Chapter 509: A Visit to the Headquarters of the No. 39 Division

    Chapter 509: A Visit to the Headquarters of the No. 39 Division

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    After staying in Black Gold Hotel, on the following afternoon Zhang Tie left the deluxe presidential suite in wholly new clothes and sat in a black deluxe car which was arranged by the hotel. He then came to the Headquarters of the No. 39 Division of Blackhot City.

    The migration certificates of Norman Empire were managed by the military, which must be issued by the local army. Therefore, he could not take away his friends and his friends' family members from Blackhot City without the consent of No. 39 Division.

    Zhang Tie estimated that he would take away 8-10 people this time, some of them were even serving the No. 39 Division, which made it more difficult. Therefore, he decided to visit Colonel Leibniz, the supreme officer of the No. 39 Division.

    Colonel Leibniz was also the supreme military officer of Norman Empire in Blackhot City. As long as he nodded, everything could be managed in Blackhot City. Although it was tricky, Zhang Tie believed that it would not be difficult than how those big clans silently transferred their whole clans. To the final analysis, almost all the problems in this world could be managed by money. As long as you had money, you could almost drive everything.

    "I would give the same thing that those clans of CSIF had promised to Leibniz and the No. 39 Division." Zhang Tie was not brave enough to say this half a year ago; however, at this moment, even though he didn't use his influence in Ice and Snow Wilderness, he was still confident about making money by his all-purpose medicament.

    After leaving Hidden Dragon Island for some months, Zhang Tie estimated that he had already made at least 1.2 million gold coins through the cooperation of Long Wind Business Group as the all-purpose medicament became gradually improved and the completion of Jinwu Castle. Besides, he also made hundreds of thousands of gold coins through his elder brother's channels. Zhang Tie could never imagine such an amount of money one year ago. No matter where he put it, he could do a lot of things with such an amount of money.

    The Iron Blood Camp of the No. 39 Division had been dispatched to other places for special training. Such an elite troop would rarely stay in the camp for too long. The Scouts Camp was not in Blackhot City at this moment, either. Having no chance to see those brothers and friends in Iron Blood Camp and Scouts Camp, Zhang Tie felt a bit regretful.

    After coming out of the Black Gold Hotel, Zhang Tie was thinking about Miss Daina on the way. Until then did he realize that he rarely know her.

    When he was a student, he just fell in love with her secretly like an idiot. After school each day, he would hide behind the bus station to enjoy her beautiful back. Besides knowing her name, her vocation as a biology teacher of 'No. 7 National Male Middle School' in Blackhot City and from where she would get on the bus after school, Zhang Tie knew nothing more about her.

    What a tragedy!

    When Zhang Tie was waving his head in the car for the former tragedy, he arrived at the headquarters of the No. 39 Division. His car was stopped by the guard outside the headquarters.

    The driver in deep blue uniform wearing a sea-captain's hat looked around Zhang Tie, "Your excellency, you need to present your certificate!"

    Zhang Tie took out his special pass of Iron Horn Corps and passed it to the guard. After glancing at it, the guardian gave it back to Zhang Tie with two hands; additionally, he gave a salute, allowing Zhang Tie to enter the yard of the headquarters.

    After parking the car, the driver quickly got off the car and helped Zhang Tie opened the door. After that, Zhang Tie stepped his shiny black shoes out of the car.

    Watching this place, Zhang Tie recalled when he came here last time. He really felt like having been here for three decades.

    "Wait for me here!"

    "As you wish!"

    Zhang Tie got off the car and walked towards the headquarters. He still remembered the location of Colonel Leibniz's office. On the way there, all the military officers and soldiers who passed by Zhang Tie glanced at him for a few seconds silently as they muttered, "Is this a big figure from Nordingburg?"

    At this time, after putting on a set of outfit that could not be afforded by his dad even after 10 years of work, Zhang Tie looked very excellent from both inside to outside. The outstanding personality that Zhang Tie formed on the battle field was utterly different from those toyboys who only knew how to coax women. If those toyboys were brass, Zhang Tie was gold.

