Chapter 494: The Negotiation

    Chapter 494: The Negotiation

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    When the army of the huge bear tribe arrived, Zhang Tie had already finished today's "cleaning mission" in the six main thoroughfares of Eschyle City with 1000 xiphodon cavalries.

    After the 5000 xiphodon cavalries finished their mission in Eschyle City that morning, besides those being wounded, all the others were divided into four groups, 1000 for each. They entered Eschyle City one group after another to constantly clean the demonized puppets in three horizontal and three longitudinal main thoroughfares.

    For Thor's Hammer, this was a very simple mission. Each group only needed to rush one time in 6 main thoroughfares before returning. It only took each group 2 hours to complete their mission. After resting 6 hours, they started the second strike.

    In such a wheel war, the six main thoroughfares were unimpeded. Therefore, a lot of residents escaped out of there. Meanwhile, the demonized puppets in the city gradually decreased.

    Within two days, over 150,000 demonized puppets had been killed by Thor's Hammer.

    After putting on the armors and the protective gear that were found in the combat readiness warehouse, the cavalries of Thor's Hammer were well protected in the later actions. No soldiers were heavily wounded anymore. Most of the wounds were minor.

    The moment Zhang Tie came out of the north gate, he had seen the army of the huge bear tribe. They were pitching tents on the riverside in the north of the city.

    At this moment, it was already immense white in the wild. After snowing for 24 hours, the accumulated snow on the ground had been as thick as 15 cm. The warriors of the huge bear tribe moved away the snow and nailed their tents onto the ground.

    At the sight of the army of 100,000 warriors, Zhang Tie finally let out a sigh, "As the demonized puppets in Eschyle City have been cracked down, it's time for the huge bear tribe to negotiate with Spencer clan."

    After this battle, Zhang Tie didn't know how many people were left alive in Spencer clan. Over 20,000 guards of Spencer clan escaped out of the city. Based on such a small population, they could not control the entire city anymore. Zhang Tie knew that even though the huge bear tribe didn't occupy Eschyle City, the powers that envy about the resources of Eschyle City would not give up this opportunity either.

    Spencer clan was in various crisis. Its foundation in ruling Eschyle City had been completely shaken. In the past two days, there was already a gossip that the one who arouse this tragedy was Pears, a member of Spencer clan. As the former clan elder, he not only brought an alchemist's bomb into Iron Bear Castle, but also activated the puppet worms across the city, including the army.

    It was not the ordinary people who came out with this news, but some military officers of the city guards in Eschyle City. At this moment, after suffering such a huge catastrophe, everyone escaped out of the Eschyle City was furious. As such an accident happened in the city under the rule of Spencer clan, although Spencer clan also suffered a great loss, especially a great amount of city guards became demonized puppets, Spencer clan should shoulder the responsibility.


    When the night fell again, the wind and snow grew fiercer. The wuthering sound of north wind drifted everywhere. Not only Eschyle City, even the entire land started to sleep in the darkness.

    Besides some guards who were residing and controlling the city gates of Eschyle City, even the demonized puppets slowed their action in the city.

    Zhang Tie cancelled the action of Thor's Hammer in this evening. Everyone just stayed in the camp to recover themselves, including the army of 100,000 warriors of the huge bear tribe.

    Almost everyone knew that a big war was going to break out tomorrow. However, before the big war, the huge bear tribe could negotiate with Spencer clan tonight--the huge bear tribe would not bleed for the interests of the iron bear tribe while Spencer clan would not just gift Eschyle City to the huge bear tribe unconditionally.

    The result of the negotiation tonight would determine the future of Eschyle City.

    At this moment, almost all the senior military officers of the huge bear tribe had gathered in a tent not far from the main tent. When they waited for the news from the main tent, they started to do tactical deduction for Thor's Hammer on the new sand table of Eschyle City.

    After the army of huge bear tribe arrived, they were immediately shocked by the brilliant military exploits of Thor's Hammer. Killed 150,000 enemies safely without losing even a single warrior, if not happened to their own troop, nobody would believe in that.

