Chapter 510: A Strategic Material

    Chapter 510: A Strategic Material

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    The elegant female first lieutenant sat straight and continued typing words. However, Zhang Tie had already sensed her restless aura.

    In Donder's words, their invisible life magnetic fields were colliding with each other. The so-called 'love at first sight' was actually due to the dialogue between two life magnetic fields.

    Zhang Tie liked such a woman, who was like a Faerie Dragon T9 roadster that was burning alcohol. She could be easily lit without a warm-up. As long as it was started up, it could soon bring its driver a perfect experience and a strong sense of manipulation, as if the car and the driver were combined in one.

    Sitting on the sofa, Zhang Tie appreciated the woman carefully while she typed words.

    One minute passed, and after feeling Zhang Tie's appreciative look the female first lieutenant raised her head once again and revealed a smile towards Zhang Tie which seemed to imply something that could not be easily identified. Her look even contained encouragement.

    Zhang Tie then strode forward and stopped in front of her. After that, he put it straightforwardly, "Beautiful First Lieutenant, are you married?"

    The female first Lieutenant became stunned for a short while as she blinked her eyes towards Zhang Tie in a cute way. It seemed that she had not imagined that Zhang Tie would ask this question, "Not yet!"

    Zhang Tie smiled as he picked up a pen from her desk and wrote down his room number in Black Gold Hotel on a piece of white paper. After that, he moved back to his seat.

    The female first lieutenant revealed an enchanting smile towards Zhang Tie. After that, she put that piece of paper into her drawer.


    First Lieutenant came back in a few minutes.

    "I'm sorry to make you wait so long. The Colonel says I can take you to his office!" First Lieutenant Vessie told Zhang Tie.

    "No problem, can we leave now?"

    "Yes, please follow me!"


    It had been more than one year since Zhang Tie had seen Colonel Leibniz again in his office. Compared to one year ago, Colonel Leibniz's appearance remained unchanged.

    Colonel Leibniz watched Zhang Tie while an amazed look flashed in his eyes. He could still remember how Zhang Tie looked one year ago. Comparing it to Zhang Tie's current image, Leibniz became more admiring of Huaiyuan Palace. In his eyes, only Huaiyuan Palace could make Zhang Tie look so noble after just one year. Huaiyuan Palace had displayed its rich clan background through Zhang Tie once again.

    Perhaps Zhang Tie was a descendant of a big figure in Huaiyuan Palace. Therefore, Huaiyuan Palace spent so much effort in taking care of him. After such a whim flashed across his mind, Colonel Leibniz smiled inside.

    "Please take a seat, First Lieutenant Zhang Tie!" Colonel Leibniz summoned Zhang Tie to sit on the opposite side of his desk. "It's my great pleasure to see you again. I have to say, you always bring me some surprise each time I see you!"

    "Hopefully, I could also satisfy you this time, colonel!" Zhang Tie smiled as he replied with a pun in a very generous way.

    "I already know your purpose for coming here from the Ministry of Supervision of the Corps. Privately, I feel very proud to be your friend. However, from another perspective your request is very tricky!"

    "I know. I'm here to have a good talk about it with you. We can manage this in a moderate manner!"

    Colonel Leibniz then nodded. Silently he took out a document from the desk and passed it to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie stood up to take it over. At the sight of the Class-C Confidentiality mark on the cover, Zhang Tie became slightly stunned as he glanced at Colonel Leibniz.

    "No problem!"

    Zhang Tie flipped open the document, the contents of which made him slightly dumbfounded. It was a military analysis report of Norman Empire, the topic of which was his all-purpose medicament.

    Zhang Tie skimmed the full text. Finally, his eyes focused on the end of the report, which read, "From today on, all-purpose medicament will become the LV 1 strategic material of the military of Norman Empire. Besides being delivered by the Logistics General Assembly Department of Norman Empire, each corps can purchase all-purpose medicament themselves for storage according to their demands!"

    Zhang Tie then raised his head and looked at Colonel Leibniz, who was also staring at him with gleaming eyes. After that, Colonel Leibniz took out a vial of all-purpose medicament which was marked as Manjusaka from his drawer.

    "This is the all-purpose medicament pushed by Huaiyuan Palace. The military of the Norman Empire received 100,000 vials of all-purpose medicament because of the relationship between them and Huaiyuan Palace. After a comprehensive appraisal, the military of Norman Empire ranked this medicament as a Class-A strategic material. Before this, the military of Norman Empire only had one strategic material--alchemist's bomb. Now, they have one more strategic material!"

