Chapter 523: The Holy War Broke out

    Chapter 523: The Holy War Broke out

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    "Shadow demon?" Zhang Tie heard about this term in the legend. This kind of demon caused a catastrophe to humans. They got their name from their great transforming ability. They were like chameleon and some octopus at the bottom of the sea. They were born to transform their looks. The transforming ability of shadow demon was much greater than that of chameleon and octopus. This was the most weird and dangerous ability adopted by demons. As long as they liked, they could transform into any person.

    The fact that Master Abyan was a shadow demon could shock numerous people for sure. This was out of everyone's imagination, yet it was reasonable. Because in the human history, those shadow demons who could transform into humans had brought a huge terrifying catastrophe to all the humans. When shadow demons appeared as human elites, they might become the presidents, leaders and those big figures who had great powers of a human country. If such a demon who desired destruction of humans by keeping them under the control of demons and ascended to the throne of a human country, it would cause a much greater harm to humans than a demon army.

    Besides casually transforming their own looks, shadow demons had a more frightening ability, to plunder and combine with other's genes. They were terrifying gene plunderers.

    Shadow demons were the synonym of liars, plots and catastrophe.

    "It turns out that the frightening demon was always near me. It's always in Blackhot City as an influential person."

    Master Abyan, who displayed his real status as a shadow demon, walked towards Zhang Tie one step after another. Zhang Tie didn't know why such a demon would appear in Blackhot City. However, Zhang Tie was clear that now that it had displayed its original look, it didn't plan to let him survive here. If he fell into its hand, Zhang Tie could only expect for death in a faster way.

    When two enemies encountered in a narrow path, they had to fight for death!

    "Kill..." Widely opening his furious eyes, Zhang Tie darted towards Abyan once again without any fear. He reached directly towards Abyan's chest with thunder-like fists and lightning movements. This movement gathered all of Zhang Tie's spiritual energy and qi. It was the most powerful attack that Zhang Tie could afford.

    However, Abyan, who had recovered his demon's look, just stood there still. When Zhang Tie struck onto Abyan's scaled chest, he became excited inside. Almost in a split second, Zhang Tie had attacked Abyan for over 100 times all over his body; including head, neck, chest and lower abdomen.

    However, Abyan just stood there still like a mountain.

    "How could it be?" Zhang Tie became stunned. Each time he touched Abyan's body, Zhang Tie felt like being blocked by a strength. There seemed to be an invisible armor on Abyan.

    Abyan's tail then swept towards Zhang Tie like a leg. It struck on Zhang Tie's chest, sending Zhang Tie flying back over 30 m. Zhang Tie finally hit onto the wall and fell down together with some broken stones from the wall.

    Zhang Tie then spat out mouthful of blood as he felt his bones being broken all over. At the same time, Zhang Tie felt humming in his head while sparkles were in front of his eyes. If not having eaten a lot of Iron-Body Fruits, Zhang Tie knew that he must have been completely crippled. Two of his ribs seemed to have broken. Besides, his breast bone had cracked. Panting heavily, Zhang Tie struggled to get up from the ground slowly.

    "You humans are as weak as ants in our eyes. Among all the people that I've ever seen, I have to admit that you're the most powerful one on LV 8 at this age. Your strength is even greater than most of LV 11 fighting masters. You gave me a big surprise. However, gaps between levels could not be easily narrowed. For instance, a bigger mice could not be heavier than a new-born elephant. In front of a LV 14 fighting demon who has formed his protective battle Qi, even if you've already formed Iron-Blood Battle Qi and have much greater strength than that of others on your level, it's still useless! However, your body has made me more surprised!" Abyan revealed a smile on his fully-scaled, grim face before walking towards Zhang Tie one step after another.

    "LV 14 fighting demon? protective battle qi?" Zhang Tie felt hopeless at once when he heard these words. Zhang Tie could hardly narrow the 6 levels gap.

    Zhang Tie attempted to contact with Castle of Black Iron; however, he found his spiritual energy was very unstable at this moment. That guy's terrifying sonic attack directly penetrated through his head and messed up his spiritual energy. Plus the following collision, Zhang Tie had been greatly wounded all over. Of course his spiritual energy could not exist independently from his body. At this moment, his spiritual energy was absolutely like a mustang that escaped from the stable, which could be hardly collected at once.

    "Are you regretful about coming here?" Zhang Tie asked himself. However, even now, he still didn't feel regretful at all. He had to do something. He just wondered why a LV 14 fighting demon would hide in Blackhot City in the look of a human.

