Chapter 496: The Iron-Blood Fist Intention

    Chapter 496: The Iron-Blood Fist Intention

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    The airship soon arrived above the Iron Bear Castle and started to circle over 100 m high in the air. After that, the airdrop hatch was opened and filled with cold wind immediately.

    Seeing the black points of demonized puppets down there, everyone in the airship drew in a cold breath, It was nothing different than putting themselves in the circle of hundreds of thousands of demonized puppets.

    "Lord..." Roslav wanted to say something.

    "No more persuasion. Whatsoever, if I cannot bear that, at least I can escape away!" Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he waved his hands. After that, he looked at the red faces of his bodyguards and Waajid, "I will go down alone. This is my own battle. But I treasure my life very much; I won't play jokes about my life. It's not good for you to go down there!"

    Everyone became silent.

    The cable wire being put down reminded Zhang Tie of the spiral rotachute in Huaiyuan Palace. Pitifully, that object was too expensive. Many aspects were relatively underdeveloped in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Nobody would like to establish any airship troops which would cost a lot. Therefore, those objects being matched for elites could not be seen here. "If I'm still in Hidden Dragon Island, I might have already learned how to use rotachute. Whereas, I have to accept the fact."

    After revealing a smile to the others, Zhang Tie put on his dark tore gloves before sliding off by the cable wire.

    Gouras glanced at Elder Turin of Spencer clan, who also revealed a smile. Seeing Zhang Tie sliding off the wire, Turin's eyes glittered, "We can pull him back if he couldn't stand anymore. This man is very special. Only such a talent is qualified to own Eschyle City. A Lord having not experienced bloody fight was nothing different than a lion in cage."


    The moment Zhang Tie jumped out of the hatch, he felt much colder. The wuthering north wind drilled in Zhang Tie's collar through the gaps between the pieces of his armor. Zhang Tie was ready for the battle right away.

    This scene reminded Zhang Tie of his experience in raiding Heavens Cold City by the airship of Huaiyuan Palace several months ago. He jumped off the airship like how he did last time. When he declined quickly in the air, Zhang Tie realized that he preferred joining such a battle himself than sitting high in the warm command hatch to watch his army fighting. Compared to that role as a commander who had to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of soldiers, he was more suitable and excel at being responsible for himself in the battle.

    "Is this the nature that I'm born with?"

    Some people would like to control everything at a high position while some people would prefer to practice something themselves at the cost of their own sweat and efforts.

    I should be the second kind of people.

    When this whim in his mind broke apart and disappeared, those grim faces gazing at Zhang Tie became clearer...

    After loosing his grip, Zhang Tie instantly landed. After that, he bounced towards those demonized puppets who were rushing towards him. Meanwhile, he waved his dark tore gloves; with a blurry shadow, the sharp edge of the pair of gloves flashed by the necks of a pile of demonized puppets who were wearing the military uniforms of the city guards of Eschyle City, sending their heads flying in the air.

    Closely after that, Zhang Tie kicked out consecutively like a windmill, releasing his iron-blood battle Qi at the same time, booming a great number of demonized puppets into pieces around him.

    Uttering shrills, the other demonized puppets charged towards Zhang Tie from all aspects at once.

    "Kill!" Zhang Tie roared as he pounced at them; he was attacking his enemies with his hands, feet, shoulders, elbows and knees in each movements.

    There was no road or space in front of him anymore as they were all crowded with red-eyed demonized puppets.

    However, Zhang Tie chose a "killing" road using his force...

    As he was surrounded by densely populated demonized puppets, Zhang Tie also gradually increased his speed and used his movements in a handsome way. He punched 12 times and kicked 6 times. As a result, 18 demonized puppets were boomed into pieces at once, spraying their flesh and blood all over the ground.

    At that moment, everyone was watching Zhang Tie's battle in the airship. They could only see constant blossoming red flowers which were cruel, horrible and beautiful. Magically, they could not even move their eyes away from that.

    However, there were really too many demonized puppets, especially down there. The battle, the bloody smell and the constant shrills attracted more demonized puppets.

    Those in the airship could only see the surging heads of demonized puppets on the ground. Bloody flowers always blossomed around Zhang Tie. However, narrowing space was available for Zhang Tie to move. Facing hundreds of meters thick demonized puppets, even armored vehicles could hardly move, not to mention a person.

    Among the surging demonized puppets, Zhang Tie was like a sailor on an isle. The black tide gradually flooded the isle, leaving increasingly fewer part of the isle above water...

    Watching Zhang Tie's smaller movable space, some Spencer women who had known about their mission in the future widely opened their eyes. When Zhang Tie was almost covered by those demonized puppets, those women immediately covered their mouth with hands.

    Zhang Tie directly sprung up from the ground...

    The heads of the demonized puppets reminded Zhang Tie of the scene where he practiced his basic footwork in Hidden Dragon Palace. The quincuncial piles were extremely similar to the current scene.

    Zhang instantly stepped onto a head, breaking it into pieces. At the same time, he directly rushed out. With each foot forward, he would collapse a head of demonized puppet.

    With laughter, Zhang Tie rushed forward about 100 m while stomping on the heads of those demonized puppets. He kept stomping, shoveling and kicking at the original place, booming over 100 demonized puppets' heads...

