Chapter 485: Spencer Clan (II)

    Chapter 485: Spencer Clan (II)

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    In this age, major general was already the head of an army. Although no military ranking system was executed in other tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Spencer clan which, due to frequent contact with the outside world and they treated as the represent of advanced civilization among all Slavic tribes. They had intergrated themselves with numerous countries on continent.

    The man inquired by Tilin was over 50 years old. He was the bloodtied younger brother of Tilin, the head of Spencer clan. For many people reaching LV 10, this age was just as young as 20-old teenagers. The golden time in their lives just started.

    Wuli Spencer took good care of his skin as he didn't have any wrinkles at all. Also, his hair was black and shiny. From his look, he must have been used to a dignified life. Additionally, the cyan military uniform which represented the highest rank in Eschyle City made him majestic. Since 20 years old, Wuli Spencer had already been known as a very handsome man in Eschyle City. His gossips were spread all over the Eschyle City.

    After hearing the inquiry of the head, everybody threw their glances at Wuli. Facing this second powerful figure in Spencer clan, many people's eyes were mixed with flattery.

    Hearing Tilin's question, Wuli slowly opened his mouth after carefully thinking about it for half a minute.

    "If we fight 100,000 warriors of huge bear tribe, we would face the same outcome..." the moment Wuli finished his words, many people were slightly stunned, 'how can that be?'

    Wuli glanced at them as his muffled masculine voice sounded once again, "Based on the force of Eschyle City, this city's base would be at least completely destroyed if we have to fight the 100,000 elites of huge bear tribe. We could never deal with their counterattack or challenges from other tribes. Even though all the warriors of huge bear tribe were killed, they could soon mobilize another army of 100,000 warriors on Costari Plain. If so, how do we block them?"

    Hearing this possible outcome, everyone felt a heavy burden.

    "As the most powerful tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness, huge bear tribe could mobilize at least 600,000 warriors, which is similar to an army group. However, Eschyle City could mobilize 250,000 soldiers at most, which were two armies. Therefore, we are not able to fight huge bear tribe at all. Additionally, no tribe in Ice and Snow Wilderness could fight huge bear tribe independently." Wuli continued to explain.

    "Can we diffuse this crisis with the help of wild bear tribe?" someone suggested.

    "No way. The old guy in wild bear tribe might even be waiting for the battle between us and huge bear tribe like how we did when the army of 100,000 warriors of huge bear tribe headed for the southern part of Ice and Snow Wilderness several days ago. God bless us if the old guy doesn't set us up!"

    The moment the members of Spencer clan recalled the barbarious clan elder of wild bear tribe who was like a butcher, they felt a headache. As the clan elder of iron bear clan which ruled Eschyle City, Markov had criticized Spencer clan as the "fox in bear hide" and "iron tortoise with the stink of money". Therefore, the relationship between wild bear tribe and Eschyle City was always stiff. It was almost impossilbe to expect to collaborate with wild bear tribe at this moment.

    "Where's fire bear tribe. Could they give us a favor or not?"

    Tilin's elder female cousin was the wife of the clan elder of fire bear tribe. The two tribes had a very close relationship. Therefore, after hearing that wild bear tribe could not give a favor, someone instantly remembered fire bear tribe.

    "Fire bear tribe is over 5000 km away from us. Additionally, fire bear tribe doesn't have so many cavalries. The clan elder has already contacted with the fire bear tribe a couple of days ago. The fire bear tribe have already dispatched 10,000 cavalries towards Eschyle City. However, as it is a long way, they have to pass the Caucasian Mountain Range and could not arrive here until one month later. If they dispatch over 100,000 infantries towards here, it would be one month later than cavalries do!"

    A person at Tilin's right hand explained it to the others.

    'One month? The army of huge bear tribe would arrive at Eschyle City in four days. You tell me the cavalries of fire bear tribe would arrive in one month? Additionally, facing the 100,000 cavalries of huge bear tribe, the effect of the 10,000 cavalries from fire bear tribe is still unknown.'

    Everyone became flurried but they didn't complain about it. Because they all knew that it was already very good that fire bear tribe could give them a favor this time, as the bill had to be paid by Eschyle City.

    After discussing about various countermeasures, they found that the basic problem facing Eschyle City was that huge bear tribe had the power to play the same game 2 or 3 times; however, Spencer clan could only barely play it one time.

    Therefore, clan elder Tilin set the tone directly. They had to figure out Peter's real target and tried to avoid the potential war. Even though some crazy guys in huge bear tribe would like to unify Ice and Snow Wilderness by force, Eschyle City had to try itself to avoid from becoming the first target of huge bear tribe.

    These people at present were all elites out of 10,000 members of Spencer clan on both intelligence quotient and vision. Through discussion, they soon proposed various reasons and possibilities of the war along with countermeasures.

    "What if Peter doesn't have any reason. He might just want to let his army make a travel around Eschyle City?" a voice appeared in the assembly hall. The moment it was heard, the whole assembly hall became quiet at once. After that, they threw their glances towards that member of Spencer clan.

    It was Neymar Spencer, who was reaponsible for the propaganda and public opinions of Eschyle City. Concretely, he was only responsible for two newspapers and many troubadours who only knew how to seduce lonely women by boasting in the receptions and salons of Eschyle City. Such a figure could be ignored in Spencer clan. However, as it was an important conference of Spencer clan, big figures in all aspects needed to negotiate about major events here; therefore, he was also invited.

    Perhaps because he had been responsible for propaganda and public opinions for too long, his mindest was always radioactive. Sometimes, he absolutely indulged in wildest fantasy. In this way, people could not catch up with his mind.

