Chapter 502: Leaving the Ice and Snow Wilderness

    Chapter 502: Leaving the Ice and Snow Wilderness

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    On November 18th, all the representatives of the bear tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness converged in Eschyle City. They signed the Eschyle Declaration, which symbolized the arrival of a truly peaceful time among Slavic tribes across Ice and Snow Wilderness before the third holy war between humans and demons.

    Since the signing day of the Eschyle Declaration, all wars between Slavic tribes were forbidden in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Any military action involving over 50 participants targeted at another tribe, ranging from the minimal rat tribes to the most powerful bear tribes, would be severely punished by bear tribes who had already signed the Escyle Declaration.

    Although the Eschyle Declaration could not eradicate all the conflicts in Ice and Snow Wilderness, it could minimize the destruction caused by those conflicts. As long as bear tribes could remain in peace, the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness would not break out in huge turmoil. Additionally, the conflicts between small tribes could remain on a very small scale.

    As he knew what other bear tribes within Ice and Snow Wilderness were concerned about, Zhang Tie posed such a plan which could make everyone feel reassured. Thus, all the representatives of fire bear tribe, wild bear tribe, mountain bear tribe, sea bear tribe, black bear tribe and demon bear tribe, who'd come from afar, signed the Eschyle Declaration at once. For those tribes, as long as the huge bear tribe and iron bear tribe didn't plan on unifying the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness and all the Slavs, they would let out a sigh of relief.

    The representatives and teams of the six tribes entered Eschyle City on November 17th. In a sense, this was like an alliance. Before arriving at Eschyle City, the representatives of these tribes had already heard of Zhang Tie's speech at the Eschyle Victim Cemetery and became much more reassured. After signing this Eschyle Declaration, they became completely relaxed.

    Although some fierce and powerful people tended to always treat a signed agreement as a piece of waste paper, now that Zhang Tie had made such a public declaration and had signed such a solemn agreement, unless he wanted to have his credit declined across Ice and Snow Wilderness, the effect of this declaration would be guaranteed.

    Additionally, after witnessing the casualties of over one million people, even the most radical Calvinism Slavs in huge bear tribe had become quiet. They knew that the biggest crisis facing the Slavs was not the tensions between tribes, but the coming holy war between humans and demons.

    After the signing of the Eschyle Declaration and the news about the first railway in Ice and Snow Wilderness was exposed to the public, Zhang Tie's reputation rose to a new height. Although many people were still doubtful that Zhang Tie had the capital and ability to build such a railway in Ice and Snow Wilderness, now that the news was exposed they were always inspired.

    Everyone was clear about the benefits of a railway, especially a railway that could penetrate through the north and south of the entire Ice and Snow Wilderness. If this railway was truly built, it would have an immeasurable effect in aiding Eschyle City's foreign trade.

    In a few days, although the distress caused by the catastrophe in Eschyle City had not completely faded away, the Eschyle Declaration and the Tribal Axis Plan posed by Zhang Tie had brought a wisp of brilliance and hope back to the people. Therefore, the whole city gradually recovered its vitality.

    The destroyed buildings and blocks started to be cleaned.

    The schools, especially polytechnics in Eschyle City, started to expand and recruit students who were not talented as fighters.

    Police stations and city guards of Eschyle City started to recruit freshmen and carry out rehabilitation training.

    Although the capital for the railway was not in place yet, at Zhang Tie's order the engineers for early prospecting and preliminary designing of the railway, recruited by the foreign agency of Spencer clan, had already boarded on ships headed for Ice and Snow Wilderness.

    The large-scale expansion plan of Eschyle Steel Plant and its supporting programs and facilities had started.

    The blueprint plan of the entire Spias Gulf Industrial Area made every industrial worker in Eschyle City spirited as the area of Spias Gulf might reach above 100 square kilometers in the future.


    On November 18th, after confirming that Zhang Tie had fully recovered, O'Laura left Eschyle City and returned to grey eagle tribe. As the clan elder, she had to shoulder many responsibilities for the rise or fall of grey eagle tribe.

    O'Laura was both proud and independent. She'd come to Eschyle City for Zhang Tie, and she'd left Eschyle City also because of Zhang Tie. She didn't yield to Zhang Tie too much because of Zhang Tie's changing status. She even disdained to use Zhang Tie's money.

