Chapter 519: A Brave Jump

    Chapter 519: A Brave Jump

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    The moment Miss Daina got on the vehicle, the whole vehicle became much more boisterous. They all felt having a travel organized by the school. Even Leona, Miss Daina's younger brother revealed a smile in such a happy atmosphere.

    At this moment, the other guys in the vehicle truly felt being dwarfed in front of Zhang Tie. He could even take Goddess Daina away, that's too great! Greater than the Great King Bull in the famous Chinese fantasy novel 'Journey to the West'.

    Only after a glimpse at Miss Daina's attractive figure, Beverly had understood everything. She then rolled her eyes towards Zhang Tie.

    "You badass!" Beverly murmured in Zhang Tie's ear and pinched his waist forcefully.

    Zhang Tie drew a breath. He could only stand it as he didn't even have a chance to right wrongs in the public .

    "I've not even touched Miss Daina's hand!" Zhang Tie explained it to Beverly in a low voice.

    "Humph, I don't believe you!"

    Zhang Tie became speechless. Perhaps he was excessive in some aspect in Beverly's eyes. Therefore, she didn't believe him even if he was telling the truth.


    Many people in the vehicle exchanged glances with each other when they found the coach directly ran towards the east of Blackhot City instead of the railway station of Blackhot City.

    "Bighead, aren't we heading for the railway station, or are we going to pick someone else?" Doug asked.

    "Hehe, you will know it!" Zhang Tie briefed as he wanted to give them a surprise.

    After leaving the east city gate for one kilometer, the vehicle parked alongside a row of coaches.

    "Wait for a second, I will check whether all of them have arrived!" after saying that, Zhang Tie got off the vehicle and started to check those coaches one after another.

    At the sight of so many vehicles in front, Beverly's dad widely opened his mouth. If all the people in the vehicles wanted to leave Blackhot City, it was at least 200 people. He had not imagined that Zhang Tie was such an able man.

    Seeing Zhang Tie coming over, those soldiers on the coaches also got off their vehicles and started to report to Zhang Tie. They had already picked up everybody according to the name list provided by Zhang Tie. All the vehicles had arrived except for one.

    When Zhang Tie came to a vehicle in the front, he caught sight of Ms. Anna. That woman smiled at Zhang Tie implicitly, so did Zhang Tie.

    "Take Ms. Anna away." this was what that Fatty Barley requested after plucking up his courage. Zhang Tie was wondering whether that guy still had a special feeling about this woman who had lost her husband and deteriorated into the secular world.

    Sharwin said Barley had not found any other women since graduation. Instead, he usually slept in Ms. Anna's house. What a spoony guy! Sometimes, he even gifted her money and goods.

    Zhang Tie didn't understand Barley's emotions. However, considering that this woman turned all the brothers of Hit-Plane Brotherhood into real men except himself, Zhang Tie took her.

    At this moment, Ms. Anna just had a light makeup. With a silver enamel necklace and a fox scarf over his neck, she coiled her hair. Besides being a bit mature and alluring, she was almost like a fair lady.

    "As I've taken hundreds of people, I don't care about taking one more." Actually, Zhang Tie was sympathetic about this woman inside. As to how Barley would treat her in the future, it had nothing to do with Zhang Tie.

    Captain Kerlin was also sitting in a coach. Seeing him crossing his arms, nobody dared to sit together with him. At the sight of Zhang Tie, his eyes even included a sort of threat--if Miss Daina didn't go there, I will beat you well!

    All the girls of Rose Association and their family members had arrived. At the sight of the familiar faces, Zhang Tie became reassured inside.

    Zhang Tie let the coaches to wait here for a while.


    After 7-8 minutes, the last coach arrived. When the coach parked, Zhang Tie walked over there.

    "I'm so sorry. My wife's younger brother is a bit naughty. When the vehicle arrived, we had to find him for a while..." seeing Zhang Tie, Wood explained on the vehicle in an embarrassing way. Wood brought the most family members. Besides his family members, he also brought his wife's family members, 9 people in total.

    "It doesn't matter. It's just a few minutes. It's okay..." Zhang Tie comforted Wood before asking that military officer on the vehicle, "Is everybody here?"

    "Yes, everybody is here!" that military officer nodded.

    Zhang Tie then got off the vehicle and made a hand gesture to that vehicle in front of him. After that, he got on his own vehicle. Then, the fleet drove forward orderly.

    Only after ten more minutes, the fleet had driven in that place where Zhang Tie and Colonel Lebniz welcomed the airship. That was an airship hub which was established by No. 39 Division outside the city, which was over 10 km away from Blackhot City.

    When entering the base, some people on the vehicles were a bit restless. When the fleet stopped in front of that huge fury-level airship, Zhang Tie jumped off the vehicle at first before calling Miss Daina and the other people to get off their vehicles.

