Chapter 528: Shadow Demons Backroom

    Chapter 528: Shadow Demon's Backroom

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    Besides the layer of dust on the floor and the furniture, everything else remained unchanged. The beds inside the bedrooms were even covered with bed covers which were made by his mom. Zhang Tie pulled aside the bed covers and found the bed sheets and quilts were as tidy as before.

    Zhang Tie returned to that narrow attic and slept peacefully that night.

    This night, lying on his familiar bed, Zhang Tie felt pretty tranquil. He was thinking about one very important question--how to go back to Jinyun Country.

    At this moment, Blackhot City had become a dead city. Kalur City was collapsed in the demon disaster. Although the mysterious eastern alchemist master could prevent Norman Empire and Sun Dynasty from occupying Kalur City, in front of those demon puppets who only knew about killing, the name of the eastern alchemist master didn't work at all. Kalur's collapse meant that the traffic hub from where he could fly to Jinyun Country was paralyzed.

    Therefore, it became difficult for Zhang Tie to come back to Jinyun Country.

    "My message lags about 10 months. I don't know about the current situation of the Blackson Humans Corridor." However, Zhang Tie was sure that the current situation on the continent was worse than that of a year ago. That terrifying demon army could make everyone distress.

    Additionally, nobody could guarantee that demons had not input new army into this battle field.


    On the next early morning, Zhang Tie was awakened by his biological clock before 6. Since he knew that he could not obtain seven-strength fruits anymore, Zhang Tie started to cultivate himself more diligently.

    Zhang Tie even started to practice 'mental arithmetic' which he had not practiced for a long time. Previously, the spiritual energy brought by practicing 'mental arithmetic' could almost be ignored compared to that of seven-strength fruits at all. However, after losing seven-strength fruits, the trivial growth of spiritual energy brought by practicing 'mental arithmetic' also became precious for Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie didn't believe that he could not become a powerhouse without seven-strength fruits. By working hard, one could always fix his stupidity. He will never forget this proverb at any time.

    After visualizing two 13-column abacuses, Zhang Tie started to make different calculations with the two abacuses.

    After practicing 'mental arithmetic' for one hour, Zhang Tie felt a trivial growth of his spiritual energy. After that, Zhang Tie practiced cross movement of Iron Blood Fist in his room for another one hour. After feeling that his physical condition had reached its optimal state, Zhang Tie sat down with his legs crossed before activating a trouble-reappearance situation.

    This was the trouble-reappearance situation of the latest trouble-reappearance fruit, also an unexpected achievement that Zhang Tie made after killing Abyan. Besides this trouble-reappearance fruit, the small tree also bred a wholly new fruit--the fruit of plunder. Zhang Tie could take this fruit out of Castle of Black Iron and allow others to eat it. After considering about it carefully, Zhang Tie prepared to take the new fruit back to his elder brother.

    Previously, Zhang Tie thought that he could only get trouble-reappearance fruit by killing magical beasts and wild beasts. Now, he knew that he could also have a trouble-reappearance fruit by killing demons. This was the first trouble-reappearance fruit of an intelligent species that Zhang Tie obtained.

    The trouble-reappearance situation brought by this trouble-reappearance fruit was very meaningful for Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie named it as Shadow Demon's Backroom.

    The moment Zhang Tie appeared in the activated trouble-reappearance situation had he slid down along the smooth tunnel. In a few seconds, he came out of the tunnel and appeared in that backroom which was full of mirrors.

    When he caught sight of those mirrors last time, he didn't realize it. Now, he realized that all the shadow demons were the most abnormal narcissists. This was one weird hobby of shadow demon. In the place which they think was safe, they would arrange a lot of mirrors so that they could enjoy their body which could casually transform into humans from all aspects.

    This time, before Zhang Tie came for him, Abyan had already charged at Zhang Tie. With a roar, Zhang Tie also faced him with his iron-blood fist...

    Only after 5 seconds, Zhang Tie had been killed by Abyan, closely after which, the trouble-reappearance situation split into light points.

    This was the fastest battle since Zhang Tie had obtained trouble-reappearance fruits. This reminded Zhang Tie of the great difference between him, a LV 9 fighter and a LV 14 fighting demon.

    Although it was a short fight, Zhang Tie's each movement was full of his strength and the power of his Iron Blood Fist. This was a tougher cultivation for Zhang Tie.

    Not each person could have a LV 14 demon as his partner trainer.

    Having not been killed like this for a long time, Zhang Tie's forehead oozed only after a few seconds. When he was killed by Abyan in the trouble-reappearance situation, his body even quivered some times.

