Chapter 516: See You, Blackhot City

    Chapter 516: See You, Blackhot City

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    Miss Daina and Dr. Bionne were sitting beside a glass window in the coffee house. She was watching the garden in the hotel which caused a greenhouse effect while she slightly stirred up a cup of coffee on the table with a silver ladle.

    Zhang Tie stood at the door of the coffee house and gazed at Miss Daina's side for about half a minute.

    Dr. Bionne noticed Zhang Tie's arrival ahead of Miss Daina. At the sight of Zhang Tie, he instantly revealed a slightly exaggerating surprise as he sprung up from his chair, "Argh, Miss Daina, he's that person I told you!"

    Miss Daina turned around as she caught sight of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie had rehearsed how to deal with this scene for many times. Therefore, after miss Daina looked at him, he revealed a surprising look, "Argh, Miss Daina, what a coincidence! Do you remember me? I'm your student."

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Dr. Bionne almost fell down. Twitching his eye corners, Dr. Bionne naturally revealed a dumbfounded look. He could not understand why such a military officer of the violence sector of Norman Empire could be a student of Miss Daina. He was more confused as he didn't know why he was involved now that Zhang Tie was familiar with her. In short, all this was too weird in the eyes of Dr. Bionne. Whereas, he did not dare to figure out the reason.

    Miss Daina watched Zhang Tie while an amazement flashed by her eyes. She had not imagined that the one she would like to see was her student. Zhang Tie was always silent in the No. 7 National Middle School in Blackhot City. Therefore, he was not impressive in the eyes of Miss Daina. However, after Zhang Tie's excellent performance in the survival training before graduation and his participation in Iron-Blood Camp as the most famous person in his session, Miss Daina started to pay attention to him.

    Zhang Tie sat beside the coffee table.

    Doctor explained everything according to Zhang Tie's will to Zhang Tie and Miss Daina. After sitting for another 2 minutes, Dr. Bionne felt like sitting on a fire basket.

    "Miss Daina, I've explained everything clearly. He gave me the vials of medicament. I've not imagined that they could have such a great effect on Leona. Now that you know each other, you can talk freely. I have something to deal with in my clinic. I have to go now."

    "Hmm, Dr. Bionne, I appreciate you so much!" seeing Dr. Bionne was going to leave, Miss Daina stood up and saw Bionne off politely.

    Zhang Tie also stood up. Based on Zhang Tie's design, he and Bionne had long been familiar with each other as they both usually visited the orphanage of Grandma Teresa. This time, Zhang Tie gifted him six vials of "very special medicament" when they encountered in Blackhot City.

    "Ah! It's my pleasure. I'm also very happy to see Leona's condition becoming better!" Dr. Bionne said righteously. After saying that, Dr. Bionne stealthily glanced at Zhang Tie. After seeing that Zhang Tie was pleasant, he left.

    Miss Daina's blue eyes were like a blue mountain in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    Miss Daina's brown hair was like warm wind that blew through mountain ranges.

    Facing Miss Daina and being watched by her, Zhang Tie felt being in a dream. It was so warm and nice.

    This was Miss Daina's image in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    "Dr. Bionne said you were familiar with each other in orphanage. I was told that you usually sent gifts to the orphanage in Blackhot City. I've not imagined that you're that kind!" Miss Daina uttered in a warm voice.

    "My family usually made rice brew. When we have surplus rice soup, my mom usually told me to sent some to those kids. Plus some salt or sugar, rice soup would be nutritious. Those kids liked to drink it! As Dr. Bionne always went to the orphanage to treat those kids. Therefore, we gradually knew each other. This time, when I encountered him on the street, I gifted him some vials of medicament. I've not imagined that they were helpful to Miss Daina."

    In a white skintight thin sweater, Miss Daina's figure became especially eye-catching today. After a glimpse at her, Zhang Tie felt thirsty because of excitement.

    The fragrance over Miss Daina was also intoxicating.

    "May I know the name of the medicament?" Miss Daina looked at Zhang Tie with a desiring look, "I've seen that medicament; however, I've not heard about it before. But it works so well on my younger brother. Only after using six vials of that medicament, his condition had been improved. This never happened before!"

    Zhang Tie didn't feel strange that a common biology teacher had not heard about the name of all-purpose medicament. Because all-purpose medicament had not been popularized among average people across Norman Empire. Additionally, Blackhot City was always information occluded.

    "That's all-purpose medicament produced by Huaiyuan Palace!"

    "All-purpose medicament?" Miss Daina blinked as she exclaimed 'ah' with an amazing look.

    "Have someone made super enzyme in Jinyun Country?"Zhang Tie nodded towards Miss Daina as he didn't feel strange for a biology teacher to know something about super enzyme, even if not being an alchemist.

    Miss Daina then became hesitated, "Do...do you have more such medicament? I want to buy some from you, if possible."

    "God, forgive me. It's my first time to cheat a woman, especially Miss Daina!"

    Zhang Tie prayed inside before shaking his head decisively, "Miss Daina, I've not brought too much of that medicament this time. After sending some to others, I don't have them anymore..."

    "No more?" Miss Daina looked a bit disappointed.

    "Now that it's produced in Huaiyuan Palace, do you know where to buy it?" Miss Daina's eyes blazed with some hope after a second.

    "Honestly, Miss Daina. All-purpose medicament is very popular now. It has become a class-A strategic good in Norman Empire. Therefore, it is greatly desired by other countries and powers. I'm afraid that it could be hardly gained through normal channel!"

