Chapter 491: A Bloody Suppression

    Chapter 491: A Bloody Suppression

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    Zhang Tie's plan was very simple; to clean all the demonized puppets on the three main horizontal avenues and three main longitudinal avenues using the force and speed of Thor's Hammer in Eschyle City around the red circle. Additionally, to break through the city gates being linked to the 6 main avenues so as to create a tunnel for those alive to escape out of the city.

    Being different from common maps, the widths and depths of the six avenues on the military map of Eschyle City had been marked for the convenience of the xiphodons or common rhino-horse cavalries.

    Zhang Tie only had one requirement about Thor's Hammer in the whole plan--In any case, maintain the maneuverability and speed of the troops. Keep moving; otherwise, once being surrounded by the demonized puppets, the Thor's Hammer would be gnawed sooner or later like fierce tigers being trapped in marsh.

    As the others had not fought the demonized puppets before, they could hardly sense the terror of the demonized puppets, not to mention that they could make a battle plan like Zhang Tie. Whereas, as Zhang Tie had already experienced the similar battles in Heavens Cold City, he was very familiar with the battle patterns of those demonized puppets. Furthermore, he knew it clearly how to defeat demonized puppets using his own advantages.

    If the Thor's Hammer included 50,000 warriors, perhaps Zhang Tie would consider to take a look in the neighborhood of the Iron Bear Castle. However, in the current situation, it was really not sensible to crash that hard bone with Thor's Hammer.

    "As the military officials and generals of Thor's Hammer, you have to keep one thing in mind after leading your troops into Eschyle City, 'If you lose your speed, you will lose your life.' The first battle of Thor's Hammer will sustain until this 12:00 am. By then, you have to retreat from the north gate. After that, you will converge outside the north gate and take a rest. I don't expect to see any cavalry of Thor's Hammer being trapped in the city by then. Although casualties cannot be avoided, I don't allow any member of Thor's Hammer to die unless on the back of xiphodons while in movement, if possible. Am I clear?"

    As Zhang Tie was so solemn, all the military officers and generals of Thor's Hammer nodded solemnly.

    "Well, go pass my order to your warriors. We will set out on time!"

    All the generals and military officials heavily pounded their own left chests.


    Half an hour was actually very temporary. After the cavalries of Thor's Hammer finished massaging their xiphodons and allowed them to drink water, they took a rest for less than 5 minutes. When the twilight exposed in the skyline, the troop set out once again.

    Speed, speed, speed--this was what their colonel required them. Each cavalry of Thor's Hammer kept this in mind.

    When it was still over 10 km away from Eschyle City, they saw many residents escaping out of the city in a flurried way.

    These people were awakened from their fears by the booms of the xiphodons' hoofs. They hurriedly gave a way to the xiphodons in front of them. Hiding aside, they widely opened their eyes as they saw this batch of powerful cavalries flashing before them.

    "Papa...who...are them?" a 11-12 year-old boy asked his father with his frightening eyes fixed on a male xiphodon which he had never seen before escaping out of the city while standing on an earth slope.

    Looking at those xiphodons, his dad became silent for a short while with a complicated look while his face was still sprayed with some blood stains. Only one tribe could afford so many xiphodon cavalries at once across Ice and Snow Wilderness. This must be the army of 100,000 warriors of this tribe, which had frightened the entire Eschyle City these days.

    "They...they are the King's Knights Regiment!"

    At this moment, the man didn't know that the King's Knights Regiment had been changed to Thor's Hammer.

    "King's Knights Regiment..." the little boy stared at the backs of those strong cavalries who were darting towards Eschyle City. From then on, the tough backs and the fierce beasts left a deep impression in the little boy's heart, which would accompany with him for the rest of his life.

    When some escaped out of that hell, some rushed into that hell!

    The little boy was very innocent.


    In a wink, the north gate of Eschyle City appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

    When Zhang Tie arrived at the north gate, he saw the 3000 vanguards of the huge bear tribe fighting 6000-9000 demonized puppets. They were fighting from the outside of north city gate to the doorway.

    The moment the vanguards heard the hoofs of xiphodons of the Thor's Hammer, they instantly gave a way to them, allowing thousands of demonized puppets to rush out of the city through the doorway with grim, bloody eyes.

    Seeing this ugly demonized puppets, a killing thought flashed across Zhang Tie's mind. He knew that the real people had died, all these were bugs cultivated by demons which were manipulating and profaning the human corpses...

    The moment those demonized puppets rushed out of the city, they had seen the xiphodons surging towards them.

    Closely after that, constant sounds of breaking bones, tendons and breaking jars of pickled vegetables dropping onto the ground from 3rd or 4th floor drifted from the north gate of Eschyle City.

    A lot of demonized puppets were bumped and sent flying back dozens of meters. Each demonized puppet struck by a xiphodon could collide a lot of its kind onto the ground like a flying flesh balls. As for those being collided onto the ground, before they climbed up, they had already been kicked back onto the ground by the hoofs of xiphodons.

