Chapter 489: A Sudden Change

    Chapter 489: A Sudden Change

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    On the way back to the main tent, Zhang Tie listened to Sabrina's introduction about Spencer clan as he gradually improved his plan in his heart.

    According to the information revealed by Sabrina, Zhang Tie realized that he might rip off Spencer clan if he was lucky enough. He had already fabricated a reason--Eschyle City asked 4 silver coins from him when he entered the city.

    This was obviously a prejudice to Zhang Tie.

    'If this reason would not make Spencers spurt blood, how about the lengendary clan elder of huge bear tribe being wanted by the police station of Eschyle City?'

    The wanted circular of Eschyle City almost killed Zhang Tie. Thankfully, Bluesea Castle revoked the wanted circular for Zhang Tie at a high price. Zhang Tie still owed Bluesea Castle the repeal of the wanted circular instead of Eschyle City.

    'As I was a trivial figure at that moment, after the wanted circular was revoked, Eschyle City only dispatched one person to manage me without promising any compensation. If I told them about this, they would consider it well.

    On some events, Zhang Tie was not that open-minded, neither was he that kind of person who would stand being spat with saliva on face. As Spencer clan was wrong first, he had the reason to make a fuss.

    Sabrina told Zhang Tie everything about Spencer clan and Eschyle City, which deepened Zhang Tie's understanding about this women.

    Until now Zhang Tie and Sabrina were still just friends and lovers. They had not broken through the last barrier. Although Sabrina was infamous outside, Zhang Tie knew that she was not only innocent but also had her own pursuit. Compared to most women's dependence on men, Sabrina was very powerful inside. She dreamed to be an independent female who could control her own fate.

    His current social status was completely different than that one month ago. However, Sabrina always kept a distance with him. Although they were still intimate, they didn't seek for stimulation without any consideration any longer.

    Because of this, Zhang Tie became more respectful about Sabrina.

    After sleeping a girl, Zhang Tie would always treasure her better. Whereas, Zhang Tie also gave enough respect to the women who didn't sleep with him.

    Zhang Tie knew that Sabrina was trying her best to display her value in front of Zhang Tie. This woman was very smart and valuable. Additionally, due to her special status, she could get many unusual information. Zhang Tie felt her words very enlightening.

    "You are really familiar with Eschyle City. Are you going to settle down there?" Zhang Tie joked.

    "Compared to other tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness, the atmosphere in Eschyle City is more relaxed. There're more opportunities to make money over there. Additionally, my status might frighten many people over there. I truly thought about that before!" Sabrina confessed. as she ran her fingers through here hair womanly, "Additionally, it's also convenient to leave Ice and Snow Wilderness from Eschyle City. I was thinking that if that old man of wild bear tribe forced me too much, I would leave Ice and Snow Wilderness and bought a small island in Ewentra Archipelago. I preferred to be a king of an isle. After that, I will open a hotel or a bar by the sea. After that, I could look at the sea or take a walk on the beach everyday!"

    Zhang Tie burst out laughter at once. He had not imagined that Sabrina had such an idea before.


    The Spencer representatives soon arrived at the camp of the huge bear tribe. It was heard that the head of the team was an elder. According to the equivalence principle in this case, elder Gouras went out to welcome them; however, Zhang Tie, Pontiff Sarlin and elder Toles waited for them in the main tent.

    As Sabrina was not qualified to attend this meeting, she left the main tent.

    Zhang Tie soon saw the elder of Spencer clan. When the thick curtain of the main tent was opened, elder Gouras and that man entered.

    That was an old man with grey hair, who looked spirited and healthy. His name was Rodolfo Spencer. After feeling that the old guy's qi was weaker than that of Gouras and Toles, Zhang Tie finally recovered his composure.

    If this world was covered with knights, those people below knights would have no chance to survive any more. Elder Sarlin said there was only one knight in Spencer clan, the grandpa's grandpa of Tilin. He had already been over 200 years old. Such an important people would always stay in the clan. He would never leave Eschyle City at this moment.

    Since Titlin's grandpa's grandpa, the whole Spencer clan failed to cultivate one knight for 200 years at the cost of numerous clan resources. From this, we knew how difficult to cultivate a knight.

    Sabrina also mentioned this dilemma facing Spencer clan--no successive top fighting strength.

    Behind this old man was a slightly fat 40-year old man, who was followed by two women. The moment the two women entered, Zhang Tie's eyes gleamed.

    They were very beautiful and had distinctive charms. The elder one was about 30 years old who was almost as charming as Sabrina like a ripe honey peach. The younger one was only 17-18 years old, who looked naive.

    Although with distinctive images, when the two women walked together, the charming one would be more alluring while the naive one would be more innocent. The two women looked similar to each other. When they stood together, their charms would drive any men to make crimes.

    They were Spencer women, two nature-born stunners!

    All the four Spencers greeted Zhang Tie with the regular etiquette on greeting clan elder of huge bear tribe.

    After that, Rodolfo introduced the other three Spencers to Zhang Tie. After that, he sat on the opposite of Zhang Tie, Pontiff Sarlin and Toles.

    Through Rodolfo's introduction, Zhang Tie knew that 30-odd woman named Matia while the younger one named Beryl. As to the rest man, Zhang Tie knew that he was here to make the Spencer elder not too embarrassed as he gifted the two women to him. That man was nothing but a ritual prop. Therefore, Zhang Tie didn't even want to remember his name.

