Chapter 515: The Best

    Chapter 515: The Best

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    47 girls of the Rose Association came to Zhang Tie's presidential suite for the party in beautiful skirts and evening wear.

    According to the list made by Zhang Tie, Black Gold Hotel tried its best to dispatch 47 exclusive limos and servicemen to take all the 47 girls of Rose Association to Black Gold Hotel from door to door, which was the most luxurious escort request in the history of Black Gold Hotel.

    In order to welcome these girls, the hotel even set up a special VIP pathway which was only available to these girls.

    The bright, bloody carpet went all the way from where the girls got off the limos to Zhang Tie's presidential suite.

    Along the carpet were a number of archways made of bright roses, which had been sent here from tens of thousands of miles away by airship. Male and female servants were standing on both sides of the carpet tidily in black swallowtail suits. They were welcoming the girls of the Rose Association in the most respectful manner...

    The professional photographers started to take photos of the girls the moment they got off the limos. Each time a limo parked and a girl got out of it, constant flashes of light from cameras could be seen in the surrounding areas.

    Like a princess' welcoming, this was completely dreamlike for the girls of the Rose Association.

    Zhang Tie, in a grand and brilliant black evening suit, was smiling and standing outside the gate with his hands behind his back.

    In the banquet hall behind him, the crystal lamps were twinkling, while a philharmonic society was playing a melodious and pleasant song beside the fountain in the middle of the hall.

    Each girl was led to the banquet hall by one of the hotel waiters. While they felt that they were princesses at this moment, they regarded Zhang Tie as their prince.

    Many girls of the Rose Association were puzzled at this moment.

    Zhang Tie kissed each girl's hand. After that, he told the staff of Golden Roc Bank to guide them aside. They put their fingerprints in a metal inkpad and signed contracts with Golden Roc Bank. After that, each girl could receive 580 gold coins a year from Golden Roc Bank as the beneficiaries of the lifetime annuity financing plan.

    This was a gift from Zhang Tie.

    This gift made many girls exclaim in shock. Compared to the gifts that Zhang Tie had presented them last time, this one was too expensive. Actually, with this gift they could live a graceful life wherever they went from then on.

    Zhang Tie smiled. However, Beverly almost came to tears at the sight of him. Only those who were very familiar with Zhang Tie could feel the grief in Zhang Tie's eyes behind his smile.

    At this time, Zhang Tie was completely forcing his smile in such a fairy-tale scene.

    They had the best food, the mellowest wine, most brilliant carpet and the best music in that banquet. The moment Zhang Tie appeared in the banquet hall, all the girls became quiet while gazing at Zhang Tie, waiting for him to say something.

    The music stopped at this moment. The staff of Golden Roc Bank also left.

    Glancing at those beautiful faces in front of him, Zhang Tie had mixed emotions inside. "There are more people who should have been here today. What a pity! Shirley said everything here is the best, just like in her dream, we have the best wine, the best golden caviar, the best tableware and crystal glasses, the best music and the best waiters..."

    After being mentioned by Zhang Tie, a girl called Shirley, who was holding a glass and wearing black evening wear, rolled her eyes away from Zhang Tie embarrassedly.

    Watching the adorable Shirley, Zhang Tie smiled. "Shirley was right about many points, but she forgot one important point. In my eyes, besides these things, the best girls in Blackhot City are here too. Because of you, everything at present has become meaningful! Without you, everything in front of me would be nothing other than desert and rocks. Because of you, this place was filled with brilliance, laughter and pleasure. And because of you, my life has also been filled with brilliance, laughter and pleasure. Therefore, I have to extend my thanks to you all, the best girls in Blackhot City. I appreciate that you loved me yesterday and you still trust me today! Today, you're the queens and princesses, while I am just your humble servant, an idiot being brightened by you..."

    After saying this, Zhang Tie raised his glass and gulped it all down...

    The girls also raised their glasses...

    Then, the unforgettable evening banquet started...


    Zhang Tie drank too much this time. He drank one glass after another with each girl of the Rose Association. In that boisterous and happy atmosphere, the girls of the Rose Association pulled him onto the dance floor and taught him about waltz. He then danced with each girl, one circle for one girl. The girls kept rotating, smiling and playing in front of him like beautiful flowers...