    "I know what are you thinking about. For our shadow demons, we could not exert our utmost ability ourselves; instead, we have to exert our ability to the utmost by combining ourselves into human society. We have many fighting demons. In the eyes of many powerful humans, especially knights, there's no difference between a LV 14 fighting demon and a LV 8 fighter. Therefore, I chose to hide in Blackhot City so as to gain greater privilege and influence as a pharmacist and play a bigger role than a LV 14 fighting demon!"

    Before Zhang Tie asked the reason, Abyan had already explained it to him, "After knowing this, you will have a good death. Do not struggle anymore, because it would make you more painful. I could feel your upsurging vitality. If I could engulf you, I might complete the evolution of my second form. I've been waiting for it since a long time. It's very difficult for me to meet a man who's suitable to be engulfed and could bring me much vitality. Commoners are useless for me. If I engulf commoners, I have to pay the same amount of vitality to gain vitality from them."

    Zhang Tie felt that Abyan just treated him as a yummy dim sum, a rare tonic.

    "Pah..." Zhang Tie spat out a mouth of blood as he revealed an untamed smile, "You want to engulf me? Go eat **!"

    After saying this, Zhang Tie darted towards the shadow demon once again. Zhang Tie would never make this b*stard happy even at the risk of his life.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie drew out of the dagger. He exerted his full efforts to throw it towards Abyan in a sound-breaking speed like a flying javelin.

    The dagger stopped in front of Abyan's left eye, closely after a loud sonic boom.

    Abyan's invisible battle qi undulated for a short while. The dagger then fell down before Abyan, who caught it by hand and threw it back towards Zhang Tie, causing another sonic boom. The dagger almost penetrated through Zhang Tie's left scapula, causing a blood spurt on Zhang Tie's shoulder. At the same time, Zhang Tie was sent sliding back and was finally nailed onto the stony wall on his back. Zhang Tie uttered a muffled harrumph as half of his body was tainted with fresh blood at once. He looked miserable; however, his battle intent was still burning in his eyes as he deadly gazed at Abyan who was walking towards him.

    It was already out of Zhang Tie's ability to narrow the 6 levels gap. That was a bottomless chasm and an endless natural moat.

    "I've told you, if the huge gap between levels could be mended up by brutal strength, people didn't need to cultivate anymore!" saying this, Abyan slowly walked in front of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie stretched out his right hand and pulled out of the dagger on his left shoulder and stabbed towards Abyan.

    Abyan just stretched out his weird claw and slightly twisted Zhang Tie's right hand, breaking all the bones of Zhang Tie's right hand at once along with a cracking sound.

    Zhang Tie kicked towards Abyan's lower abdomen like a huge ax while breaking the air. Seeing this, Abyan swept his tail over Zhang Tie's feet. With a cracking sound, Zhang Tie's feet were broken.

    Spitting out blood, Zhang Tie knelt down by one knee to maintain his balance. At this moment, Abyan stretched out one claw and stuck Zhang Tie's neck, lifting Zhang Tie above from the ground. He then moved Zhang Tie in front of him as he looked straight at Zhang Tie's eyes.

    "I rarely have seen such a stubborn person who has a great potential. As long as you promise me to serve demons loyally and become my bloody descendant, I will give you a chance to survive. You can have paramount privilege and have numerous women; you can enjoy everything in the world..." Abyan gazed at Zhang Tie with his pitch dark eyes as he said icily.

    "Mo...motherf*cker!" Zhang Tie ferociously struck onto Abyan's face with his head. Although Zhang Tie's head started to bleed, Abyan was still safe and sound. Zhang Tie raised his head and grit his teeth before striking onto Abyan's face once again. Blood spurted out of Zhang Tie's skull. After striking Abyan for the third time, Zhang Tie's skull was broken while his forehead had transformed. Whereas, Abyan's protective battle qi remained unchanged as firm as steel.

    Zhang Tie's eyes were blurred by fresh blood, making the world in Zhang Tie's eyes look bloody.

    "If so, go to hell..." seeing Zhang Tie being still that uncompromising, Abyan's tail raised while the tip of the tail inserted into Zhang Tie's spine through Zhang Tie's neck.

    Zhang Tie's body then started to quiver all over. Being stabbed by that tail, Zhang Tie felt that his qi, blood and energy were all absorbed by that tail.

    "How energetic vitality. Your vitality is at least 20 times that of human fighters of your level. This is really the best gift from the Demon God!" Abyan became thrilled as he grim his face and revealed a smile. Meanwhile, he stretched out his snake's tongue and started to lick the fresh blood that flew off Zhang Tie's head like tasting yummy food.

