Chapter 525: The Price of Being a Pure Human

    Chapter 525: The Price of Being a Pure Human

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    Three years elapsed in a wink. It took Zhang Tie one day to gradually adapt to this message. What made him a bit reassured was that all the people that he cared about had been properly managed.

    His elder brother was accompanying their parents. Before he left Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie already gave his elder brother the basic energy aura yeast which could constantly reproduce. Therefore, although he was not in Jinwu Castle, his elder brother could still maintain the supply of the all-purpose medicament and guarantee the development of Jinwu Corporation.

    "The members of God Blessing Association and those girls of Rose Association have already left Blackhot City and would be able to survive in Jinyun Country. I've already told my elder brother to take good care of Miss Daina and Linda. Therefore, they should also be safe." Before leaving Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie had already made proper arrangements for everything over there. Therefore, even without him, the Ice and Snow Wilderness could still run normally.

    Thinking this way, Zhang Tie felt a bit better. However, Zhang Tie knew that many things must have happened and changed a lot of people.

    "Dad and mom must be worried about me very much."

    "How are my friends in Hidden Dragon Island doing now?"

    "How is senior sister Lan Yunxi?"

    "What's up with God Blessing Association and Rose Association?

    "How's Miss Daina and Linda now?"

    "And I missed the chance to meet Pandora..."

    According to Zhang Tie's former plan, after seeing off his friends from Blackhot City, he was going to attend Pandora's "hubby selection meeting" in Holy Golden Orchid Empire. He had not imagined that he would sleep for over 3 years. Therefore, he must have missed that meeting. Zhang Tie only hoped that Pandora's "hubby selection meeting" had ended smoothly due to the coming holy war. However, the moment Zhang Tie remembered Pandora's father, Haiger VII, he became restless, "Who knows what weird opinions would that mad emperor come up with?"

    What was most was that Zhang Tie didn't know what happened to those people outside Castle of Black Iron and whether the holy war between humans and demons had broken out.

    Zhang Tie knew that he had missed too many things during the past three years. The only achievement that he had made was to survive the battle between him and a LV 14 demon.

    The price of survival was too big!

    After watching carefully that strange face in the mirror and that pair of pitch dark eyes, Zhang Tie roared as he punched the mirror into pieces. This was the 7th mirror that he broke this day. Perhaps, this face was very beautiful in the eyes of a pure demon like the pervert Abyan; however, as long as Zhang Tie saw such a bug face and monster claws, he felt an impulse to destroy everything.

    Many things were not considered precious until they were lost, such as human body. When you had it, you didn't feel it was precious. However, when you lost it, you would realize that each pure, aesthetic line displayed the nobility of human body. According to myths, the God created human body according to his own image, which indicated that human body was perfect.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie felt being polluted by a disgusting and terrifying virus about the assimilated genes after killing Abyan.

    Zhang Tie really didn't know how to face those people who were familiar with him with his current mentality and body. He felt that he might drive them mad by this body.

    What was more unacceptable was that he would pass some genes of his second form to his kids as was told by Heller.

    This was the terrifying genes of shadow demon. Although such a blood-tied relationship was a paramount honor for someone such as Three-Eye Association. It was said that many managers of Three-Eye Association were the half-blooded descendants between shadow demons and humans. Their positions were determined by their purity of demon genes. Therefore, they only allowed half-blooded descendants to get married with each other. Zhang Tie's situation was greatly favored by those half-blooded descendants. However, Zhang Tie would never accept this.

    Because Zhang Tie preferred to be a commoner. He thought what his parents gave him was the best. Zhang Tie could not accept what the other commoners disliked. He didn't want to be a monster; neither did he want his descendants to be such a monster. If so, Zhang Tie knew that his whole family would be destroyed. Not only his descendants and wives, even his parents could not accept this.

    Therefore, Zhang Tie went for Heller with red eyes.