    Watching such a huge, nice airship, everybody became dumbfounded. They had not imagined that Zhang Tie could fetch such a great airship as their traffic tool. Before the Catastrophe, this was like a large airplane. That was fabulous.

    "This...this is our...our traffic tool?" Barley stammered as he raised his head and watched this mountain-sized fury-level airship in its shadow.

    "Of course, why not? Do you think I brought you here for a visit?" Zhang Tie smiled.

    Standing in the huge shadow of the airship, many people raised their heads as they put their hand on the forehead and watched this huge giant in the air. Many girls of Rose Association became excited. For many people at present, this was their first time to take such a high-end traffic tool.

    Captain Kerlin, who only carried a luggage, combed his mane-like hair casually by hand as he walked over there. After glancing at Zhang Tie, he implied, "Brat, that's my boy. You're not bad." After that, Captain Kerlin started to greet Miss Daina enthusiastically, "Miss Daina, are you also heading for Jinyun Country?"

    At the sight of Captain Kerlin, Miss Daina was also stunned; however, she recovered her composure very soon, "Yes, I have prepared to take my younger brother to Jinyun Country for further treatment!"

    After hearing Miss Daina's words, Captain Kerlin noticed that youth sitting in a wheelchair on her side who looked similar to Miss Daina. In a split second, Captain Kerlin had mixed moods. He finally understood why he could not get her heart--because he didn't know about her situation at all.

    Colonel Lebniz even bid a farewell to Zhang Tie. After saying some warmhearted words to Zhang Tie, he left.

    Seeing off Colonel Lebniz, Zhang Tie instantly called them to board on the airship. They had enough time to be amazed inside the airship.

    The coxswain and all the crew were welcoming them at the hatch door in tidy uniforms. Standing in two rows, all the crew chinned up and chested out in full spirit. Meanwhile, their hands were supporting on their waists, displaying their good spiritual outlook. The coxswain was standing at the entrance and greeting everybody entering the airship.

    For many people who took airship for the first time, everything here was fresh and stimulative. When they boarded on the airship one after another, they became more thrilled about the luxurious and cozy layout inside. The girls twittered and circled around the berth cabins. Those members of God Blessing Association also started to look around out of curiosity.

    Until 20 minutes later did they become a bit quiet when they confirmed about their own berth cabins.

    There were two spacious, luxurious berth cabins in the airship, according to Zhang Tie's arrangement, one for Miss Daina and Linda, the other for Captain Kerlin and Miss Daina's younger brother.

    The coxswain of the airship came to ask Zhang Tie whether to take off. Zhang Tie nodded. Then the airship slowly moved.

    When the airship took off, many people ran onto the semi-closed sightseeing deck on the airship to experience how the airship lifted in the air. Seeing the airship gradually leaving the ground, many girls of Rose Association shrilled loudly due to excitement.


    "Mr. Zhang Tie, I'm...I'm sorry for what happened!" the father of a girl of Rose Association called Feli finally got a chance to apologize to Zhang Tie solemnly once again. In order to show his sincerity to Feli's parents, when Zhang Tie visited Feli's home several days ago, he was treated as a human trader by Feli's parents and was poured by a basin of vegetable-washing water in the winter. Out of fury, Feli's dad almost wanted to send Zhang Tie to the police station.

    However, at the sight of such a luxurious airship, Feli's parents finally believed in Zhang Tie's words; they then came here to apologize to Zhang Tie once again.

    These days, Zhang Tie also experienced many things in the secular world. In order to take away these people whom he cared about, he had tasted a lot of feelings.

    "Haha, it's okay. Just forget it!" Zhang Tie comforted Feli's parents. He even asked whether their berths were comfortable or not and whether did they have any other demands. Therefore, Feli's parents left pleasantly.

    After the airship rose in the air for less than 10 minutes, Zhang Tie came to bid a farewell to them.

    The members of God Blessing Association were shocked too much; even Miss Daina and Captain Kerlin were stunned.

    Zhang Tie just revealed a smile towards them, "I've already arranged everything for your arrival at Jinyun Country. Don't worry. You don't need to know what I'm going to do. I've promised to protect some lovable girls. It's time for me to fulfill my promise."

    Captain Kerlin wanted to say something; however, Zhang Tie put one hand onto his shoulder. The man instantly changed his face as he felt the great, destructive power on Zhang Tie's hand.

    Until then did Captain Kerlin realize that this teenager was not that Zhang Tie of before.


    After the airship left Blackhot City for 200 km and arrived above the wilderness, Zhang Tie ordered the coxswain to keep flying away from Norman Empire after he left. After that, the airship lowered its height and put down the rope. Zhang Tie then made a brave jump.


    None of girls of Rose Association knew that Zhang Tie left. They were told that he had left an hour later.

    Zhang Tie didn't tell them what he was going to do. Only Fiona and Susan burst out into tears when they were told that Zhang Tie had left...
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