Chapter 517: The Arrival of the Airship

    Chapter 517: The Arrival of the Airship

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    When the huge airship appeared in the sky, Zhang Tie and Colonel both narrowed their eyes as they raised their heads to watch it.

    The 100-m long triangular body of the airship indicated its type at once--fury-level harp airship produced in Huaiyuan Palace.

    At the sight of the airship, ground crew send a landing signal. After a few minutes, in the wuthering chilly wind, the airship slowly landed on the designated field while dropping off some ground anchors. Ground crew instantly ran towards it and tied those ground anchors to the ground anchor piles, fixing the airship steadily.

    The huge object was very terrifying in the sky; however, when it landed and appeared in front, it felt much more terrifying.

    According to Zhang Tie's knowledge, fury-level airship was the largest and most powerful airship ever manufactured by human among all the countries across Blackson Humans Corridor.

    "Fury-level..." Colonel Lebniz muttered. Watching such a huge airship which glittered silver grey luster, Lebniz's eyes gleamed. As a soldier, at the sight of such an airship, it was like a warrior caught sight of a treasured sword or a fierce beast caught sight of a grand feast. Of course, he was interested in it very much.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that his elder brother could dispatch such a huge airship here. The mark of Jinwu Corporation on the airship indicated whom it belonged to. It also reminded Zhang Tie that Jinwu Corporation had gained a momentum development in a short period by selling all-purpose medicament. Therefore, his elder brother could afford such a huge airship.

    The moment the airship landed, a hatch door was pushed open as a middle aged man in the uniform of coxswain and the first mate of the airship came out. Zhang Tie and Colonel Lebniz then boarded on it.

    After greeting each other for half a minute, the coxswain murmured to the first mate. The first mate then entered the airship. After a short while, crew members drew out the goods by a manual hydraulic trailer from the airship. Those goods were sealed in the shiny metal boxes. Each box could rightly be carried by a person just like a carry-on luggage.

    The boxes were especially for carrying expensive vials of medicament. At the sight of those boxes on the hydraulic trailer, Colonel Lebniz's eyes gleamed like that of wolves.

    Dozens of boxes were placed in front of Colonel Lebniz and Zhang Tie in two piles tidily.

    Colonel Lebniz glanced at Zhang Tie, who also nodded. Thus, Colonel Lebniz walked to a box and opened it.

    The moment he opened it, he caught sight of the rows of vials of medicament being inserted in the soft protective grooves like soldiers being ready for review.

    Colonel Lebniz instantly took out one vial and drunk it. After closing his eyes for while, he opened his eyes with a satisfactory look.

    Watching those boxes, Colonel Lebniz was so thrilled that he even felt his blood rushing to his head. "God bless, only 70 all-purpose medicament were allocated by Iron-Horn Army; but the Iron-Horn Army now have almost 2000 vials of all-purpose medicament." At the sight of so many vials, Colonel Lebniz almost passed out.

    At this moment, Colonel Lebniz even worried about those empty boxes.

    After taking a deep breath, Colonel Lebniz asked Zhang Tie in a slightly quivering voice, "First Lieutenant Zhang Tie, are...these all-purpose medicament?"

    "Yes. Each box contains 200 vials of all-purpose medicament. This time, 291 people want to leave Blackhot Cit together with me. 25 vials of all-purpose medicament for each person, 7275 vials in total. We have 42 boxes here, 8400 vials in total. Please transfer the 1000 of the surplus 1125 vials of all-purpose medicament to those brothers of Iron-Blood Camp as my gift. As to the rest 125 vials, please hand them to Salvey of Scouts Camp."

    "Although i've lost some commoners, I store a great quantity of all-purpose medicament for No.39 Division. This is really economical. If this piece of information is exposed, many people in the army would admire me."

    Colonel Lebniz was very satisfied with this trade. After hearing that Zhang Tie would like to send 1000 vials of all-purpose medicament to Iron-Blood Camp of No. 39 Division, even 125 vials to his friends in the Scouts Camp of No. 39 Division, Colonel Lebniz was deeply moved. Each vial of these all-purpose medicament might save one soldier on the battle field. This indeed interpreted the meaning of comrade-in-arms.

    "Trust me, I will hand these 1125 vials to Iron-Blood Camp and your friends in Scouts Camp. These vials of all-purpose medicament would be freely used by them!" Colonel Lebniz said in a solemn way.

    "Thank you!"

    Colonel Lebniz then sighed as he put one hand on Zhang Tie's shoulder, "First Lieutenant, you will be the military officer of No. 39 Division forever, nobody will dare to harm you as long as last soldier of No. 39 Division is alive!"

    Zhang Tie smiled and nodded.

    Colonel Lebniz glanced at First Lieutenant Vessie on his side. A great number of soldiers instantly rushed towards here from the base. In a wink, they had moved all these all-purpose medicament on the truck in the far. After covering the carriage tightly, a great number of soldiers instantly escorted that truck away with two armored vehicles.


    "First Lieutenant Zhang Tie, may I visit this fury-level airship?"


    Under the leadership of the coxswain, Zhang Tie and Colonel Lebniz walked towards that airship. The moment they entered the hatch door, Zhang Tie had caught sight of Linda. As Linda was inconvenient to come out just now, she just waited for Zhang Tie inside the airship.

    Zhang Tie introduced Linda to Colonel Lebniz with a smile. He then visited the inside of the airship together with Colonel Lebniz while embracing Linda's waist frankly. At the same time, the coxswain introduced the inside of the airship to them.

