Chapter 533: Arriving at the Theater of Operations

    Chapter 533: Arriving at the Theater of Operations

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    Three cities across Selnes Plain between the north of Symbian Republic and Titanic Principality were under the control of humans , namely Mocco, Wolff and Sradic. The three cities formed a defense line longer than 500 km in the south of Selnes Plain from the west to the east.

    At this moment, over ten corps and about 5 million human soldiers were gathering in the three cities and their surroundings. The population of logistics corps that served these people were twice this figure. Additionally, a lot of troops arrived here from rear to join this war.

    In the north of Selnes Plain, the population of demon corps and demon puppets was also greater than 3 million. Besides, the demons' forces kept increasing.

    At this moment, everyone across Blackson Humans Corridor focused on Selnes Plain. Three years since the beginning of the 3rd holy war, this was the first large-scale battle between human troops and demon troops.

    When Zhang Tie and his followers arrived at Mocco City, they found that this city had become a ferocious battle field. The war airships flying across the sky were like a shoal of crucian swimming across the river. From the periphery of this city, Zhang Tie noticed that each one of them wore the same military uniform. Besides the men who who were fighting here, all the women and kids across this city had been evacuated 4 months ago.

    Various military materials were piling high on the station. For the sake of the defense, all the buildings nearby the railway station had been bulldozed.

    Under the guidance of a lot of people, armored vehicles and tanks were gradually driven out of the carriages of the train, then the railway station. The huge sounds of steam engines mixed with tones of tens of thousands of people from troops of different countries. With shouts and neighs, the entire railway station was much more boisterous than the most crowded vegetable market.

    "No. 7 Imperial Heavy Armored Infantry Corps of Ducklin Empire, please gather on the No. 7 station...copy...No. 7 Imperial Heavy Armored Infantry Corps of Ducklin Empire, please gather on the No.7 station..."

    A hoarse baritone drifted from an expensive alchemist's loudspeaker in the railway station, which covered all the other noises. After hearing this voice, a group of tough men with a huge metal box on their back, which was as large as half of their height, jumped off the train and rushed towards the No. 7 station. The others in front of them were pushed away by them rudely.

    These tough men reminded Zhang Tie of iron-armored demons. Being same to iron-armored demons, all these tough men were higher than 2.2 m. They were like mountains. The bulging muscles on their arms were even thicker than the waists of thin men. The box on their back was also eye-catching. What was more impressive was that each of these tough men had a beautiful beard. Some men's beard was so long that it even reached their chests.

    This group of people were the most attractive ones in the railway station. Therefore, they were very proud. When two of them passed by Zhang Tie, they glanced at Zhang Tie's bald jaw before raising their heads and displaying their long beard.

    "Men in Ducklin Empire are proud of having beard. They are real fighters. The most powerful heavy-armored infantry across Blackson Humans Corridor come from Ducklin Empire!" Hillman, the old dog, stealthily slid to Zhang Tie's side like Zhang Tie's shadow as he whispered to him. After saying this, he looked at Zhang Tie's jaw before adding another sentence, "Of course, real fighters don't have to have beard!"

    Zhang Tie touched his jaw; however, he felt nothing but some fine hair. He then smiled. At the sight of the banner of Cross Star Commerce Alliance over there, he summoned those survivors towards that place.

    All the hundreds of survivors of Cross Star Commerce Alliance left the railway station without any morale.

    "Hello. I'm Hobby, a major of the headquarters of Cross Star Commerce Alliance in Selnes Theater of Operations. I'm responsible for helping these people settle down. I've already known what happened to you on the way. General Cayne sent me to express thankfulness!"

    After these people left the railway station, a major of the Cross Star Commerce Alliance stayed at the end of the team on purpose and sought a chance to whisper to Zhang Tie. Of course, Zhang Tie was not regarded as a deserter anymore at this moment.

    "You're welcome. To be honest, I was just on my way to catch your train. In that case, nobody would ignore what happened here!" Zhang Tie explained frankly.

    "May I know your name?"

