Chapter 493: Only for Peace of Mind

    Chapter 493: Only for Peace of Mind

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    It took Zhang Tie's team less than 20 minutes to arrive from the north gate to the Duhaer Avenue after killing dozens of demonized puppets on the way.

    Duhaer Avenue was a common place in the west of Eschyle City. There were all sorts of commercial firms and buildings of 4-5 storeys on both sides of the avenue.

    Many gates of the commercial firms on the first floor of the buildings was broken. The avenue was covered with over 100 corpses and blood stains.

    When they arrived here, they saw a group of demonized puppets who were squatting on the roadside and tearing some fresh corpses.

    "Kill them!" Zhang Tie muffled his voice as he charged towards the demonized puppets right away.

    Feeling enemy rushing towards them, those demonized puppets instantly raised their bloody face from the incomplete corpses and darted towards Zhang Tie's team.

    Roslav and Waajid were both LV 10 strong fighters, the other members except for Zhang Tie were all above LV 7. Therefore, before those demonized puppets arrived in front of Zhang Tie, a lot of them had been stricken down by Roslav and Waajid.

    Holding a common long sword, Zhang Tie only chopped off the ugly heads of the two demonized puppets before the battle came to an end.

    Before the next batch of demonized puppets arrived, the whole avenue became quiet temporarily. Because the population of demonized puppets in Eschyle City was less than that in Heavens Cold City. Heavens Cold City was where most of the people became demonized puppets and was the real hell. In that city, each step should be meticulous. If the current situation in Eschyle City was the same as that in Heavens Cold City, Zhang Tie would never let Thor's Hammer involve in, no matter how sharp Thor's Hammer was. Facing millions of dauntless demonized puppets, each step forward was like facing a flesh wall of dozens of meters in thickness. In that case, it was nothing different than sending them for death by dispatching army in.

    It snowed heavily while the white snow formed a sharp contrast with the blood stains in the avenue, which felt very cruel.

    After jumping over a roadside metal barrier, Zhang Tie rushed forward while looking at the door-numbers on either side of the streets and names of those small commercial firms or stores.

    When No. 176 in Duhaer appeared in front of Zhang Tie, he felt a bit cold inside as the gate had been broken while some fresh blood and broken glass were spread over the steps outside the gate.

    There was a blue signboard called Isle & Mays Commercial Firm on the broken gate.

    Zhang Tie rushed in, followed by his men.

    Behind a counter on the first floor, a young man's neck was bitten off while the fresh blood was flowing over the floor. Nobody else was in the 1st floor. However, hearing the loud sound on the 2nd floor, Zhang Tie instantly rushed upstairs.

    It was a warehouse on the 2nd floor while many goods were piled inside. Nobody was in. Therefore, Zhang Tie rushed to the 3rd floor.

    The 3rd floor was more chaotic. The moment he rushed to the entrance of the stairs, Zhang Tie had already seen a demonized puppet twisting its head and reaching its hand towards the axe head on his shoulder. However, as the axe head was deeply stuck into its shoulder and the handle was on his back, the demonized puppet could not take it off.

    Seeing Zhang Tie rushing up, that demonized puppet became shocked for a second. Closely after that, Zhang Tie waved his sword and chopped of its head, sending it flying in the air.

    After passing by two rooms on the 3rd floor, Zhang Tie found the source of the sound. Five demonized puppets were hacking a metal door crazily using axes and various objects. As they hacked it, they uttered terrifying shrills.

    However, after each hack, some kids inside the door would burst out a scream of terror.

    Waajid instantly rushed forward and chopped off the heads of the five demonized puppets. After swaying on the ground for a while, the headless corpses finally fell down while the rich bloody smell instantly spread in the narrow corridor.

    Zhang Tie walked over there and found that door had already been transformed while some steel bars being linked into the wall had been exposed. Zhang Tie slightly waved his head, "If I didn't come here, I really wonder how long would it stand."

    Zhang Tie grabbed the door-frame of the metal door. After releasing his barbarous strength, he instantly pulled open the metal door, causing a crack.

    When the metal door fell down, an axe was thrown out from inside.

    "Stop, Isle, it's me!" Zhang Tie instantly caught the handle of the axe as he pulled that mad guy out of there.

    This guy was a friend that Zhang Tie made on Polar Light, a small businessman in Eschyle City who was especially in food and fur trade.

    At this moment, Isle's face was completely pale with bloody eyes while his clothes were covered with some blood stains. If the other cavalries of Thor's Hammer caught sight of his red eyes, they might have already killed him.

    After being rocked heavily by Zhang Tie twice, Isle finally woke up. He glanced at the headless corpses, then Zhang Tie with his eyes widely opened in an unbelievable way.


    Zhang Tie glance at that narrow room and found a 20-odd woman was tightly hugging her two kids while huddling up at a corner with a frightened look.

    The elder kid was a 5-6 year old boy who looked a bit like Isle while the younger one was a 2-3 year old girl. The woman covered their eyes with her hands as she didn't want them to see the scene when the door was broken.

