Chapter 487: Paternal Love

    Chapter 487: Paternal Love

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    Pears watched the asleep teenager with a benign and tender look. Moreover, he combed the hair on the forehead of the teenager carefully.

    The teenager's face was as white as snow and he looked dead. At this time, Pears' kind look and action gave people a creepy feeling.

    After a few time, the steward appeared on Pears' side.

    Although Pears looked tender after entering the study room, the steward who looked kind and elegant outside immediately became gloomy and lofty the moment he entered.

    The green fluorite lamps left a gloomy shadow on their faces, which made the whole underground more terrifying.

    "What's the result of Spencer's conference?" The steward asked in a aggressive and paramount manner.

    "There's a very bad news. Our plan might have been recognized by someone!" Pears'voice was very calm, which was sharply constructive to that humble look in assembly hall, "The army of 100,000 warriors of huge bear tribe might be heading for us?"

    After hearing Pears'words, the steward instantly responded with an amazed look, "You mean our trap in the relics was discovered and huge bear tribe followed the clue here? How can that be..." The steward urged as he waved his head, "After that powerful huge alchemist's bomb exploded, everything would be ruined. What else would be left? The three-eye association spent a lot of time and resources for this plan in order to attract the other tribes' attention. Even our animal controllers were killed."

    "It's not our mistake. Someone might know our plan!"

    "Who?" The steward's voice became gloomy at once. He stared at Pears and put it straight, "Now there is such a person, why haven't anyone killed him? Why do you come back now? Such a person should die as soon as possible for our safety.

    "But that man might be Elzida!" Pears replied with a muffled voice.

    "Who?" The steward became dumbfounded.

    "The great prophet of Slavs, Elzida!" Pears explained. He also added, "Elzida left a letter to Peter in the key box. He might mention what would happen in Eschyle City in the letter. Therefore, he told huge bear tribe to respond to it in advance."

    Of course, the steward knew who was Elzida. After hearing Pears' explanation, his face changed, "Are you sure?"

    "Not sure. After discussion, we found many possibilities. In a conclusion, the predominate powers behind it might come from three aspects. First, it's reasonable for some crazy men or tribal calvinists in huge bear tribe to launch an attack; however, their preparations are not sufficient!"

    "Second, Peter might want to check his ruling power in huge bear tribe by launching the attack. The troop of huge bear tribe might come back reaching Eschyle City. Certainly, we need to consider about the marvellous events that Peter has down in that underground relics. Peter might have other plan on setting out the troop of huge bear tribe. If this man could truly manifest the so-called God's will when he was also in the trap, he might have discovered something. You know that, some regions are always unpredictable in this world..."

    "Lastly based on Elzida's superb ability, he might have already seen what happened in Eschyle City in future. Therefore, he left a letter so that huge bear tribe could respond to it properly!"

    Hearing Pear's expressionless tone, the steward's facial muscles twisted painfully. That was caused by fury, hatred or a bit frustration. After Elzida died hundreds of years, nobody knew his ability better than three-eye association.

    When this person was alive, he managed all the plots of three-eye association towards Slvas. Hundreds of years ago, Elzida cleaned all the politicians and lackeys of three-eyes association lurking in the Slavic clans in aggressive and bloody manner, causing a great loss to the three-eye association. Even though now, three-eye association still hadn't recovered his vitality and influence among Slavs. Few Slavs could be absorbed by three-eye association. Therefore, the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness became the vacuum territory of the power of three-eye association.

    Three-eye association had already spent a lot in absorbing Pears. Their plan would succeed in a few months after over two decades. Unexpectedly, that guy, who had died for hundreds of years, suddenly reappeared.

    Perhaps, the Spencers were still a bit dubious when they heard about Elzida. However, as long as the name "Elzida" appeared in their plot towards Slavs, he targeted at three-eye association for sure.

    The steward looked as terrifying and grim as a devil as he was covered with rolling black battle-qi totem. However, he surpressed it forcefully. Given the rolling battle-qi totem, the steward was at least a LV 10 powerhouse.

    "Perhaps, the true situation is not that worse. This is just a presumption!" Pears said calmly.

    "I know, of course it is not the worst scenario. Even though it was Elzida. he could not see all the events and details in the future. Otherwise, they only need to dispatch a knight towards Eschyle City, instead of an army of 100,000 warriors!"

    Pears became silent as he threw his sights towards that teenager once again.

    The steward also became silent as his eyes glittered weirdly. It seemed that he was struggling inside...

    After the basement recovered its tranquility for a short while...

    "Pears..." the steward called him calmly and kindly.

    Pears raised his head and stared at the steward, seemingly that he had already predicted what would the steward say, "Are you going to launch an attack in advance? If we wait for another 3 months, everything would be different."

    "We cannot wait any longer. When the army of huge bear tribe arrive, all that we've done might be meaningless. If so, we will lose everything. We cannot hand over the initiative to others. Now, we still have the ability to arise a chaos in Eschyle City. However, after a couple of days, we might be stranded fish!"

    Pears also sighed as he touched the stiff face of that teenager, "Do you know why would I like to collaborate with you?"

    The steward became hesitated for a second, "Only our three-eye association could bring a new birth to young master. As long as young master's body is well preserved, when our army arrive at Ice and Snow Wilderness, we will complete rebirth and clone for young master using his cells..."

    "But, will he be the same little Hellfire? By then, I will be worthless for you to do that..." Pears waved his head with a sorrowful tone, "I collaborate with you because I only want to let Spencers know that they have to pay for what they did. This clan should belong to my little Hellfire. If he is alive, he should have become the clan elder. Although I could not match Tilin, my kid is more excellent than any of his sons. However, the accident happened to the most excellent person when he was executing the clan mission. However, those average people live shamelessly. Now that little Hellfire is dead, the Spencer clan could not die. It's meaningless for such a corrupted clan to exist!

    "You..." the steward was surprised. He felt heartache at once. He lowered his head and found a black long sword had been penetrated through his heart by the very humble man, whom he thought having been under his full control.

    'He had a sword? How come that be?'

    'He attacked me by sword? Yet, I don't feel that until being striken?'

    'What's that swordsmanship? Is that the very humble and incompetent man who only knew about drinking?

    The fresh blood flew out of the steward's mouth. He widely opened his eyes as he stared at that man's fat body and loose sleeves. He seemed understanding something. However, as his strength and vitality disappeared rapidly, he didn't even have the strength to utter the last words although he opened his mouth.

    "Now that I will die and meet my little Hellfire, why do you live? Do you know that as a Slav, I actually hate you b*stards of three-eye association very much." Pears said as he drew out of the long sword and chopped off his head. Meanwhile, the headless corpse fell down.

    The whole basement was filled with blood at once. A drop of fresh blood even sprayed onto that teenager's face. Pears took out a snow-white handkerchief and wiped off that drop of fresh blood. After that, he lowered his body and kissed his forehead before revealing a regretful smile.

    "Little Hellfire. Look, your dad is really old. I cannot even kill a person tidily. Sorry for the blood. If you are still alive, you must be sharper than your dad. Wait for a few days. After your dad finishes that, I will bring more people here to accompany you. By then, you would not feel cold and lonely any longer..."
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