Chapter 527: Humans Catastrophe

    Chapter 527: Humans Catastrophe

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    After his spear was drawn out of his hand by Zhang Tie, this man felt his hands hot. Facing that icy spear head, he did not dare to move at all. Zhang Tie just pinched one end of the spear like pinching a walnut with two fingers while the spear was as steady as Mount Tai.

    At the sight of this, even idiots would know that they met a powerhouse.

    The other guys were instantly scared several steps back. Even though they were a motley crew, they knew clearly about the great difference between small figures like them and a powerhouse.

    "Ah, I said, I said...we are refugees from Blackhot City. We were residents in Blackhot City. This is...is how Blackhot City look!"

    The 40-odd man stammered as he didn't dare to move a bit. At the same time, he looked down at that spear head on his neck. For Zhang Tie's last question--what's the current situation of Blackhot City, he really didn't know how to answer it. This question was too ambiguous. "Isn't this the current situation of Blackhot City?"

    Zhang Tie slightly frowned, "What's the date of Black Iron Calendar?"

    After blinking his eyes quickly, that man replied, "It's March 3rd, 894th year of Black Iron Calendar!"

    "Ah, no, it should be March 4th!" another person hurriedly added.

    "Ah, right, it's March 4th. I've not seen calendar for a long time, so I couldn't remember it clearly!" that man hurriedly added.

    After hearing this answer, Zhang Tie nodded inside. He had not imagined that he had stayed in Castle of Black Iron for three years. If he was outside Castle of Black Iron in the past three years, he must have made a great progress. However, he also made a great achievement after killing Abyan, although at a great price. Zhang Tie didn't know whether he won the fight or not.

    "Has the holy war broken out?"


    "When did it break out?"

    "February, 891st of Black Iron Calendar!"

    "How could Blackhot City become like this?"

    "After the holy war broke out, the army of zombies of Sun Dynasty surrounded here for one year!"

    "Tell me what happened between Sun Dynasty and Blackhot City!" seeing their fearful looks, Zhang Tie put away his spear at once as he threw that spear back to the man. Seeing that Zhang Tie was not hostile to them, they all recovered composure. After exchanging glances with each other, they put down their weapons too.

    In the following half an hour, they sat around the bonfire and told Zhang Tie what happened in the past three years.

    Although Zhang Tie had long prepared to face the holy war, he was still shocked by their description. The 3rd holy war between humans and demons had spread over the Blackson Humans Corridor in only three years.

    In Blackson Humans Corridor, the catastrophe of demon puppets broke out in over 30 countries and regions at the beginning and gradually spread the entire Blackson Humans Corridor.

    Nobody could imagine that over 30 parent puppet worms appeared in Blackson Humans Corridor at the same time. This number had reached 1/3 of the total quantity of parent puppet worms in the 2nd holy war. It meant that demons had already mastered how to hatch and manufacture parent puppet worms. This was a catastrophe to humans.

    Additionally, the new parent puppet worms had a new trait, namely they were wiser and more difficult to deal with.

    Sun Dynasty which was neighboring Norman Empire was heavily stricken by puppet worms. Three major cities within the territory of Sun Dynasty broke out demon disasters at the same time. After over 6 million demon puppets spread the entire Sun Dynasty, Sun Dynasty died in three months. Over 3 million demon puppets invaded Norman Empire and arouse battle fires everywhere.

    On July, 891st year of Black Iron Calendar, over 600,000 demon puppets broke Kalur, the city of machine all the way to Blackhot City. They fought Iron Horn Army for half a year. The result was that demon puppets failed to occupy Blackhot City; however, Blackhot City became deserted completely.

    In this war, over half of 500,000 soldiers of Iron Horn Army decreased. Blackhot City suffered over 800,000 casualties. Until now, there were still over 50,000 demon puppets in the dim underground tunnel of Glang Iron Ore in the northwest of Blackhot City. However, the railway lines leading to the outside of Blackhot City had been completely destroyed and blocked. As a result, the iron ore could not be exploited and transported out of there, causing Blackhot City to be deserted.