    Zhang Tie was shocked inside, 'Does this mean that the news that I can make all-purpose medicament has been spread in the public? That's impossible. After the murder, Huaiyuan Palace had adopted many means to cover the fact that I am the inventor of all-purpose medicament. The Long Wind Business Group even made some fake production bases of all-purpose medicament. Therefore, only a few people could know that I'm the very producer of all-purpose medicament.'

    Although he was shocked inside, Zhang Tie's expression remained unchanged.

    Colonel Leibniz let out a sigh as he looked at that vial of all-purpose medicament in his hand like gazing at his mistress. At the same time, he stroked it slightly. "This kind of medicament really has a wide range of purposes. It could almost be applied in all aspects except for killing people. It can respond to many emergencies in place of most other inferior medicament and grants soldiers with a new life by curing wounds and diseases, improving their fighting ability and recovering ability, and also greatly simplify the overall logistics supply system of troops at critical moments. According to my rough estimation of the Norman Empire military, if this medicament could be used among troops, as long as each soldier could have one, the fighting strength of the whole troop could increase by at least 40%. The survival rate of soldiers in the wild could rise by 61%. Casualties in war could reduce by 55%. Comprehensive logistics expenditure on troops could reduce by 31%. Field hospital expenses could decrease by half. What's more, this kind of medicament could be made with mass production. Do you know what this means?"

    Zhang Tie didn't speak as he knew that Colonel Leibniz didn't really expect an answer. Zhang Tie was just a bit shocked. He knew the great effects of his all-purpose medicament. However, he had never imagined that it could be widely accepted in the army.

    "All-purpose medicament helps average soldiers most. If each soldier of the corps could be given one, the overall fighting strength of Iron Horn Corps would increase by one whole level, upgrading it from a black iron corps to a bronze corps!"

    "This item is not bad..." Zhang Tie replied meticulously in case he revealed some information.

    Colonel Leibniz let out a sigh, "It's more than that, this item is marvellous and admirable. Besides its many applications in battle fields, it's also very effective in keeping women young. Additionally, it could make men more robust in bed. Moreover, it could cure many diseases without any side effects. Therefore, the military of Norman Empire spent a lot buying 100,000 vials of all-purpose medicament from Huaiyuan Palace. However, after it was shared by some bigwigs and noblewomen in the capital of Norman Empire and Nordinburg, the troops on the frontlines could only receive a small portion of the order. According to regulations, Iron Horn Corps should have gained 5000 vials in the first batch. But actually, they only got a little more than 2000 vials. Finally, only 70 vials were dispatched to me under the supervision of the military affairs chancellor. If not for that, these vials would have long been cleared in the capital. None of them could flow in Nordinburg, not to mention Iron Horn Corps and Division No. 39!"

    "You mean..."

    Colonel Leibniz looked at Zhang Tie with a serious look. "First Lieutenant Zhang Tie, I don't want to bring you trouble, but I have to do something for the benefit of Division No. 39. Now that you're from Huaiyuan Palace, I believe you can get hold of such things from Huaiyuan Palace much easier than us. Therefore, in one word, I know you want to take people away from Blackhot City, but you have to pay 30 vials of all-purpose medicament for one migration certificate. As long as you can bring me all-purpose medicament, I don't care how many people you take away, even if you take the whole population of Blackhot City. As to your friends who have joined the army, as long as they want to go, I will let them go. How about that?"

    Zhang Tie blinked his eyes as he asked in a weird tone, "30 vials of all-purpose medicament for one person?"

    Colonel Leibniz twisted his body on the chair, embarrassed. "Hmm, I know...it's a bit too much. If that's not possible, how about 25 vials per person?"

    "25 vials?" Zhang Tie pretended to consider it on purpose. After thinking for a while, he slowly nodded.

    Colonel Leibniz became very excited. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie wouldn't even bargain over the price. He moved in front of Zhang Tie from behind the desk before putting his big hands onto Zhang Tie's shoulders. "First Lieutenant Zhang Tie, you're truly a man of Division No. 39. I've not backed the wrong horse!"


    After leaving No. 39 Division's headquarters, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh. He had not imagined that he could make such a difficult thing so easily. What was more unexpected was that his all-purpose medicament aroused such great attention.

    After glancing at his watch, Zhang Tie told the driver to drive the car to the rendezvous between him and Barley--close to the gate of the No. 7 National Male Middle School.

