Chapter 514: God Blessing Brotherhood

    Chapter 514: God Blessing Brotherhood

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    "Who's this, Sally?"

    "This mister wants to see you!"

    "Has he reserved an appointment?"

    After hearing that Doctor Bionne was dissatisfied, the round-faced nurse wanted to explain. However, Zhang Tie turned around and told her, "It's okay. You can go now!"

    After glancing at Zhang Tie, the round-faced nurse lowered her head and left as she closed the door.

    "Mister, I'm very busy recently. If you want medical treatment or a diagnosis at your home, you need to reserve in advance!" Doctor Bionne said to Zhang Tie with a contemptuous voice.

    Zhang Tie walked towards him and presented his certificate to him for ten seconds under his dissatisfied look. When he put away the certificate, Doctor Bionne changed his face right away. He instantly revealed a genial smile, which hid his fear. Any common small figure, who was being gazed at by a person from a powerful, violent position, would feel fearful.

    Like sitting on a see-saw, the moment Zhang Tie's buttocks touched the sofa, Doctor Bionne sprung up from his chair. He came in front of Zhang Tie carefully and lowered his body, "Mr...do you have any needs?"

    "Yes, I do!" Zhang Tie replied calmly.

    "Ah, please, please..."

    "Take a seat, please!" Zhang Tie pointed at the sofa opposite him like he was the owner of this office.

    "Fine, thanks, thanks!" Doctor Bionne sat on the opposite sofa with his legs tightly closed. From his movements, Zhang Tie knew that he was as timid as a rabbit. Before Zhang Tie even spoke, he was already so scared.

    "Do you have a patient called Laona?"

    "Yes, yes, he's paralyzed. I have to visit him twice a week!"

    "I know, you will go there on Tuesday and Friday, 18 silver coins each time. You've already treated him for over six years. According to the plan, you have to be there on time this afternoon!" Zhang Tie told him what he knew. Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Doctor Bionne started to ooze sweat on his forehead. He was afraid of being in trouble. Otherwise how could he be followed for so long?

    "I...I was just helping him rehabilitate. I've done nothing else to him. I didn't know about what that person and his family members did." When saying this, Doctor Bionne stood up from sofa once again.

    "I know, don't worry, take a seat, take a seat..." Zhang Tie waved his hand towards Doctor Bionne. "Is Laona suffering from a special central nervous dysfunction syndrome?"

    "Yes, it's a very tricky disease. Most of the medicines were not effective. The patient felt weak all over and could not walk. Besides this, his immunity is low while the toxins could not be drained out of his body. Each time, I brought him some medicine it had no effect at all. I mainly help him do some physical therapy!"

    "I'm carrying out a special mission, which requires your coordination!"

    "Argh, please, I will coordinate with you for sure!"

    Zhang Tie then silently took out six vials of all-purpose medicament from his pocket and put them on the table, "These are very special medicament. From today on, you must have him drink two vials of this medicament each time you visit him!"

    At the sight of the vials of medicament on the table, Doctor Bionne turned pale. Zhang Tie's special status and the medicament before him reminded him of some plots to kill people. However, he was not brave enough to refuse Zhang Tie.

    "In order to carry out this medicament mission, you need to give him the medicament treatment in the following three days!"

    "Do...do I need to go there today?"


    "May...may I ask about the purpose of this medicament?" Doctor Bionne asked in a frightened way.

    "This medicament is helpful to his health!" Zhang Tie glanced at Doctor Bionne. "I know what you're thinking about. But it's not like that. If you do it according to my request, you will face no danger at all. You don't need to know other things!"

    "Yes...yes!" Doctor Bionne nodded hurriedly.

    "After this medicament takes effect, Laona and his sister, Miss Daina, will know it. If they ask you why, you tell them..." Zhang Tie told Doctor Bionne about the story that he had fabricated.

    Doctor Bionne became dumbfounded.

    "Have you remembered what I told you?"

    "Yes, I've remembered it, I've remembered it!"

    "Repeat it then!"

    Doctor Bionne then repeated what Zhang Tie had told him. Zhang Tie nodded inside.

