Chapter 505: Gain and Loss

    Chapter 505: Gain and Loss

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    Suppose O'Laura was an ice cube, Zhang Tie preferred her to melt into water. By contrast, Linda was water; therefore, she could only become a tender and muddy swamp and wrap to Zhang Tie. After that, Zhang Tie would indulge in her softest place under her depressing groans.

    This was a gentle and mature woman who was excellent, womanly and beautiful. When she was pressed under Zhang Tie's body, she still looked embarrassed as she closed her eyes and inclined her head.

    On the same Greens' building. After Zhang Tie moved away, Linda had moved from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor. It was the room where Zhang Tie lived. Like how Zhang Tie sent Linda back last time, after drinking a bit, Zhang Tie sent her back again. After that, it happened naturally.

    Well, Zhang Tie had to admit that he didn't stand it first.

    On the dark stairs, Linda was walking ahead of Zhang Tie. Watching her twisting, plump butts under the tight purple kilt and the pair of beautiful snoe very obedient on the bed like how a fair lady served her man at her age. As a result, Zhang Tie's desire for conquest and gratification was greatly met. By conquering such a woman, a man would feel satisfied both physically and mentally.

    Watching her sweet sleeping look, Zhang Tie could barely imagine how poor this woman was on the same time last year when she did not encounter him. The God seemingly always brought more troubles to these kind yet beautiful women, making them suffer from men's betrayal and greed.

    After slightly kissing her face, Zhang Tie carefully moved away her arm from his neck before getting off the bed silently. After that, he pulled a quilt over her body.

    Zhang Tie walked to the window side and revealed a narrow aperture. After that, he glanced downwards and found two people were standing outside the Greens' house and slightly stomped their feet as they looked at the house before daybreak.

    They were wearing dark red military uniforms of Norman Empire. Being not far from the two people, two black sedans parked on the roadside. From Zhang Tie's side, he could rightly catch the white license plates.

    Zhang Tie revealed a wisp of smile over his mouth corner. "The military reacted so fast. They've already found me over one night." If not being so efficient, Zhang Tie would doubt Iron Horn Corps' ability to control Blapei.

    After putting down the curtain, Zhang Tie took a cold bath in the bathroom using the water in the water tank. After that, he returned to his bedroom, picking up his clothes and put them on.

    Linda was still sleeping. After a glance at her, Zhang Tie silently left the room.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that Linda opened her eyes the moment he closed the door of the bedroom...


    As it was still early, Greens and their other guests had not gotten up yet. Therefore, Zhang Tie left the Green's building and walked towards the two soldiers who were standing at the cross of the lane.

    Seeing Zhang Tie walking out of building, the two soldiers became spirited. However, before they uttered, Zhang Tie had already opened his mouth.

    "Thanks. Take me to your officer!"

    After glancing at each other, the two soldiers nodded before leading Zhang Tie to the vehicle outside the lane. After opening the door, they invited Zhang Tie in; after that, they entered the vehicle in the front.

    A military officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel of Norman Empire was sitting in the car with a solemn look and was waiting for Zhang Tie's arrival.

    "Hi, First Lieutenant Zhang Tie. I've really not imagined that I can see you again in Blapei. I'm Labelli, a lieutenant colonel of the Ministry of Supervision of Iron Horn Corps!"

    After shaking hands in the car, Zhang Tie sat on the opposite chair of lieutenant colonel.

    "Hello, lieutenant colonel. I'm sorry for bringing trouble to the brothers in Ministry of Supervision in such a weather!"

    After hearing the words "brothers in Ministry of Supervision", Lieutenant Colonel Labelli looked a bit mild, "First Lieutenant Zhang Tie, although I hate those red gloves too; individually, I admire what you've done in Blapei very much; no matter what, you're still wanted by the secret police. The relationship between the whole Corps and North Border military region and Order Review Committee of Norman Empire was strained because of you. You should know that you're a sensitive person. If you appear in the public, you might arise some problems. May I know your purpose back?"

    "I have some friends in Blackhot City and Blapei. I'm back to visit them. If not, I'm afraid that I might not see them in the future." Zhang Tie put it straightforward.

    Narrowing his eyes, lieutenant colonel Labelli asked, "What do you mean by you're afraid that you might not see them in the future?"

    "I witnessed the event in Heavens Cold City. The military of Norman Empire must have predicted some key information about Heavens Cold City through analysis. I think that some major information should have been delivered to field officers confidentially from Iron Horn Army. If it's delivered a bit later, it would be too abrupt. Am I clear!" Zhang Tie explained calmly.

    Those lieutenant colonels in Iron Horn Corps were at least smarter than commoners. Therefore, after thinking for a second, Lieutenant Colonel had already gotten Zhang Tie's meaning.

    If this was told by a common first lieutenant of Iron Horn Army, Lieutenant Colonel Labelli would instantly arrest the first lieutenant and had investigated where did he get the message. However, the event in Heavens Cold City was predominated by Huaiyuan Palace. Norman Empire could not gain the key information and evidences without the consent of Huaiyuan Palace. Now that Zhang Tie was a member of Huaiyuan Palace and was a participant of the event, he must know some information.

