Chapter 521: Killing the Enemy with One Punch

    Chapter 521: Killing the Enemy with One Punch

    Translator: WQL  Editor: KLKL

    Zhang Tie knew that an aged man who was greedy about sex and tyrannically abused his power would be very afraid of death. As this kind of person would always be used to indulging in various joys, they were very afraid of losing their privileges.

    It was very easy to break the mental defense of these kinds of people. As long as you let them know that they were in the palm of your hand and you could stomp them to death like a bug at any time, they would forget their ego completely. Even if you made them lick the soles of your shoes, they would do it better than a dog.

    Such a person was essentially a worm, regardless of their position.

    Of course, in order to stop him from playing any tricks, Zhang Tie took out a sharp dagger before putting on that loose, ascetic's robe. In this way, that old douche-bag would remember that he might lose his life at any time.

    For Zhang Tie, he'd prefer to be stabbed ten times by a dagger than be struck by the dark tearer. However, this old douche-bag didn't know about the effect of the dark tearer. In the eyes of commoners, a punch could never match a dagger.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie took out a sharp, bright dagger. After playing with it in his hands for a short while in front of the old guy, he hid it in the loose sleeve of his robe.

    Before going out, Zhang Tie uttered, "Wait for a second."

    The old guy quivered at once as he turned around. "What...what else?"

    Zhang Tie pointed at the fingerprints on the old douche-bag's neck and said, "You need to put on a high-collared shirt. Or else the fingerprints might arouse people's attention!"

    The old guy hurriedly changed his clothes. Zhang Tie glanced at him for a while carefully before he nodded and allowed him to open the door. "Remember, you need to be relaxed. Don't play tricks or it will cost you your life. Don't do stupid things. Then you might survive. If Abyan was dead, nobody would doubt you!"

    "You..really won't kill me?"

    "You can choose to doubt me or believe in me. Which one do you choose?"

    The steward of the castle quivered for a second before becoming silent. Zhang Tie then put on his hood and covered a small part of his face. After hiding himself in that loose robe, Zhang Tie followed the old guy out of the door.

    It was very quiet in the corridor outside. There was a dim, fluorite lamp every ten or more meters. Zhang Tie and the steward were walking on the carpet silently one after another.

    It was Zhang Tie's first time here. The dark red carpet and the dark brown dado felt weird and oppressive. Walking along the corridor, Zhang Tie felt as uncomfortable as walking along a long, bloody esophagus of an animal.

    'Is this the special aesthetic standard of pharmacists?' Zhang Tie wondered, but his sixth sense told him that the atmosphere here was weird.

    At this moment, most of the people in the castle had gone to bed. Therefore, the castle became very quiet.

    Less than half a minute after they left the room, they had already caught sight of a team of patrol guards.

    Watching them walking towards him and the steward, Zhang Tie felt the steward become obviously stiff. Therefore, he put his sharp dagger against the steward's waist through his loose sleeve while walking behind.

    The two parties then passed by silently, and nobody exchanged glances with each other.

    Zhang Tie then let out a sigh slightly. "Why don't they ask who I am?" Zhang Tie asked the old guy in front of him in a low voice.

    "Because there are always some guests from Blackhot City. When guests come here, they don't want to show themselves to the public. Therefore, they just wear a long gown like yours and cover a part of their face!" the old guy explained in a low voice.

    "Oh, who are the guests?"

    "They are young ladies from big clans or rich families. They are all lonely. Master Abyan will cure their loneliness! Some of them are rich men in Blackhot City. As they are impotent, they come here to buy yang qi strengthening water from Master Abyan," he replied.

    'F*ck.' Zhang Tie finally understood why women and men from Blackhot City always slid inside this castle for Abyan. Women were here to sleep with Abyan, while men were here for yang qi strengthening medicine. As they didn't want to be recognized by others, they always dressed in this way. Therefore, those patrol guards just pretended to not have seen them.

    After a while, the steward led Zhang Tie downward along some spiral stairs inside the castle.

    "Doesn't Abyan live above the ground?" Zhang Tie became a bit dubious.

    "Master Abyan works above the ground. But his bed room, study room and store room of expensive goods are in the basement of the castle! This is also one of Master Abyan's weird habits."

