Chapter 497: Sacrifice

    Chapter 497: Sacrifice

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    On November 15th, Eschyle City was covered with white snow. It was already the third day since Eschyle City recovered its order. No flesh and blood pulp like that two days ago could be seen in the streets any more. Whereas, the whole city still looked a bit cold and sluggish, especially in the six main thoroughfares of Eschyle City. Few pedestrians could be seen there.

    The accumulated snow in the main thoroughfares had been shovelled away by environmental sanitation workers. However, the blue-gray granite ground bricks on the six main thoroughfares had already become dark brown like people have changed them. Looking at the color-changed ground bricks, all the environmental sanitation workers and passers felt chilly and showed their awe to Peter, Hamplester, the new ruler of this city.

    The color of the ground bricks of the six main thoroughfares were tainted by the fresh blood of demonized puppets. Those young adults who participated in cleaning the six main thoroughfares a couple of days ago described them as the blood and flesh avenues.

    That scene could wake up anyone in nightmares. In other words, all the nightmares were dwarfed in front of the six blood and flesh avenues.

    "The six main thoroughfares in Eschyle City are six huge sausages being filled with shattered corpses of demonized puppets. Broken corpses and heads as high as mountains could be seen everywhere. The six main thoroughfares had been paved with a thick layer of bones and bloody fleshes, which had been trampled by xiphodons repetitively and they were pretty disgusting and terrifying..."

    "People being responsible for cleaning six blood and flesh avenues had to shovel the pulp from the ground like shovelling cattle dung in the stable. Even though the most strong-willed volunteers being recruited would vomit heavily in less than 10 minutes. However, no matter what, they have to do that..."

    Among those who survived, someone who served as a writer for a small paper in Eschyle City was jostling down what he witnessed in this catastrophe in Eschyle City in case that the event was forgotten by people in future.

    People in future might forget about these details. However, these residents of Eschyle City could never forget about details as the six most spacious thoroughfares in Eschyle City had completely changed their colors due to the current ruler of Eschyle City.

    On November 12th when Eschyle City was retaken, it was said that a man called Peter had killed over 10,000 or 20,000 demonized puppets by himself near the Iron Bear Castle. Additionally, all these demonized puppets were former city guards of Eschyle City who were the hardest to deal with.

    Besides frightening people, these gossips also made people awed. For the most of residents in Eschyle City who looked like flurried birds, such a ruler could at least bring them a sense of safety during crisis.

    Although people were relieved from fear and concern, the reality of facing Eschyle City pushed people back into the sad river.

    This crisis lasted four days, in which period, the death and missing population in Eschyle City reached 1.37 millions, namely 1/4 of the total population in this city disappeared in this world. Almost each person in this city had lost some relatives, friends or familiar people in this catastrophe. This was not a small stimulation for everyone.

    At 9 am, the whole city was drifted with the silvery bell rings--duang...duang...duang...

    After hearing the bell rings, all the residents in the city and in the towns outside the city stopped what they were doing and started to stand in silent tribute for the dead people. As a result, a sad atmosphere immediately spread across the whole city.

    At the same time, at the foot of a hill miles away from Eschyle City, hundreds of thousands of residents of Eschyle City were standing in line in a solemn way and watching a monument being erected at the foot of the huge cemetery hill where were buried with over 1million people.

    All the big figures of Eschyle City and some elders of huge bear tribe attended this sacrificial ceremony.

    Elder Rodolfo of Spencer clan was standing in the heavy snow on the high platform in front of the monument with tears and was loudly accusing about the atrocity and catastrophe of demons and their lackeys towards Spencer clan, Eschyle City and all the people across Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    Rodolfo's thin body shook in the wind and snow. For many times, he almost passed out due to excessive excitement, which looked extremely miserable and pitiful.

    'Spencer clan also suffers a miserable loss in this catastrophe. We almost lost all of our clan elites.' Rodolfo revealed the loss in a very skilled way, which aroused the resonance of numerous people in front of him.

    Zhang Tie, in a thick black bear fur, was also one of them. He looked a bit pale out of sickness.

    On November 12th, after feeling the iron-blood fist intention and killing numerous demonized puppets, Zhang Tie also suffered a lot of wounds. On the very evening, after peeling off the broken armor from Zhang Tie's body which had been soaked in blood. Everybody became silent when they saw Zhang Tie's wounds. Some women who were cleaning Zhang Tie's body even cried.

    Zhang Tie's body had been covered with 137 wounds in total. If Zhang Tie was a common person, he might have long lost his life. However, Zhang Tie survived with his strong will. He even forgot about these wounds during the battle.

    "What on earth were you thinking about?" Elder Turin of Spencer clan asked Zhang Tie.

    "I just felt that I was nothing different than those soldiers. I cannot just watch them fighting. If I can kill one more enemy, I might save a soldier's life!" Zhang Tie answered.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's answer, Elder Turin became silent for a long while. Finally, he let out a sigh.

    The simple dialogues between Zhang Tie and Elder Turin instantly spread among the soldiers of huge bear tribe and the remaining city guards of Eschyle City.

    Although Zhang Tie was listening to the mournful complaints of Elder Rodolfo at this moment, he was picturing what he saw in Pears' basement--the teenager lying on the aged ice cube and the bloody lines on the wall left by Pears.

    Pears had known that someone would come to his basement after that ages ago. Therefore, he wrote down the reasons on the wall.

    This was a mad revenge of a hopeless man towards the entire Spencer clan. As a result, three-eye association even became the tool of this man.

    Pears knew that he would die. so, he just thought about revenging Spencer clan regardless of the result.

    Such events were rarely seen in big clans.

    This was the biggest scandal of Spencer clan. Once it was exposed, the Spencer clan's reputation would be destroyed. Additionally, they had to bear the fury of residents in Eschyle City. Therefore, only five people were qualified to enter that basement and see the bloody contents on the wall--the only two survived elders of Spencer clan, Zhang Tie, Elder Toles and Elder Gouras.

    After reading the contents, they cleaned the bloody contents. From then on, the catastrophe in Eschyle City became a plot towards Eschyle City and humans dominated by demons and three-eye association. A small figure called Pears was controlled by three-eye association and became a puppet-like victim. It was reasonable to explain this event in this way as this was the original intention of those scums in three-eye association.

    Everything was buried in this huge cemetery, including that teenager lying on the ice bed called Hellfire.

    Seeing Elder Rodolfo's endless vivid speech and those residents of Eschyle City whose faces were covered with tears, Zhang Tie's face slowly changed.

    Elder Rodolfo was obviously putting on a show and telling a lie. However, Zhang Tie just listened in silence. He didn't know whether it was because of being mature or experienced, out of the benefits of the overall situation or selfishness, maintaining the benefits of Spencer clan or preserving his own benefits, the moment he thought that he might become a common audience under the platform, he would feel hateful towards this liar on the high platform who acted as the pawns of the tiger. Gradually, Zhang Tie looked worse.

    "What's wrong? Are you sick?" O'Laura, on Zhang Tie's side, slightly pinched Zhang Tie's hand as she asked in a low voice out of concern.

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