Chapter 520: Sneaking in Abyans Castle

    Chapter 520: Sneaking in Abyan's Castle

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    Lurking in the woods, Zhang Tie was covered with a waterproof overcoat. He buried himself under snow and kept gazing at the castle down there quietly.

    This was the second day since Zhang Tie came here. After leaving the airship, Zhang Tie dodged from crowded roads. After darkness fell, he returned from Wilderness to Blackhot City. Zhang Tie didn't enter the city; instead, he just lurked outside the city and kept his eyes on Abyan's castle.

    After staying in Blackhot City for a few days, Zhang Tie had acknowledged many information about master Abyan.

    After becoming a orange-robe pharmacist, airship had become master Abyan's traffic tool. He visited and returned from Nordinburg by airship this time. Therefore, Zhang Tie could only choose to ambush master Abyan in his castle.

    That was a castle full of evils. After inquiring about master Abyan's message carefully, Zhang Tie learned that some people died in his castle every year due to various reasons since over one decade ago when master Abyan became well-known. Angel and the other girls of Rose Association who were killed were neither the first batch nor the last batch.

    Of course, death was a very serious problem for others, however, it was trivial in master Abyan's eyes. With his special status as a pharmacist, master Abyan was always good at human relationships. Therefore, he could easily establish relationships with the most powerful ones and became the top guest of those people no matter who was ruling Blackhot City. In such a case, of course, it was nothing serious for him to kill some people.

    After many pharmacists were murdered on the continents, master Abyan also employed many powerhouses to protect him and became more careful in travel.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could fight master Abyan. However, there were some things in life that must be done.

    If it was two years ago, he and the other members of Hit-Plane Brotherhood would admire to be master Abyan's assistant or apprentice at school. However, now, he only wanted to chop off his head.


    In the afternoon, a medium-sized airship landed on the airship hub outside the castle. After that, the airship was pushed into a warehouse beside the castle. Zhang Tie found that everybody in the castle were busy. In the evening, many vehicles drove into this castle from Blackhot City, making it boisterous at once.

    Zhang Tie knew that master Abyan was back.

    Zhang Tie kept waiting and observing quietly in the distant woods. He drunk one vial of all-purpose medicament in each three hours so as to maintain his best physical strength and state. He kept waiting there like a wild wolf and stealthily changed his locations in the chilly woods.

    Until the dark fell and the temperature started to drop did those people return to their vehicles and left. After waiting for another few hours, the castle recovered silence while lamps gradually blacked out. At midnight, when almost everyone fell asleep, Zhang Tie finally stood up from the snow field.

    After stretching his limbs, Zhang Tie put on the dark tore gloves. Additionally, he started a "rapid moving skill" and "hiding skill".

    With rapid moving skill, Zhang Tie moved faster and more swiftly. With hiding skill, Zhang Tie lowered his Qi by one level, enabling him more difficult to be found and sensed.

    With Zhang Tie's dark vision, evening became as clear as daytime.

    Zhang Tie soon arrived at the exterior manor of master Abyan's castle after flashing less than 2 km. In the evening, some people had started to go on patrol in the exterior manor. However, they were just small figures. They could only prevent commoners from entering the castle. Therefore, Zhang Tie easily flashed across the manor and came to the wall of the castle, which was as high as dozens of meters.

    The defense of the castle begun stricter from here. Some people were standing on the high wall. Additionally, some soldiers were going on patrol near here. Zhang Tie then came to the dark foot of a high bartizan outside the high wall and started to climb up.

    With a terrifying strength, iron-blood battle Qi and that pair of dark tore gloves, Zhang Tie firmly seized the exterior granite wall like grabbing rotten wood and clay sculpture. He easily inserted his fingers into the solid rocks and kept climbing up.

    Like a swift gecko moving in the dark, Zhang Tie soon reached below the crown-sized shooting mouth at the top of the bartizan which was higher than 40 meters. As long as Zhang Tie raised his head, he could see the part of steaming ballista that stretched out of the shooting mouth.

    Through the shooting mouth, he could see light and hear human voice.

    The moment Zhang Tie moved closer to the shooting mouth, he heard the sound of opening door and a fricative sound of leather shoes stepping on the floor.

    "Head, why are you here? It's so late..."

    "Hmm, it's the remained roasted goose of the banquet. I asked Wella to bring some here. It's a bit cold, but you can still eat it..."

    Muffled cheers then drifted from the ballista.

    "Ah, those rich men are really wasteful. How could they throw such delicious food? We cannot always enjoy such good food!" Zhang Tie heard a voice mixed with a chewing sound.

    "After enjoying it, be careful on your work. Keep your eyes widely opened until the next shift!"

    "Don't worry, head!"

    "Head, when will you marry Wella?"

    "Idiot. If Wella gets married to the head, she won't make good food for us in the kitchen!" a voice broke...

    "Ah, I found a female cook in the kitchen. She's nice, white skin and big breasts. Head, can you ask Wella to introduce her to me?"