    Under the weird gaze of the other members of Spencer clan, Neymar became a bit tense as he swallowed his words back.

    "Don't worry, Neymar, tell me about you certificate?" clan elder Tilin encouraged Neymar to explain it after hearing Neymar absurd conclusion after frowning his forehead.

    Being encouraged by clan elder, after thinking it for a while, he explain it in a calm way.

    "No matter Peter manifested the God's will underground or did anything amazing, as huge bear tribe suddenly appeared in front of him and told him that he was the very person in Elzida's prophecy and wanted him to be the clan elder of huge bear tribe, he must be dubious about that. Everyone would doubt that if it fell on themselves. He might worry about being cheated; therefore he wants to have a try."

    "Have a try?" clan elder Tilin gazed at Neymar with meaningful and dubious eyes, "What do you mean by having a try?"

    "I mean he just wants to have a try whether he could command the 100,000 warriors of huge bear tribe. If the 100,000 warriors could follow his order, even when his order was a bit absurd, he would know that huge bear tribe don't cheat on him. If not, he could figure out that it was a plot!"

    Neymar's words shocked everyone in the assembly hall. Although they were discussing about various plots and tricks, nobody seriously considered this event on the stance of Peter. Therefore, after Neymar posed it, although being very absurd, it felt reasonable.

    "Right, Neymar; you're right. We've ignored this point. If it is truely as you think, what do you think the army of huge bear tribe would do after it?" Tilin asked.

    "If it's true, I'm afraid that the army of huge bear tribe will turn around after drawing close to Eschyle City and go back!" Neymar put it straight, "Actually, I fell you ignored another possibility!"

    "Another possibility?"

    "Right, the one leading 100,000 warriors of huge bear tribe towards Eschyle City is neither Peter nor those crazy tribal chauvinists, but someone else!"

    "Someone else? How come? Do you think it's that someone could mobilize 100,000 warriors by just moving his mouth? It's not as easy as writing your paper." soon after Neymar finished his words, some contenders instantly sneered him as he arouse Tilin's attention.

    "What if that person is the great Pontiff Elzida?"

    The moment Neymar posed this, the whole assembly hall became quiet at once.

    "Based on our intelligence, before setting out the army, Peter had already opened that key box left by Elzida. There was only one letter in the box. Peter was the only person who had read it. Attention! After Peter opened that box for a few hours, huge bear tribe started to surge towards Eschyle City. Dare you say it was not related to the letter?" Neymar raised his voice.

    "Why would Elzida do that?"

    "How could we guess the decision of Elzida, a person who could observe the future? If it was true, Elzida might have already seen events in Eschyle City. Therefore, he dispatched the army of huge bear tribe here for the most proper preparations and disposal. Elzida had done many things like this in his life, many of which looked absurd and unpredictable; however, all that he had done helped Slavs out of crisis. Right because of this, he became the greatest prophet and pontiff in the eyes of Slavs!"

    Everyone became silent. Compared to the first reason, this reason was more shockingg--Elzida still had a magical power for each one in Ice and Snow Wilderness until today.

    If Elzida truly left some premonition in the key box, what a major event would happen in Eschyle City that could worth 100,000 warriors of huge bear tribe's arrival?

    In Slavic history, not until the moment the fate of the whole Slavs was influenced, Elzida would not expose the future that he had seen and made preparations for that. Right because Elzida had done many similiar things, he had saved the lives of Slavs for many times. Whereas, as he had leaked too many events in the future, his longevity was reduced according to the time rule. He passed away at the age of 60-odd years old.

    The great prophet and pontiff shaped a great image in the heart of all the Slavs. The great image was still threatening now.

    When Neymar posed the first presumption, all the others sneered him; however, after hearing his second presumption, the assembly hall immediately cooled down.

    All the Spencers became silent as they felt very restless.

    If Neymar's first presumption was right, they didn't have to do anything but to wait for the crisis to diffuse by itself. If the second presumption was right, the Spencers should discuss about how to coordinate with huge bear tribe to eliminate the crisis as soon as possible. Therefore, Spencers should not resist the 100,000 warriors; instead, they should welcome them.

    What absurd! They were discussing about how to respond to this crisis just now; however, in a wink, everything changed.

    In that abnormal silence, that person who had been silent since he entered the assembly hall became more eye-attractive. He slightly frowned his forehead before glancing at a people at the end of the conference table, who was lowering his head and shrugging his shoulders silently with a disatisfied look.

    "Pears, you're also a member of Spencer clan, tell me about your opinion!"

    After hearing Tilin's words, all the Spencers threw their glances at that guy who was almost ignored by others. At the sight of that poor, frustrating look, many people twitched their mouth corners, which seemed like a a polite smile, yet was actually an contemption.

    Compared to Tilin and Wuli, who was the most shiny stars in Spencer clan, Pears was as trivial as a broken sofa being thrown into a warehouse. Additionally, he smelt mouldy. It was really unbelievable that he could compete for the clan elder with Tilin dozens of years ago.

    That man called Pears raised his fat face with his two frustrated eyes and evidently big eye bags due to excessive drinks and sexual intercourse. At the sight of him, everyone signed inside.

    After being called by the clan elder, the one woke up from fatigueness.

    "Ah...clan elder is right. Now that Peter is a lascivious guy and could even have such a special relationship with that loose woman in wild bear tribe, we..only need to send him some women. Then, everything would be solved. I follow your opinions, I follow your opinions..."

    Whilst hearing Pears repeating the former topic that they were discussing about twenty minutes ago, everyone became speechless.
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