    Even Zhang Tie, who had seen airship for many times, had been amazed by the layout in the airship, not to mention Colonel Lebniz. The inside of this airship interpreted coziness and luxury so well.

    "This airship was manufactured on the concept of luxurious air yacht. That's why its inner layout is completely different from common airships. Its cargo carriage is very small. The crew area is separated from the passengers area. The airship is divided into three floors, most of the space is for rest and entertainment. It is made of high-intensity light metal material, which greatly increases its manufacturing cost; however, it provides a larger internal space and a greater take-off weight!"

    "How many people could it hold?" Colonel Lebniz asked.

    "360 passengers could enjoy a comfortable and pleasant air travel experience; 700 people could be held if the passengers would like to sacrifice some coziness!"

    "What about its fighting force? I was told that fury-level airship has a very powerful air fighting ability."

    "Compared to military fury-level war airship, this airship has much less weapons. However, there are still two 3000-m range Thor-level steaming ballistas, four middle-range Naruto three-in-one crossbows and six dense steel beads emitters!"

    Hearing such an allocation, Colonel Lebniz sighed once again. Such fighting force had surpassed that of the in-service mad shark-level war airship in Iron-Horn Army. Compared to this airship being designed as a air yacht, the mad shark-level war airship felt shameless to be a war airship. These products from Huaiyuan Palace were really challenging.

    When they came to the observation deck which was semi-closed by the high-intensity reinforced steel, Zhang Tie threw a glance at Colonel Lebniz. Colonel Lebniz thought for a second before turning around, he then asked two of his followers to visit the engine room of the airship. Zhang Tie then threw a glance at the coxswain. The coxswain then left with another two people.

    Immediately, only three people were left on the observation deck. Linda felt that Zhang Tie would like to say something to Colonel Lebniz. Therefore, she also wanted to leave. However, Zhang Tie embraced her waist tightly. She then stayed with a warm feeling as she knew that Zhang Tie had accepted her inside.

    "There are another 108 boxes of all-purpose medicament in the airship!" the moment Zhang Tie finished his words, Colonel Lebniz became dumbfounded.

    He drew a breath. "108 boxes? That means over 20,000 vials of all-purpose medicament. How many vials of all-purpose medicament have Zhang Tie got from Huaiyuan Palace in total? The military of Norman Empire could only get 100,000 vials. However, Zhang Tie alone got 30,000 vials?"

    "Colonel, are you interested in taking all these vials of all-purpose medicament?"

    "What's the price?"

    "Thanks for your help. Therefore, you could get them in a price 20% lower than that the military of Norman Empire could get from Huaiyuan Prefecture!"

    Zhang Tie's words made Colonel Lebniz's heart pound. Based on the current supply condition of all-purpose medicament, Colonel Lebniz knew that Zhang Tie not only brought him a great amount of gold coins, but also brought him a huge resource, which could not be measured by gold coins in Iron-Horn Army or Nordinburg.

    Colonel Lebniz could imagine how crazy those noble women would be when he would take out the all-purpose medicament in the salon of Nordinburg. This good was the best product to maintain youth and vitality for women now. It had a remarkable effect whether to daub it on one's skin or drink it.

    Women were crazier than men about this product.


    When Colonel Lebniz left the airship, his face shined obviously. The moment he got off the airship, he had sent an order to the military officers in the base--to satisfy all the demands of this airship and complete its supply in the fastest speed...

    If he still treated Zhang Tie as his subordinate military officer before getting on the airship, he had already treated Zhang Tie as his best friend now.

    Zhang Tie was seeing off Colonel Lebniz on the airship. By this chance, he broke through the line of Iron-Horn Army for Jinwu Corporation. From Armes, the Mercenary Empire to Ewentra Archipelago, from Iron and Snow Wilderness to the north border of Norman Empire, such a network and power helped Jinwu Corporation lay a solid foundation for its development.


    "I feel through your eyes that something is in your mind!" Linda murmured to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie became stunned as he watched this elegant, beautiful and mature woman and sniffed her hair deeply. He then smiled, "I'm just missing you!"

    "Liar!" Linda slightly peaked Zhang Tie's lips.

    Zhang Tie didn't want to talk about this topic anymore. Therefore, he transferred the topic, "Oh, are you used to this airship?"

    "It's fast. Only after half a day, we're already here!" speaking of today's travel, Linda showed an exciting look.

    "Oh, have you dealt with the affairs in Blapei?"

    "I've already transferred my store and clothes to others. I don't know what to do then. Can I open a store in the future?"

    "Of course. As long as you like, you can open a big clothing shop in Huaiyuan Prefecture. As the boss, you can dress yourself well everyday and employ some people to sell your favorite clothes. In this way, you can make money and enjoy yourself. Additionally, you can show me your dress everyday. When we're free, we can take a walk on the seaside. We can enjoy various seafood and buy whatever we want. In summer, we can have a vacation in islands, swim and catch crabs over there. We can have one vial of all-purpose medicament a day to keep ourselves forever young!"

    Linda imagined what Zhang Tie described as a desiring look flashed by her eyes, "Is that real?"

    "Of course!" Zhang Tie nodded firmly.

    "Do you have a lot of friends here?"

    "Hmm, you will see them tomorrow. You will set off tomorrow!"

    "You?" Linda realized something, "What about you, won't you go there together with us?"

    "I have something to deal with. Trust me, I've already told my elder brother. You're my woman, someone will take care of you in Huaiyuan Prefecture. Don't worry about that, someone would accompany you on the way!"

    However, hearing Zhang Tie's words, Linda did not feel reassured...

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