Chapter 498: Being Urgent

    Chapter 498: Being Urgent

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    The grey eagle tribe heard about the events in Eschyle City and Zhang Tie's performance on the morning of November 12th. O'Laura and Setton arrived at Eschyle City to unite with Zhang Tie at noon on November 13th, when everything had passed.

    Because Zhang Tie was heavily wounded, O'Laura just stayed there to look after him. At this moment, O'Laura had already picked off her mask, revealing her cold yet delicate face.

    "No, I'm not sick. I'm afraid that one day I might turn into the kind of people that I hate!" Zhang Tie said in a muffled voice.

    "How come?" O'Laura comforted him.

    Zhang Tie slightly revealed a bitter smile, "Nobody deteriorate in one day. People were not born to be greedy and hypocritical; people were not born to be familiar with game rule, shrewd and indifference; people were not born to criticize things; people were not born to cheat others for their own benefits."

    Previously, Zhang Tie hated such persons very much; however, at this moment, when he covered the cause of the catastrophe and the strategy of the event in Eschyle City where over 1 million people were killed, Zhang Tie realized that he was right in the very position that he hated and despised before. If he was still that one in Blackhot City, he must have hated the one who covered the truth. He couldn't wait to tell everyone about the truth. However, he became an important member of the community of interest who covered the truth. As a result, Zhang Tie felt blue at once.

    O'Laura who always hid herself and was not good at peeping into others' inner hearts, she didn't find Zhang Tie's changing mood. However, Sabrina, on Zhang Tie's side, glanced at him after hearing his low voice.


    "Defeat the demons; fight for our relatives; rejuvenate Eschyle City..."

    "Defeat the demons; fight for our relatives; rejuvenate Eschyle City..."

    Numerous residents of Eschyle City had been full of hatred and spirit by the last words of Elder Rodolfo. Therefore, they started to shout slogans loudly.

    When the slogans declined, Elder Rodolfo opened his mouth once again in another affectionate and solemn tone.

    "Hundreds of years ago, Elzida, the greatest prophet and Pontiff of Slavs left a prophecy that a great figure would lead all the Slavs in Ice and Snow Wilderness to prosperity and magnificence!"

    "One month ago, out of the plot of the demons and their lackeys, all the soldiers of the eastern tribes alliance and tens of thousands of pioneers were trapped in the underground relics ruins of Haidela Glacier Crack. When everyone ran out of ammunition and grains and was going to fight each other for the limited water resources out of despair, this person appeared. He manifested the God's will for many times. He let the sweet spring flow out of the kettle and cured the wounds of soldiers immediately; he even led over 100,000 despairing people out of the underground world..."

    "Pontiff Sarlin of the huge bear tribe knew his arrival and confirmed his identity. Therefore, he led 100,000 soldiers of the huge bear tribe towards Haidela Glacier Crack to welcome him. This man opened the key box left by Elzida!"

    "Several days ago, people in Eschyle City appeared to be in a great trouble. He led Thor's Hammer to break through the safe roads in Eschyle City, allowing numerous residents to escape out of the dangerous place. On November 12th, he rushed ahead of his army of the huge bear tribe and those young adults to eliminate hundreds of thousands of demonized puppets in Eschyle City.

    "He is the first clan elder of the huge bear tribe and the very hero who saved Eschyle City out of the demons' plot. From today on, our Spencer clan will follow the expectation and will of Elzida, our great prophet. In order to realize the rejuvenation of the entire Slavic race, we will hand over Eschyle City to this person. From today on, this man becomes the patron and ruler of Eschyle City!"

    "This man is standing behind me. I think all the people in Eschyle City have already heard about his name. Right, he is Peter Hamplester!" after saying that, Elder Rodolfo moved aside.

    Those people down there surged, agitated and swarmed; however, they were blocked out of the cordon by the strong warriors of the huge bear tribe.

    Under the gaze of everyone, Zhang Tie slowly walked forward.

    Zhang Tie silently glanced at the dense population, then the biggest alchemist equipment under his feet, which was a loudspeaker made by alchemists.