    Zhang Tie took a deep breath. He didn't believe that this old guy would dare to play any tricks on him. Therefore, he just followed the old guy downward. On the way, they met some guards and passed by them smoothly.

    The spiral stairs didn't come to an end until they were dozens of meters underground. At the end of the stairs was a channel. If not for the carpet on the ground and the mural paintings on the two walls, Zhang Tie would have started to suspect that he was led into an underground prison.

    "After circling around here, you will arrive at Master Abyan's room. There're two guards outside the door. They were especially promoted by Master Abyan and are his trusted followers. They don't follow my orders. You can go there yourself!" The steward besought in a low voice, "As I've brought you here, just let me go. Otherwise, you can batter me unconscious now!"

    "No, you have to go there together with me. If there truly are guards outside the door, I have to go inside the room together with you in case I arouse their doubts. Since we're both here already, do you think that you have any other choice?" Zhang Tie said coldly.

    The old guy grit his teeth as he led Zhang Tie down the tunnel with quivering steps.

    Zhang Tie indeed caught sight of two guards over there. They noticed Zhang Tie and the steward at the same time. When they were closer to the guards, the old guy could not restrain his tenseness any more while facing an increasingly greater stress caused by Master Abyan.

    The two guards eventually stared at the old guy.

    The old douche-bag's quivering body aroused the attention of the two guards. Finally, when they were over ten meters away, one of the two guards raised his hand to stop them from moving forward.

    Noticing that the guards had become alert, Zhang Tie instantly shocked the steward's heart into pieces with one punch before darting towards the two guards at maximum speed. At the same time, his two fists struck the lower abdomens of the two guards without encountering any obstacles.

    Zhang Tie moved so fast that the two guards had no time to respond at all. As a LV 8 fighter, after eating nine huge-wolf seven-strength fruits, Zhang Tie's explosiveness and strength had already raised his fighting strength to the highest level. Additionally, he was aided by his rapid moving skills, and therefore, he could reach such an unimaginable speed in such a short distance.

    In this castle, commoners could be forgiven. However, that old douche-bag was remarkably Abyan's accomplice. He must have done a lot of bad things for Abyan, otherwise he would not gain Abyan's trust. How could Zhang Tie keep him alive? Zhang Tie didn't need to fulfill his promise to him.

    Bad guys' secrets should not be preserved. No need to be honest to bad guys--This was what Zhang Tie's mom had taught him when he was young.

    When Zhang Tie's fist struck the lower abdomens of the two guards, the faster one among the two guards had just put his hand onto his sword handle. Zhang Tie's iron-blood battle qi then exploded inside their bodies, mingling their guts into a mess.

    Without uttering a sound, they had already fallen to the ground.

    Zhang Tie then put his hand on the handle of the door in front of him. Releasing his great strength, he instantly broke the lock. Soon after that, he kicked open the door and threw off his robe. Almost at the same time, he flashed in.

    There were two people in the room. Hearing the noise, they both raised their heads.

    Zhang Tie caught sight of the two people, one in an orange pharmacist's robe was about 30 to 50 years old and looked weird and charming. The other one was more impressive to Zhang Tie because of his wolf-like eyes. Being gazed at by that man, Zhang Tie felt like being gazed at by a wolf.

    Zhang Tie found that they were negotiating about something. The one in the pharmacist's robe was sitting in the main position while the other man was talking about something with him.

    "Zhang Tie!"

    "Major Franca?"

    At this moment, both Zhang Tie and Major Franca were shocked.

    Remembering Zhang Tie's excellent swordsmanship, which had almost wounded him, Major Franca responded immediately as he sprung up from his chair and drew out of his long sword, increasing the distance between him and Zhang Tie at once. Meanwhile, he slashed towards Zhang Tie's neck in a very ferocious way.

    After more than one year, Major Franca had made great progress in both movement and fighting skills. It seemed that he had already reached LV 9.

    Major Franca was also full of confidence as he showed a joking expression, like how a wild wolf looked when it caught sight of its prey.

    With a cold expression, Zhang Tie just watched Major Franca's sword, which was full of gloomy, killing intent, drawing close to him. After that, he stretched out his arm and caught Major Franca's blade at once, twisting the blade into noodles. He then punched through Franca's chest, revealing his fist through Franca's back...
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