    The tactical deduction on the sand table was implemented by some senior military officers. When the deputy regimental commander of Thor's Hammer was explaining about the details, the other military officers had fixed their eyes on the sand table while standing on the side.

    After the result of the rigorous deduction came out, all the military officers in the tent became silent. Nobody knew what to say. They were all in awe of Peter for the time when he chose to attack Eschyle City and the brilliant military exploits of Thor's Hammer under his leadership.

    Although not everyone had witnessed the man's manifestation of the God's will in the underground but everyone witnessed the "God's will" that he manifested on the ground.

    Right then, Spencer clan finally posed their bottomline in the main tent not far from this tent.

    Only two people of Spencer clan were qualified to negotiate with the huge bear tribe, Rodolfo that Zhang Tie had seen a couple of days ago and another knight whom Zhang Tie had not seen before.

    Pontiff Sarlin told Zhang Tie that the elder was Turin, the only knight of Spencer clan.

    For knights, their ages could be hardly identified. Although elder Turin looked only 60-70 years old, if not being warned by Pontiff Sarlin, Zhang Tie actually would not believe that this guy was over 200 years old.

    Elder Turin looked icy. Since he entered the main tent, he didn't speak at all with his eyes closed. In the whole process of negotiation, elder Rodolfo was negotiating with Toles and Gouras of the huge bear tribe on behalf of Spencer clan. The old man kept his eyes closed until the two parties showed their hands when he looked at Zhang Tie.

    "If you agree, Eschyle City will be your personal territory from then on, including all the human resources, materials and wealth of Spencer clan and the numerous resources that Eschyle City contains. If you don't agree, from tomorrow, Spencer clan will exert its full efforts to fight the huge bear tribe to the end for its own benefit! Although Spencer clan could fall or perish but we would never survive ourselves as timid as a rabbit!" Elder Turin opened his mouth, making the main tent colder.

    At this moment, everyone silently fixed their eyes on Zhang Tie, including Pontiff Sarlin, Toles and Gouras and waited for Zhang Tie's final decision.

    Zhang Tie was considering it carefully. The condition of Spencer clan was very simple--Eschyle City would be incorporated into the huge bear tribe as Zhang Tie's private territory. He could enjoy everything in Eschyle City. However, Zhang Tie had to marry some Spencer women and had babies with them. All the kids' family name should be Spencer. In the future, the Eschyle City could only be inherited by one of those Spencer kids, even the new clan elders of Spencer clan had to be succeeded by one of those Spencer kids.

    This was Spencer's plan to the future of Eschyle City.

    Zhang Tie felt that this condition was really shrewd. He really wandered who thought out this condition. Only through simple inter-marriage and inheritance, the huge bear tribe and Spencer clan both would feel like owning Eschyle City.

    "Based on such a condition, Spencer clan would not suffer any loss. After tiding over the current difficulty with the help of me and the huge bear tribe, they would have the whole city once again. I would not suffer any loss either. As they are my children, if they had equal powers over Eschyle City, they would not cause a loss to the huge bear tribe. As the head of the huge bear tribe, my willingness is also the willingness of the huge bear tribe. Even in the future, the one who rules this city would also be the son of the clan elder of the huge bear tribe."

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he had to experience a political inter-marriage so fast.

    Actually, no man would refuse such a condition. The only condition for you was to have others' money, women, foundation and resources, to have your son succeed to all of this!

    Zhang Tie was also a man, a man who would not do bad things or limit himself with too many moral sentiments.

    Therefore, only after thinking for half a minute, Zhang Tie had nodded before saying, "I agree!"


    Only after a few minutes, the result of this negotiation had been passed to the tent of the military officers in the tent not far from that main tent. After hearing this result, everybody yelled. From today on, the one who ruled this city would be their Lord and the offsprings of their Lord. They didn't care whether the Lord's kids were male or female.

    "Prepare for the battle. We will kill all the demonized puppets in Eschyle City tomorrow!"

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