Chapter 511: Gifts

    Chapter 511: Gifts

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    On December 31st, the last day of the 890th year of Black Iron Calendar, the festive atmosphere in Blackhot City reached its climax. On this day, many businessmen earned most in the year around. After this day, many stores would close their doors and take rest for three days at the beginning of the near year. Therefore, numerous people had to go out for a big purchase on that day even though they rarely did shopping before.

    For many people, on this day family members would unite with each other. Zhang Tie was also free today. Many things had to wait until next year to be dealt with. Therefore, Zhang Tie spent today with Beverly.

    Barley's dad had not determined to leave Blackhot City yet. However, Zhang Tie had to persuade Beverly's parents today. Beverly had already mentioned it to her parents yesterday. Her parents were also worried about leaving Blackhot City for a strange yet remote place.

    Beverly's mom was a typical housewife while her dad was an accountant. If her parents didn't want to leave, Beverly wouldn't go with Zhang Tie either.

    Beverly was very happy today. Since this morning, she had been staying with Zhang Tie. After breakfast in the room of the hotel, Zhang Tie took her out of the hotel and selected gifts for her and her parents. After that, Zhang Tie paid an official visit to Beverly's home with these gifts and made an official communication with her parents.

    After arriving at the Avenue Bright by the very car of Black Gold Hotel, the two people had started to select items there.

    This day was the most boisterous day of the year in Avenue Bright for sure. The population of the visitors in the avenue surged by several times than usual.

    As he didn't know what Beverly's parents liked and what was the most appropriate gift for them, Zhang Tie let Beverly choose the proper gifts for her parents while he was only responsible for the payment. Zhang Tie enjoyed paying for his own woman. However, sending gifts was a knowledge and not only a matter of money. As it was his first time to visit her parents, the gifts should neither be too casual nor too expensive; otherwise, it would lack sincerity or become too domineering. Beverly also knew it. Therefore, she didn't choose expensive ones like jewelry.

    After wandering for awhile, Zhang Tie bought a very expensive pen for Beverly's dad which was worth about 4 gold coins and a female mink coat which was worth a bit more than 3 gold coins.

    After that, they returned to the car. Beverly was so happy that she wanted Zhang Tie to go home together with her.

    "You've chosen your parents' gifts, but what about yours?" Zhang Tie kissed Beverly's face.

    "Ah? I also have a gift?"

    "Of course!"

    "What is it?"

    "I will not tell you. You will know about it after a short while!" after saying that, Zhang Tie told the driver to drive to Golden Roc Bank.

    In a VIP hall that especially served Chinese, a director received Zhang Tie and Beverly.

    "Mr. Zhang. This is the reply of your message yesterday. Please write you name on the receipt!" the director directly handed a sealed letter to Zhang Tie politely at the sight of him.

    Seeing Zhang Tie opening it, the director even hurriedly moved two steps back, "Do you need a single room?"

    "No need!" Zhang Tie smiled as he skimmed the message on the letter. This letter was also written in secret words by his elder brother. Although the secret words were not senior, commoners could not easily understand them.

    The message was--30000 big thorny cucumber has been sent out, which will arrive at K city in 7 days and wait there for your order.

    Its meaning was as follows: A huge airship had already set out from Huaiyuan Prefecture, which carried 30,000 vials of all-purpose medicament according to your order. This airship will arrive at Kalur City in 7 days and wait for your order over there.

    After reading this letter, Zhang Tie let out a sigh.

    "Mr. Zhang Tie, do you have another other requirements?" the director of Golden Roc Bank asked very politely.

    "Hmm, I want to make a lifetime annuity deposit financing plan for this young lady!" Zhang Tie told the director with a smile after glancing at Beverly on his side.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Beverly uttered a voice 'Argh' as she looked at Zhang Tie with an amazed look.

    "Okay, fine, wait a second please, I will arrange a special personnel to deal with it for you!" the director left politely after glancing at Beverly.

    Zhang Tie then patted Beverly's hand, "Don't be so surprised, that's my new year gift for you!"

    "This...this would cost you too much!" Beverly became hesitated, "You'd better not do that. Having you back was my gift already. I've already been satisfied with the candlelight supper last night. No need to do that for me. I heard only rich people and big clans in Blackhot City could make annuity deposit financing plan...I don't need them..."

    Saying this, Beverly stood up from the sofa and wanted to pull Zhang Tie away. With a slight draw, Zhang Tie forced her to sit back. He then pulled the hand with ruby in front of him and kissed it. Closely after that, he watched Beverly with a serious look, "I've told you that as long as I can do it, I will definitely try my best to give you more!"

    "But...it's really unnecessary!"

    "No, it's necessary; Bennie, it's a chaotic world. It would be worse in the future. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. If I die or may not be by your side, I will not be able to protect you and look after you anymore. I hope you can live a happy life wherever you go. I hope you can live in a dignified and guaranteed way. I hope you don't have to worry about money. In many people's eyes, this might be very vulgar; however, this is indeed the best gift that I want to give to you!"