    When O'Laura left, Zhang Tie went with her over 50 kilometers away from Eschyle City by xiphodon. Additionally, Zhang Tie gifted her two xiphodons, one for her and one for Setton, and two bags of seeds, one of buckthorn seeds and one of potatoes.

    Several days ago, the potatoes that Zhang Tie had planted in Castle of Black Iron finally completed their first mutation and evolution. The new potatoes not only produced a greater harvest, but also had a greater ability to resist drought and cold. Zhang Tie had Heller accelerate the ripening of some of these new kinds of potatoes in Castle of Black Iron and gave them to O'Laura.

    After kissing Zhang Tie, O'Laura left.


    On the second day after the Eschyle Declaration was issued, Zhang Tie finished negotiating the stock financing issuing program of the Tribal Axis Plan with Xu Tao, the manager of Golden Roc Bank, in a parlor of the Rose Manor by signing an official cooperation document.

    The issuing fee of Golden Roc Bank was five percent, which meant they would ask for two gold coins for each share as payment. Therefore, the issuing cost of the shares of Tribal Axis Plan would reach 6 million gold coins. However, Zhang Tie had gained much more than that. If all the shares were sold, Zhang Tie would raise 14 million gold coins, which was an astronomical figure wherever in the world you were from.

    Besides, the document included exclusive items, which meant that Golden Roc Bank would not undertake a similar business in Ice and Snow Wilderness without Zhang Tie's consent. That was to say, this business was Zhang Tie's patent.

    As Zhang Tie's partner, Golden Roc Bank had another condition in the business of stock issuing-to ensure the reputation of Golden Roc Bank. Golden Roc Bank would dispatch its professional accountants to supervise the use of the raised funds so as to ensure that all the funds were applied in the Tribal Axis Plan in Ice and Snow Wilderness instead of being squandered. Of course, Zhang Tie agreed with this delightedly. Additionally, he even employed Golden Roc Bank as the financial counsellor of the Tribal Axis Plan.

    Previously Zhang Tie didn't plan to use the raised funds in other places. Although it was an unimaginably huge amount of money, it garnered too many people's hopes and was going to be used to prepare for defending demons in the coming holy war. If this amount of money was squandered in other places, Zhang Tie felt that he had already surpassed his bottom line.

    Each person had his or her own desires and ambitions. Gangsters wanted to occupy more streets; beggars wanted to occupy more rubbish dumps. Even Zhang Tie had his desires and ambitions. However, Zhang Tie's desires and ambitions were not that extreme. The great achievement brought by Ice and Snow Wilderness stimulated Zhang Tie's ambition too much. Therefore, Zhang Tie was very satisfied. If he needed money, Zhang Tie felt it would be more reassuring to use the money brought by his all-purpose medicament. As to the money from Spencer clan, Zhang Tie felt uncomfortable spending it.

    Zhang Tie had once mocked himself, for it was a common disease among small figures like him to only dream about a well-off life. However, they only dreamed about being the richest one in the country.

    If they had to do bad things for money, most of them would struggle inside.

    "Lord, whether in the relics or Eschyle City, underground or above ground, your popularity and deeds win my sincere respect. It's the pleasure of Golden Roc Bank to serve you. After signing this document, you will be promoted to a top-end, golden star guest of our bank in Blackson Humans Corridor. You will be able to enjoy more private services!" Manager Xu expressed this sincerely as he shook hands with Zhang Tie after signing two agreements.

    "Thanks for your appreciation. Actually, I'm just doing what I should do. I know what I can do and what I cannot do," Zhang Tie said modestly. This Chinese Golden Roc Bank was still very mysterious, as if it was covered with a veil in Zhang Tie's eyes. Meanwhile, the more he contacted this bank, the more unpredictable he would feel this bank was.

    Even a manager of Golden Roc Bank in Eschyle City could be so calm, which really startled Zhang Tie.

    "Thanks to you, our prospecting team survived the ruins and left safe and sound. We've not extended our thanks to you for that. We know that everything that you do in Eschyle City was to defend against the demons. Therefore, I want to present you with a gift!" Saying this, Manager Xu Tao glanced at a man by his side. That man then moved forward. He put one black suitcase on the table in front of Zhang Tie before moving several steps back politely.

    "What's this?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity as he watched the suitcase.

    "It contains the formulas and processing procedures of some high-performance alloys. Based on the capabilities of Eschyle Steel Plant, after some technical transformations, it will be able to produce these high-performance alloys. With such alloys, sabers and swords would be sharper, armor would be firmer, and machines and fleets would perform better."

