Chapter 501: The Tribal Axis Plan

    Chapter 501: The Tribal Axis Plan

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    Zhang Tie was not bragging. He indeed didn't need the huge bear tribe and Eschyle City to spend even a cent in building the tribal axis.

    The greatest ability that Zhang Tie mastered in Donder's grocery store in the past years was that he understood customers' mentality and could sell the items in the counter to the customers in their favorite ways.

    Zhang Tie thought he was a small figure as he grew up with small figures. Therefore, he knew how did small figures think.

    The core of the Tribal Axis Plan that really aroused the attention of small figures was not the railway, the tribe or its prospect but Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    In the eyes of many big figures and rich men, Ice and Snow Wilderness was nothing attractive at all. They ignored such a place. Even if they felt Ice and Snow Wilderness was attractive, it must be because of some chances here that could bring money or reputation to them, instead of Ice and Snow Wilderness itself. Additionally, this place was barren and full of savage Slav aboriginals. There was only one city across Ice and Snow Wilderness. When it was winter, people could even be frozen to death. Nothing else was attractive!

    From the perspective of small figures, Zhang Tie saw the potential value of Ice and Snow Wilderness. When the 3rd holy war between humans and demons broke out, if demon troops were irresistible, Ice and Snow Wilderness would be the last place across Blackson Humans Corridor that demons could break in.

    Before occupying all the continental countries, demons would not be able to start a expedition towards Ice and Snow Wilderness by sea. This implied the great value of Ice and Snow Wilderness. This would be the last fortress of Blackson Humans Corridor. The sea, the Ice-Capped Continent and the wuthering demon north wind belt formed the best natural chasms for demons.

    When demons arrived, big figures and rich men would escape to foreign countries and Western Continent, even Eastern Continent by airship. How about small figures? Do they have the condition, the ability and the capital to escape away like this? Impossible! This is the real portrayal before each catastrophe. All the big figures would escape away, leaving small figures to taste the bitterness of the catastrophe with tears and blood.

    Zhang Tie planned to provide an opportunity for those small figures of Blackson Humans Corridor using the Tribal Axis Plan within their ability.

    The Tribal Axis Plan was a financing plan towards these big figures. Zhang Tie decided to organize a railway corporation for the Tribal Axis Plan. The railway corporation would deliver 3 million shares, subscription amount of each share was 40 gold coins. These shares would be sold to the commoners in those countries across Blackson Humans Corridor, instead of in Ice and Snow Wilderness. With each share of the Tribal Axis, one could not only enjoy the bonus of the railway corporation but also have a right to take another two people to Ice and Snow Wilderness; additionally, he or she would be entitled to settle down and live within 50 km of the new railway.

    This was not only the shares of the railway corporation, the certificate of the shareholders and bonus but also the right to migrate and settle down in Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    "If I was still that small figure in Blackhot City, if my parents don't have Huaiyuan Palace on their back, if there's a place that has been confirmed as the last shelter of humans in the coming holy war between humans and demons and it only takes you 40 gold coins to enter it, what would my parents do?"

    Zhang Tie was sure that his parents would buy one ticket no matter how difficult it was so as to keep him and his elder brother alive till the end.

    "Not only me, if there's truly such a ticket, even average families like that of Bagdad, Leit, Hista would try their best to buy one ticket for their kids. As Barley's home is rich, if they have to escape, his dad might transfer him to a safer place; however, if his dad could prepare one more safer place for Barley only at cost of 40 gold coins, I'm afraid that he would immediately spend 40 gold coins without a frown."

    The bonus of the shares could eliminate the last concern of most average families. Even if they could not find a job in a few days and had no income, they could also have one more guarantee through the bonus of the railway corporation. Additionally, railway, a product of industrial civilization, would also reduce their strangeness and fright about Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    This was the biggest desire of most of commoners before the arrival of the catastrophe--to have a shelter and survive there.

    The shares could rightly meet the demand of commoners. Zhang Tie considered the very details of commoners' mentality.

    40 gold coins could be afforded by most of the medium-class families across Blackson Humans Corridor. It was neither too much nor too little. It could allow commoners to find the last shelter on Blackson Humans Corridor.

    When the 3rd holy war arrived, compared to the miserable loss caused by demons, the poor living standard in Ice and Snow Wilderness was acceptable. After experiencing the cruelty of war and witnessing the catastrophe in Heavens Cold City and Eschyle City, Zhang Tie was sure that as long as there was no flame of war, it would be the paradise.

    Among 900 million population across Blackson Humans Corridor, even if 1/100 of them wanted to hide in Ice and Snow Wilderness, it indicated 9 million people. Therefore, it would be no problem to deliver the shares of the Tribal Axis Plan.