    Widely opening his eyes, Zhang Tie panted heavily. After one minute, he activated the Shadow Demon's Backroom once again. After another 5 seconds, his body quivered again as he was killed by Abyan for the second time.

    The spiritual energy being used to activate the trouble-reappearance situation of Shadow Demon's Backroom was just 30% less than that required by activating the trouble-reappearance situation of that huge deep-sea monster. Zhang Tie realized the terror of Abyan.

    Zhang Tie activated Shadow Demon's Backroom six times in 10 minutes, which consumed more than half of his spiritual energy. When he exited the trouble-reappearance situation for the 6th time, Zhang Tie felt his nose was wet. After touching it, he found that his nose was bleeding. Therefore, he stopped trying the 7th time.

    What happened in the trouble-reappearance situation also reflected on Zhang Tie's body in terms of spiritual energy and feelings. Although it was not fatal, Zhang Tie would not bear it after being stimulated severely several times in a short period.

    Before Abyan completely transformed into a shadow demon, Zhang Tie could only bear 5 seconds each time. He could stand such a physical intensity 6 times. Additionally, he could activate Shadow Demon's Backroom 10 times. Amazingly, Zhang Tie found that he could estimate his overall strength through the three data; 5 seconds referred to his fighting force, 6 times referred to the upper limit of his physical intensity that he could stand, 10 times referred to the total amount of his spiritual energy.

    After thinking for several minutes quietly, Zhang Tie became spirited, "Perhaps, I could use the three data to measure my power from then on."

    Like seeing a hope, Zhang Tie became spirited once again. After arranging his attic once again, he pulled back the bed cover. After that, he came downstairs and came to the courtyard to cleanse himself using the water in the well. After that, he got some food from Castle of Black Iron and ate them and drunk a bowl of all-purpose medicament. Finally, Zhang Tie left this home.

    After locking the door, Zhang Tie glanced at this home which he might not see any longer in the future, he then strode towards the east gate of Blackhot City in the early dawn.

    Zhang Tie decided to walk eastward no matter how dangerous it was. He remembered that the ocean was over 7000 km away in the east of Blackhot City. As long as he passed by some depopulated zones and some countries would he see the ocean. He then could swim back to Huaiyuan Palace in the fastest speed. This was the fastest way that he could choose to return to Huaiyuan palace. If he was lucky, he might have a chance to take an airship on the way there.


    Over 100 refugees were gathering at the east city gate. At the sight of Zhang Tie striding towards them, they surrounded Zhang Tie at once.

    "I was told that a sharp young man came to this city last night. That must be you. I'm really lucky to meet you here." a 30-odd assh*ole who was wearing some female necklaces over his neck and a dirty, improper high-end western uniform stopped Zhang Tie with his long sword.

    Zhang Tie watched that guy calmly, "That's me. What's wrong?"

    "Ha...ha...you're lucky, brat. I'm their boss. As long as you join us, you can eat and drink well in Blackhot City from then on. You can be my assistant. If you perform well, I can give you a woman as a reward when we catch some!" That guy revealed his yellow teeth and laughed loudly.

    "I'm not interested in that. Please give way to me. I have to go!" Zhang Tie slightly frowned.

    "Brat, you still want to go? Don't you know about the regulations in Blackhot City?"

    "What regulation? Did I forget to submit entrance fee last night?" Zhang Tie replied in a cold, humorous tone.

    "No crap, brat. According to the regulation in Blackhot City, all those entering the city have to join us and defend demons together with us!"

    "To defend demons here? This guy really find a great reason for his deed."

    "What if I disagree?"

    That guy then sneered as he watched Zhang Tie confidently, "If so, you're the mole of demon, you will die here! Do not think that this father is afraid of you. This father has chopped off two demon puppets' heads."

    Zhang Tie glanced at them as he smiled and waved his head, "I'm not a mole demon, neither do I want to claim your territory here with you. I don't care what you're doing here. But you'd better not stop me from leaving. Please give way to me!"

    That person changed his face at once as he drew out of his long sword and shouted, "Kill..."

    Before he finished his words, his head had already flown in the air with his open mouth by Zhang Tie's sword Qi. All those who prepared to swarm up stopped their steps as they watched Zhang Tie with a fearful look.

    "I'm sorry, you could choose a new boss!"

    Zhang Tie put back his silver-carp sword and kept moving forward. As a result, all those in front of him gave way to him hurriedly. Finally they could only see Zhang Tie off.

    Soon after Zhang Tie left Blackhot City, he had started to run towards the rising sun...
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