Chapter 532: The First Battle

    Chapter 532: The First Battle

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    Besides Abyan, this was Zhang Tie's first time to witness demon fighters which only existed in textbooks and the other books.

    This was the most famous and terrifying main demon force--iron-armored demon.

    Iron-armored demon was a black-scaled tall and strong monster which had two hands and two feet as well as a terrifying crocodile head. Its sharp teeth were exposed while its eyes were bloody. Additionally, there was a high rising tail like that of reptile on its spine.

    The iron-armored demon was taller than 2.2 m on average. It has a great vitality and a destructive power. Its black scaled-armor was as defense as thin iron sheet, which could not be broken through by common arrows and some bolts of light crossbows from 100 m away.

    When Zhang Tie jumped out of the carriage, he saw iron-armored demons waving their curved battle blades and tearing those human soldiers climbing out of the carriages into pieces as fast as constant black fatal cyclone.

    Some iron-armored demons even drilled into those tilt carriages, causing a lot of blood sprayed out of the carriages constantly.

    In front of 10-odd iron-armored demons, all the human soldiers in the train didn't even have a chance to counterattack. The whole train was like a prey being drawn to the riverside and surrounded by a group of fierce crocodiles. Fleshes and blood sprayed everywhere. Sometimes, battle-qi totem could be seen; however, all the battle-qi totems would disappear right away, black spider or huge centipede.

    The moment Zhang Tie landed on the ground did he see a bloody iron-armored demon jumping out of the carriage in front of him and charging at him with a shrill roar.

    In the eyes of that iron-armored demon, Zhang Tie's carriage was undoubtedly a start of another bloody feast.

    The moment those condemned prisoners followed Zhang Tie off the carriage did they see that iron-armored demon darting towards here. The shrill and terrifying roar was like that doomsday was coming.

    Zhang Tie narrowed his eyes as he rapidly drew out a javelin from his hand and threw it towards that iron-armored demon.

    Almost at the same time, the head of that iron-armored demon was exploded. Closely after that, a boom sounded in the air. The iron-armored demons kept running two steps forward before falling down.

    Perhaps in the eyes of those iron-armored demons, LV 1 human soldiers and most of LV 8 human fighters could be easily killed by one or two slashes. Similarly, in Zhang Tie's eyes, most of LV 10 strong fighters and LV 1 common soldier could be easily killed by one javelin, not to mention those LV 9 iron-armored demons. That was an overwhelming advantage.

    When a person broke through a limit, he could take all the people below that limit as weak as ants and worms. In Abyan's eyes, Zhang Tie was such a worm; so were those LV 9 demon fighters in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    The javelin in Zhang Tie's hand was the most effective pesticide.

    In less than a half second, Zhang Tie had thrown out 3 javelins, spurting the heads of 3 demon fighters who were executing massacre within 100 m.

    Closely after that, Zhang Tie jumped onto the top of the train and ran towards the head of the train.

    Zhang Tie's carriage was in the middle rear end of this train. Therefore, most of carriages were in front of Zhang Tie. On the top of the train, he could have a good vision about the situations on both sides of the train. It was more convenient for Zhang Tie to kill those demon fighters with javelins.

    Before Zhang Tie jumped onto the top of the carriage in front of him, he threw out another 2 javelins and killed 2 more demon fighters.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had killed 6 LV 9 iron-armored demons.

    The rest iron-armored demons uttered jarring roars as they rushed towards Zhang Tie from all directions. Demon fighters were fiercer and dauntless than human fighters.

    Zhang Tie threw out another 4 javelins in a wink, killing another 4 demon fighters' heads at once. At this moment, the final 3 demon fighters arrived at Zhang Tie's side.

    With a sound, "Zra", a demon fighter torn the top of the carriage from the inside with its battle saber and hacked towards Zhang Tie's lower abdomen. Zhang Tie jumped away. Almost at the same time, the demon fighter jumped out of the broken top of the carriage and charged at Zhang Tie once again.

    Zhang Tie moved closer to that demon fighter facing its sharp blade in mystical movements. Zhang Tie, who just reached the shoulder of that demon fighter in height and was half the weight of the demon fighter, punched on that demon fighter's chest, bursting its body into pieces immediately while spraying its flesh and blood everywhere...

    The remaining 2 demon fighters uttered a weird shrill as they pounced at Zhang Tie at the same time. Before a demon fighter's saber touched Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie had thrown himself against that LV 9 demon fighter like a mad ox, causing it sprout out a mouthful of blood like being crashed by a train and sending it flying backwards in the air from the top of the carriage.