    The demonized puppets were infuriated. They poked their weapons towards Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie grabbed two lances. After slightly putting forth his strength, he grabbed away the lances from the hands of the two demonized puppets. After that, he started to run on their heads; at the same time, he kept whipping their heads on both sides like how a kid whipped roadside weeds with a small wooden stick while running jubilantly in the wild.

    Zhang Tie's strength was extremely great. The two common lances were nothing different than straws in Zhang Tie's hands. Along with the wuthering sound of the lances were the cracking sound of heads.

    Some demonized puppet shrilled as it also sprung up and rushed towards Zhang Tie while stepping on the dense heads of demonized puppets.

    The demonized puppet was wearing the uniform of military officers of city guards in Eschyle City. Judging from it's rank, it was a lieutenant colonel. Meanwhile, its battle-Qi totem was rolling around him. It might be a LV 10 strong fighter before death.

    When the demonized puppet was over 40 m away from Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie threw out his lance...

    The lance broke the air before striking off its head, leaving a boom in the air.

    Zhang Tie caught another lance and continued to run, stomp and whip like he was on the ground. Any place that Zhang Tie passed by would spurt out blood plasma under his foot and his side. Coincidentally, some LV 10 or LV 9 demonized puppet appeared; yet they were all killed sharply by Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how many powerhouses above LV 11 were there in Eschyle City, whether they had been killed by these demonized puppets or had been killed by the alchemist's bomb. After fighting for quite a while, he had not encountered any powerhouse above LV 11 at all. This made him reassured completely. Although there were so many demonized puppets around Iron Bear Castle, none of them could really threaten him.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how long had he fought. He only remembered that he had broken over 10 lances and killed numerous demonized puppets. Later on, he jumped off their heads and dropped off the bent lances. After a roar, he applied his iron-blood fist once again, booming all the demonized puppets completely into pieces.

    If it was someone else, he would feel fatigued for sure. However, as Zhang Tie had eaten nine wild wolves seven-strength fruits, nine iron-teeth hyena seven-strength fruits and nine demon rat seven-strength fruits, one of which was demon rat king seven-strength fruit, Zhang Tie felt that his spiritual energy and endurance were out of commoners' imagination. He could almost keep fighting like a machine. As long as he didn't want to stop, he could maintain that extremely high fighting efficiency.

    Zhang Tie completely immersed in the cool battle by iron-blood fist. He absolutely forgot about the existence of time. He didn't care about it even if his armor was broken. He didn't even know when his bloody and fiery curtain would start to explode...

    When Zhang Tie found that none of demonized puppets were beside him, he finally stopped. However, it was already deep night...

    Standing on the ruins of Iron Bear Castle, Zhang Tie looked around and found that the corpses of demonized puppets within 300 m had been as thick as 1 m. The closer he was to it, the higher the pile of corpses would be. Standing on the piles of corpses, he boomed all the surging demonized puppets into pieces one after another.

    At the same time, the over 200-m high bloody and fiery curtain brightened the whole sky. Six troops of the huge bear tribe and the cavalries of Thor's Hammer were standing out of this ring. Over 100,000 military officers and soldiers and over 100,000 young adults of Eschyle City behind them were silently watching Zhang Tie who was standing high on the corpses of demonized puppets.

    In the battle, when Zhang Tie's bloody and fiery curtain rose from the ruins of Iron Bear Castle, all the soldiers of the huge bear tribe were driven crazy. They knew that their Lord was fighting together with them in the core, the most dangerous place of the battle field.

    "Have we eliminated all the worms...of demons?" the moment Zhang Tie opened his mouth, he found that his voice had become hoarse. Meanwhile, he felt painful all over his body and could not help but frown slightly.

    This was a worthwhile battle. Seeing the numerous corpses of demonized puppets, Zhang Tie finally understood what was the real iron-blood fist.

    In the end of the battle, his iron-blood fist had been blurry in movements as he could attack and counterattack his enemies casually on the right moment.

    Although visible things were shattered, invisible things started to boil in Zhang Tie's blood. It was the iron-blood fist intention, which gradually appeared and stimulated each cell and each wisp of Zhang Tie's strength, resonating the surging masculine strength and willingness in the universe.

    That wisp of strength and willingness was hiding in each flying snowflake, in each tender grass that drilled out of the broken bricks and stones in the ruins, in the vast starry sky behind the clouds, under everyone's feet and blood.

    All the lives and existences might die out or be destroyed; however, they would neither fail nor retreat. As long as they existed dauntlessly, they would live forever!

    The flying snowflakes originated from this strength and willingness...

    The tender grass drilled out of the ruins in the wind and snow with this strength and willingness...

    The silent and firm land originated from this strength and willingness...

    The vast starry sky above him originated from this strength and willingness...

    The iron-blood fist intention originated from this strength and willingness.


    On November 12th, after one day's fierce battle, all the hundreds of thousands of demonized puppets in Eschyle City were eliminated. Therefore, the city was back in the hand of humans.

    After this battle, each people in Eschyle City remembered a great name, Peter Hamplester!

    --the new owner of Eschyle City and the clan elder of the huge bear tribe!

    When the two powerful bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness were merged by one person in only a couple of days, the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness was shocked.

    The fire bear tribe, wild bear tribe, mountain bear tribe, sea bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe dispatched their important figures or elders to Eschyle City almost at the same time...
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