    Of course, Eschyle City and the huge bear tribe had no ability and channels to deliver such shares; however, Golden Roc Bank had.


    In the evening, Zhang Tie was interpreting his Tribal Axis Plan to O'Laura calmly while lying in a hot spring pool in a hidden yard of this manor...

    This yard was surrounded by rockeries and white pines. It looked very serene. Well-designed crystal fluorite lamps were inlaid below the roadside parterre of pebbles, revealing a pale green light and making this place dimmer and serener.

    The hot spring was steaming. The temperature was proper. However, it was snowing heavily. Zhang Tie was lying on a smooth stone, only exposing his head and shoulders. O'Laura in a gauze skirt was making physical rehabilitation massage carefully for Zhang Tie on his back.

    After using a vial of senior recovery medicament, plus Zhang Tie's abnormal preliminary recovery ability, Zhang Tie had almost recovered only after 4-5 days. Many smaller wounds of the total 100-odd wounds had disappeared exposing light red skin on some bigger wounds.

    O'Laura kept massaging the muscle tissues around his wounds and the joints tenderly with her slim fingers. As a LV 10 strong fighter, O'Laura, who was very familiar with human body, knew how to help a fighter recover his wounds as soon as possible better than commoners.

    At this moment, in this scene, when enjoying the delicate and tender massage of a cold and brilliant beauty, Zhang Tie felt being in the paradise.

    After hearing that Zhang Tie prepared to entrust Golden Roc Bank to deliver 3 million shares for him, O'Laura behind him stopped her movement. 3 million multiplied by 40 was an astronomical figure, which had been out of O'Laura's comprehension.

    "How much it that?"

    "120 million gold coins in total. After deducting a part of the distribution fee, we can still raise about 110 million gold coins!" Zhang Tie signed satisfactorily. Until then did he truly understand what Donder meant by a person's ability to accomplish the most important integration and utilization of resources at a certain position. This Tribal Axis Plan was an integration of resources by hand. In this plan, he integrated Eschyle City, Spencer clan, the huge bear tribe, his current status, even the changing situation facing Ice and Snow Wilderness and continents.

    If someone told him that he could fulfill an investment plan of above 100 million gold coins a year ago or even months ago, Zhang Tie would never believe in it. That amount of money could kill him for one hundred times. However, this time, Zhang Tie had a strong sense of pride. He didn't disguise as a scum father using the functions of Castle of Black Iron and Heller's help or made a success with the help of others, clan or reliance; instead, he integrated and utilized his resources by hand using his own intelligence and ability.

    He knew what commoners and small figures thought about. Therefore, he provided a satisfactory commodity and service for commoners and small figures. This was a multi-win plan which would benefit himself, the huge bear tribe, Eschyle City, even numerous commoners.

    For Zhang Tie, this plan was more important than jumping into the ruins of Iron Bear Castle from airship. He felt that he could realize a sublimation in this plan.

    "Can you further implement this plan if the other bear tribes in Ice and Snow Wilderness also entrust Golden Roc Bank to deliver such a stock?" O'Laura asked.

    "When entrusting Golden Roc Bank to do this, I will let them fulfill exclusive commercial codes. That is to say, nobody else is allowed to do the same thing in my mode in Ice and Snow Wilderness without my consent!"

    "Whom will the railway belong to in the future, those shareholders?" O'Laura asked as she was unfamiliar with this sophisticated commercial mode.

    "Nominally, it belongs to them. They occupy most of shares of railway corporation; however, they only have the right to share the bonus; they have no right to make operating decisions. Therefore, the railway corporation is actually my individual property being independent of the huge bear tribe and Eschyle City!"

    "How come that be? You've not paid for that!"

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he turned over his body, "As the initiator, I am investing in my invisible assets such as my intelligence, ability, human relationship and my integrated resources. I don't have to pay for it. Therefore, I could have the majority ownership of the railway corporation by having a great proportion of shares as an initiator. It would be no problem as long as I'm not too excessive!"

    "This is not snatching a white wolf with empty hands. This is a normal commercial game rule in the outside!" Zhang Tie stared at the plump "white rabbits" behind the gauze and the looming area below her lower abdomen as he felt thirsty and silently swallowed his saliva, "Come on, I've not recovered here, please massage here in another way!"

    "How!" O'Laura asked seriously as she didn't recognize Zhang Tie's trick.

    "Like this..." Zhang Tie pulled over O'Laura immediately.

    "Argh..." O'Laura exclaimed...


    Two hours later, six Spencer women appeared beside the foggy hot spring pool in semi-transparent gauze. Seeing the rhythm ripples, the six women's faces turned red. Finally, they walked in the pool slowly and elegantly while gritting their teeth...
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