    The last demon fighter roared as its eyes were like being filled with blood. That demon fighter dropped off its big saber and directly charged towards Zhang Tie with its sharp claws. Zhang Tie faced its claws with his fists, causing it explode from the wrists to the shoulders and fall off the top of the train.

    Zhang Tie closely followed that demon fighter off the top of the train. Before landing, he had forcefully stomped on that demon fighter. As a result, the two people hit the ground like iron hammers, causing a pit on the ground. That demon fighter exploded like a ripe tomato.

    That demon fighter, who was sent flying back in the air, struggled to pick himself up from the ground. When Zhang Tie walked towards it, it was kneeling on the ground with one knee while spitting out blood.

    Zhang Tie stepped on its tail while tightened its neck from its back with his right arm. The demon fighter then started to struggle forcefully as it caught Zhang Tie's arm with hands, wanting to split Zhang Tie's arm. At this moment, with a click, its thick neck was broken. Closely after that, it collapsed to the ground.

    "Who else?" Zhang Tie roared as he glared around. He found no demon fighters anymore, but a lot of human soldiers and condemned prisoners who were watching him with an amazing look.

    Watching those common human soldiers, Zhang Tie's killing intent gradually faded away. Since his fight with Abyan, the fury deep in Zhang Tie's heart was finally released.

    Zhang Tie glanced at them and waved his hands towards them. Michel ran over here with an exciting look. When he arrived in front of Zhang Tie, he even glanced at that strong demon corpse before Zhang Tie's feet. Pounding his heart, he swallowed his saliva as he exclaimed inside, "F*ck, what the hell is this man?"

    "Boss...what can I do for you?"

    "Since these demons wanted to destroy the railway, they would not only destroy this track. Take some people and take a look at the other track over there. If there's a problem over there, set a warning in front of the road and block the train on the other track!" Zhang Tie sent the order. It was a multi-track railway. It's was too easy for a LV 9 fighter to derail the train. As an attack had just happened to the train on this track, it was hard to say that the train on the other track was safe.

    After receiving the order, Michel became alert at once as he hurriedly ran towards the other track with some deft guys. As was predicted by Zhang Tie, less than 300 m after Michel ran away from the riverside, he had started to shout, "the track and the arm nuts of the foundation were loosened. The track was moved 10 cm outside..."

    Closely after finding the problem had Michel started to set warning on the railway with the other guys...

    A military officer with the rank of first lieutenant whose half body was tainted with blood walked towards Zhang Tie with some soldiers with a hesitating look. as he stammered, "Sir..."

    If not Zhang Tie's javelins which boomed a demon fighter on this guy's side, this guy's head had long been chopped off.

    On the military train heading for the frontier, a guy who could clean a small team of LV 9 demon fighters in a wink was qualified as a military officer. Based on Zhang Tie's fighting strength, he was at least a colonel.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't want to explain anything to them anymore. After glancing at the miserable scene over the ground, Zhang Tie slightly sighed, "First lieutenant, let's save people together..."


    After that, Zhang Tie and all the movable people started to find wounded people and corpses one carriage after another and took them out of the carriages.

    As the train was derailed suddenly, it caused a great casualty to the passengers in the carriages. The following mad massacre of demon fighters worsened this situation. Besides a lot of military materials, this train also carried 2000-odd soldiers from the Cross Star Commerce Alliance; however, less than 400 could still move while over 500 of them were heavily wounded and required timely medical treatment.

    This was the outcome of the battle between a 2000-odd human regiment and 13 demon fighters.

    The colonel of the 2000-odd soldiers was a LV 9 human fighter. The moment he came out of the train had he been tore into pieces by three demon fighters. If not himself, Zhang Tie was clear that none of the 2000-odd soldiers could survive.

    Zhang Tie felt a bit gloomy. He finally understood that that this terrifying demon army had already toppled over the war mode of the former two holy war between humans and demons. In front of such demons, common human soldiers would be completely overwhelmed and be nothing different than those unarmed average people. In front of such a terrifying demon army, above 95% of human troops across Blackson Humans Corridor would be eliminated.

    "So how to fight such a tough war?"


    After pulling all the wounded people and corpses out of the carriages, they found a signal launcher in a carriage.

    After a few minutes, a signal flare was emitted into the sky by high-pressure, causing a red flare at once.

    1 hour later, a mini reconnaissance airship flew towards here from north...


    The accident only happened a bit more than 200 km away from Mocco City, which was closest to the frontier of Selnes Plain. It took Zhang Tie and the other guys 2 days to reach the frontier...
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