    "Remember, as long as you do what I told you to do, you will have no trouble. Besides, you will have a good reputation. But if you want to play tricks, I promise that you won't want to see the result!" While saying this, Zhang Tie pinched the desk using his right thumb and index finger. With a cracking sound, the thick, solid desk cracked like having been split by an axe.

    The terrifying strength of Zhang Tie's fingers made Doctor Bionne go pale-faced once again.

    After glancing at Doctor Bionne, Zhang Tie stood up and amplified his voice, "Thanks, Doctor Bionne, thanks for your concern about the orphanage. I've not imagined that grandma Teresa has moved away. What a pity! The six vials of medicament are my gifts from Jinyun Country. Hopefully, they could help you! I have something to deal with, I have to go..."

    Zhang Tie reached out his hand towards Doctor Bionne, who instantly sprung up and shook hands with Zhang Tie saying, "Erm, it's my pleasure, my pleasure!"

    "Hmm, it's a bit cold and dry these days. Look, your desk has cracked. It doesn't look good. You'd better get a new one!"

    "Yes. What damn weather! It's too cold!"

    "I will stay in Blackhot City for the next couple of days. If you have any problems, do you know where to find me?"

    "No. 6 presidential suite in Black Gold Hotel. I'll keep it in mind!"

    "Good. See you then!"

    "Bon voyage!"



    After Zhang Tie left, Doctor Bionne stood still in his room for two minutes before quivering all over for a second. 'The powerful, violent departments of Norman Empire are too weird. I had not imagined that I was involved too. Thankfully, my job is easy. I only need to cooperate with him.' Doctor Bionne was really not brave enough to search for the reason behind this request.

    Thankfully, Zhang Tie didn't force him to poison his patient.

    Walking to the side of the desk, Doctor Bionne took up a vial of medicament. At the sight of the delicate symbol for Manjusaka on the vial, his eyebrows jumped at once.

    He had never heard about this medicament at all. However, given its symbol, it seemed to be expensive.

    Doctor Bionne finally recovered his composure.

    On the same afternoon, Doctor Bionne went to his patient with the all-purpose medicament...


    Since Susan and Fiona came for Zhang Tie, the other girls of Rose Association started to come for Zhang Tie too. Zhang Tie told them about his target here.

    After only one year, many girls who were intimate with Zhang Tie had already found their own life partners, except for those who were killed by Abyan, those who'd left Blackhot City due to various reasons, or those who dared not to come for Zhang Tie. Finally, 47 girls in total decided they would like to leave Blackhot City after meeting Zhang Tie.

    Watching these cute girls, Zhang Tie was relieved of all his negative moods, like grief for the deaths of Angel and the other girls. He really didn't want to see those beautiful roses wither. After just one year, Zhang Tie had already seen how the affairs of the world were inconstant. After one year, Only 47 of the total 84 girls of the Rose Association could gather with him in Blackhot City. What about the fates of these cute girls in the next year or the distant future?


    In the evening on January 8th, Zhang Tie invited seven people from Hit-Plane Brotherhood and 21 people from God Blessing Association, including Potter, Wood, Francis and Zhang Tie's friend Blues, to join an evening reception in Black Gold Hotel where Hit-Plane Brotherhood and God Blessing Association officially merged into God Blessing Brotherhood.

    Meanwhile, they improved the organizational framework and constitutional system of God Blessing Brotherhood.

    The new organization was oriented towards mutual assistance, mutual support, solidarity, friendliness and common development. The main principle of the God Blessing Brotherhood was mutual benefit between power and obligation, contribution and achievement. As long as it fit the constitution of the organization, the members of God Blessing Brotherhood could choose to join or exit it freely. The only target of the foundation of the God Blessing Brotherhood was to survive its members, allowing everyone in the brotherhood to survive the coming holy war.

    Zhang Tie took out 200,000 gold coins for the first development fund of God Blessing Brotherhood after they left Blackhot City. Through unanimous nominations, Zhang Tie became the leader of God Blessing Brotherhood.

    For Zhang Tie, 200,000 gold coins were only worth a few vats of fermented fruits. 'If this amount of money can allow these people to believe in me today, bring a bright future to my brothers and enable them and their family members to live better futures, then those vats of fermented fruits meant nothing to me at all.'

    In the evening on January 9th, Zhang Tie invited the 47 girls of Rose Association and Beverly to come to Black Gold Hotel...
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