Chapter 508: A Surprise

    Chapter 508: A Surprise

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    After a year, Beverly looked more mature at 18.

    Her blonde hair was scattering over the pillow. She was breathing evenly. In sleep, her beautiful and delicate face looked pretty tranquil.

    Beverly, who was sleeping soundly didn't know that a man was standing in her room.

    Beverly's bed was covered with some stuffed toys. Even though in sleep, Beverly was still hugging a huge stuffed toy dog.

    Zhang Tie was attracted by the ruby on her right fourth finger, which was gifted by him.

    Zhang Tie slowly drew closer to her bed. The moment he lowered his body and wanted to kiss her, he saw one thing beside her pillow. Being shocked for a second, he silently took that thing.

    It was a small white linen bag which looked pretty ugly. Zhang Tie pinched it and realized it contained some black mulberries that he fetched from the wild. This small bag was sewed by the pieces of his shirt.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that Beverly treasured them so much that she put them beside her pillow instead of using them.

    This ugly bag was a bit different than that before, as three words were sewed on it--I love you!

    Beverly had not even said this to him even in the craziest period. However, she sewed those words on this bag.

    Seeing that ring and that bag, Zhang Tie understood it right away. His eyes slightly turned wet.

    He slightly put that bag in the original place and covered quilt for Beverly. After that, he silently moved back to the wall. He then sat on a chair and watched her sleeping soundly like watching a beautiful painting.


    On the second morning, a shrill drifted from Beverly's room.

    "Bennie, what's wrong?" Beverly's mom asked outside her room.

    After being silent for two seconds, Beverly replied, " Nothing, mom. A big cockroach drilled in from the balcony last night!"

    "Well, I'm making breakfast. What do you want to eat?"

    "Mom, I don't feel good with my stomach; I want to sleep a bit longer. I won't eat breakfast!"

    "Whatever, your hospital is in a vacation. Take a good rest at home!"


    The talk between mom and daughter then came to an end.


    Seeing Beverly's amazing look and hearing the talk between her and her mom, Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    Beverly sprung up from the bed. When Zhang Tie thought that she would throw herself into his embrace, his smile froze as Beverly rushed into the washroom.

    "What a woman!" Zhang Tie smiled in a speechless way...

    Three minutes later, after washing her face and tying up her hair, Beverly rushed out of the washroom in a night skirt. Supporting Zhang Tie's face with hands, she watched Zhang Tie with gleaming eyes. Without saying anything, she immediately lowered her body and bit Zhang Tie's neck ferociously.

    "Ouch..." Zhang Tie uttered a muffled voice.

    After lingering for a short while, they smiled at each other. Although they had not seen each other for over a year, after such a kiss, they felt having separated only for a few days. Zhang Tie didn't change, neither did Beverly.

    "When did you come back?"

    "I came back from Blapei to Blackhot City by train last night!"

    "How did you come back? You're still wanted by the secret police!" Beverly said in a low voice while supporting on Zhang Tie's shoulder in case her mom heard it.

    "Never mind. In the eyes of secret police, I'm invisible. As long as I don't run to the avenue and exclaim that I'm Zhang Tie who's wanted by the secret police, nobody will find me trouble..."

    "Why are you back then?"

    "To take you out of Blackhot City!"

    "What? But why?"

    "Because this is going to be a dangerous place very soon!"

    "Is it because of war?"

    "It's a long story..."


    Zhang Tie stayed in Beverly's room for an entire morning. And when Beverly's mom went out to buy vegetables for lunch, Zhang Tie silently left Beverly's apartment.

    After that, Zhang Tie called a carriage in the street outside the building and headed for Black Gold Hotel, the most one of its kind in Blackhot City. Using the special pass given by Lieutenant Colonel, he opened the most luxurious room which required 15 gold coins a day and waited there for the message.

    Zhang Tie was not used to be that luxurious. However, this time, he had to be luxurious. Because in the eyes of the most commoners, the words of a person who could afford 15 gold coins a night was more authoritative than a person who could only afford 1.5 silver coins a night. Especially when people made major decisions, it was very important to guide and encourage them to make a decision by one's energy and Qi field.

    This was not the battle field where things could be solved by fists. If it could be solved by fists, it would be much easier; however, if he wanted to persuade others, especially the family members of his friends, he needed high skills.

    When Zhang Tie arrived at the Black Gold Hotel, Barley and Sharwin had already started to collect people, one family after another according to the name list given by Zhang Tie. Besides the family members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood, the name list also contained Zhang Tie's other friends in Blackhot City like Blues, Potter and those people of the God's Will Association.

    Zhang Tie just let Barley tell them that he wanted to see them. As he was still being wanted by the secret police, those who didn't know the truth had to endanger a high risk if they came for him.

    If those people dared to see him at such a high risk, Zhang Tie would tell them about the truth and let them make a choice. If they agreed to leave, Zhang Tie would give them a favor and take them away. It was a payment to the friendship and loyalty.

    Of course, if those people didn't come, he would have no complaints about that. In this world, we cannot force people to change their mind. In Chinese opinion, if two people were doomed to not stay with each other, they could only separate from each other.

    Beverly was also busy. Zhang Tie told her to find other girls of Rose Association. He wanted to see how many of those girls would like to see him at this moment. If they would like to come, Zhang Tie would indeed fulfill his responsibility as a "Guardian Knight"; otherwise, what they did before was just like a crazy wet dream.

    After the CSIF (Coal, Steel and Iron Federation) faded away from commoners' vision, very few people could afford such a high-end consumption in Black Gold Hotel. Even in the prime period when the CSIF ruled this city, very less people afforded 10,000 gold coins a night in Black Gold Hotel like Zhang Tie.

    Because of this, Zhang Tie was instantly served as the god of wealth. As long as Zhang Tie had a requirement, a great number of people would swarm up at once.


    In the big steaming bath pool which was over 200 square meters, after waving his hand to tell some waiters to leave, Zhang Tie took off his bathrobe and slid into the warm and comfortable pool. He was thinking about a very tricky thing in a completely quiet and relaxed state.

    "What about Miss Daina?"

    "Who am I? How would I make Miss Daina believe in my words and leave Blackhot City together with me? In the final analysis, I'm just an average student of her. She might have already forgotten about my name. I'm not qualified to influence her choice on such an important thing."

    Zhang Tie thought about this question for one hour in the bath pool. He even thought about abducting her out of there. Finally, he realized that it wouldn't work.


    When Zhang Tie came out of the bath pool in bathrobe, over 30 waiters and female servants were waiting for him in the dressing room with his outfits. They were waiting for Zhang Tie's choice. All of the outfits were the top-class ones in Blackhot City...
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