    Abyan's body started to radiated red glow. With a heavy bloody taste, the red glow slowly covered Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie felt that he was losing his vitality rapidly. This process was completely converse to that when he ate seven-strength fruits. When the tail inserted into his spine, Zhang Tie felt that his strength of qi, strength of blood, strength of bone, strength of marrow, strength of vein, strength of passage and strength of spirit were constantly drawn out from his body and flew into Abyan's body.

    The vitality that mentioned by demons referred to the above seven strength in human body.

    The red glow over Abyan's body started to appear more brilliant while the bloody taste covering Zhang Tie's body grew dense. Gradually, an ox horn started to bulge on Abyan's forehead. Meanwhile, a bone film appeared and gradually grew on Abyan's back like rat's wings...

    Abyan became so excited that he even raised his head and uttered a terrifying roar.

    Zhang Tie didn't know what happened to Abyan. It seemed to be an evolution of shadow demon. However, Zhang Tie knew that he was losing his vitality rapidly. He was going to die soon. "If not those seven-strength fruits, I might have already died."

    Using his instinct, Zhang Tie moved his left hand and reached towards his double-carp sword. At the same time, a sharp sword qi flashed out of Zhang Tie's waist and circled around Abyan's neck...

    "Hoho, I've not imagined that you could play such a trick. But it's useless. These common weapons could never break my protective battle qi at all..." although the sharp golden carp blade circled around Abyan's neck, Abyan just waved his head to make the golden carp blade drop off Zhang Tie's hand. Abyan then watched Zhang Tie with a bantering and satisfied look, allowing Zhang Tie to struggle, he even scratched him using his left hand in vain, "Struggle, humble human; be afraid, weak human; your fresh blood would be sweeter with your fear!"


    "Am I going to die this time?" Zhang Tie's consciousness gradually became blurry...

    Not knowing how long have passed, Zhang Tie suddenly became awake. This was the last awakening time of his life. When he woke up, he found that he only had 10% of his vitality. While Abyan became more terrifying. The bloody light covered Zhang Tie like a heavy bloody cocoon, making Zhang Tie pretty weak.

    Because too much spiritual energy had been drawn out, Zhang Tie felt that his remaining spiritual energy became stable although it was still flowing away.

    The horn on Abyan's forehead was growing bigger. Watching the horn, Zhang Tie instinctively took out that horn that he picked up from the sludge in the river when he attended the survival training in the wild wolf valley from Castle of Black Iron. After that, he injected all the Iron-Blood Battle Qi into that sharp horn before stabbing it towards Abyan's heart...

    The sharp object radiated a dim light after being injected with Iron-Blood Battle Qi. It smoothly broke Abyan's protective battle Qi and stabbed into Abyan's heart.

    Abyan quivered at once as he watched that object with an unimaginable look. Like being fixed, his face was full of fear...

    Zhang Tie also started to quiver. When he stabbed that horn into Abyan's body, he felt his palm hot as a great amount of energy flew into his body through that horn. Zhang Tie felt being locked tightly with Abyan at this moment. Neither of them could move.

    Abyan was engulfing Zhang Tie's energy just now; however, after Zhang Tie stabbed that horn into Abyan's body, he started to engulf Abyan conversely. One human, one demon and one strange horn then formed a mysterious circulation.

    Abyan wanted to open his mouth; however, he couldn't say any word, neither could Zhang Tie. He only felt getting hotter and hotter all over while his qi, blood, energy and red glow grew richer and thicker...

    Before completely losing his consciousness, Zhang Tie locked that arched door in his mind--go back!


    The news that Abyan was assassinated made his castle become an empty place in three days. All the commoners who were afraid of being involved with this accident had escaped away. Besides, they took away all the valuable objects across the castle.

    The whole Blackhot City was in chaos...

    After seven days, a person appeared above the castle like a burning cloud.

    Watching that castle at his foot, Zhao Yuan growled out of fury as he released a punch downwards the castle. With a boom, Blackhot City seemed experiencing an earthquake. At the same time, Abyan's castle disappeared, leaving a 100-m deep pit while the underground water filled the pit.

    After a few days, a senior investigation team led by a big figure and some knights assigned by Norman Empire arrived at Blackhot City. When they stood on the side of the lake which was said to be a castle one month ago, they all became silent.


    After over one month, over 30 countries and regions across Blackson Humans Corridor broke out demon catastrophes. Being controlled by puppet worms, the undying army spread across the ground like locusts...

    The third holy war broke out!

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