    Zhang Tie arrived there almost 15 minutes in advance. However, he had not expected Barley and Sharwin to be standing there already. Therefore, Zhang Tie had the driver park on their side.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's familiar face through the window, Sharwin became very thrilled. The moment Zhang Tie opened the door, Sharwin had already come inside. Closely after that, he punched Zhang Tie's chest fiercely. Zhang Tie returned the punch. They then burst out in laughter in unison. Barley then also came in.

    The car started once again while the separator between the front and back seats rose automatically. After that, the space for the back seats was isolated.


    "How's going?" Zhang Tie asked them.

    "I have no problems!" Sharwin became excited. "But five people in my family will leave. Is there a problem with the migration certificates?"

    "No problem, has your mom agreed to leave?"

    "Since Sharwin started to make money, he became the boss of the family!" Barley added. "I told Sharwin not to tell his asshole stepfather about that in case our plan was exposed. We will just take him when we leave!"

    Zhang Tie nodded. 'Barley is indeed considerable,' he thought to himself. "What about you?" Zhang Tie asked Barley.

    Barley scratched is head slightly in an embarrassed manner, "I want to do business outside. However, my dad said he wanted to see you before making his decision!"

    Zhang Tie understood at once, 'Barley's dad wants to see whether I am believable and have the ability and energy to do that.'

    Zhang Tie didn't care about it. Compared to the fate and destiny of his brother's family, this was nothing serious. If they truly needed his help, Zhang Tie would even carry their family members to Black Gold Hotel one after another. "I'm living in the Presidential Suite room number 6 of Black Gold Hotel. When does your father have time? I will invite him to eat in Black Gold Hotel. Set up a time by yourself, I will have a car pick you up!"

    Barley also understood Zhang Tie's words, which made Barley feel warm inside. 'That's my brother.'

    After that, Barley told Zhang Tie what he'd experienced in finding the God Bless Association.

    Some of the God Bless Association had not passed the physical examination of Norman Empire like Barley and Sharwin. Therefore, after graduation they started to work hard. However, as Zhang Tie had predicted, among the remaining members of God Bless Association, except for Potter, all the others changed their attitudes instantly the moment they heard about Zhang Tie in case being involved with him brought trouble. Someone had even clarified the distance between them and Zhang Tie by swearing Zhang Tie was a liar in front of Barley.

    Hearing this, Zhang Tie sighed inside. He didn't blame them as they were all small figures and commoners. Because of the great pressures of life, they chose to keep themselves away from trouble. Few commoners knew why he'd left Blackhot City. Additionally, he appreciated them for not immediately revealing him to the secret police of Norman Empire.

    After graduation, many people had realized that his disguise as a damn father underground was just a joke. Few people would believe in it now.

    This was the reality!

    "How's Potter?"

    "He's still digging the mines. Before digging, he would always kneel down and pray. At the beginning, he was mocked by many people in the mines. Now, they have become used to it. After he was told that you're coming back, Potter was very happy. He wished to see you. However, as his vacation starts tomorrow he could not leave the mining area today!"

    Thinking of that emaciated youth, Zhang Tie had mixed feelings. "Who else is in Potter's family?"

    "No one else. He was always living with his relative's family and was poorly treated. After work, he mailed some money to the relative a few times and didn't return there anymore. He lives in the mining area and has a meal with us occasionally!"

    "What about Bagdad and the other people?"

    "Their vacation starts January 2nd. Many people of God Bless Association are also in troops, who could be hardly contacted!"


    After making a round of the Blackhot City in the car and talking with Zhang Tie for a while, Barley and Sharwin got off the car in a side street.

    After that, Zhang Tie had the driver drive to the Golden Roc Bank of Blackhot City, where he had the personnel in Golden Roc Bank send a message to his elder brother written in the secret language that could only be understood by Zhang Tie and his elder brother.

    When Zhang Tie left Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Yang had already become a VIP guest of Golden Roc Bank. Therefore, Zhang Tie could contact Zhang Yang in an easier and safer way.

    After finishing these things it was already dark. Therefore, Zhang Tie left Golden Roc Bank and returned to the Black Gold Hotel.

    The moment he opened the door of his presidential suite, Zhang Tie heard the cheers of Beverly in the huge, luxurious bath pool. When he left Beverly's home this morning, Zhang Tie had already told her to come here and wait for him.

    Zhang Tie handed a slip of paper to the steward of his presidential suite, which contained the name and the work place of Miss Daina.

    "Find the best private detective in Blackhot City and figure out all of their information for me. be careful not to influence and disturb their personal life. After that, prepare a romantic candlelit supper for me."

    After delivering his orders, Zhang Tie started to undo his tie as he walked towards the bath pool.

    The steward waved his hand, ordering all the others servants to leave the room...
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