    Hearing the word class-A strategic good, Miss Daina's hope died out like burning candles in chilly wind.

    Noticing the sort of grief in the eyes of Miss Daina, Zhang Tie almost took out a pile of all-purpose medicament from Castle of Black Iron and put them in front of Miss Daina. However, considering the possible result, Zhang Tie stopped.

    "This medicament could be hardly gained through other channels. However, as it was produced in Huaiyuan Palace, I could still get some in Huaiyuan Prefecture!"

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Miss Daina's eyes blazed with hope once again.

    "However, even if I could get some from Huaiyuan Prefecture, Blackhot City is too far from Huaiyuan Prefecture. I cannot send the goods to you conveniently!"

    It was said that human postal and express system could deliver addressee's message to every corner of the planet before Catastrophe. However, in this age, this was hardly satisfied. Average message could be passed in one region or a country. Nevertheless, a logistics system that stretched across numerous countries had not been established yet. Even if it was established, it would cause a huge operating cost when airship was used as a traffic tool. Nobody could afford this. In this age, business groups were prosperous and developed partly because that business groups sustained the logistics trade between countries and regions.

    "Then...then there's no way else?" Miss Daina muttered. After losing another hope, Miss Daina didn't know whether Leona could bear such a strike. This was even crueler than having not given him a hope. Recalling Leona's shiny eyes, Miss Daina felt like crying as she covered her mouth at once; meanwhile, a drop of tear fell into the coffee cup on the table.

    "Miss Daina. Do you have other relatives in Blackhot City except for your younger brother? If so, it would be easily solved if you and your younger brother go to Jinyun Country together with me!" Seeing that the opportunity was ripe, after pretending to think for a short while, Zhang Tie finally poured out what he wanted to say to Miss Daina.

    Miss Daina became amazed at once. Raising his watery blue eyes towards Zhang Tie, she said, "This...this would be very troublesome. Migration certificate is needed if I and my younger brother are going to leave Blackhot City..."

    "Miss Daina. If you want to leave Blackhot City. I will help you and your younger brother to manage migration certificates. You know that I once served in the No. 39 Division of Norman Empire. I am acquainted with Colonel Leibniz of No. 39 Division. I've contacted with Colonel Leibniz. There will not be a problem!"

    Staring at Miss Daina's face, Zhang Tie felt that Miss Daina had been dreaming for that. However, she still hesitated. Zhang Tie knew what she was worried about. Every woman would be a bit hesitated to leave a familiar place with a younger brother who needed her help.

    "Actually, many people that you know will leave Blackhot City together with me!"

    "Ah, who else?" Miss Daina asked in an amazing look.

    "Hmm, of course, many of them are familiar with you, Miss Daina. Because they are your students, including some male students of my session in No. 7 National Middle School and some girls in No. 4 National Female Middle School. They are all my friends. You could take your younger brother away from here by airship together with them. You can look after each other on the way! When you arrive at Huaiyuan Prefecture, you will have familiar persons over there. You can work and accompany your younger brother for medical medicament. The medical conditions over there are much better than that in Blackhot City. Chinese medical system is more developed. Besides you will have more work opportunities over there. When your younger brother's disease will be cured completely, you can come back if you want!"

    Zhang Tie knew that Miss Daina was finally moved by his last words...

    "Zhang Tie, I really don't know how to appreciate you. I've not imagined that you could help me so much this time..." watching Zhang Tie, Miss Daina became a bit thrilled.

    "Hehe, you don't have to thank me, Miss Daina. It's my great honor to help you. If my friends in No. 7 National Middle School knew that I could give a favor to you, they would envy me very much!" Zhang Tie said in a relaxed manner.

    Hearing Zhang Tie's words, Miss Daina's face blushed slightly as she felt warm inside...


    After seeing off Miss Daina to leave the hotel by a car, Zhang Tie recovered his composure.

    He finally let out a deep sigh.

    As long as Miss Daina would like to leave, what's left could be easily dealt with.

    "Who else should I take away?" Zhang Tie tried his best to recall those people that he was familiar with in Blackhot City. Finally, two straightforward men appeared in Zhang Tie's mind--Captain Kerlin and A'Nuo.

    Zhang Tie knew that as long as that cyclops knew that Miss Daina would leave Blackhot City together with him, he would definitely follow them. "Regardless of that cyclops feelings about Miss Daina, he is my savior. He not only gave me the secret book of Iron-Blood Fist, but also saved me out of the Gold-eating cave. Because of this, I have to take him away with me. In the coming holy war, a LV 8 fighter is nothing but a scum, who might be killed at any time."

    I would not disturb the relationship between that cyclops and Miss Daina. Because that would be too nasty. Neither would I help them to develop their relationship. Because that violates my original intention. It would be too silly to do that.

    As to A'Nuo...

    Recalling that straightforward and simple human flesh bag, Zhang Tie smiled. "Mom said I have to appreciate those who helped me even if a bit. This was a Chinese virtue. I will appreciate him this time. If A'Nuo and his family members would like to leave Blackhot City, I will then take them away..."

    For A'Nuo, if he could make more money than being a human flesh bag in Iron-Thorn Fighting Club and save his family members, he would be happy, even being a driver or a common bodyguard in Jinwu Corporation.

    See you, Blackhot City. That's all that I care. After these people leave, what's left would be the same...
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