    "I'm Zhang Tie. I'm from Zhang clan of Huaiyuan Palace, Jinyun Country." Zhang Tie revealed his background.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Major Hobby blinked his eyes out of amazement as he swallowed his words back.

    Besides settling down the troops from Cross Star Commerce Alliance, his another mission was to hook in Zhang Tie. General Cayne, the highest commander of Cross Star Commerce Alliance here was very interested in Zhang Tie. A guy who could clean a small demon team so easily was at least a LV 10 strong fighter. Such a fighter would be roped in by numerous forces wherever he was. Strong fighters were always urgently demanded.

    Actually, less than 20 strong fighters were dispatched to Selnes Theater of Operations from the Cross Star Commerce Alliance. Cross Star Commerce Alliance had done its utmost efforts to support the frontier. If Zhang Tie was of another status or came from other forces, Major Hobby might attempt to persuade him to join them with alluring conditions. However, after being told that Zhang Tie was from Huaiyuan Palace, a Chinese powerful family of famous Count Long Wind, Major Hobby felt it improper to invite Zhang Tie to join them anymore.

    "Hmm, may I know what are you here for..." after knowing Zhang Tie's true status, Major Hobby looked more polite when he talked with Zhang Tie.

    "To stay with my family members!" Zhang Tie replied straightforwardly. After seeing those airships from Jinyun Country, Zhang Tie knew that Huaiyuan Palace would not ignore this battle with demons in the Selnes Theater of Operations. Although he had arrived at the theater of operations, Zhang Tie didn't know where was Huaiyuan Palace's troops, "As I've just been in the theater of operations, I'm not familiar with the situation here. Can you tell me the encampment of Jinyun Country and Huaiyuan Palace?"

    "The troops of Jinyun Country and Huaiyuan Palace are quartered in the Crystal Battle Fortress 40 km away from here!" Major Hobby replied at once.

    "Ah, that's awesome!" Zhang Tie revealed a happy smile. "It seems that I'm in the right place." Zhang Tie thought inside. "Major Hobby, can you have someone drive me there?"

    "Of course, no problem!" Major Hobby replied without any hesitation. After that, he rolled his eyes and asked in a low voice, "But...we have a small technical problem here."

    "What problem?"

    Major Hobby whispered in Zhang Tie's ear for a few seconds before watching Zhang Tie with a shameful look.

    Zhang Tie replied with a smile, "Never mind. I'm just a passer-by. Of course, the achievement belongs to Cross Star Commerce Alliance. But I like those guys who were dispatched to the vanguards as cannon fodders. How about gifting them to me? I need them."

    "How many people are there?"


    "I remember those guys have been killed by demons in the railway accident!" Major Hobby answered frankly.

    The two men then glanced at each other for a few seconds before bursting out into laughter.


    After half an hour...

    "Hillman, fall out..."

    "Michel, fall out..."

    "Figo, fall out..."

    "Dinar, fall out..."

    "Frasier, fall out..."

    Major Hobby read a name list loudly. After reading each name, he drew a line across the name. The five condemned prisoners came out of the team with a confused look.

    Pointing at that military truck with a closed carriage in front of them, Major Hobby ordered, "Get on the truck..."

    After their names being called, they all exchanged glances with each other with a confused look, except Hillman, the old dog, who became very excited and climbed onto the truck quickly. Seeing what the old dog was doing, Michel also hurriedly followed up.

    After they all got on the truck, the truck left...

    "Those whose names were called have to execute a special mission. The rest of you, to the rear..." Major Hobby ordered when the truck had left 100 m away.

    Hearing Major Hobby's words, two guys in the carriage even became a bit flurried, "Old dog, is he sending us to the frontier so fast?"

    Since getting on the truck, Hillman was always closing his eyes with a bit flush on his cheeks. Until he was asked did he open his eyes and sighed, "We're already free!"

    "Free?" the other guys didn't realize what did he mean.

    Hillman silently walked to the front of the carriage which was linked to the cab. After that, he lowered his body and knocked at the rear window which could be opened.

    The rear window was pulled open, showing Zhang Tie's smiling face.

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