    Zhang Tie let out a slight sigh. He knew the formulas of alloys were very expensive wherever they were. In this age, such things were kept as A-class secrets of a country or a clan, and would never be exposed. Some big clans in Blackhot City had developed by mastering the formulas and processing procedures of some high-performance alloys at the beginning. As the Steel Plant in Eschyle City was weak in technical power, having these things would be able to make up for their shortcomings.

    "Thank you so much. Ice and Snow Wilderness need these things urgently!" Zhang Tie shook Manager Xu's hands.

    "If you need, we can freely provide you with the whole set of design maps for high-performance tanks, steam armored vehicles and over 100 large-scale military ships, which are suitable to the environment and territory of Ice and Snow Wilderness, as well as some experts and engineers in the relevant fields. These maps would weigh dozens of tons in total. Those military experts and engineers could teach you how to turn these maps into real objects."

    "Yes, we need them, we need them too urgently!" Zhang Tie revealed a big smile. 'This is nothing other than being gifted with a pillow when one wants to go to bed. The steel of Eschyle Steel Plant is not useful unless it is turned into these objects!' Zhang Tie asked, "Can you tell me why you'd want to help me?"

    "First, we extend our sincere thanks to you. Second, as a member of the human race, before the arrival of the holy war, we'd like to do our best to help you defend against the demons. Golden Roc Bank is not only an organization that focuses on money. Third, we believe that you can use these things reasonably!"

    'Is this the legendary popularity bonus?' Zhang Tie was almost moved by himself.


    Zhang Tie saw off Manager Xu Tao outside the door. After that, he returned to the parlor. Sitting on the sofa, he became stunned while gazing at that black leather suitcase.

    After being moved by his own popularity for less than one second, Zhang Tie started to think about the motives behind why Golden Roc Bank would be doing this. This decision could never be made by a manager of Golden Roc Bank. This decision must have been done by higher management.

    Gradually, Zhang Tie started to feel chilly. Golden Roc Bank had a good intention for doing this. What made Zhang Tie feel cold on the inside, though, was Golden Roc Bank's precise judgment about the overall situation of the continents. Only when Golden Roc Bank knew that all the countries on all the continents on the other side of the sea were going to be completely destroyed by demons would they decide it was meaningful to help him at such a high cost.

    Although the six Spencer clan women had brought Zhang Tie a new understanding about dissolution these days, they helped Zhang Tie manage everything well in Eschyle City. Therefore, Zhang Tie felt a new recognition for the talent and abilities of Spencer women. However, Zhang Tie knew that he had to go back to Blackhot City as soon as possible. Otherwise it would be difficult to find his friends when the western continent became chaotic.


    On November 21st, after arranging affairs in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie set out by sea. At Zhang Tie's request, two elders of Spencer clan and three elders of huge bear tribe followed him onto the 10,000-ton luxurious private cruise ship of Spencer clan.

    The north wind howled on the sea, whipping up incessant huge waves. However, it did not feel bumpy on the cruise at all.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, the elders gazed at the trivial buckthorn seeds and fresh potatoes on the two big plates in front of them. After Zhang Tie finished his words, the elders exchanged glances with each other silently.

    "In short, I have to leave Ice and Snow Wilderness alone. When I solve my affair, I will come back. These are seeds. Don't ask me where I got them from. These seeds will be useful to Ice and Snow Wilderness. You will find out after planting them!"

    "You are going to leave? We can arrange for a team of powerful fighters to accompany you!" Elder Toles said, "I can also accompany you!"

    "No need. This is my personal affair. I will manage it myself!"

    "Are you going to leave now?" Elder Rodolfo asked out of curiosity.

    "That's right!"

    "Do you want to go to Saint Herner Island on this ship?"

    "No, I will swim to the continent and I won't stay on Saint Herner Island!"

    'Swim? Can a man swim across Oro Strait and Demon North Wind Belt towards the continent tens of thousands of miles away?' Hearing Zhang Tie's reply, all the elders had odd expressions, like they'd just heard Zhang Tie was going to fly over there himself. If not for Zhang Tie's majesty and his extremely normal behaviour today, the elders would have really wanted to check whether Zhang Tie was getting a fever or not by touch his forehead.

    "Well, I have to go now. I will come back when I have to!"

    After these final words, Zhang Tie left at once.

    Under the gazes of the elders, Zhang Tie jumped off the ship and disappeared in the vacant sea...

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