    When he entered the building, he encountered another man coming out.

    After seeing each other, they were both shocked.

    "First Lieutenant Vessie, long time no see!" Zhang Tie greeted him with a smile. Although it was only a bit longer than one year, this second lieutenant adviser of Leibniz had one more star on his rank. If such a low-rank military officer who was far away from the frontier wanted to be promoted, he had to gain the appreciation from his superior. Given it, first lieutenant Vessie must have gained the appreciation of Colonel Leibniz.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie, Vessie almost could not connect this Zhang Tie with the boy who was escorted into the headquarters from the prison of Blackhot City. After Zhang Tie greeted him, the First Lieutenant Vessie changed his face at once.

    "Zhang...you're back?" realizing the sensitiveness of Zhang Tie's status, First Lieutenant Vessie swallowed back Zhang Tie's name with a dumbfounded look.

    "I came back a couple of days ago. I've already met those brothers of the Ministry of Supervision in Blapei, there's no problem!" Zhang Tie briefed, "Is Colonel Leibniz inside?"


    "Yes, I need his help. If he's not there, can you help me reserve it?" Zhang Tie didn't think that he could see the supreme military officer of Blackhot City the moment he came here. Influential figures like Leibniz could not be easily seen in Blackhot City without reservation. Whereas, Zhang Tie also guessed that the Ministry of Supervision of the Corps had already told Colonel Leibniz about his arrival. Therefore, Colonel Leibniz should not be too surprised about his arrival.

    "What a coincidence! Colonel has just come back after an inspection of the troop. If you come here half an hour later, I'm afraid that the Colonel would have left. Follow me, I will notice it for you!" Knowing that Zhang Tie was special, First Lieutenant Vessie directly led Zhang Tie into the building of the headquarters and towards the office of Colonel Leibniz.

    "How did you do in Jinyun Country in the past year?" First Lieutenant Vessie asked out of curiosity on the way.

    "Hmm, not bad. After arriving at the rewarded prefecture of Huaiyuan Palace, I was sent to the Hidden Dragon Island and stayed there for a period!" Zhang Tie revealed some information about his experience in Huaiyuan Palace.

    If First Lieutenant Vessie understood the clan systems of these big clans, he should know the position of Hidden Dragon Island in Zhang Clan of Huaiyuan Palace.

    Zhang Tie knew it clearly that he had to display his energy to a certain degree, instead of always being low-key, even though he just disguised as a powerful one with the banner of Huaiyuan Palace in case of being scorned by others. This would also be helpful to what he was going to do.

    Humans were all realistic animals. If he was a dead dog, nobody would like to glance at him or kick him. Additionally, most of people would be pleasant to help a guy who might become the pillar of Huaiyuan Palace instead of a penniless guy.

    As Zhang Tie had expected, after hearing the words "rewarded prefecture", "Huaiyuan Palace" and "Hidden Dragon Island", First Lieutenant Vessie revealed a bigger smile. In the following chat, he gradually improved the relationship between him and Zhang Tie after praising Zhang Tie's military exploits in Blackhot city.

    After coming to a quiet reception room outside the office area of Colonel Leibniz, First Lieutenant Vessie asked Zhang Tie to take a rest on the sofa as Colonel Leibniz was holding a meeting. He then waited in the office area to notice Colonel Leibniz after meeting.

    First Lieutenant Vessie was very enthusiastic.

    Zhang Tie nodded, "Fine, you go first. I will wait here!"

    After saying sorry to Zhang Tie, Vessie left.

    There was only one snowwhite female secretary with the rank of first lieutenant in the military uniform typing words in the room. She was very beautiful in short black hair. Zhang Tie was rightly facing that female secretary.

    After exchanging glances with that female secretary, Zhang Tie smiled, so did the female. After that, she changed her sitting posture and started to type words seriously once again...
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