    Lieutenant Colonel Labelli nodded.

    "In order to maintain normal social order, the Norman Empire have not delivered some messages officially. You should know what big problems would be arisen if those messages were revealed. As you are still a soldier of Norman Empire, I hope you can stick to the codes as a soldier of Norman Empire. Remember to not do anything excessive!"

    Zhang Tie smiled, "Of course. I'm going to see some old friends in Blackhot City. As Huaiyuan Prefecture of Jinyun Country is adjacent to the sea, it's very beautiful over there. My friends have not seen sea ever since they were born. Therefore, I want to take them to watch the sea if they like!"

    "How many friends do you have there?"

    "Plus their family members, I'm afraid that an airship would be required to carry them!"

    "Norman Empire is implementing a very strict control on population migration. If you want to take your friends out, each of them need a migration certificate. This might be a bit difficult!"

    "No problem. I will manage it for them like how those riches of big clans do. I will not cause any trouble to others!"

    "How long will you stay in Blapei?"

    "It depends. I have to leave tomorrow. I will go to Blackhot City by train!"

    "Where else are you going to except for Blackhot City?

    "Blackhot City is my destination. As long as I manage it, I will leave with my friends!"


    After talking with Lieutenant Colonel Labelli for over 20 minutes, Zhang Tie got off the car, putting a special pass of Iron Horn Corps into his pocket.

    "First Lieutenant Zhang Tie. I have to say, it's very lucky to be your friend. Wish you a pleasant trip with your friends!" Lieutenant Colonel Labelli told Zhang Tie through the window.

    "Thanks!" Zhang Tie replied with a smile...

    After a slight quiver, the two vehicles left.

    Zhang Tie saw off the vehicles before revealing a smile and returning to Greens' building.

    When he was back to the 4th floor, he knocked at the door as he had no key.

    Linda opened the door with a slight amazement and surprise.

    "What?" Zhang Tie asked with an amazed look.

    "I thought...though you've already gone!" Linda said in a embarrassed way.

    Zhang Tie revealed a smile before entering the room and closing the door.

    "Have you eaten breakfast? If not, I will make breakfast for you."

    Under Zhang Tie's gleaming eyes, Linda looked a bit embarrassed as she hurriedly turned around and walked towards the kitchen. At this moment, Zhang Tie pulled her hands as he sat on sofa. After that, he patted his legs, "Come on, sit here!"

    Biting her lips, Linda sat on Zhang Tie's one thigh in a shameful way.

    "Not like this, you need to split open your legs..." Zhang Tie 'ordered' while his arms around Linda's waist...

    Sitting on Zhang Tie's thigh in an intimate gesture, Linda's skirt was raised up, revealing a snoparison, even Perth was a bit more discerning.

    Zhang Tie couldn't stand to take a deep breath of the alluring fragrance of the woman. He knew that he was not the God and could not save all the people; however, he could keep this woman here. It would be too cruel for her if she suffered another catastrophe in her life.

    "Linda, do you have relatives in this city?"

    Hearing this question, she shook her head after a wisp of gloomy look.

    "If so, do you want to live in other places?"

    "Where can I go? I have a job here so I have to live here. If I'm in a strange place, I don't know what else I can do." The woman shook her head in a confused look.

    "Even if you're in other places, you can still do whatever you like. You can continue if you like to open a store and sell female clothes and ornaments. Nobody would force you to do what you dislike!"

    "Do you want to take me away from here?"

    "Yes, I'm back to take some people out of Norman Empire, because this place might be in danger; I don't want to restrict you as my goods, neither would I abandon you at the critical moment. When you leave here, you're still free. You can do whatever you want and live your life. Do you believe in me?" Zhang Tie watched this woman sincerely.

    Linda also watched Zhang Tie with mixed moods. After being silent for a few seconds, she suddenly covered her mouth with a hand and burst out tears at once as she nodded forcefully...


    It took Zhang Tie a little time to realize why Linda cried and became so thrilled at this moment. After the death of her father and the betrayal of her fiancee, Blapei became a sad for Linda. She always dreamed that one day she could meet a man who could take her away and wouldn't abandon her at the critical moment.

    Zhang Tie became the very man...


    In the afternoon, Zhang Tie came to Chevli Village on the thick snow, where he got a message that he wanted to know without having to ask others.

    One month ago, Hanna got married. The one who married the most brilliant Beer Queen of Blapei was a young master of a big business group in Nordingburgh--a tall, rich and handsome first lieutenant of the Logistics Department of Iron Horn Corps. Hanna's family and the recipe of beer followed Hanna to Nordingburgh.

    Hanna became the golden phoenix that flew out of Chevli Village. All the villagers in Chevli Village sighed as they could barely drink a cup of that delicious beer anymore from then on.

    Because of this unexpected message, Zhang Tie stayed in the snowfield for quite a while. Each one had their own life. Nobody was the center of the whole world, even Zhang Tie himself. If he missed something, he would miss it forever. Zhang Tie could only bliss Hanna sincerely.

    On the next morning, Zhang Tie asked Linda to sell his store in Blapei and made preparations to leave out of here. After that, he got on the train from Blapei to Blackhot City.

    "Are you all right, my brothers...?"
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