    The cavalries then reached out their long javelins and stabbed into the heads of those demonized puppets precisely and sharply. After that, they shook their javelin and directly injected their surging battle Qi inside, exploding the heads of demonized puppets.

    Zhang Tie rushed ahead of the Thor's Hammer. Each time he waved his terrifying battle hammer, he would split a demonized puppet's body into pieces like a broken porcelain, sending them flying back to dozens of meters and shooting down a great number of demonized puppets.

    The deputy regimental commander behind Zhang Tie was thrashing his iron javelin horizontally towards those demonized puppets like using a common wooden stick, causing rows of demonized puppets to fly backwards in weird gestures.

    A qizhang's javelin was connected with 5 or 6 struggling demonized puppets like sugar-coated haws [1]. After the qizhang's battle Qi flashed by, it blew up all the demonized puppets...

    Under the gaze of the 3000 vanguards, the 5000 cavalries of Thor's Hammer formed a triangular arrowhead. After that, the arrowhead rolled towards the 7000-8000 demonized puppets like how a herd of mad cattle trampled on the roadside scarecrows without declining their speed.

    After that, the arrowhead penetrated through the north gate of Eschyle City and disappeared in front of them, leaving a hundreds of meters long flesh swamp. Only a few of the 7000-8000 demonized puppets were left there. They were standing on two sides of the flesh swamp with a confusing look and looking around, seemingly could not figure out what was happening.

    This was Thor's Hammer, the most powerful warriors in Ice and Snow Wilderness led by the clan elder.

    After a couple of seconds, the 3000 vanguards yelled. Soon after that, they swarmed back and killed all the rest alive puppets. By then, they took control of the north gate of Eschyle City once again.

    Zhang Tie was also shocked by the first battle. Such a powerful cavalry was dreamed by each commander. Zhang Tie was sure that this team's fighting strength could rank within top five even top three across Blackson Humans Clan on the premise of the same population, not to mention in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    However, there were thousands of human cavalry teams across Blackson Humans Clan.

    After rushing into the north gate of Eschyle City, the Thor's Hammer didn't stop. Instead, they split into three parts. Zhang Tie led 2000 of them forward while each of the two deputy regimental commanders led 1500 of them towards the two sides.

    Like plows, the three cavalries plowed towards south along three main avenues in Eschyle City...


    The six main thoroughfares were very broad. Benefited from the developed industry, commerce and trade in Eschyle City, the width of each thoroughfare was greater than 40 m.

    As curfew was implemented these days in the Eschyle City, no vehicle or traffic tool could be seen in the thoroughfares across the city.

    Based on Zhang Tie's experiences, in such case, the average people in the city might be hiding in their homes or chose hidden and safe paths to escape out of the city together with their friends and neighbors. Those who were fighting demonized puppets would also take advantage of the terrains. Nobody dared to swagger in the main thoroughfares so as to attract the attention of those demonized puppets unless they wanted to die. However, those who really wanted to seek for death could not be more dead at this moment.

    Therefore, those who were swaggering in the main thoroughfares of Eschyle City were all demonized puppets. What was there in front of Zhang Tie verified his judgment.

    Seeing those demonized puppets rushing towards his xiphodon with bloody eyes, Zhang Tie roared as he waved his battle hammer to suppress them all with the help of his 2000 warriors of Thor's Hammer...

    As they moved forward, the road behind was gradually paved with fleshes and rolling heads.

    Facing those slow-witted demonized puppets who only knew about killing using their instinct, Thor's Hammer had an overwhelming advantage. In the broad main thoroughfares, all the cavalries of Thor's Hammer only needed to do this; kept the formation, followed the team, raised their javelins, charged, charged and charged forward.

    No demonized puppets could block such a cavalry.

    If demonized puppets had high intelligence, they would set road blocks or change their tactics and fighting ways. In this way, they could bring huge trouble to the cavalries of Thor's Hammer.

    However, as these demonized puppet couldn't grow mature due to the death of the maternal puppet worm, they only knew about killing and destroying others. They had no intelligence at all. Therefore, they did two things to Thor's Hammer--rushed toward the cavalries while waving their arms; shrilled towards the cavalries of Thor's Hammer out of fury and chased after them.

    However, the Thor's Hammer only did one thing--each team chose one horizontal and one longitudinal main thoroughfares and kept galloping their xiphodons in them.

    At the beginning, the two deputy regimental commanders didn't understand Zhang Tie's order--keep galloping their xiphodons in the main thoroughfares. In their mind, after killing those demonized puppets in the main thoroughfares twice, they would have no demonized puppet to kill anymore; however, when they made a round trip in their own main thoroughfares, they found they could not clean them all at all as the other demonized puppets in the far would soon arrive after hearing the shrills of their same kind...

    What the two deputy regimental commanders needed to do was to keep "refreshing" the roads to and fro like a road roller together with their cavalries on the terrain which was most beneficial for xiphodons to play their role.

    Before arrival, no general of Thor's Hammer had imagined that they would fight this way...
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