    After taking a seat, they exchanged pleasantries with each other for a short while. Then, Rodolfo told them about his purpose in a very skilled way. Slow-witted guys might even not understand the meaning of this old guy.

    "The prophecy of the great prophet and Pontiff Elzida finally fulfilled. When we received this message, as a member of Slavs, iron bear tribe and our Spencers were very spirited about that. Therefore, I'm here to congratulate huge bear tribe and clan elder Peter on behalf of Spencers!"

    Soon after Rodolfo finished his words, the fat guy beside him had already took out a brocade box, put it on the table before pushing it forward.

    "We know there's a misunderstanding between clan elder Peter and Eschyle City. Therefore, we're especially here to congratulate clan elder Peter and huge bear tribe. Meanwhile, we extend our sincere apology to that we mistook you as a wanted criminal due to our negligence two months ago. We really appreciate Bluesea Business Group for correcting us. Thankfully, the misunderstanding didn't develop into a regret. Here are gold checks of about 3 million gold coins in the case. It's our sincerity. If clan elder Peter accept our apology, our Spencers would welcome clan elder Peter to visit Eschyle City at any time. We will arrange the most hospitable and solemn reception for clan elder Peter."

    After thinking about two seconds, Zhang Tie figured out four meanings in the elder's words.

    First, Spencers admitted the legality and sacredness of Peter as the clan elder of huge bear tribe. Additionally, as a member of Slavs, Eschyle City would be in consistent with huge bear tribe to a certain degree on the events that were involved with the interests of all Slavs.

    Second, Spencers had already known what Bluesea Castle had done for revoking that wanted circular. They would compensate Bluesea Business Group and would not let Bluesea Castle suffer a loss in this event.

    Third, Spencers might have no high-end fighting strength; however, they had enough money. Now that they could afford 3 million gold coins a gift, Spencers could also spend more money to support Eschyle City in the battle. By then, the two parties would suffer a loss.

    Fourth, if you agree, let your army of 100,000 warriors go back as soon as possible. After that, Spencers would welcome Peter to visit Eschyle City at any time. The two beauties also presented their sincerity.

    After thinking for a few moment, Zhang Tie finally figured out Rodolfo's words.

    'F*ck, are all these old guys that smart and hypocratical?' Zhang Tie swore inside. If they were two gang leaders, one of them would have long patted the gold checks of 300 gold coins onto the table and asked "Who will roll out of here first, you or me?" How easy would that be?

    Everyone fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie. Gouras was even worried that Zhang Tie might not understand the meaning of the old guy.

    "Let bygones be bygones. I heard the spring in Sciatta was nice. I just want to take a look over there. After resting one day in Sciatta Town, my army would turn northward and return to Costari Plain. If possible, I will pay a visit to Eschyle City next time!" Zhang Tie opened his mouth.

    Soon after the words, not only Rodolfo and the other Spencers, even Sarlin, Gouras and Toles let out a deep sigh. Everyone became reassured.

    Sciatta Town was still over 300 km away from Eschyle City. If the army of huge bear tribe finally stopped in Sciatta Town. Everyone would feel acceptable.

    Therefore, the atmosphere in the main tent became relaxed at once.

    Gouras and Toles exchanged glances with each other as they were all surprised about Zhang Tie's calmness and decisiveness. Even if Peter was chosen as the clan elder of huge bear tribe by Elzida, Peter's performance refresh the two people's recognition about him.

    After leading the army of 100,000 warriors for a few days, Peter displayed the great power of huge bear tribe, which was threatening to all tribes. Meanwhile, he gained 3 million gold coins from Eschyle City so easily. What a hopeful clan elder!

    Not until then, elder Gouras clapped. After that, a team of warriors entered and served drinks and food on the two tables...

    Naturally, the guests and the owner became happy and harmonious.


    Unexpectedly, when Rodolfo bottomed up for the clan mission in the main tent of huge bear tribe, the whole Eschyle City were sent in chaos completely after a ground-breaking explosion.

    After that explosion, the whole Iron Bear Castle became ruins. The whole city was shocked by that explosion. Many residents in Eschyle City were shocked by that explosion so much that their faces even turned utterly pale. Gradually, the eyes of some city guards who resided Eschyle City started to turn red. Meanwhile, they started to attack everyone that they saw...

    As a result, the Eschyle City was gradually filled with cries, battle calls and roars.

    The entire city started to weep...


    One hour later, when a flurried people bumped into the main tent "accompanied" by two warriors of huge bear tribe regardless of rites. He passed an emergency note that he got through remote-sensing crystal to Rodolfo. Only after one glance, Rodolfo instantly sprung up as his face turned from white to red and from red to black. Finally he spurted a mouthful of blood and fell back onto the ground.


    A few minutes later, acute and inspiring mort drifted in the camp of the huge bear tribe.

    Zhang Tie rushed into the camp of Thor's Hammer like a storm as he raised high his battle hammer.

    "Thor's Hammer, have my order! Everyone, throw away your heavy armors and supplies, only take your weapons and follow me!"

    Zhang Tie then jumped onto his xiphodon and rushed out of the camp of Thor's Hammer together with his bodyguards.

    At the same time, his bloody and fiery curtain rose into the sky...

    That was a burning banner in the chilly wind...

    That was a flying banner under the brilliant stars...

    At the sight of the rising banner and first one rushing out of the camp, all the warriors of Thor's Hammer's eyes turned red. Among endless growls, 5000 xiphodons followed up that banner in a dauntless way.

    After that, numerous hoofs boomed the ground...
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