Chapter 484: Spencer Clan (I)

    Chapter 484: Spencer Clan (I)

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    After the curfew was imposed in Eschyle City on November 6th, the whole city was shocked many times a day as the news about the army of the huge bear tribe was spread here constantly in the fastest speed.

    On the second day, although various news about the army of the huge bear tribe caused a great clamour in Eschyle City. What made most of the residents in Eschyle City more stunned were the various events happened in the former day.

    A pioneer called Peter became the clan elder of the huge bear tribe.

    The prophecy of the greatest Slavic prophet and pontiff came true.

    Before becoming the clan elder of the huge bear tribe, the pioneer called Peter saved tens of thousands of soldiers and pioneers of eastern allied forces and manifested God's will for many times in the dilemma.

    Peter turned an average tin kettle into an endless sweet spring, which saved the lives of tens of thousands of people...

    All the wounds, after being touched by Peter's hand, had healed...

    After the baptism of Peter, two powerful fighters even completed LV 2 sublimation at that moment...

    Peter also preached the immortal truth in the underground for tens of thousands of people...

    Being moved and aspired by the God's will, tens of thousands of people became the followers of Peter...

    When these news were spread in Eschyle City, the whole city became clamorous like boiling oil in the pot. Although some news were spread through the people's word of mouth, it lacked fidelity. Whereas, they covered a more sacred halos over Peter.

    At this moment, even no one could remember that the same guy called Peter was wanted by the police station over one month ago in the same city.

    As the army of the huge bear tribe drew closer, the whole Eschyle City became increasingly more intense while more and more hidden forces appeared.

    They were not common army of 100,000 soldiers, they were 100,000 elites from the huge bear tribe, among them, there were not only bear-killing camp, but also the most powerful xiphodon cavalries which were named as the Thor's Hammer by Peter. What was more important, two elders and Pontiff Sarlin of the huge bear tribe also arrived. Although both the two elders were already knights, Pontiff Sarlin was more unpredictable. They were led by the very person in the prophecy of the greatest prophet and pontiff in the history of Slavs.

    After knowing these messages, commoners began gossiping about them; however, each member of Spencer Clan, especially the decision makers of the clan would feel a great stress.

    When the army of 100,000 warriors of the huge bear tribe left the Costari Plain, all the leaders of the bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness started to become intense.

    Historically, all the bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness were split from the huge bear tribe. Therefore, there was always a tribal chauvinism in the huge bear tribe, especially among the senior leaders of the huge bear tribe. There was always a tone that--the bear tribes should return all the tribes of Ice and Snow Wilderness to the huge bear tribe and realize the rejuvenation of Slavs once again.

    For the rulers of tribes, of course, this was hardly accepted. After being used to be a boss, they would feel unhappy to be others' subordinates. Therefore, when the army of the huge bear tribe left Costari Plain, they started to be intense and prepared to defend.

    When the army of 100,000 warriors of the huge bear tribe headed for the the Haidela Glacier Crack in the south of Ice and Snow Wilderness, the rulers of Eschyle City let out a sigh and started to worry about the wild bear tribe. Some even expected to see the miserable outcome of those people in Haidela Glacier Crack. Unexpectedly, after being relaxed for a few days, they saw a sudden reversal.

    Peter became the clan elder of the huge bear tribe. After that, he led his army directly towards Eschyle City!

    The two events happened too fast, which left no time for Spencer clan to make any preparation. Hearing the army of 100,000 warriors of the huge bear tribe rolling towards Eschyle City, the iron bear tribe became flurried...

    No one thought that Peter was here for a travel or walk.

    Facing such a situation, under the great stress, all the decision makers of Spencer clan had to negotiate about the countermeasures around a table.


    On the evening of November 8th, all the big figures in Eschyle City gathered in the assembly hall of the iron bear castle of Eschyle City.

    Under the magnificent and luxurious high-end crystal lamps, the gleaming marble floor even made the assembly hall as magnificent a as palace. Due to the curfew, even a mosquito could not fly in within 50 square meters,

    As major figures had to discuss and determine about the fate of Spencer clan and the major events of Eschyle City in the future, the confidentiality of the assembly hall was very high. This was absolutely a closed room without any window. No one else except for the members of Spencer clan could enter.

    If Zhang Tie arrived here, he would be able to find the great difference between Spencer clan and the rulers of the other tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness. None of the members of Spencer clan in the assembly hall were barbarous at all. All those here were wearing exquisite western coat or uniforms with well-combed hair. If not that huge metal emblem which represented the iron bear tribe on one wall, there conference looked nothing different than the board of directors of big business groups.

    At this moment, this fully closed place was like a steaming pressure cooker. As the conference continued, an intense atmosphere started to spread each nook of the assembly hall...

    Just now, all the members of Spencer clan heard the cause of the two wanted circulars about Peter Hamplester delivered by the police station in Eschyle City from the police chief Hellno.

    After hearing the report, the assembly hall became quiet once again.

    Hellno was the third son of Tilin Spencer and the most powerful wolf of Spencer clan in ruling Eschyle City.

    After hearing the report, Tilin Spencer glanced at his third son and all the other silent audience, before opening his mouth in a muffled voice.

    "Now that this event has been solved well, why would Peter still attack Eschyle City at any risk!"

    Although Tilin intended to protect his own son, the other members of Spencer clan didn't express any dissatisfaction about that. Because Tilin was right. Unless Peter was a lunatic or idiot, he would never launch a war at such a great cost.

    Obviously, a lunatic and idiot could not manifest the God's will. Even the legendary God's will was fabricated, he could never cheat hundreds of thousands of people without a high intelligence quotient and smart methods. A lunatic and idiot could never be the clan elder of the huge bear tribe and survive so long while being chased by people from demon snake island. As long as the three elders of the huge bear tribe were not blind, they would never allow a lunatic and idiot to lead the army of 100,000 warriors towards here.

    "What if the huge bear tribe had the plan to attack Eschyle City? What if Peter is just their puppet and excuse? This might be a performance led by the huge bear tribe. They pushed an average brat onto the throne and used him to unify the Ice and Snow Wilderness!" a member of Spence clan posed it seriously after thinking for a long while.

    After hearing this, everyone was shocked. It was really possible. However, the other members of Spencer clan also posed different opinions.

    "The prophecy of Elzida is very sacred in the huge bear tribe. They have been believing in this prophecy for hundreds of years. This is their spiritual belief. If someone wanted to do that in the huge bear tribe, he would be immediately opposed by Pontiff Sarlin. Additionally, if the huge bear tribe had long intended to conquer Eschyle City, they would not only assign 100,000 cavalries. At least, there should be a great quantity of infantries. Additionally, they had to carry enough instruments and weapons. However, according to our intelligence, no weapon or instrument was carried by the army of 100,000 warriors of the huge bear tribe at all.

    "Perhaps, it's just a small trick. Gouras and Toles will be easy to deal with. If they have made enough preparations the moment they left Costari Plain, we would know what they want to do then. If so, we would make enough preparations to counterattack! Additionally, If they want to conquer Eschyle City, they don't have to attack it; instead, they could only surround it so that we would fight them outside the city!"

    Hearing utterly different opinions in the assembly hall, they started to argue with each other loudly until Tilin coughed twice.

    "Wuli, what's the final outcome if we could fight the army of 100,000 warriors of the huge bear tribe?" The clan elder of Spencer clan asked a major in military uniform solemnly...
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