    "I know you must have a method to manage this problem. Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree and this space must have a method to deal with that. I'd like to recover to my former body at any price. I have to drive those demon genes out of my body. I want my human body back at any price!"

    Heller watched Zhang Tie. In the past one day, he had already felt Zhang Tie's mentality and response to his second form. Heller had not imagined that Zhang Tie could have such a sharp response about his transformation.

    "Previously, I thought that you would not care about it as long as you don't expose the second form. With the second form, you could have many abilities of shadow demon, such as flying, transforming, great vitality and strike-resistance ability. You could stay with demons safe and sound. You might play a key role at the critical moment. I've not imagined that you didn't accept it at all. Why not consider about it? In my opinion, body is just like a coat."

    Zhang Tie watched Heller seriously, "Heller, your life and birth are different from me. Therefore, you don't understand how important is a human body for a human. My body belongs to myself, my parents, my wives and kids. It's closely related to my family. Perhaps you're right. But I don't want it. I only want to be a pure man, a man who could make every member of his family happy and proud instead of a powerful monster, who would scare his family members. I don't know whether I would be driven mad by such a body!"

    After being silent for a while, Heller told Zhang Tie, "It would cost you too much if you want to recover the former pure human body. Even Castle of Black Iron and Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree are not all-purposeful. It follows many fixed rules and laws. If you want to reach your target, you have to spend too much!"

    "What price should I pay?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "You would not get any seven-strength fruit from Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree anymore!"

    Zhang Tie became silent for a while. His current fighting strength benefited from seven-strength fruits to a certain degree. Seven-strength fruits were the most powerful fruits that the small tree provided him. Without seven-strength fruits, Zhang Tie knew that he would lose his biggest advantage. From then on, it would be hard to say whether he could improve his fighting strength like before.

    During the process that Abyan promoted to the second form of shadow demon, he consumed the greater part of Zhang Tie's vitality granted by those seven-strength fruits. After completing the assimilation and evolution of his second form reversely, Zhang Tie even lit the remaining surging points on his spine and became a LV 9 fighter.

    However, Zhang Tie's overall fighting strength was actually a bit weaker than that he had when he was in Blackhot City. The reason was that most of the energy granted by seven-strength fruits that he had eaten were consumed. His strength was not that abnormal anymore. The potential strength brought by lighting another 13 surging points could not offset the fighting strength that he had lost.

    "If I knew how to light surging points after LV 9, I might have lit more surging points with the surplus energy of Abyan. What a pity!"

    "Heller told me that I could not get seven-strength fruits anymore if I want my pure human body back."

    "Which choice could make my parents pleasant and proud of?" Zhang Tie would ask himself this question whenever he faced a problem. He then soon got the answer. This question had become his compass of his life.

    After hesitating for a second, Zhang Tie raised his head firmly, "I'd like to pay such a price, even if I could not get any seven-strength fruit anymore from then on. I have to recover my pure human body. The second form would make me lose many precious things, which was irreplaceable in this world. Although seven-strength fruits could improve my strength to the utmost, there are many ways to improve my personal strength. Those who have no seven-strength fruits could become powerful one step after another, I believe that I can also do it!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Heller's eyes were filled with admiration and respect, "If so, Castle Lord, please follow me!"

    Heller then led Zhang Tie to a place where they planted the flower of life, which was like a huge lotus, each bud of which was as large as a huge vat.

    The flower of life covered dozens of square meters, which formed a scenery in Castle of Black Iron.

    "Does flower of life have such a marvelous effect?" Zhang Tie became amazed.

    "It could make each pure life seed to sprout here; of course, it could also make the life to recover to its pure seed here as well. However, the latter requires a higher price!" Heller explained as he touched a bud of the flower of life. The bud then opened. "Castle Lord, please take off your clothes and lie in there. It will take you two days to recover to your pure human body!"

    Zhang Tie immediately lay in the bud of flower of life...

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