    Gradually, all the waiters in the presidential suite left, including the philharmonic society. The steward of the presidential suite closed the gate from outside.

    Feeling a bit dizzy, Zhang Tie lay on the soft sofa and watched the fascinating faces of the girls of the Rose Association in the crystal lamplight.

    Zhang Tie's shirt had been undone by the girls while some small, golden fish were swirling over Zhang Tie's body, moistening Zhang Tie's chest and lower abdomen. Fiona was kneeling between Zhang Tie's knees while her beautiful evening gown and black bra had been undone and taken off her shoulders. She was covering her breasts using her hands in a shameful way. She knew Zhang Tie liked it that way.

    A milky firework rose from Fiona's breasts and flew in the air. Finally, it spread over their bodies and faces.

    This firework was like a signal flare. Soon after the girls' exclamations, Zhang Tie was covered by them at once...


    Zhang Tie didn't know how long he had slept or whether he had slept at all. When he woke up, Zhang Tie still felt a bit dizzy.

    The mechanical button of the red calling lamp on the pure gold microphone was turned on. It seemed that someone wanted to talk with someone in the room. Zhang Tie moved his body slightly out of the crisscrossed Rose Association girls.

    Beverly was half-exposed in her evening wear, bowed at the waist and hugging her legs, curled up in Zhang Tie's chest. This was the best position.

    The moment Zhang Tie moved, Beverly murmured a low hum in sleep and her eyelashes quivered once.

    Zhang Tie lowered his head and found that his p*nis was still in Beverly's body. He didn't remember what had happened last night as he was drunk with alcohol. He only remembered that it was a crazy night. All of them were mad, including Zhang Tie and those Rose Association girls. They all vented something in their madness, became freed of something. When someone mentioned Angel, many people cried. After that, they became entangled with each other in a crazier way...

    Zhang Tie silently drew his p*nis out of her body and got off the bed. He then casually threw on one coat and stealthily passed between the girls' bodies on the soft and thick carpet in the bedroom.

    At this moment, 49 girls were crisscrossed over the 200-odd square meters of bedroom in the presidential suite, from the extremely huge bed to the sofa and carpet. The entire bedroom became an alluring pornographic field. The torn-off evening gowns, colorful bras and underwear were thrown everywhere. The whole room was filled with the smell of Zhang Tie's semen.

    Because of they had heating units, it was as warm as spring in the bedroom. The girls were still sleeping soundly while the thick curtain prevented sunlight from being cast into the room. As a result, people could not identify the current time.

    They were too crazy last night. Glancing at the scene, Zhang Tie became a bit bashful. He silently left the bedroom and closed the door. When he came to the corridor outside the bedroom, he opened the cover of a pure gold microphone and pressed down the switch.

    "What's wrong?" Zhang Tie asked.

    In two seconds, the steward's voice was heard, "Your excellency, two people want to talk with you!"

    "Who are they?"

    "A man and a woman. The man is Doctor Bionne. He said he was your friend. The woman is Daina. They have been waiting for you for half an hour."

    'Miss Daina?' Zhang Tie became stunned for a second. Then, he instantly glanced at the clock hanging on the wall. It was already past nine o'clock in the morning.

    Zhang Tie took a deep breath. "Argh, fine. Guide them to my room in a couple of minutes...oh...no...You'd better let them wait for me in the cafe of the hotel. I will be there soon!"

    "Yes, sire. Do you have any other demands?"

    "Hmm, when the girls wake up, have people send some clothes and skirts inside. Let them select their favorite ones."

    After hanging up, Zhang Tie became stunned for a second before hurriedly rushing into the bathroom. After taking a bath, he put on a new suit. He then took a look at the handsome guy in the mirror before leaving the room for the cafe.

    Upon entering the café, with a casual glance Zhang Tie had seen Doctor Bionne and Miss Daina, who were sitting beside a curtained glass window. At the sight of Miss Daina, Zhang Tie's heart started to pound like how he would react at school. After over one year, Miss Daina was still the same as before in Zhang Tie's heart...
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