.

    Although this movement of allied forces had not reached grey eagle tribe and O'Laura's target, compared to other tribes, even wild bear tribe, grey eagle tribe was already a big winner. O'Laura being the wife of the clan elder of huge bear tribe, to be honest, was definitely more valuable than receiving one or two million gold coins for grey eagle tribe.


    With the ground-breaking boom caused by the hoofs of xiphodons, the contour of grey eagle tribe gradually appeared in front of everyone's eyes.

    This time, Zhang Tie imagined that O'Laura would deal with the two old guys fiercely. However, when they arrived at the gate of grey eagle tribe, Zhang Tie's illusion broke apart.

    Juventus and Ollier, who were arrogant previously, were kneeling outside the gate of grey eagle tribe with dozens of their family members, old and young.

    Among those people, the eldest were Juventus and Ollier while the youngest were four or five year-old kids. Because of their fear, the adults looked pale while the kids, being pressed onto the ground, were struggling and crying.

    It was already November, so in the evening the temperature declined sharply. Wearing an unlined garment, Juventus and Ollier, who had always lived noble lives, were quivering on the ground. What a poor situation! God knew how long had they been kneeling there.

    Salem was also kneeling among them. Beside him was a 30 year-old woman and two kids. One was about seven years old while the other was about four or five. When over 50 xiphodons in steel battle armor appeared in front of them, the kids were so scared that they forgot to even cry. Instead they kept clinging onto their parents' arms while quivering.

    Right behind these people, almost all the residents of grey eagle tribe had already come out. Standing in the distance, they were staring in front of them with sophisticated and dubious looks. Why had the two elders become so weak, waiting to be slaughtered outside the gate of the tribe.

    Standing alone behind Juventus' and Ollier's families, Elder Merkel was staring at the guards on xiphodons with a worried look too. He didn't know how Zhang Tie would deal with Juventus and Ollier. He didn't even know whether Zhang Tie would punish him. After all, he had planted bone-exploding needles on Zhang Tie's body.

    Under the majesty of huge bear tribe, small tribes like grey eagle tribe didn't even stand a chance to struggle under the hoofs of the xiphodons.

    All the cavalries stopped 20 meters away. Seeing a priest standing there, Roslav and Waajid instantly locked onto priest Merkel. It seemed that they were going to pounce at priest Merkel as soon as he intended to move.

    Raising their heads, Juventus and Ollier glanced at Zhang Tie, who was riding on a handsome xiphodon. They were instantly scared by the dignified tri-color costume of the bear tribe's clan elder as they lowered their heads again. Meanwhile, they started to quiver.

    Zhang Tie slowly moved closer on his xiphodon. He didn't stop until the sharp tusk of the xiphodon almost touched Juventus and Ollier. Sitting atop the xiphodon, he then started to glance at the two old guys.

    When Juventus knelt down, his fat body almost shrunk into a ball. Although it was very cold now, his back was still wet all over with sweat. Even Ollier, who was always known for being aggressive, also dared not raise his head. He even dared not to argue.

    Recalling how the two old guys in front of him had looked over one month ago and how they looked now, Zhang Tie, riding on the xiphodon, closed his eyes as he started to taste the sweetness of power for the first time in his life.

    After opening his eyes once again, Zhang Tie glanced at the crowd behind the two people. After gazing at the three to five year old kids for a short while and the frightened women for another short while, Zhang Tie's killing intent instantly disappeared.

    Finally he fixed his eyes on the two old guys, like he was watching two pieces of dried, pickled flesh. He then instantly felt bored.

    "Now that you know your faults, stand up!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

    After hearing this, Juventus and Ollier instantly raised their heads as they couldn't even believe what they had heard. At this moment, Zhang Tie's words were the most important to them. After exchanging glances at each other, Juventus and Ollier didn't dare to continue kneeling down any more. They then struggled to stand up.

    Juventus's legs might have been numb. The moment he picked himself up, he lost his balance and almost fell down on the ground once again. After standing up, Ollier also staggered.

    Following the two people in front, all their family members picked themselves up with confused looks on their faces.

    "Lord Peter, I..." Ollier wanted to say something.

    Zhang Tie was not interested in listening to him. Neither did he want to say anything. Instead, he shook the reins and drove his xiphodon away, closely followed by his guards and the cavalrymen of grey eagle tribe...

    Staring at Zhang Tie's back with a confused look, Ollier and Juventus seemed unable to believe that Zhang Tie could let them go. However, many of the women behind them suddenly burst out in tears of relief...


    In the evening, after taking off his armor and cleansing himself, Zhang Tie changed into a loose robe. He was inside a small building of Juventus silently staring at the night sky in the distance.

    The best house in the entire grey eagle tribe belonged to Juventus. Therefore, Juventus moved out together with his family members and left the best place to Zhang Tie and his guards.

    Based on Zhang Tie's current status, it was really a great honor for grey eagle tribe to have Zhang Tie stay in their midst. Of course, they had to arrange the best house for Zhang Tie out of respect.

    It was already November. Almost four months had passed since the event in Heavens Cold City. Zhang Tie still remembered that important message that he'd received after the event in Heavens Cold City. 'If Zhen Clan's plot had not been exposed by me, according to the analysis of Professor Simon, all the eggs of the puppet worms in Heavens Cold City might have hatched by next year. As a result, millions of people in Heavens Cold City would become terrifying zombies and killing machines under the control of puppet worms. If so, the whole Langya Prefecture of Jinyun Country would fall into chaos. The third holy war between humans and demons would break out.'

    Although the plot was exposed, because the crisis caused by the demons had not been dissolved, Zhang Tie knew that the real holy war would arrive in two months at the latest. This holy war would be the longest, most severe winter ever experienced by the human race.

    'How are my friends in Blackhot City now?'

    Zhang Tie remembered his friends, brothers and girlfriends in Blackhot City. A hint of sorrow flashed in his mind.

    No matter what, Zhang Tie had already decided he'd go back to Blackhot City after leaving the Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    At this moment, the door behind Zhang Tie was pushed open. Zhang Tie didn't turn around. He knew who it was.

    After coming over to Zhang Tie, O'Laura tightly hugged him while pressing her face into his back.

    After a short while, Zhang Tie felt that his back was wet from O'Laura's silent sobs.

    "It's okay, it has all passed. Don't cry..." Zhang Tie turned around and wiped the tears from O'Laura's icy and delicate face.

    About one hour ago, Zhang Tie had already discovered the result of the conference of grey eagle tribe. Juventus and Ollier resigned from their positions as the tribal elders. They completely handed over their power to O'Laura. Besides this, Juventus even "donated" over 300,000 gold coins to grey eagle tribe. Ollier also urged his sons and trusted followers to vow to be loyal to O'Laura. O'Laura had officially become the tribal elder of grey eagle tribe.

    From today on, there was only one clan elder and one tribal elder in grey eagle tribe.

    All the conflicts in grey eagle tribe came to an end. The whole tribe was back in the hands of O'Laura.

    Before Zhang Tie could wipe off all the tears from O'Laura's face, she hugged him tightly all of a sudden and started to kiss him madly, almost suffocating Zhang Tie. Finally, she pushed Zhang Tie directly onto the bed in the attic...


    Setton and Zhang Tie's other guards were alert downstairs...

    After more than ten minutes, Setton heard O'Laura's muffled, painful groans from upstairs. He then immediately let out a sigh--that makes sense!
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