    In Zhang Tie's glance, the crowd gradually became quiet. Everyone was staring at him and waiting for him to say something.

    After a long while, Zhang Tie raised his head, "Actually, I don't want to stand here at this moment! If I could save the 1.37 million people, I prefer to abdicate. "

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, everyone became silent when Zhang Tie's voice spread to the distance and resonated in the wild.

    "I was pushed here to stand on this huge alchemist equipment which is more expensive than the same volume of gold of the people, the hope, the responsibilities and the force behind me.

    "Before coming to Ice and Snow Wilderness, I've not imagined that I could stand here. I wonder if it's my fate to stand here. The so-called fate is the most illusory and marvelous trace in the maze of time and space. Even if Elzida was also just a passerby on this trace. He came, saw and left something; then he was gone..."

    "Elder Rodolfo said that I was the very person who led Slavs onto the brilliant road. I don't agree with him. Due to his respect for Elzida, he believed that the prophecy left by the great prophet and pontiff must have a magic, which would send everything back onto the brightest track. However, what could push the fate of the Slavic race back onto that bright track? Nothing. I tell you. Nothing could do that. Neither do I nor others have such an ability. Even the Almighty God doesn't have such an ability!"

    "Do you want to know what Elzida left to us in the key box? That's a letter. On the letter, Elzida told me that he saw the destiny of Slavs in the third holy war between humans and demons. In the future, the last Slav would be killed by the army of demons in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Like those human races disappeared in the former two holy wars between humans and demons, all the Slavs would be killed in the 3rd holy war!"

    Zhang Tie said calmly. However, the contents of his words shocked everybody at present like a lightning bolt. Not only those common residents of Eschyle City, even the elders of the huge bear tribe and Spencer clan behind Zhang Tie had changed their faces. Those standing behind Zhang Tie moved their eyes onto Pontiff Sarlin, whose look made their heart pound.

    At this moment, Pontiff Sarlin lowered his head and became silent.

    "Elzida saw your fate; however, he could not see my fate. He only knew that I would arrive in Ice and Snow Wilderness at a certain time. Therefore, he shouldered me the responsibility for your lives in that prophecy. He expected me to change the fate of the entire Slav race using my unknown fate. He requested me to bring hope to the rejuvenation of Slavs at the most dangerous moment. Because of this reason, he left the huge bear tribe to me and made me the leader and clan elder of the huge bear tribe!"

    "The fate of each Slav is not a brilliant avenue, but a mysterious road interwoven between death and unknowns. I'm not born to be dignified. Neither do I know whether I would be used to tell a lie. I don't want to lie to you here. I only want to tell you the fact that I don't know how to lead you to the brilliant road; I'm even not sure whether I can save you in the future. I can only tell you that the third holy war between humans and demons is very close. Next year, the 3rd holy war would break out in an all round manner. This war would be even crueler than the former two holy wars. Nobody could escape from it. The battle fire of the coming holy war would cover the ground, the sky and the oceans. Hundreds of millions of living beings would die in the war."

    "If the army of demons truly arrive at Ice and Snow Wilderness one day, in front of the 1.37 million souls here, I promise you that I will accompany you to the end as long as the last Slavic fighter who's loyal to me is fighting on this ground!"

    "Meanwhile, I will also tell the other tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness and those who are watching me in a terrifying way, the huge bear tribe and the iron bear tribe will keep the current situation. We will prepare for the coming holy war; however, we won't allow Slavs to slack Slavs. When the holy war is coming, any war between tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness would be a betrayal to the whole Slavic race!"

    "This is all I want to say!"

    "Wish the dead to rest in peace; wish the alive ones to prepare well for the coming holy war!"

    After saying this, Zhang Tie turned around and bowed towards that monument...

    When Zhang Tie watched the ground, he recalled the bloody words on the wall of Pears' basement once again.

    --The demonized puppets in Eschyle City are set to mature at the beginning of the next February.

    After combining with the key information that Zhang Tie had obtained in Heavens Cold City, Zhang Tie knew that the holy war would arrive in next February. This meant they only had at most 3 months to prepare...

    "I have to go back to Blackhot City and help my friends out of there..."
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