Chapter 486: Spencer Clan (III)

    Chapter 486: Spencer Clan (III)

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    One hour later, all the Spencer elites walked out of the assembly hall with a solemn look.

    Clan elder Tilin had already made the decision that an elder would go to communicate with Peter and some elders of the huge bear tribe with the "sincerity" from Eschyle City tomorrow.

    No matter what, they had to figure out the purpose of huge bear tribe before deciding to fight or seek for peace.

    The army of the huge bear tribe was still over 500 km away. However, for the elite cavalries of huge bear tribe, it would only take them a couple of days to arrive at Eschyle City.

    Being influenced by some messages or gossips, of course the so-called "sincerity" referred to the beautiful women of Spencer clan. This was the right moment for those women to sacrifice for their own clan. The clan elder only needed to take the selected woman over there. If Peter was truly lascivious, Spencer's woman had many methods to display their value in maintaining the clan's interests. This was what each Spencer woman learned since they were young.

    In Ice and Snow Wilderness, each woman of the ruling clan, especially the women in the bear clans always used to maintain the clan's ruling by fulfilling men. This was not a secret at all. Except for the huge bear tribe which had no clan elder before, each tribe did this as they didn't think it was shameless at all.

    For Spencer clan, when the other tribes' ruling clans were still using women as the primitive yet effective tool of inter-marriage, Spencer clan had long realized a "deep-processing" about this tool. Each woman of Spencer clan, since they were 6-7 years old, had already started to learn a lot of professional courses.

    Besides common courses which could accumulate one's personality, music, dance, poem, painting, makeup, etiquette, inter-personal relationship, style of conversation, psychology and stratagem were all their compulsory courses. When they were 14 years old, they had already started to learn how to please men.

    Spencer clan invited real experts from the continent to carry out systematic education and training for these women. Those who taught them etiquette were court advisers from imperialism countries on the continent. Those who taught them how to please men were "famous prostitutes" who had already retired. Those who taught them inter-personal relationship were experienced diplomats and famous courtesans that were invited by Spencer clan at high costs. Those who taught them psychology and stratagem were real expert scholars and excellent people in all industries.

    Under the intoxication of such a great education system, "Spencer Woman" even became a exclusive term across Ice and Snow Wilderness. In the tribes of Ice and Snow Wilderness, even in Eschyle City, if a neighbor pointed at some woman and said she was a "Spencer Woman", he was definitely speaking highly of her as Spencer women were all beautiful, shrewd, able and knew how to seduce men.


    Pears was the last one leaving the assembly hall. Even the younger generations of Spencer clan felt disgusting about him. Therefore, nobody glanced at him at all when he walked out, not to mention to greet him or leave Iron Bear Castle together with him.

    When the other people left in a group of 2 or 3, Pears slowly walked behind them as he yawned. He came to the parking lot. After foisting his fat body into the back seat of a sedan which was imported from Eastern Continent, he ordered the driver to leave Iron Bear Castle.

    Iron Bear Castle of Spencer clan was the standard mansion for clan elders. Only the current elder was qualified to live in it. Even the sons and daughters of the clan elder were not qualified to live in it after they grew mature. Therefore, after the conference, all the elites of Spencer clan left here except for Tilin.

    Of course, in the eyes of the other Spencer elites, they could pleasantly accept the reputation of "clan elites". However, if someone described someone else as the clan elite, he might be sneered.

    Before completely leaving the Iron Bear Castle, those guardians outside the gate of Iron Bear Castle had already seen Pears taking out a bottle of senior gin from the gradevin beside the back seat, making a full cup for himself...

    After drinking a cup of gin, Pears blushed and looked a bit more spirited.

    At this moment, due to curfew, the entire Eschyle City became quiet. One week ago, the whole city was still brightly-lit all over in the evening. By contrast, soon after dusk, the city had already been in a deadly, silent darkness. Due to lack of vehicles, all the streets looked open. Therefore, Pears' car flashed on the streets.

    His car soon drew close to his residence, from where the road was blocked temporarily. The police had gathered here.

    The sedan parked. Pears rolled down the window and showed half of his fat face. He looked at that police head who was lowering his body to explain it to Pears.

    Of course, this police head knew Pears. No matter how trivial Pears' position was in Spencer clan, Pears could not be offended by such a small police head.

    "What happened?" Pears asked in a muffled, weak voice.

    The small head raised his arm towards his subordinate to move away the roadblock as he explained, "Mr. Pears, someone brushed some slogans on the roadside walls in the evening. After receiving the report, we especially come here to manage it!"

    These days, all the heads of the Eschyle Police Station were sworn heavily by their superiors. Certainly, none of them dared to make any mistake at this critical moment. Therefore, soon after receiving the report, a great number of policemen arrived here.

    "You idiots, piss off..." Pears swore them impatiently while waving his hand like chasing flies. Closely after that, he rolled up the window.

    When the car passed by the roadside walls, Pears saw the painted slogans in red.

    The Lord in the prophecy of the Great Prophet Elzida has appeared!

    It's time for Slavs to unify the Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Even after hundreds of years, as long as there were Slavs in Ice and Snow Wilderness, there were always crazy fans and followers of Elzida and some Calvinism Slavs who always dreamed about rejuvenating all the tribes. Although these minorities were not able to rebel, they could stir up troubles at the critical moment.

    After a short while, the two slogans had already been covered by the same red paint.

    When he saw the name "Elzida", Pears tightened his right fist before loosing it and reaching towards the gradevin like nothing had happened.

    "Pah..." seeing off Pears' vehicle, that small police head spat a mouth of saliva towards the back of the vehicle...


    After a few minutes, the sedan returned to the luxurious villa which occupied a wide area of territory. The bodyguards opened the gate for him. After that, Pears had his car driven in the courtyard.

    After getting off the vehicle, Pears looked gloomier.

    Looking at the well-pruned evergreen trees in the parterre, Pears sent the steward to bring the gardener. He then lost his temper towards that gardener and ordered steward to deduct this month's salary of the gardener and lay him off. After that, he entered the villa furiously.

    After half an hour, glass breaking sounds and roars drifted out of the villa at the same time along with the sobs of female servants who were slapped. The whole villa was in a terrifying atmosphere until Pears entered the study room.

    After the door of the study room was shut up, Pears recovered his composure completely, causing a tranquility in the villa.

    After sitting on the sofa calmly for 2 minutes, Pears stood up and came to the front of the fireplace. He twisted the button inside the fireplace using a pair of fire-tongs to open a wall silently beside the fireplace, exposing a dark tunnel leading to the underground.

    After putting back the fire-tongs, Pears entered the tunnel. Closely after that, the wall returned to its original place.

    The dim fluorite lamps made the basement greenish. It seemed to be an icehouse as it was piled with huge ice cubes. Each ice cube was glittering and translucent like super huge crystals while radiating dark blue luster.

    Experts could identify that these were not common ice cubes, but aged ones. They had been preserved in this state for over 1 million years. They were harder than steel and iron and would not easily melt. The cost of each piece of such kind of ice cube was equal to that of the same weight of gold.

    On the bed, which was carved on a huge aged ice cube, was lying a 15 or 16 year-old teenager with his hands crossed onto his abdomen quietly like being asleep...
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