    "F*ck, you can not even make 3 gold coins a month. How dare you dream for that? When you could make 10 gold coins like the head, even if you don't open your mouth, women would come for you."

    They then derided and taunted each other...


    Hearing their talks, Zhang Tie knew that he had made the right choice. Abyan deserved to be killed; however, not each of his subordinates should die. Many people in this castle and manor were average people from Blackhot City. They were just here to survive themselves. "It's truly cool to make a massacre here before chopping off Abyan's head; however, how many people would be killed together with that bastard like cannon fodder?"

    Zhang Tie lay in the shadow below the shooting mouth of the ballista. Until that 'head' left the bartizan in about 5 minutes did Zhang Tie detour to the other side of the bartizan. He came onto the wall of the castle through the stairs of the bartizan and slid into the castle along the wall.

    This castle was almost as large as Jinwu Castle. It was very difficult to find a specific target in hundreds of rooms. He might expose himself at any time.

    Therefore, the best way was to have someone lead him there.

    Commoners didn't work, the steward of this castle was the most proper one.

    As for such a castle, when the owner returned and invited his guests in the evening, the steward could not take a rest until all the guest left and his owner went to bed. Therefore, the steward's room must black out in the end.

    Additionally, according to Zhang Tie's knowledge, although being not absolute, a qualified steward in a castle should live in a room, through the window or balcony of which, he could observe the major areas of the entire Castle.

    Although so many rooms were still bright, Zhang Tie instantly locked some targets facing the front of the castle and the manor.

    After dodging from two groups of patrolling guards, Zhang Tie flashed across an open place between the exterior castle and the interior castle. After that, he sprung up from the ground and stuck onto the external wall of the inner castle like a gecko in a shadowy area. Closely after that, he started to "swim" towards those windows in his memory one after another.

    Through the first two windows, Zhang Tie caught sight of a warehouse and a guard's room. When he was close to the third window, Zhang Tie heard the sound "Pah...pah..pah..." from inside the room.

    Zhang Tie was very familiar with such a sound caused by collision between fleshes.

    Zhang Tie glanced at the inside of the room and saw an old douchebag colliding a woman's butts while pressing her on the sofa.

    He showed his disgusting, loose and fatty butts while sweating all over. That woman was still wearing a servant's black-and-white uniform.

    After a few minutes, the old asshole stopped while panting and cramping heavily.

    "Cecelia...trust me, the manor outside the city needs an inspector. You can send your brother to have a try over there next week..." the old guy opened his mouth after resting for a few minutes.

    The female servant remained silence in the whole process. She silently put on her skirt and helped him clean his body. Before leaving the room, she said in a low voice, "Thanks, steward, please...please don't tell my younger brother about this!"

    "Don't worry. As long as you follow my order, I will not tell anything to your younger brother!"

    When the female servant left, the old guy even touched her butts before seeing her off with a greedy look.

    Hearing the name Cecelia, Zhang Tie prayed silently for some bad-luck guy. What an utilitarian world! Between some young men who enjoyed eating the remained roasted goose left by the guests on the bartizan and a disgusting, fatty old guy who had some power over personnel affairs, any slightly beautiful female cook preferred to climb onto this old guy's bed.

    After being indulged in love affairs, the old man exhausted his physical and mental strength. He then started to take a nap on the sofa with his eyes closed. Not knowing how long had passed, when the old douchebag felt a bit chilly, he realized that the window had not been closed.

    When he opened his eyes, he saw a black-haired young man standing in front of him. Before uttering any voice, his neck had been pinched by that young man's terrifying black glove.

    That young man's strength felt like that of a strong adult while the old guy's neck was like a slim candle. As long as the young man used his strength, the old guy's neck would be broken.

    The steward started to struggle; however, it was useless as a fly could never push down a city wall.

    "If you want to survive and follow my order, then you nod; if not, I will kill you right now!"

    Before the old douchebag was suffocated, he heard Zhang Tie's sound. Although being too weak to struggle, he tried his best to nod.

    Zhang Tie then slightly loosed his grip, allowing him to take a breath.

    "Who...who are you, what..what do you want?" after recovering his composure a bit, the old man watched Zhang Tie with a terrified look.

    "You don't need to know who I am. I'm here only to chop off Abyan's head. As I don't know the road in the castle, please lead me there!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

    "Ah..no way..." the old man changed his face right away.

    Zhang Tie then replied with a smile, "You might have not figured it out. From now on, if you want to save your life, you'd better pray that I could chop off Abyan's head!"

    "How come that be?"

    "Why not? You only have three choices now; Don't follow my order, pretend to follow my order and play tricks or follow my order. If you choose the first one, I will kill you right away; if you play tricks, I will kill you too; if you follow my order but If I fail, Abyan will kill you. Therefore, you should know that the only chance for you to survive tonight was to pray for Abyan's death!"

    With a few words, Zhang Tie had broken through the old douchebag's mental defense, making his face turn completely pale...

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