    In order to protect commoners from becoming soldiers of demon puppets, since May, 892nd year of Black Iron Calendar, at the order of the emperor of Norman Empire, the remaining force of Iron Horn Army and the commoners who survived the catastrophe started to evacuate from Blackhot City.

    As a result, Blackhot City became a dead city. Very few people stayed in the city.

    Like worldwide wars between humans before the Catastrophe, in each worldwide war, techniques, tools, cruelty and devastating efficiency towards life would be pushed to a new high level. In each war, people would forget about the experiences in the former wars, just like this holy war between humans and demons after the 2nd holy war about 200 years ago.

    Demon puppets shocked people very much; the demon army that appeared in Hurricane Plateau in the west of Golan Empire since the beginning of the 3rd holy war made people despairing about the future of humans.

    That was an unprecedented demon army which had not appeared in the former two holy wars. With their appearance, the four-level division that human army had carried forward for hundreds of years also became a history.

    That demon army only contained less than 100,000 population, which was only about 1/6 of that of an average human army. However, the lowest level of those demon fighters was LV 9!

    It was really out of people's imagination that the lowest level of the fighters of that demon army was LV 9. However, demons made it. In front of such an army, human army division became meaningless.

    In front of this demon army, Golan Empire died in only two weeks. After that, this demon army constantly occupied 17 human countries in Blackson Humans Corridor like an unrivaled sharp demon blade, causing 1/4 of Blackson Humans Corridor collapse.

    Terrifying demon army and raging demon disaster opened the curtain of the 3rd holy war between humans and demons. As a result, Blackson Humans Corridor was covered with battle fires and sad songs. In order to escape from the demon disaster, hundreds of millions of refugees escaped from their homes and headed for safer countries and regions. Human Alliance was consolidating the city walls and eliminating those demons in the wild.

    Zhang Tie obtained this information in half an hour. This happened ten months ago. As to other big events in Blackson Humans Corridor in the past 10 months, these refugees didn't know about them anymore.

    The deserted Blackhot City had been isolated from outside world for a long time.

    After hearing this, Zhang Tie knew that the world had toppled over in the past three years. The 3rd holy war must be unprecedentedly miserable. Besides, demon's great strength also made many people distress.

    After entering the south gate of Blackhot City, Zhang Tie walked on the open and desolate streets as he sensed a strangeness which made him restless.

    The whole city was like a ghost city at night. Zhang Tie could see nobody in the streets. Both sides of the streets had been covered with weeds while the streets were filled with wastes. None of the roadside showcases were complete. Additionally, besides thick dust, there were only sundries and wastes in the stores.

    Many buildings were damaged. All the apartments and residential buildings were pitch dark. Only some villas and senior mansions had looming light and noises--those refugees were indulging themselves over there.

    1/3 of Black Gold Hotel was left in ruins...

    The school gate of the No. 7 National Male Middle School was tightly closed. The school brand was covered with dust while nobody was inside...

    The Bright Avenue seemed having experienced a terrifying riot as the avenue was filled with broken glass and various litters. The roadside walls were covered with scrawls.

    The fountain outside the gate of Golden Roc Bank had withered while its two gates had been destroyed and pushed down...

    Zhang Tie knew that the Blackhot City in his memory was dead.

    Zhang Tie returned to his home. The door of his home was still tightly locked. When his parents left Blackhot City at the beginning, they didn't sell this house; instead, they kept it so that Zhang Tie could have a place to stay when he came back.

    The lock was 10 years old, which had been lubricated with oil by his mom when they left. Zhang Tie still had a key of his home in Castle of Black Iron. No refugees would like to visit such a poor home even after Blackhot City was deserted.

    Zhang Tie stood still for a short while outside the door before taking out the key and opened it, causing a "click" sound like what it usually did...
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