    Beverly watched Zhang Tie while her beautiful eyes were filled with tears at once. That was her favorite men, who was frank, enthusiastic, straightforward and never hypocritical. No matter what, he could always give her the best thing; even at the risk of his life, he would have pushed her away without any hesitation.

    "Don't cry anymore. Give me a smile, that would bring me a sense of achievement!" Zhang Tie wiped off her tears using his finger before making a joke, "What if I give you a smile?"

    Saying that, Zhang Tie rolled his eyes and blew his cheeks towards Beverly, making her laugh at once.

    Seeing someone entering the room, Beverly hurriedly lowered her head while wiping off her tears.


    "Hello, sir, I'm the financial commissioner of Golden Roc Bank. It's my great pleasure to serve you. I was told that you need us to make a lifetime annuity deposit financing plan for this young lady?"


    "Can you tell me about your requests and the details about this young lady. I will make a proper plan for her. You can choose a proper deposit financing plan according to my suggestions!"

    "I want to know about the average per capita income of cities in Eastern Continent."

    "Eastern Continent is very prosperous. It could not be matched by Blackson Humans Corridor. Based on our statistics, the average per capita annual income of a commoner in Blackhot City is 10 gold coins and 76 silver coins, the per capita annual income of people in some developed countries of Blackson Humans Corridor can reach above 30 gold coins. However, in Eastern Continent, residents in most of cities could earn more than 40 gold coins a year. Amazingly, residents in some very developed and prosperous regions could earn more than 200 gold coins! Of course, the figure would decline in some relatively under-developed regions and relatively enclosed rural areas."

    "Okay, please calculate how much do I need to deposit in your bank if I want to get 2000 gold coins a year from you?"

    "Is it a lifetime annuity?"


    "Will you deposit it at once or by installment?"

    "At once!"

    "Will it take effect right now or in the future?"

    "Tomorrow. It'd better take effect from January 1st of the 891st year of Black Iron Calendar!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the financing commissioner started to calculate rapidly on a piece of paper. Meanwhile, he looked up data from the forms of a document and gave Zhang Tie an answer very soon.

    "If so, you need to pay 34,482 gold coins for this lifetime annuity financing plan. From tomorrow, this young lady could get 500 gold coins from each branch of Golden Roc Bank at the first day of each season. We will open a special annuity account for this young lady. All of her annuity would be transferred in this special account. The interest of the capital in this account will be calculated according to current deposit. The annuity of 34,482 gold coins could be inherited by one or several people appointed by this young lady. She could also withdraw all of them when this lifetime annuity plan is on due!"

    After hearing his explanation, Zhang Tie directly drew out of 4 gold checks from the gold check folder in his coat, each of them was worth 10,000 gold coins, "I will choose this plan with 40,000 gold coins!"

    "If you input 40,000 gold coins at once, this young lady will gain 2320 gold coins a year, 580 gold coins per season."

    Zhang Tie nodded.

    After that, he dealt with the procedures for Beverly. The financial commissioner of Golden Roc Bank brought an inkpad. After checking Beverly's palm, he asked Beverly to press her fingers onto it.

    "Each person's ten fingerprints are distinctive. After collecting this young lady's fingerprints, we will extract the features of her fingerprints and convert them into digital code. This will be her exclusive identification code in our bank. We will preserve this code in the large-scale steaming computer data center of the headquarters of Golden Roc Bank. After that, this young lady could easily withdraw her annuity through her hands and the annuity withdrawal code that she had set!"

    After making the model for her fingerprints, the financing commissioner of Golden Roc Bank directly passed out that model through a small window on the side door of the room. Someone took it away. After that, the financing commissioner brought a metal box and taught Zhang Tie and Beverly how to set code. He then left. After Beverly set the code, someone took the metal box away. After that, the financing commissioner reappeared with a document and asked Beverly to sign on it. Here it came to an end.

    The moment this process was finished, Zhang Tie had a strong sense of satisfaction and happiness. Like how he felt when he conquered Beverly on bed, such a feeling made Zhang Tie puzzled. He didn't know why he was so satisfied with such a pure payment. Until he held Beverly's hand while walking out of the gate of Golden Roc Bank and watching her happy look did he realize it right away.

    --Whether on bed or not, whether to conquer or pay, men actually wanted to tell women that they were capable of love. A man who was able to love a woman was happy and satisfied; perhaps, men were trying to do the same thing in their whole life.

    After leaving Golden Roc Bank, Zhang Tie and Beverly went to her home and met her parents.

    Beverly's parents were commoners in Blackhot City. They had sophisticated moods for their daughter bringing home such a big boy. Since last year, they had heard many stories about Zhang Tie from their daughter. However, it was the first time for them to see Zhang Tie.

    Beverly's mom was gentle after knowing her daughter's love affair; however, her dad became solemn at the sight of Zhang Tie as if he had saw a thief who was stealing a treasure from his house...

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