    At the sight of a safe, Zhang Tie guessed that this room might be the financial affairs office of this commercial firm. As something important was put inside, the door was a solid metal door. When in danger, Isle's family just hid here; unexpectedly, their lives were saved.

    "Hurry up, call all of your family members out. We have to leave out of here right now!"

    "Peter, why are you here?"

    "It's a long story. I will tell you on the way!"

    "Mays, come out, he is our friend!" saying that, Isle turned around and ran into the small room. He hugged that little boy and covered his face into his chest to hide the bloody scene of outside. After that, he walked out with the woman who he called Mays.

    "Isle, are they your kids and wife?"


    "After a while we have to leave out of here. Women and children may not be able to keep pace. For safety reasons, only people can carry them away!"

    "As long as you can take my little Kevin and Tess out of here, Isle and I could stay here. We will never bring trouble to you..." Isle's wife glanced at Zhang Tie and his men. Feeling that they were powerful fighters, she said that very decisively.

    Zhang Tie was moved by the braveness and maternal love of Isle's woman. After hearing Mays' words, Isle also nodded towards Zhang Tie in a solemn way.

    At the critical moment, both the parents hoped to save their kids.

    "Mom, don't leave me...wuhwuh..."


    Although the two kids were hugged by Isle and Mays and couldn't see what happened outside, they could hear what their parents were talking about. After hearing their mom's suggestion, the two kids both cried as they tightened their grip.

    Seeing this, Zhang Tie took a deep breath as he put one hand onto Isle's shoulder heavily "Isle, do you believe in me?"

    Isle nodded.

    "I will carry your family members out of here, including you, your wife and your two kids for sure!"


    After a couple of minutes, Zhang Tie's bodyguards carried Isle's kids and his wife as they rushed out of the Isle & Mays Commercial Firm towards the north gate along the path they came from.

    As it was too terrifying outside, Isle's wife took two pieces of handkerchiefs and covered her kids' eyes. Additionally, she didn't allow her kids to open their eyes.

    Even after carrying a person, the fighters were still running very fast at a speed of 100 m per second. Although Isle was healthy and young, he also lit some surging points. However, after following them over 500 m, Isle had been panting heavily.

    "Peter, leave me here..."

    Before Isle finished his words, Zhang Tie, who had been paying attention to him, immediately grabbed him and carried him on the back.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's movement, his bodyguards were shocked inside as all of them felt like being injected with a boiling flow...

    Roslav and Waajid hurriedly rushed to Zhang Tie's side. They wanted to say something; however, after seeing Zhang Tie's eyes, they didn't say anything.

    Isle instantly burst into tears...

    Zhang Tie felt that it was his responsibility to help most of the residents to escape out of this city through the safe paths that had been cleaned by Thor's Hammer.

    At this moment, he also thought that he should carry his friend out of here.

    When he rushed in the north gate with Thor's Hammer, he had thought about taking Isle out; however, that whim just flashed across his mind. He soon rejected that idea due to the rigorous situation. At this moment, seeing that Isle's family members were safe, Zhang Tie was very satisfied; thankfully, he had no regret about that.

    Zhang Tie knew that he might not save everyone, neither would he satisfy everyone; What he did was only to be not regretful and for peace of mind. As to what other big figures would do facing such a situation, it was nothing to do with him...


    Right then, a dangerous person on the roof of a 10-odd storey building on the roadside over 100 m away instantly stopped when he saw Zhang Tie carrying Isle on his back. He had been following Zhang Tie since Zhang Tie entered Eschyle City for the second time.

    That was an old man with silver hair. Standing on the roof of the building, he looked as steady as a mountain.

    Seeing Zhang Tie running fast with Isle on his back, the old man looked sophisticated while the last bit of killing intent in his eyes gradually disappeared. After a long while, the old man let out a deep sigh as he looked at the direction of the Iron Bear Castle. As he moved his feet, he disappeared from the roof of the building. When he reappeared, he was already on the roof of another building over 300 m away...

    After this person left this building in less than 10 seconds, the snow had started to twist weirdly in the sky. After that, a pair of blurry, profound eyes appeared like an inverted image on water. After a glance at that old man, it immediately disappeared.

    When the blurry image appeared again, although the old man had already arrived at the Iron Bear Castle almost 10 km away from here, his body became stiff for a second as he turned around and looked at that direction where he stood just now...


    Over 200 km away in the northwest of Sciatta Town, Pontiff Sarlin opened his eyes...


    The next noon, when the army of 100,000 warriors of the huge bear tribe arrived at Eschyle City, the periphery of the whole Eschyle City had become a huge refugee camp. In a recent couple of days, millions of people escaping out of Eschyle City had already occupied each available place within dozens of kilometers of Eschyle City with tents or movable wooden cabins.

    Those refugees filled all the small towns nearby Eschyle City. Some brave people even directly crowded in the commercial area from the south gate of Eschyle City to the harbor area as they were waiting for the day to return to Eschyle City.

    The periphery of the whole Eschyle City had been overcrowded; thankfully, the basic order was maintained...
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