Chapter 490: 1000 Km Gallop

    Chapter 490: 1000 Km Gallop

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    Before daybreak, a blood-red color appeared on the horizon, which was not the sunlight, but the big fire in Eschyle City below it.

    After 11 hours of gallop, Zhang Tie finally arrived at the periphery of Eschyle City together with his Thor's Hammer.

    After running over 1000 km, even the strongest xiphodons felt very fatigued at this moment.

    In the cold wild, after running over night, the 5000-odd xiphodons were like red iron pots being sprayed with cold water as each of them were steaming.

    This was a small hillside right over 20 km away in the northwest of Eschyle City. A limpid stream flew by the hillside from its foot. Even though Zhang Tie was very anxious inside, he had to stop Thor's Hammer and take a rest in order to deal with the coming fierce battle.

    No matter how powerful a bolt was, when its energy was exhausted, it could barely break a thin silk cloth. Although it looked cool to rush towards Eschyle City from 1 km away, it was a huge challenge to both cavalries and xiphodons. Cavalries still stuck to it; however, xiphodons were already very tired. If they did not take a rest for a short while, Thor's Hammer's fighting performance would decline.

    "Rest half an hour. Then, we will set out!"

    Soon after Zhang Tie delivered his order, all the cavalries jumped off the xiphodons silently. However, none of the cavalries took a rest; instead, they started to help their xiphodons relax themselves and recover energy. This skill had to be mastered by cavalries, which was concluded by the cavalries of the huge bear tribe after hundreds of years of practices. It was a kind of a massage. After the whole massage, the xiphodons' physical strength and running ability could recover rapidly.

    Of course, Zhang Tie didn't know about this skill. However, he had another method. After jumping off his xiphodon, Zhang Tie pasted his palm onto xiphodon's body. After locking the xiphodon's stomach with his powerful spirit, Zhang Tie directly injected 6 vials of all-purpose medicament into his stomach from Castle of Black Iron.

    This method was taught by Heller when he disguised as the God underground. When his spirit was powerful enough and the opponent was relaxed, the substance was carried out of Castle of Black Iron could penetrate into the opponent's cell walls in disperse pattern. In this case, Zhang Tie could directly inject water, all-purpose medicament or recovery medicament into the opponent's stomach.

    Zhang Tie implemented this in the name of the "God's will" by touching the patients to cure them.

    Of course, some had noticed Zhang Tie's movement; however, they didn't pay special attention to that. When Zhang Tie left the xiphodon and climbed onto the top of the hill to observe the situation in Eschyle City in the distance with some people, one of Zhang Tie's bodyguard walked towards his xiphodon to massage it. However, he found that Zhang Tie's xiphodon had already recovered its physical strength, which arouse the curiosity of the nearby warriors...

    Zhang Tie climbed onto the top of the hill and watched the big fire in Eschyle City in the distance. He clenched his fist as a painful expression flashed across his eyes. Zhang Tie knew that people would die every second in Eschyle City.

    If he was alone, Zhang Tie would have long rushed towards Eschyle City at once. However, as the general of Thor's Hammer, he had to be responsible for those people who handed their lives to him. He could not send those pious warriors into dilemma due to his warm blood and impulsion.

    Therefore, even if Eschyle City was covered with blood at this moment, the Thor's Hammer had to rest here for half an hour at least.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie finally understood the proverb "Kind people are not suitable to rule the army", because no matter whatever decision he made, he would always have to sacrifice many lives.

    Clenching his fist, Zhang Tie kept his eyes closed for a couple of seconds. After opening his eyes, he looked more decisive.

    Zhang Tie was followed by Roslav, Waajid and some generals of Thor's Hammer. At the sight of the city full of wails in the fire, they all looked very solemn.

    After a boom, Iron Bear Castle was completely destroyed by an alchemist's bomb. Spencer clan suffered a great loss. The command center of the clan was paralyzed at once. They still didn't know about the casualties in Spencer clan because of that boom. They were only told that the elites of Spencer clan were holding a conference in Iron Bear Castle when Iron Bear Castle was destroyed by an alchemist's bomb. Closely after that, a lot of demon puppets appeared in Eschyle City, turning this city into a hell at once.

    The earliest demon puppets were transformed by at least 80,000 city guards in Eschyle City. No one knew how many commoners in Eschyle City were transformed into demon puppets.

    That was why Zhang Tie insisted on rushing towards here. The appearance of demon puppets indicated that demons or three-eye association were involved in it.

    The most important thing in front of them were the number of demon puppets and whether they were controlled by puppet worms. After the event in Heavens Cold City, Zhang Tie deeply knew the terror of demon puppets. If demon puppets were controlled by puppet worms, it would be more terrifying.

    Right then, under the gaze of everyone on the top of the hill, a cavalry of about 50 people soon reached the foot of the hill while hefting a banner of the huge bear tribe.

    After receiving the intelligence from Eschyle City last night, Zhang Tie had already ordered the vanguard of the huge bear tribe to save as more people as possible in Eschyle City. Therefore, the vanguard of 3000 cavalries arrived here in a few hours ago.

    The leader of the cavalry was soon guided by Zhang Tie and the other generals of Thor's Hammer.

    "Clan elder!" the enterprising leader stood upright. Meanwhile, he raised his right hand forward and punched onto his left chest at once as a military salute.

    "How is the situation in Eschyle City?" Zhang Tie put it straight.

    "It's very chaotic. The whole city was disordered. People were killed everywhere. Our team has just arrived there for less than 2 hours. Given the chaotic situation in Eschyle City, we didn't dig deep into it. Under the command of the leader, we grabbed the north gate of Eschyle City and opened it so that the alive people could escape out of there!"

    "How many demon puppets are there in the City?"

    "At least 600,000 people, among them were at least 150,000 regular soldiers in Eschyle City. As demon puppets killed every alive people they saw. Few soldiers who had not been demonized were still fighting those demon puppets. Spencer have already lost their control of this city. Everyone is fighting for themselves!"

    "Were those demonized puppets acting like a well-organized army? Did they look like being commanded by others?"

    "My vanguards have already fought some demonized puppets. They are too crazy to be killed; however, they are poorly organized. They just killed every alive man they saw!"

    Zhang Tie thought about it for a few seconds, "Do you know the most populated place of demonized puppets?"

    "I was told by some residents escaping out of the city that the most populated place of demonized puppets was near the Iron Bear Castle of Spencer clan!"

    "Near the Iron Bear Castle?" Zhang Tie considered it for a short while before sighing inside. "Spencer clan is over. The Iron Bear Castle and its neighborhood was where the most of the Spencers lived." However, now, Iron Bear Castle was boomed into pieces. After pouring in another hundreds of thousands of demonized puppets from the neighborhood, how many Spencers could still survive such a catastrophe would be a question.

    Although having not seen it himself, Zhang Tie could almost confirm that the maternal puppet worm was in the Iron Bear Castle. Perhaps that boom killed that maternal puppet along with the Iron Bear Castle. Therefore, so many demonized puppets gathered around the Iron Bear Castle.

    "Fine, I know. Go back and tell your vanguard head. Guard the north gate of Eschyle City. The Thor's Hammer would arrive soon!"

    "Yes, sir!" the team leader punched onto his chest once again towards Zhang Tie before leaving the top of the hill rapidly.

    Zhang Tie glanced at those generals of Thor's Hammer. After hearing the words of the team leader, the generals of Thor's Hammer didn't look worried; instead, they looked faintly excited as their eyes glittered.

    The catastrophe facing Spencer clan and the chaotic situation in Eschyle City was indeed a good chance for the huge bear tribe.

    "Bring me the map of Eschyle City!"

    Closely after Zhang Tie's words, an adviser among the generals opened a metal cylinder and took out of the map of Eschyle City from it.

    For various tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness, as long as the army set out, each troop had to take maps of the other tribes' habitation, especially Eschyle City. They could buy one in Eschyle City at the cost of a couple of silver coins. They could dispatch some people here to look around the Eschyle City before drawing a military map on the basis of the original map.

    After opening the water-proof military map and pressing the four corners of the map with some fluorite lamps, the generals of Thor's Hammer stood aside and watched the map while holding their breaths. Zhang Tie watched it for a short while before drawing a circle of about 5-6 square kilometers by a red pen centered in the Iron Bear Castle of Eschyle City. After that, he started to deploy the battle plan...
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